Ungovernable State of The Ruling Party

March 10, 2010 by  

anc-logo“Ungovernable” can be dismissed as an exaggeration or an overreaction when describing the state of affairs within the ruling party, its youth wing and left allies. After all, ANC is the broad church, the youth league is known for being outspoken and the alliance is robust. And there’s nothing new from what has been said and done to cause alarm. Others may even take you back to Madiba era and equate Julius Malema’s unruly behavior with his, something politicians do better to distort history for their immediate gains.

I tend to differ when I hear that there’s nothing new, there is crisis and it’s going out of hand, whether the alliance will survivor another split or not is something else. But the real problem is the poor management of these issues.

Rewind to a few years back to pre-Polokwane time when Zuma was the ANC’s deputy president embattled in criminal charges. Those whose future depended upon him assuming power, made threats of violence, chaos, and destruction if charges against him weren’t dropped, and calls for disbanding the Scorpions were viewed as if they would solve Zuma’s woes. They were going for broke, unmindful of what was at stake, and they put all their eggs in the Zuma basket.
This kind of behavior continued after his victory at Polokwane, with Scorpions no longer existing, the tune changed to target the judiciary. The competence of Honourable Judges was put into question, they were named counter revolutionaries who won’t act partial in their rulings, All in the name of saving Zuma. Not that they see some kindred spirit in him, but rather a pawn that can be bent to suit their design, a hand that will carry their nefarious deeds,  and he has shown nothing to contradict that view.

Under his presidency these pre- Polokwane trends continue in and out of his cabinet. It now fits the Police Ministry to shout, “Shoot to kill” as if that will be the solution to crime. No proper communication with the gun carrying force on the ground, so they shoot even the innocent.

That what it takes for Justice & Constitution Minister to shamelessly job-hunt and appoint a Public Servant to the judiciary bench despite the impression that will make, so as the president who ignored the findings of the Ginwala Commission on Menzi Simelane but instead appointed him as the National Director of Public Prosecution.
That’s why COSATU &  the Youth League are on the rampage, demanding to have a say in government policies & control the functioning of Reserve Bank.  Meanwhile the Youth League can chop and change ANC leadership structures to put their choice up and impose upon the cabinet ministers to endorse Nationalisation of Mines with no concern of the damage this pre ejaculation will cause to the country’s economy. They stand united behind Zuma to stand for the second term.  The tone has been set for the next conference, would-be casualties have been identified, their political obituary is being written.

alliance7But Zuma won’t say a thing or stand up to anyone. If he has any principle he is yet to demonstrate it. He remains like a chameleon in the ANC alliance jungle. His inclusive style is good to give as many an opportunity
to participate but it’s a disaster when he can’t be an authority in all these verbal crossfires which are spewed all around him. As the president he is the only one who can call into order what’s going out of order. He has already foolishly chosen the wrong side with life style audits of politicians. No excuse will easily spare him criticisms for not declaring his interests and giving an explanation about the continuous support he is getting from certain businessmen who are funding lavish the life style of one of his wives.

What happens in the ruling party spills over to the Country. The question over Nationalsation of mines was a major concern, which he had to do damage control on, during his recent trip to England. Zuma has no privilege to appease his supporters, he has to put the State’s interest first but that will be achieved through managing internal affairs of the ANC with its Alliance partners before they start affecting the functioning of our democracy.

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27 Comments on "Ungovernable State of The Ruling Party"

  1. MoAfrika on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 12:03 am 

    The ANC is a prime example of a liberation party losing focus after being in power.

  2. LEBERA on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 12:25 am 

    @ MoAfrika i totally agree with u ANC is losing focus if they not careful they can found themself under the new power

  3. je suis impressed! on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 12:40 am 

    I’m usually a silent blogger…but WOW, nice article! All the pertinent issues highlighted,well structured and well written. NICE one BS! Nice political commentary… I like, I like…keep up the good work.BS – ur guest bloggers just keep getting better and better!

  4. Lela on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 1:04 am 

    Nice read.

  5. Sbozh on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 2:13 am 

    If Mzansi had a credible opposition party things would have changed by now.

