Tjo! Mapona Volume 1 Neh! PG18

September 20, 2010 by  


So I finally went and logged on to the SA p*rn site, Tjo! Shem… people are strong…

Here’s the warning I got when I logged on…

What I want to know… how does this warning prevent minors from entering the site?

Anyway.. the big story is that South Africa, you are about to have your first ever black porn movie and it’s brought to you by, a website that’s dedicated to people who want to share sex videos and naked (scary pictures)… tjo! ┬áThe 1 hour long movie is called ┬áMapona Volume 1. Read full story HERE.

LOL @ them actually having auditions for the movie… wonder what happened at the auditions. Apparently shooting for the movie took 3 days… that’s as long as they take to do some of the Nollywood films lol..

Damn… did this girl have to have her leg up in the air like that? Couldn’t she just bend over instead of lifting it like that? LOL… Also, there’s nothing about that Mampicha guy that says “watch”… he has umkhaba, arggh couldn’t they at least cast someone drool-worthy?

For those who want to go to the launch of the movie on 30 September 2010, here are the details:

I want to go, just to see what happens but why is the launch 8 hours long? !

Why is white porn easier to watch than black porn? Or is it just me? Not that I watch it… I’m just thinking if I were to watch it… I would rather watch white than black… even though I would do black and not white… eish, am I making sense? Okay, never mind what I just said… let’s talk about Mapona Volume 1, are you looking forward to it?

Who’s going to the launch for the free DVD?

What if you see your sister/brother in the movie? lol

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61 Comments on "Tjo! Mapona Volume 1 Neh! PG18"

  1. Tranq15 on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 3:19 am 

    Haaart dayuumn!!! That chick in the green bikini! Moerskont!
    Lol the Launch is 8 hours long coz ditlo buwa! Lol, I keed you not!

    And well bona, Black porn is the future of the past, ba re “The darker the berry, the Sweeter the juice” you best recognize! Nothing scary, it just depends on the models! Tjo! I wanda what happened aswell ko the auditions! Lol, 1 hour long mara ? I got a feeling its pap! For those who gets it, re kopa di reviews! Lol

    Lol so who’s going ? I wanna tag in, but I ain’t paying 150 bucks for a secondary porn DvD! Lol

  2. Zeal on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 6:29 am 

    Of course Lolly had to comment on this one!! *hides*

  3. lwandie on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 7:09 am 

    Tjo,something about that little pink tongue sicking out of Manciphica, just screams 80′s sugar daddy preying on school kids ema Renkini eeew… and the girl in a black bikini,is that a “C”section half moon below her belly button bathong!

    Then again its porn,so I guess for some those Mkhabas are actually turn ons!

  4. Lady gaga on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 7:30 am 

    Haibo!! Those gals ne?!!
    Eeeer I must say black porn is nicer to watch than white porn. I mean black man do mean business when they get it on,u can see from the face expressions and movements unlike white men baa tswafa maan,tooo gentle 4 my liking*nt dat I like it rough* bt I dnt wanna watch people who seem like they are in their own bedroom,its boring!!

  5. Zida on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 8:29 am 

    This is all types of wrong.

    You are right, they should have used a stud to entice us.

    Maybe that girl is showing us how flexible she is.

    8 hours? Tjo! Maybe there’ll be some type of freakiness going on…which is why I’m scared to go.

    I’d be so traumatised if I saw somebody I know if that porno flick.

  6. nan on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 8:29 am 


    There’s something really disturbing about watching black porn. Maybe its the sight of all those black d**** flying around and dipping into every honey pot on screen! I could never get to finish the whole thing
    I wish them luck but I sure hope they keep it clean hey with all those nasty v3 around. Mzantsi’s own he he he !!!

    Maybe JC readers should write em some tips hey of things we wouldn’t want to see… *hint hint hint*
    Anyways, as much as porn is yyum to watch its also has a dark side hey and I wonder whether the movie is going to cater to all ppl or just mainstream. Here’s a suggestion, a lil BDMS never hurt anyone, some funk funk and a lil kink kink coupled with some adventuring is a good recipe otherwise :)

  7. Zida on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 8:30 am 

    Oh, I think the warning is there just to protect themselves. If any issue arises, they’ll say “we do have a warning on the page”

  8. fabulicious on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 8:56 am 

    u ryt Zida that xactly wat i thot too.
    Tjo I thot im the only one who saw the c section mthungo there.

  9. fruitcake on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:11 am 

    Hayibo JC writers, I was soooo looking forward to an article about the Live/RGB gig, why mara why?

