Congrats Khabo!

March 25, 2010 by  

Khabonina 1-045ab

It’s for Life, that educational show from SABC 2 that I have never watched is making a return and Khabonina Qubeka has been roped in as their new host. The show is back for it’s 7th series, starting on 13 April 2010 on SABC 2 ¬†and I’m looking forward to seeing Khabo in action… I’m sure her warm personality will come in handy. Phela you need that for these “SABC education” shows… hope it’s interesting…

lifeThe show has 3 participants, Dolly Malete, Sipho Mashego, Andrea January and here’s what they say we should expect….

“Viewers can look forward to seeing the participants live the life of another culture for a day, get an art lesson from well-known artist Esther Mahlangu, face their fears, set up their own press launch and make an advert to campaign against human trafficking. This season also promises a lot of laughs and a lot of tears and in the end, 3 changed young individuals.”

I can’t make any promises about tuning in, but just wanted to say big ups to Khabonina for landing the gig, great to see she’s still as hardworking as ever.

Oh, and I’m feeling the hair on this shot, it looks different. A good kinda different. Way better than it did HERE


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20 Comments on "Congrats Khabo!"

  1. Madala on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 3:54 am 

    Hayi I don’t know both the program nalo Mama….& I probably won’t watch…But with that cleavage, I wish her gooooood luck…*eish, yithi ndithandaze*

  2. ugogal on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 4:48 am 

    Bigs ups Khabo, I believe she’ll make this interesting 2 watch.
    The hair must just go.

  3. QueenK on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 8:21 am 

    Nice one! But no Lelo, that that is sooo no wrking on her!
    Aowa, she can do so much better!

  4. phiwo on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 8:28 am 

    Khabo Khanyi mbau they have some resemblence

  5. phiwo on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 8:31 am 

    And Sophie ndaba

  6. Noms on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 9:31 am 

    @Phiwo true that

  7. Namo on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 9:38 am 

    i just love her positive attitude and warmth.

  8. Jikka on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 10:19 am 

    I just luv her positive energy. Big-ups.

  9. LYNNY081 on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 11:29 am 

    Tjo…old vs new hairstyle…incomparable…doubt I’ll watch

  10. Bee on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 12:17 pm 

    I dig this woman nkos’yam but um not sho about watching her show i guess i should give it a try though. I hardly tune into Sabc 2 but from tonight(since theres a new show Mating….wateva) i’ll tune into the chanell. Big thumbs to you Khabo!

  11. Bee on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 12:20 pm 

    Eish meant Big thumbs up to you Khabo.

  12. syamthandaskota on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 12:35 pm 

    I WONT WATCH THE SHOW but congradulationsss my gal! i looove you too much khabo

  13. King on Thu, 25th Mar 2010 1:43 pm 

    Big to Khabodacious – wishing her all the best.

  14. Tweets that mention Congrats Khabo! | Just Curious -- on Fri, 26th Mar 2010 9:16 am 

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Just Curious. Just Curious said: Congrats Khabo! [...]

  15. sponono on Fri, 26th Mar 2010 10:17 am 

    BS howcome you havent mentioned ANYTHING about that SABC 2 new show similar to Society in which Khabonina stars…:<

  16. Flex-ma-patch on Fri, 26th Mar 2010 10:47 am 

    I like her positive vibes and all. But she is not a face I would want to watch on me telly. A bit too old, a bit too unstylish, unsexy, a bit too loud about nothing for my liking. I thank you!

  17. Edgar DS on Fri, 26th Mar 2010 11:19 am 

    Congrats Khabo, you know me is behind you all the way, keep pushing

  18. sponono on Fri, 26th Mar 2010 11:49 am 

    LOL @ your name..i wonder which patch it flaxing.LOL.

  19. Nthoentle on Fri, 26th Mar 2010 7:17 pm 

    They should stop manufacturing blond extensions! Nasty sh1t!

  20. Portia on Sun, 28th Mar 2010 8:01 pm 

    I trust khabo i thnk she is going 2 b great i lyk her

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