  6. ugogal on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 4:32 am 

    Gr8 article authentic. Politics is now only about power – 4get governance. Its a real shame!

  7. Madala on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 6:52 am 

    Very true…. this is our challenge… I hav gr8 respect of of Mr Mshini-wam as a diplomat… he has done gr8 thing 4 this nation & those good “inclusiveness traits” hav delivered the goodies…But iyhu, he sukcs as a Head of State where certain decission require un-ambigous decisive person…..
    Hayi umqa we2 (as ppl who voted 4 him) uvuthiwe… we saw all the signs but stil voted him… what were we thinking?????????????? We r reaping our fialure 2 make good judgement.. we r as guilty as him…

  8. Madala on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 6:54 am 

    yeah “Sillent blogger…” its a very nice article

  9. Jay Q on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 8:23 am 

    i pray the Jujus of ths world dnt open their holes and utters staff that might cause civil wars since ey thnk after tokn rather an d opposite.JZ shall remain controversial hs tym shall surely cum

  10. Dladla on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 8:41 am 

    Yeah, Authentic View, this is a great read. Thank you so much for letting us into reality, yet again.

    I am worried, obviously, like everyone else about our political system in SA. But then again, I don’t believe there is any country better than us, it’s just that we are experiencing this messed up system at first hand, while we see all that happens in other state from a totally different angle.

    I agree with you on how you define or describe the state of affairs within the ANC. But, my question is, if DA, IFP, UDM or any other political party was rulling, do you guys (or Authentic View) believe that things would be better?

    Do you believe that, we wouldn’t get people with verbal diarrhea form other parties? Or people who are worse. I think we would, most probably things would be worse.

    All these parties (and their youth wings) are not fighting or opposing each other for any good of SA, but to gain power. It is all about power, and getting rich. These people admire corruption, they are pulling all sort of strings, because they want to be like the corrupt people (that’s if they’re not corrupt already).

    I believe things have always been like this, dating back during “tata’s” time, but because we were blinded by the fact that we (as black people) would now be able to mingle, dine and laugh with the other races, we couldn’t see the mischief that was going on.

    Having said so, I think it is best to actually look at what the former Mrs Mandela said in a very careful manner, or else we will forever remain blinded.

    In this context, I believe that comparing Winnie and Juju -like the Citizen did- is just absurd.

    All this, is my opinion.

  11. IamTDC on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 8:56 am 

    Finally someone sees things as I see them and many of us saw this coming long after Polokwane. Its such a shame..

  12. July on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 9:15 am 

    The ANC is a prime example of the trend that liberation parties/movements seem to lose relevance, integrity and most certainly they lose sight of the good of the people once they have liberated the country.

  13. Authentic views on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 9:38 am 

    @ Dladla, I agree to an extent with you but previously things were better under ANC, there was leadership authority which calls things into order when they’re out of order , the problem with JZ is that he doesn’t stamp an authority & the trouble makers are claim to favor him and sabotage his very leadership or lack of. With regard to oppositions, if DA can still offer our people open toilets & take no action @ their own Lennit Max amid sexual misconduct are the signs that politics are merely about criticising the wrongs than offering an alternative. Other opposition parties, you wonder who else is there with what qualities, you only see visibility of their leaders.
    @ Winnie/Malema comparison is absurd indeed, Winnie never shy away from speaking her mind, the big question is why this now? We’ll understand that when she shares the light of the context.
    @ Sbozh, I agree the problem is weaker oppositions and lack of political education.
    @ You all, thanks for all your comments & points.

  14. Watcher on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 10:10 am 

    @ Authentic Views…well put. However you must understand why the ANC and also the alliance backed Zuma for the Preseidency. Zuma is malleable. A condition that Mbeki could never have been accused of. Mbeki was castigated for being aloof. That in itself is debateable. We all are exposed to corporate life. How many times do you bump into the CEO at the water-cooler or exchange small talk with him at the urinal??
    The argument for his aloofness was a ruse. The real issue was that Mbeki did as he thought.
    The response was to find a man so tainted that even in his own mind he would have no doubt that he owed his ascension to others and not his own worthiness. Enter JZ.
    Add to his evident debt of gratitude his loss of the moral high ground due to his personal indiscretions and you have putty in the hands of the power hungry.
    Mbeki was termed a lame duck President not because he was incapable but because he had lost support. An inaccuracy.
    The real lame duck is Zuma. He can chastise noone. He has no leg to stand on. He is incapable. A populist. And we have only just begun.