  10. Brown Shuga on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:17 am 

    tomorrow Fruitcake :-)

  11. Sweet-Ash on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:41 am 

    Hayi andiwazi lo umbono ulapha!!! It just does not entice me into watching so I don’t think I’ll watch it. Nalomfana wabo unguMbhaqanga umjongile nje…

  12. Bee on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:43 am 

    hawu!!!! that is the boy who will screw these chicks?? arggh really. *pukes* i love black porn also shame, nje i i love porn. cnat wait to see what this flexible girl who has her leg up, kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa is capable. see y’all at the launch.

  13. Bee on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:46 am 

    I agree Lady Gaga, white men’s things are jsut long and thin. and they lack rhythm those people. black people ntate!

  14. Abut' Majesa on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:52 am 

    BS has a very large following, “Booty Talk”, “Ghetto Booty” & “Black Cheerleader” are everywhere ko kasi. If you ask anyone with a PC ko kasi who is Charley Chase, Mr Marcus, Mandigo, Wesley Pipes & Ice La Fox they will tell you about them.

    Black or interacial porn are the in things & white porn is outdated, not even white people watch white porn.

  15. Ntoko The Gentleman on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:57 am 

    hayi im underage i cant go there and not looking forward to it!

  16. Bee on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 9:59 am 

    Yho Marcus nhe!!! gooooodnesss, that nigga shem. Let me leave JC immediately, coz nje my name is appearing a lot on this topic. *goes back to work*

  17. Timelly on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:02 am 

    If that big guy is part of the cast, they can forget about me watching *Hides*

  18. Sweet-Ash on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:03 am 

    LOL @Bee fleeing for dear life. Is this Marcus dangerous?

  19. Lady gaga on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:10 am 

    hey Bee,where can i watch this Marcus dude…*giggles*

  20. Ntoko The Gentleman on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:12 am 

    haaa ladygaga?

  21. Lady gaga on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:27 am 

    LOL @Ntoko The Gentleman, what? cant a gal just ask….he he he

  22. Znat on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:29 am 

    Why is white porn easier to watch than black porn? Or is it just me?’

    I can’t watch white porn, ok I can but I choose not to. I love watching black peeps humping. I especially love it when the girls have cellulite and real boobs. If I were in JHB, I would attend the launch

  23. Groupi on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:34 am 

    Yhu! Yhu! the gal on the left has umkhaba as well hayi maan. But ke i guess it’s gonna get all ghetto up in there, that’s wat makes it interesting…lol

  24. Beautiful lier on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:42 am 

    Tjo dis is so wrong, is dat big nuzz look alike da leading male?is he even capable,nd those gals do they have family?ok ok I’m shocked went on 2 da website nd hei shame ngiyabonga mina….stick to white porn if u lyk porn black people were nt meant do porn movies pls let’s live it to da whites they do it best I think,nt dat I watch porn lol.

  25. TL on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:51 am 

    Ok I want to see Mr Marcus.HELP!!!

  26. Lady gaga on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 11:18 am 

    *singing*Mr Marcus,Mr Marcus,Mr Marcus,Mr Marcus,Mr Marcus……lol!!…….guys where can we watch,share bafwethu

  27. Ntoko The Gentleman on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 11:30 am 

    LADYGAGA maybe not watch like the NIKE philosophy lets just DO IT!

  28. Znat on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 11:34 am 

    Hawu Beautiful Lier! Sithand’ ukbonana abantu abanjengathi. I have a collection of real black women and amadoda abo ane six pack. I’m excited about this (except for Big Nuz), our only fix for black porn has been low budget Nigerian ones. Will there be a story line BS?

  29. Znat on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 11:38 am 

    LOL @Lady Gaga I like you, you my kinda girl.

  30. Znat on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 11:45 am 

    Abut Majesa can you hook me up. I have one of the Booty’s (Booty Quake), ha ke so tsotelle mabitso LOL, hook me up with Marcus somblief tog

  31. lebza4sh0 on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 12:13 pm 

    LOL Brown Shuga please dont make me attend such, im holy holy and i cant deal with such foot foot nonsense

  32. popeye on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 12:47 pm 

    @ the leading guy umukhaba o ngaga does he have the energy to keep up with the movie scenes

  33. popeye on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 12:52 pm 

    On a serious note do this porn movies turn you peeps on*disgusted*

  34. Abut' Majesa on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 1:11 pm 

    Kwaa kwa kwa kwa kwa hai Lady Gaga is killing me. Mr Marcus is one of the first stars in the black porn industry, if I remeber very well his career is about 10 years old, he even featured on the CLASSIC Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Doggy Style” with 2 women.

