Getting To Know Minenhle Dlamini

August 31, 2010 by  

When our boy Tbo touch left the LIVE building, we knew or should I say I knew I was going to see fresh talent and a new face. Minenhle “Minnie” Dlamini was voted as the new member of the Live family and outshone the other final contestants. We all had our favourites and who we wanted to win but Minnie managed to get the spot. Not everyone knows her but when I sat down with her to get to know her, I found out she’s loud, fun and friendly.

Lebza4sho: Ok firstly let me start by asking, who’s Minnie?

Minnie: Who am I? Uhmm I’m very loud, energetic, I’m a person who’s a jack of all trades, I did everything. I mean my parents believed that they should expose me to a whole lot of things to keep me out of trouble. Sunday was my church day if I’m lucky because I would sometimes have tournaments. I also played a lot of sports;  I used to sing, dance, acted and did musical theatre. I’m a busy bee, so I’m the type of person who cannot be categorized into one thing. You can’t say Minnie is a drama queen or a prima dona . I’m pretty much everything.

Lebza4sho: How would you define your style and personality?

Minnie: I like taking risks, in terms of my personality and my style. I’m the kind of person who likes to stand out in a crowd, I love attention; I love it when people say “oh that’s Minnie look at what she’s wearing”. Lol Whether it’s ugly or not as long as I like it, that’s all that matters because I love being unique.

Lebza4sho: How does it feel being part of the LIVE family?

Minnie: Oh damn! It feels awesome, it’s one of the best music shows in the country because of the viewership. I’ve always wanted to present but didn’t think that Live would be my biggest break, always thought of something small.

Lebza4sho: I can imagine hey, so are your parents supportive about the whole presenting thing?

Minnie: I mean, yes definitely my parents support everything good that I do. I remember in my first year in Economics I did politics, I did well but I didn’t enjoy it. My passion is in the arts, drama, film and media. Instead of doing my second year, I re did my first year so that I can study something that I love and my parents were supportive of that decision.

Lebza4ho: What are you currently studying?

Minnie: Uhmm well I was studying film, media, drama and economics at UCT but I de registered so that I could move to Joburg.

Lebza4sho: Yho such a hectic move.

Minnie: Yeah I know but instead of studying Film and media, now I have the opportunity to intern here at LIVE and other shows. I’m interning here at Urban Brew studios, doing production, learning what it takes to produce a show and basically everything that has to do with TV.

So I have the opportunity to learn everything practically but I’m going to register to study next year. I’m thinking of doing Bcomm Marketing, just to do the business side of things.

Lebza4sho: Nje do you think you will be able to finish in record time with all the other stuff you are doing?

Minnie: Lol yeah, I actually find it difficult to only concentrate on one thing. I remember in my first year at varsity, I was just doing academics and I found myself very bored. I wasn’t able to function well coz I’m used to doing a lot of stuff every day.

Lebza4sho: How was the adjustment moving from Durbs to the concrete jungle JHB?

Minnie: I actually moved from Durban to Cape Town, from Cape Town to Joburg, Randburg where i currently reside and so far so good I must say.

Lebza4sho: Is intombi yomzulu your signature?

Minnie: Hahahahaha yeah I guess so I mean the funny part was that it wasn’t supposed to be a tagline, I just used it to describe myself from the other contestants because I was discovered in Cape Town even though I’m a Durbanite. I wanted people to vote for a proudly Durbanite, “i was like I’m from Cape Town kodwa ngiyintombi yomzulu”. The next thing I was told it was quite fresh and I should keep it.

Lebza4sho: Do you like it though?

Minnie: I like it, it describes who I am, it’s not like a tagline where I say “I’m freshelicious or something crazy”, and you know people can come up with weird things.

Ok I did this interview sometime in July but then at the SABC 1 launch in August Brown Shuga told Minnie that she’s doing a great job but she should take it slow with the “Intombi yomzulu line” then Minnie said  it was done. So I wanted to find out why she stopped.

Lebza4sho: So why did you stop using your tagline “intombi yomzulu”?

Minnie: Like I said, it wasn’t a tagline. It was just something that describes who I am, so when you see me ngiyintombi yomzulu, i don’t have to say it.

Lebza4sho: oh cool, which local celebs do you look up to?

Minnie: Eish, that’s a tough one, I look up to a lot actually. I like to find certain things about certain people and make my own imaginary person that I admire. But if I was to pin point someone it would definitely be Basetsana Kumalo.

I think starting as Miss SA, she was able to build her own brand, and it opened up a lot of opportunities for her. She went into the corporate world, which is something that I also want; build my own brand as Minnie. After that i will start my own company. I love entertainment but I’m also business minded.