  15. Authentic views on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 11:43 am 

    @ Watcher, well said, great analysis. If he (Zuma) fails to solve this crisis sooner or later it will catch up with him. His camp is full of cracks & will divide his support going forward, sooner he’ll be associated with one side of the faction & the disgruntled side will endorse it’s own candidate to take him on. Watch the space.

  16. Luja on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 12:13 pm 

    WOW, i am so impressed first by the article and by the repsonses posted. I am surrounded, everyday, by politically illiterate people and some of them swear by the DA because they have managed to get it into their heads that the white person will do no wrong.
    Anyway, this is not what this article is about, to me it is a very educated analysis of the state of the politics in this country.
    When JZ first came into power I actaully managed to have a bit of faith in him coz he convinced me that he will not repay any favours to the people who stood together and supported him. As time is going now I have lost that faith coz of his consistent silence on the fact that Juju was booed at a SACP conference and the fact that Juju & Co and Vavi & Co are fighting like dogs fighting for a bone. Its sad Nkosi Yam.

  17. Authentic views on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 12:45 pm 

    @ Luja, many of us decided to give him benefit of doubt, he made some good cabinet appointments, I don’t all the ministers & said some good things to be expected. The downfall is that he repeats same thing, we want actions. He has allowed infights within the party & allies to get out of hands & remain silence @ the blunders made.

  18. Kabelo on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 2:25 pm 

    Great article/analysis. I just have one question. Why is it that we as blacks( And i’m generalising here) can’t seem to bring ourselves to vote for anyone else regardless of how horribly the ANC messes up? I mean i remember when sh!t was going off ko Zimbabwe getting irritated with Zimbabweans who still voted for Mugabe’s party even in the face of unprecedented(SP???) cockups. It’s amazing that the same mentality that was displayed in Zimbabwe is prevalent right here at home with my people. What is it gonna take for the ANC to shed their Majority wins to something more “safe” for the sake of accountability/democracy? I’m willing to bet my 1 year’s salary that if the ANC was to present Juju as it’s next presidential candidate, black south africans would still vote for the ANC. It’s almost as if we’ve delegated the ANC to do the thinking on our behalf. Whatever they decide, we’ll simply go along with it, even if it leads to our peril. Very sad.

  19. Nonny on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 3:08 pm 

    WOW what a well written article and the responses. It’s like a whole new world very “The Times & News 24 like”………not like ur normal JC & TVSA blogs. Well done Authentic Views, poltics make my blood boil becoz I look back and I think of how our great parents and parents fought for us to be free and now all that freedom has been used irresponsibly. I am so glad that I decided not to vote becoz as much as I was not keen on voting for the ANC, the last thing I was going to do was vote COPE, DA, let alone IFP. So all in all I am happy with my decision not to vote.

  20. Authentic views on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 3:32 pm 

    @ Kabelo, there are few things, are closely related.
    1. Lack of political education, many voters in SA don’t really understand how politics work in a democracy.
    2. Liberation struggle heritage, ANC, is the only liberation movement many South Africans can identify with.
    3. Lack of alternative, our political opposition parties are yet to present what they can do different beside criticizing ANC. DA seems to represent more business interest than ordinary people. COPE is yet to build an identity we don’t know it’s policies, except perceptions that its ANC members who are upset for not getting their way @ Polokwane. They are less visible in action, only in words when criticising ANC.
    We will be stuck with ANC till many ordinary South Africans understand politics better, and opposition parties present alternatives.

  21. segs on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 3:32 pm 

    I like! very well written..

