SALT: Worth The 100 Minutes

September 5, 2010 by  

The first thing I said after watching this movie was “Gosh, what a crap ending!” And honestly, that was my only complaint. After convincing myself that it’s just an action movie, ie. I mean, we all know with action movies it’s more about the fight scenes and stunts than it is about characters and the storyline. SALT is therefore, a brilliant action movie.

SALT is an action packed spy thriller about CIA agent,  Evelyn Salt who is accused of being a Russian spy. So basically, the whole movie is about her trying to clear her name… I can think of a number of movie titles that are about this but this one is different and the fact that it’s played by a woman makes it even better. What is a bit of an issue too , I guess, is the fact that the whole accusation happens just as soon as the movie starts and before you’ve actually gotten to know Evelyn so even though you feel bad about her being accused, you don’t really know for sure that she’s not, you are just basing it on the fact that she’s the lead character and therefore is falsely accused. As it usually happens in these movies.

The movie’s lead character  was originally  supposed to be a man called Edwin  A. Salt and was offered to Tom Cruise who apparently turned it down because it was too close to his Mission Impossible character. When Angelina expressed interest in playing the role, the directors then had to  change the whole story to fit a woman.

Without revealing anything about the movie, I think action movie fans will love this one. It’s quite refreshing and I think most of its success will come because Angelina is the lead. If  Tom Cruise had taken on the role, this would have been another Bourne Identiy, 007 typa movie.

The movie is not predictable at all, there are twists and turns throughout, you aren’t quite sure whether to like her or not.. is she good, is she bad, why is she doing this or that?” and it’s only towards the end that you sort of figure it out.

There are other interesting characters in the movie, Winter  (Liev Schreiber) & Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor).

I loved what they did with the Winter character… totally unexpected . Watch the movie to find out and if you love action, the go check it out! It’s worth it.

So, even though I said that my ONLY complaint was the ending, the sad part is that it is the only thing I could think about on leaving the cinema. So, as beautiful an action movie this was, that ending kinda messed it up. I know people wanna be creating sequels and what nots but that ending could’ve been better. I’d love to hear the directors explain it.

Check out the Movie’s official trailer below and if you’ve seen it… please share what you thought, without any spoilers.

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15 Comments on "SALT: Worth The 100 Minutes"

  1. Lue on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 6:14 am 

    This Movie is brilliant, not into action movies with no comedy but this one…at the beginning of the movie I thought OMG this is going to be boring, but a min later I started enjoying it…I thought Angelina was too skinny for this role but she did her thing….I tweeted about it from beginning to end and it pissed off some of my twitter friends on who haven’t watched it and ended up getting muted…there were so many surprises but I have to agree the end was a bit crapy and I hope the sequel will impress

  2. Zeal on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 7:53 am 

    Totally worth it!!
    And I think if you loved Wanted, you wouldn’t wanna miss Salt!!

  3. Zah000 on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 8:34 am 

    Very interesting indeed. Angie did a great job in this movie but the ending just left me with a “Hawu, kanjalo nje?” kinda reaction. But all in all, it was an interesting watch.

    Tjo @ the feet in pic 3!!

  4. De GPCity Saint on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 8:45 am 

    Checked it out is great.. Plenty o grippin action. My blood was pumping throughtout the movie. Iam usually good at figuring this movie plot but this one hayi threw me for a loop.

  5. Fezzy on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 9:11 am 

    No thanx..I dont like action movies. I hated Wanted

  6. J-Girl on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 9:34 am 

    Sounds interesting! Should check this one out!

  7. SilentBloggar on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 9:40 am 

    Tjo I am not a movies person at all. To movie pees enjoy!

  8. Lue on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 10:03 am 

    Even if u are a action movie hater you will like this one guys…think I’m gonna watch it again

  9. Zeal on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 11:14 am 

    Speaking of skinny *off topic* have ya’ll seen Kourtney Katrdashian?! My goodness!! Her neck and shoulder regions are just bones, and bits of skin!! Tjo!! Wa tshosha!!

  10. KK on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 2:22 pm 

    Enjoyed it.What made it more interesting is when I read that Jolie did all her stunts,that was super cool…

    I also felt I was watching a female version of Bourne Identity though…

  11. Bee on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 4:50 pm 

    Im gonna wait till its 12 Rand at new metro, its still new so it cant be half price.

  12. Nndivheni on Mon, 6th Sep 2010 8:58 pm 

    One of the best action movie I have watched. Love her or otherwise, Angelina can act…*jealous down*. And the fact that she did all her stunts is wowwwwww.

  13. girly.diva on Tue, 7th Sep 2010 8:47 am 

    Action movie: NO I’ll pass shame..

    If it was ama Rom-rom I’d jump!!

  14. Strolicious on Tue, 7th Sep 2010 10:38 am 

    SilentBloggar dat makes da 2 of us.

  15. Lady gaga on Tue, 7th Sep 2010 12:12 pm 

    not a movie person,but this i can watch just to catch my gal Angelina Jolie,luv this woman!!

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