Lebza4sho: That’s the spirit nana, so how’s  your relationship with Bonang and my boy Phila?

Minnie: I love them, oh great people and really talented. It’s a great show to work with such talent because they helping me top up my game.

Lebza4sho: What advice did B give you when you joined live?

Minnie: I actually got the best advice from Phila, he also got it from Andile Ncube. He said to me when I get to the LIVE stage, forget your problems, script, technicalities and just be you. That was the best advice I got because you don’t want people comparing me to Bonang or any other presenter.

Lebza4sho: How do you deal with criticism?

Minnie: As long as it’s constructive criticism, you can take it and use it because that’s the only way you can improve your work. One of the Live co-producers once told me that if you don’t have haters then you’re doing something wrong, so let it come, let it roll uhmm LOL- Not but yeah.

Lebza4sho: kwaaa be careful what you wish for, hai JC bloggers are always on fire I respect them. How long is your contract with LIVE?

Minnie: Everyone’s contract is on a 6 month basis and they renew it if you’re doing a good job.

Lebza4sho: And if you were given an opportunity to change LIVE, what would it be?

Minnie: Uhmm i pretty much like the way it is, I think the formula is great and people still love it but it wouldn’t hurt to re-brand every couple of years.

Lebza4sho: What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Minnie: For now it’s my Blackberry, it’s so weird how a small device controls my life lol, ok I’m being dramatic but hey.

Lebza4sho: Dude, Blackberry is the future! So who do you normally hang around with?

Minnie: I’m always at work so I hardly have time to hang out and when I do; I love chilling on my couch watching TV and of course with food.

Lebza4sho: Awwww shem awuna life

Minnie: yeah I’m a loner lol

Lebza4sho: mmm becareful what you say.

Minnie: ok but I really see my mates when I can but I’m always too tired, so sorry guys if you ‘re going to read this heheh.

Lebza4sho. So what did you do with your first cheque?

Minnie: Well I gave some cash to my parents and bought food.

Lebza4sho: Kwaaa o strong hey, I’d buy clothes and food would take a chill pill.

Minnie: NEVER! A girl must eat.

Lebza4sho: oh well yeah, so what kind of music do you listen to?

Minnie: All music except for heavy metal. I love Durban house, hip hop, rnb and jazz. But my favourite is old music.

Lebza4sho: * jumps of the chair* hawu i gospel manje?

Minnie: I love it, I’m a huge Joyous celebration fan locally and Fred Hammond and many more internationally.

Lebza4sho: lol mina shem ngizithandela uHlengiwe Mhlaba

Minnie: Yeah she’s amazing and Ntokozo Mbambo too.

Lebza4sho: Ok let’s not talk about gospel anymore; I’m feeling the Holy Spirit manje.

Minnie: lol ok next question.

Lebza4sho:  So what are the qualities you look for in your superman?

Minnie: First of all he has to be tall, shallow stuff aside, he must have a great sense of humour and be able to make me laugh, and he must have direction in life and a general nice guy with a backbone.

Lebza4sho: *melts* you just described me moes.

Minnie: your cute lol

Lebza4sho: lol thanks! So where to from here? Like After Live and stuff?

Minnie: I want to pursue my acting career; I will be on Generations in October for a small role. Then finish my degree.

Lebza4sho: So I can say on the interview that you’ll appear on Generations?

Minnie: yeah, you have the scoop. No one knows.

Lebza4sho. Oh wow thanks and thank you for your time; it was good chatting to you.

Minnie: Wow that was quick, thanks!

Believe it or not this young girl will go far with her confidence and she has this energy that I believe will take her far. Am looking forward to seeing how she’s gonna do at Generations, hopefully she won’t replace the skinny that everyone complains about lol.


By Lebza4sho

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63 Comments on "Getting To Know Minenhle Dlamini"

  1. Lehakoe on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:07 am 

    I like her smile. Beautiful girl and I wish her all the best. She’s actually proved to have been a great choice frm the search especially because a lot of ppl were vouching for the other girl (forgot her name).

    she seems to be doing a lot of things tho….marketing, film, drama, economics, politics. Wow!!!

    and Lebza I noticed u wrote bo ‘lol’ -were u guys literally saying that kapa what? *just confused*

  2. lorrelai on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:19 am 

    i think she’s a lovely girl, but i’m also worried about how she appears to be doing EVERYTHING. i’m all for hard work & being a jack of all trades, but master of how many? i would have loved to hear how B actually advised her, it just felt to me like Minnie was tiptoeing around that question. i like her, she’s a dreamer & i wish her all the best.