  22. Authentic views on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 3:47 pm 

    @ Nonny, it’s good to know that there are people like you who are not blind loyalist or just vote opposition without seeing value for your vote. I really appreciate ur compliments, thank u.
    @ Segs, thanx very much to you as well.

  23. Dr_MashobaDieta on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 4:43 pm 

    Authentic views like i said last week i like the way you address your issues and like i said as a member on the ANCYL we acknowladge debates like this because it points us in the right direction ..with being said.

    Let me start by claring the issue of ou alliance partners the problem started when the YCL booed our ANCYL president but that is water under the bridge now cause we are constantly engaging with the YCL now, the reason Zuma is being so silent is because he is still busy with international affairs and he was mandated to re-assure the nations abroad about their relationship with South Africa. he will immediately deal with this matters after the World Cup so please dnt panic yet, the ANC is still the same ANC that was launched in 1912,

    on the Nationalisation of mines pleasedrop me a mail setsetsetw@yahoo.com i will reply with full detailed explaination to this regard may u can publish it here for the masses especially young Comrades to understand.

    lastly just keep your honest view flowing we appreciate that.

  24. Pule on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 5:02 pm 

    Very clear thought out arguments by everyone. One thing I always pray for is that we dont do all the people who died for the liberation of this country a disservice by allowing mediocrity to drag it down to the dogs…
    It’s almost like all the reasonable, intelligent, logical and mature people that used to form part of the core of the ANC have just disappeared and turned into whimpering little puppies with no backbone or opinion to be unPC and rebuff the status quo and tell these illiterates where to get off! Nxa..
    Dont even get me started on the lack of any opposition with even a 1% chance of challenging the ANC…*sigh*

  25. Authentic views on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 7:06 pm 

    @ Dr Mashoba dieta, this crisis got to where it is now because it hasn’t addressed it, it’s clear those forces fighting each other need authoritative reprimand but Zuma doesn’t seem to handle it. The issue between Mbalula vs Mantashe will break ANC into factions and once Zuma leans towards one faction, the other faction will plot against him. With regard to Nationalisation the problem is more the manner in which it has been raised, the hasn’t been a presented document so to have a content and the tone behind it, that it’s a must happen without even being understood shows lack of concern about what’s at stake. In a volatile business environment of today you need your ducks on the row before pronuncing an action. I’ve dropped you an e-mail, look fwd to ur documents.
    @ Pule, building with a cheap material doesn’t sustain long, this sand castle will soon collapse & we can hope sanity will prevail and proper structures shall be constructed.

  26. Lwandle on Thu, 11th Mar 2010 9:10 pm 

    Great article and great contributions.

    An all inclusive diplomatic approach can never work for a head of states because his duty is not just at party level but to all SouthAfricans whether they support ANC or not.

    True Dladla there is no other country like South Africa at the moment-but remember this was Zimbabwe not so long ago and because of certain time bombs that were left to fester,it has now degenerated beyond recognition.These little fires within the ANC may seem like nothing new but this is a different time-there is currently a huge worldwide ressescion to contend with which is obviously an additional stress to most countries-so domestic battles will only weaken the nation.

    If left unchecked the downfall of the south african economy will come from unrest within the ANC,constent bad publicity(JUJU is doing quite well on this one),lack of accountability etc.

    The Western media is harsh it is already starting to slowing build its post Mandela picture and painting south Africa as a country that has failed in a lot of ways post independance.A good example is the eminent World cup which is being tainted in all sorts of ways by uneccesary headlines.I bet if S.A was hosting tis W.C during Tata Mandelas reign there would be no mention of all this ” is S.A safe” craziness. I just hope we will be the nation who will prove the world wrong about African govts but so far we are not doing great.

  27. Authentic views on Fri, 12th Mar 2010 7:08 am 

    @ Lwandle, thank you for your comments and great views. I still have faith in the strength of our democracy. Not everyone in the ruling party wants to see us going the down route. Either they awaken Zuma to stop the rot or they wake up to a reality that he’s unfitness for leadership and replace him with someone fit for purpose. What is currently happening in the organisation won’t carry on like this for long without serious consequences.

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