  35. Beautiful lier on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 1:31 pm 

    Hibo znat,if south african porn looks dis bad it only lives me woundering how bad nigerian porn is ustrong znat ustrong lol

  36. BeyBey on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 1:47 pm 

    Am I the only person that doesnt get turned on by porn?? Instead ingenza ngibazwele ubuhlungu, they way they are sooo rough

  37. Curvy on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 1:53 pm 

    is it me or this guy looks like the 3girls’ dad? Do the girls have families or even neighbours? I personally would not pull such a stunt, especially with a man like that!!!! *pukes* I hope it works 4 them but I think I’d actually watch it 2 get a good laugh

  38. fruitcake on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 2:21 pm 

    Personally me dont think that I can ever find anything funny about two people gettin it on, so I am a bit taken aback by people who say they would watch PORN for laughs.Tjo, Maybe I am the one with a dry sense of humour and like they say, different strokes for different folks,hehehe

    I dont think that I can watch porn by South Africans simply because it would be so awkward if i were to run into them ko mall, hayi I cant, or worse yet, I could find out that I am actually related to them, or just know them. Imagine if the girl with a streched leg was your sister, you will never look at her the same after watching the movie.

  39. Bee10 on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 5:04 pm 

    Porn is good, i love it, turns me on all the way. Be it a heteros or lesbians one its nice. I do not like a black porn thou.

  40. Bee10 on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 5:05 pm 

    Porn is good, i love it, turns me on all the way. Be it a heteros or lesbians one its nice. I do not like a black porn thou. I think its gross….

  41. Kiki on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 5:45 pm 

    I am definitely going,I wouldn’t miss it for the world. What would the world be without porn mara?

  42. SibsMacd on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 6:08 pm 

    can’t wait for this DVD!!

  43. SibsMacd on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 6:11 pm 

    think i should fly for the launch party!!

  44. LG on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 10:43 pm 

    Tjo, I googled Marcus,watched the video &even bookmarked it.He’s dangerously
    gifted, upakile yerr. The men I’ve dira(d) have noodles compared 2 him. I’d b admitted 2 hospital isangene halfway. Thanx Abut’ Majesa

  45. Lehakoe on Mon, 20th Sep 2010 11:29 pm 

    hahahahaha. This pic makes me laugh. 1st its the girl with the C-scar le mkhaba then it’s Mampintsha and the girl with amazing acrobatics. How erotic!
    @Kiki pls pls pls do a write-up on the launch if u do go. Should be interesting….and make sure u have on ur sleaziest outfit when u go there.

  46. Double Delicious on Tue, 21st Sep 2010 1:11 pm 

    I went to that website on Sunday, hay’nam shem I went Tjo!! just scrolled down the homepage.

    kwakwa @ Mampintsha….and that shirt is it small….and what’s with the tongue….eeeeeuuuwwwww

    I’ll check JC for reviews of the DVD!

  47. TL on Thu, 30th Sep 2010 10:50 am 

    So who is going? And BS no password if we see you there? LOL

  48. blackguyza on Sat, 2nd Oct 2010 7:35 am 

    I guess the warning is there because the website is rated 18+ and if your browser or internet account is set to filter porn, you wouldn’t be able to get into the site.

  49. blackguyza on Sat, 2nd Oct 2010 7:39 am 

    Does anybody know the names (star names) of the girls? As for the fat guy (is it Mapinza) he is not a good face for the porn movie.

  50. blackguyza on Sat, 2nd Oct 2010 7:40 am 

    I just love the guy in the green Bekini, I can’t want to see her in action.

  51. MoremeMpho on Fri, 3rd Dec 2010 1:47 pm 

    Where can I buy the DVD?

  52. Kokzen on Thu, 9th Dec 2010 5:14 pm 

    I must say its been long time cummin. I think big up to all that made the movie and yes, its time we diversified our movie industry proper and stop importing sum noody we know from the US at least I can identify.
    Stretch marks and all, its all woman GR8. Lady Gaga Thumbs up.

    P.S Good Sex is dirty sex . Play it safe Peace

  53. Kokzen on Thu, 9th Dec 2010 5:16 pm 

    P.S I met the chick without hair in Randburg, and she is humble as ever, If was not married I was gonna ask her out. She is NICE

  54. chinaemerem on Fri, 10th Dec 2010 8:28 pm 

    i will lik to watch mapona dvd ,i dont no were to get the dvd of mapona vol 1 in nigeria.
    any one over there in S A who hav watch the dvd pls send it to me i will like to see how black guys and girls do there thing

  55. Morenalosko on Tue, 14th Dec 2010 5:19 pm 

    Auditions meant more sex 4 the boys and complete humiliation 4 those gals but hey…….. le bona ba rata pipi too much akere. ke utlwela batswadi bva bona bohloko

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    Tjo! Mapona Volume 1 Neh! PG18 | Just Curious…

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    Tjo! Mapona Volume 1 Neh! PG18 | Just Curious…

  59. tyrud on Tue, 7th Oct 2014 9:12 am 

    this is wow

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