  3. lebza4shO on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:32 am 

    Lol @Lehakoe we did it via BBM so yeah we did really lol

  4. De GPCity Saint on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:55 am 

    Mmmmmm.. I like her. Aint nothing sexeir than a chic whose a vibie positiv attitude. Hihihi! lebza Pliz hook me up wt her BBM code hahahaha!

  5. GA on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 2:10 am 

    Ehm…nice gal, very pretty too. I Still havent seen her on live, but mina i remember her from Spirit Sundae, does she still do that?

    Honetsly really i just wanna comment about the video of the day. I dont quite know what to make of it, the performance and all…let alone the “come back”. But here is one intersting youtube comment:
    “Lauren Hill needs to actually do some singing instead of just yelling and bouncing around the stage…where? are the? high quality vocals she’s known for?..”

  6. Pepsi on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 2:33 am 

    Great Lady, with a lekker personality.Wishing her only the best!!! Even though I don’t know her. She should keep that positivity it will take her places..Aluta Continua

  7. Kiki on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 4:31 am 

    Nice one Lebza. Minnie is beautiful & sexy.I hope she goes far in this industry,its a pity she joined LIVE when its slippin & falling to the ground friday after friday. This new set doesn’t sit well with me because to be honest I used to look forward to watching LIVE even when Touch was there but now hayi it has really taken a wrong turn. I feel like I am watching Jam Alley which is a very bad thing because Jam Alley is sooooo 1940. The Live Presenters are doing a good as presenters but the show has lost it. Whoever is responsible for the ‘new look’ must be shot.

  8. lebza4shO on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 6:45 am 

    Thank you kiki, kwaaaaa don’t start with the jam alley thing, I don’t wanna die. Lol and minnie is so loud, full of life, she’s actually fun to hang around with. Thank God she didn’t answer my questions like she’s answering an exam

  9. Twinkyyy on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 6:58 am 

    Whatta boring interview tjo!

    She is a lovely gal.I’m starting to like her again after she dropped the “tagline”

  10. bigmama on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 7:14 am 

    What I like about her is the fact that she is not skinny. Mara wa bora nyana.

  11. Zeal on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 7:30 am 

    Oh wow, I love those high heels she’s wearing, I want them!! Talk to her Lebza, please!! *pouts*
    Nice interview, lol, so that’s who you were interviewing, I thought you were being interviewed via BBM!! Lol
    So Lebza4sho, ‘my boy Phila’?! Really?! Really?! He he he

  12. Sobza on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 7:52 am 

    Thank God she got rid of that irritating tagline

  13. Lady gaga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 8:34 am 

    Yaaaaaaaaay!!! My favourite gal Minnieeeeeeee *now we read*

  14. Fruitloop on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 8:38 am 

    She okay, nothing spectecular. much like i feel about zizo beda. indifferent.

  15. Lela on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 8:41 am 

    Ditto Kiki

  16. lebza4shO on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 8:50 am 

    LOL zeal, nah I did a face to face interview then re-worked it via BBM

  17. Toniice on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 8:56 am 

    Nice interview mfana…Ngiyabona u was flirting with her u bloody vandal…She’s hot……

  18. Tmav on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 8:57 am 

    Pretty girl and so full of life. I like her and will b looking forward to watching her on Generations. She is also curvilicious which is good. Big up yourself Minnie!!

  19. Zeal on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:01 am 

    hai wena Toniice, you think they were flirting?? tjo!! Lebza4sho, care to explain?? lol

  20. mshefane on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:03 am 

    intombi yomzulu yamasimba!
    hated when she said tht..glad LELO told her to quit it
    lol @ “Lebza4sho: *melts* you just described me moes.”
    she dont look too hot on these pix tho!
    good work lebza

  21. lebza4shO on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:07 am 

    @Toniice lol thanks, haw we were not flirting, just having a conversation @Zeal lol ke rata wena fela @Mshefane lol thanks

  22. Lady gaga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:07 am 

    nice one @lebza4shO i like, yeah the gal is doing something good in her life and im proud of her. Minnie sweety forget all the negativity and focus on YOU baby,people always judge they are never satisfied.i mean you are knew in this industry and already people are expecting miracles,shame on them…..LUV U!!

  23. Buhlebonga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:11 am 

    Thank goodness she got new pictures!
    Anyway lebza great article as I said on BBM! Really fun read and she comes across as a fun girl.
    She told me in my interview with her that She will NEVER change the tagline coz its part of her and i was like 0_o

  24. Lady gaga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:13 am 

    LOL @ Toniice……he he he

  25. Lady gaga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:15 am 

    “She told me in my interview with her that She will NEVER change the tagline coz its part of her and i was like 0_o” AND MINA NGITHI GOOD FOR HER!!! ITS UR CHOICE MY LUV!!

