DJ Sbu: Vuvuzela Bafana

November 20, 2009 by  

Things are so bad with Bafana Bafana that even Sbu did a song to motivate.

Sbu looks great, as always.  As for the song, which is off YLens Volume 3, I’m sure it’s nice to people who love house music. To me, it sounds like something I’ve heard before.


Or maybe I’ll enjoy it more when I’m hearing it at the stadium. What do you think? Should I go shopping for a music ear?

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11 Comments on "DJ Sbu: Vuvuzela Bafana"

  1. Kiki on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 8:50 am 

    I love this fellow GEMINI

  2. mama ka Gundi on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 8:59 am 

    *mmmh* A good radio dj with charisma his those hate to love kinda dudes icharmer lamapela maar his music hai not so ayoba!

  3. Monchooza on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 9:30 am 

    i have listened to the song and it does sound like something i have heard before house music was big in this country…

    and Sbu must just stop releasing as a DJ, clearly he was meant for only one album, or maybe he must just concerntrate on mzekezeke as he seems to be much better than Dj Sbu

  4. mama ka Gundi on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 9:38 am 

    Monchooza …*waving* uright Sbu seriously needs 2stop trying 2b jack of all trades becoz we will end being a master of none ..

  5. Ms Butterfly on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 10:57 am 

    LOL @ monchooza’s comment, tl tl tl tl…true though

  6. Mntungwa on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 11:01 am 

    he must just try other avenues, that mzekezeke thing is sooo old and boring, annoying , irritating.

  7. blu on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 12:35 pm 

    i think he wants a tender to perform at all bafana games next year
    sbu wa planisa
    nice one sbu
    and may you get that tender

  8. Kiki on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 1:02 pm 

    Guys stop hating on Sbu…..He is one of the most focused and successful artists around,he has made his moola….he is now kwi grace period nje,some people have been in the game forever but they aint got SH!T to show for it.

    Sbu has achieved a lot at his age…PERIOD!!!, nxa maan this is gonna get personal so niyibambe kanjalo

  9. jozilizzy on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 9:26 pm 

    Uyaziphandela uSbu.Myekeni.Smart man.

  10. karabo on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 11:27 am 

    wow sbu looks hooooot

  11. Lady gaga on Wed, 9th Dec 2009 12:03 pm 

    when we talk about hustling we mean u sbu, the guy rocks!!!

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