  26. Makgotso on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:19 am 

    she seems like a focus person and she must make sure she finishes that degree.

  27. Miss A on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:32 am 

    I do not watch live, just dont like the show anymore esp when they cut songs… dont really follow Minnie much… she must just stay real & humble.

  28. lebza4shO on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:33 am 

    @Lady gag wow, thank u. @Buhle kwaaa thanks

  29. Sies on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 9:52 am 

    O motle minni B*

  30. Stan on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 10:19 am 

    Nice article altho i think she should stop tryna b Bonang& focus on her education read TVSA ya, lets just say some classmates are cruel. I think all good things come to an end and i think LIVE is coming to an end.

    If ur girl B* leaves the show(which i think she should) i think that’ll be the end of LIVE. Its 1 think 2b a pretty face its another2 b a good presenter. #JUSTSAYIN’.Good luck tho Minnie

  31. nixmapha on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 10:19 am 

    Minnie ur an amazing person inside and out, love the way ur tough, ambitious and know exactly what u want in life! I personally feel that the youth need people to watch ppl who are focused! Our screens are just infested by young females who impersonate or try to be too perfect of which really brain washes viewers!! Hamba ntombazane you deserve it!

  32. Abut' Majesa on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 10:47 am 

    @lebza4shO nyc inteview me-auti, although I wished you delved more into the bouyfriend issues.

    Minnie has a lot of potential & she will go far as long she does not cross-over to Radio, haai phela its always disastrouse when Radio DJs become TV Presnters & TV Presenters become Radio DJs. Although DJ Sbu is one of the special few to pull it off.

    As soon as Bonag moves on, Minnie would easly make sure she is forgotten.

    Majesa haaiwaane

  33. lebza4sh0 on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 10:49 am 

    LOL @ abut’majesa and boyfriend issues, thanks guy

  34. Buhlebonga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 10:59 am 

    I like her shame. She’s really grown on me. I really am disappointed that she quit school tho! That’s like the LIVE curse man and i mean honestly its not necessary for her to quit! Think of the money wasted registering? Couldn’t she do a trasnfer to one of the Jozi varsities???

  35. TL on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 11:00 am 

    Let’s take bets: I say she’ll be dropping an album late next year.

  36. lebza4sh0 on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 11:03 am 

    *dead* TL, why you saying Minnie will drop an album next year??

  37. TL on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 11:10 am 

    She said she is a busy bee and cannot be categorized, so acting (tick), presenting (tick), singing (we wait), clothes line (we wait).
    Uzothi angishongo.

  38. Miss A on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 11:44 am 

    @ buhlebonga education or a degree for that matter is not everything… an opportunity like this I wouldnt miss.. UCT is not going anywhere… our Pres has a STD 1 or something… lives a better life than abo Mr and Mrs ngine Degree, Diploma…

  39. Lehakoe on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 11:54 am 

    yaz’ Miss A uyangihlekisa. U seem to be anti-Buhlebonga today. You gibela her on Phathu’s post and here too. I have a feeling your ex’s name is Buhle/Bonga .*just an observation*

  40. Miss A on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 12:16 pm 

    @ Lehakoe… no never date a Buhlebonga… I am not anti-Buhle/Bonga… therefore u made a wrong observation… I just do not agree her,thats all. it so happens she makes comments I do no agree with…
    1) Minnie wsted whose money? an opportunity comes once in a persons lifetime… I just do not see why she should have continued with school if she got an opportunity and then having people say things like she is completing a 3 year degree in 5 years.
    2) le ye HIV and circumsion nje even they released the findings, I thought it was a bit premature and considering our dynamics in our country high level of illitaracy and lack of information especially to those mostly infected and affected by HIV, they should have driven the ABCs of sex to prevent HIV instead people now think if u circumised u wont get HIV…

    next time, i will leave peoples’ names out ke.

  41. Hot-Miss on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 12:21 pm 

    I like minnie

  42. Abut' Majesa on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 12:40 pm 

    Miss A, Im with you on the education thing. The problem with black people is that we have this misunderstanding of thinking education is only attained ko tertiary, I mean realy now guys, there is no degree on this earth that can equate you to a person who has presented on LIVE.

    Tertiary is a general path to being educated, but it is not the only one, nothing beats practical experiance.

    Majesa haaiwaane

  43. NQOBILENNN on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 12:46 pm 

    Minnie wa rocka.

  44. Buhlebonga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 12:53 pm 

    Firstly I am a guy.
    I don’t see it as a personal attack, its a blog and she is entitled to disagree with me, we are all allowed to a different opinion.
    I just feel that when you start something you must finish it. She was like in second year right? Yes I know that study’s can be suspended etc etc, I just found it weird. I know that its a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I am sure she could have made a plan and transferred right? That’s the only problem I had with that.
    Besides Miss A what I said on the circumcision was what I reported on, what Zweli Mkhize, the KZN Premiere told me during a one-on-one interview with him in January where he explained to me why they believe that the King was right and the need to circumcise men in KZN. I am aware that chopping off the foreskin is not gonna be a miracle cure for AIDS, but he saw it as a way of helping to fight the disease. I hope that clears it out.

  45. Miss A on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 12:59 pm 

    @ Abuti Majesa… maybe mina I am being biased… I am doing my final year in BCom but I do not even see how all these graphs and equations are going to help me in life… I was not forced into it… I am not saying people should not be educated but just saying if an opportunity strikes me… ngisibona isikole… when a chance arises grab it with both hands… Look at Khanyi Mbau… she is living the life… No degree no certificate ( as far as I read on JC)…

  46. lebza4sh0 on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:00 pm 

    LOL MIss A you need prayers

  47. Miss A on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:03 pm 

    ehh BuhleBonga I thought u a guy, but Lehakoe said u a she and I thought I am wrong… the problem with these varsities they will tell u, u need a credit blah blah … u eventually finish ur degree in an extra year… u might have taken a gap year and finish when u ready… yes it clears it out… maybe I am stressed ngesikole thats why I thought good shot Minnie…

  48. Stan on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:03 pm 

    Seriously guys not to be negative. But is it me or are the dayz of LIVE drawing to a close? wattcha think?

  49. Miss A on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:05 pm 

    @ Lebza… yes Pray for me… I relly do… and I am not kidding… I also want to wear a phura phura…lol

  50. Bruised Ego on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:38 pm 

    I’m sorry but I have to agree with Miss A, yes studying is great but at the end of the day we are all studying to become rich and live a good life, so when you get an opportunity to live your dreams why not jump to it and forget about anything else?

    Yes I know having a paper (certificate) is good so that you will have something to fall back on when days are dark in the industry!

    So I won’t judge Minnie, I would have done the same thing, de register….who cares? Universities will always be there, but an opportunity to work for a great show like “Live” only comes once in ones life!

    And @BuhleBonga, Minnie only de registered later this year so it would have been difficult for her to find an institution now or to even transfer!

    So think about it peeps!

    Great interview Lebza, she’s a go-getter!

  51. Uthando on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:39 pm 

    yinde le interview hew!!!

  52. KatlegoSA on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:42 pm 

    his kid is nice, pity i cant say the same thing about her voice

  53. Kiki on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:43 pm 

    @Uthando,hayi compared to the one Hastings did with CC & the one Kiki did with Kgomotso,I dont think this one is long at all. I stand to be corrected though.

  54. KatlegoSA on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:43 pm 

    this kid is nice, pity i cant say the same thing about her voice

  55. mama ka Gundi on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 1:49 pm 

    Minnie is the beautiful version of Khanyi Mbau , very bubbly i can just hear her voice & giggles while reading this interview as 4 LIVE yu iyabora hooray shame & with hideous artist they have 2perform hai indehluleee!!

  56. Zeal on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 2:02 pm 

    TJO!! you guys are unbelievable!!! wow!!

  57. Buhlebonga on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 2:12 pm 

    I understand your points- especially about being late in the year, but i just hope she won’t let them go. She has to have something to fall back on. Yes, opportunities are important, but so are studies! That is my opinion and I am gonna stick to it!

  58. Hoodlum on Wed, 29th Dec 2010 11:28 am 

    Now i’m convinced that KZN has got supa hot honeys

  59. Hoodlum on Wed, 29th Dec 2010 11:29 am 

    Minnie is supa kul

  60. Goyah on Wed, 18th May 2011 9:31 am 

    minenhle rocks, she got the swagga mixed with evrything. u gud darlz kip up with the ayooooba work. we lov u in Botswana. dnt wory bout the haters, they actualy lov u, they jst hav a funy way of showin it.

  61. Goyah on Wed, 18th May 2011 9:38 am 

    i like

  62. how to clear my credit rating australia on Wed, 7th May 2014 8:34 pm 

    how to clear my credit rating australia…

    Getting To Know Minenhle Dlamini | Just Curious…

  63. obakeng marumo. C.O.E (T.S.W) on Sat, 1st Nov 2014 8:50 pm 

    Minnie I’m mr obakeng from italy I ‘ll like to know you so your details,

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