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November 7, 2010 by  

With the additions of a new DJ every time I blink my eye, I thought I should do my bit to speak to one dj’s who has been in the industry for years and get him to give advice to those who wanna follow in his footsteps. This is a legendary dj who knows better and is qualified to give advice to the fame starved wanna be Dj fraternity out there. Not bad going for someone(me) who, frankly, has done little more with his life than keep his eyes open, I amaze myself at times.

It’s very rare that one reads about him in the papers so I thought I would drag him for an interview so that he could also tell us a bit more than what we know already, his current projects and all. This is a man who gave us hits like Limpopo funk and very recently Hi Nyikeni. Before I bore you with my ranting, here is how the interview went…

Cedrick: Tell us who Dj Ganyani is.

Ganyani: Am a very reserved person in public but very talkative & comfortable around people am close to.

Cedrick: How did you get into djying.

Ganyani: I have always loved music, I never even dreamed of being a dj. I used to play music very loud at home & then one day one of my neighbors had a stokvel and asked me to come play for him, since then I have never looked back.

Cedrick: You got into djying when some of us where still in our fathers’ pants, how is the market now as opposed to then when you started?

Ganyani: Unlike before, the market is very competitive now, there are a lot of house djs now and producers. House music is not as scarce as it used to be, it’s even played on radio stations.

Cedrick: How was Ganyani in school?

Ganyani: Naughty.

Cedrick: What did you do after school?

Ganyani: I studied Bcom but dropped out & started selling cassettes in the streets of Soweto and at taxi ranks.

Cedrick: As a dj, what do you do when some of us are slaving at our 9 to 5′s? What’s a normal day like in Ganyani’s life?

Ganyani: I always search for new music, I have to be up to date in that department as I need to uphold the status.

Cedrick: What else do you do beside making drunk people dance?

Ganyani: Not only drunk people. I also have a company Ganyani Entertainment, we do sound equipment and dj hire. We also have a music recording studio.

Cedrick: Who’s we?

Ganyani: The people I work with.

Cedrick: What kind of music do you listen to beside house music?

Ganyani: Any kind of good music.

Cedrick: How did you manage to stay in the industry for so many years and still remain relevant?

Ganyani: I have an ability to adapt with the changes in the industry.

Cedrick: You put my motherland on the map with that Limpopo funk hit, finally we had something to pride ourselves with beside the witchcraft that we allegedly master. I just wanna thank you on behalf of my people. Would you do that again by coming up with another Julius inspired hit maybe?

Ganyani: Yes of course in fact I am working on more tracks related to Limpopo.

Cedrick: I’m looking forward to hearing them. Talking about Julius, he done did it again, this time calling Zille a cockroach. What’s your take on that?

Ganyani: Am not so much into politics BUT I like Julius, as for Zille I think she’s getting a taste of her own medicine.

Cedrick: Having been in the industry for so long, how many awards do you have on you room divider at home?

Ganyani: I have 6.

Cedrick: Your recent album, Ganyani’s House Grooves 7 has been nominated for an award for the best compilation category in this year’s Metro FM awards. Tell us more about the album.

Ganyani: It’s a 13 banging track album with national anthems like “Remember” & “Not so far” both from my label,”The Tea” & “Vem Rebola”.

Cedrick: You have been nominated in the same category with Lulo cafe, DJ Fresh & Euphonik, Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Claude, who amongst those do you think might hinder you from adding one more trophy to your collection?

Ganyani: All of them are equally good.

Cedrick: But I’m asking you to single out one.

Ganyani: I can’t do that.

Cedrick: By the way, I was very disappointed when I found out that the lyrics don’t go “Heineken” on that “Hi Nyikeni” track like I thought. I wanna know exactly who, what, where, when or how this Hi Nyikeni is.

Ganyani: Hi Nyikeni is a Tsonga word, it means give us.

Cedrick: It goes without saying that the public has helped to some extent make who Ganyani is today, are you doing some charity/community work as a way of giving back?

Ganyani: I have groomed lots of djs in the industry thus far, I used to do annual events for the Soweto community until one staffer from City Parks used his ”work” powers to push his personal vendetta against me stopped everything.

Cedrick: That sucks, who is this person and what did he do? Name and shame.

Ganyani: No its fine, no need for that, even if I am still bitter.

Cedrick: How has fame changed your life?

Ganyani: I am still the same Ganyani from  Limpopo and Ndofaya . It is important for one to stay true to self. (Cc: KM)

Cedrick: The only time we hear about Ganyani is when they talk about your work and not the scandals, how do you manage to stay out of the papers?

Ganyani: Besides from the work I do, I am a very private person.  My manager, Bhoza also encourages one to sell their work and not his/her personal life. I am a role model because of my dj work and that should be in the public.

Cedrick: The ladies said I should ask how old you are.

Ganyani: Please tell them that I’m very young at heart.

Cedrick: Old elsewhere?

Ganyani: You are funny.

Cedrick: Which song do you never leave out in your set? That would probably be the song that will get us dancing while spending our bonuses this year.

Ganyani: A lot, but I think Jezebel & Not so far are this year’s summer hits.

Cedrick: How would you be making your money if you were not a DJ?

Ganyani: I have always pictured myself sitting in my office wearing a very decent & expensive suit.

Cedrick: Do you have any exit strategy in place? What are you going to do when you hang you headphones?

Ganyani: Grow the GE label & spend more time on music production.

Cedrick: Do you have any special woman in your life? Wife? Kids? Baby mama?

Ganyani: I want  my family life as private as possible.

Cedrick: Please give advice to those that would like to become Dj’s.

Ganyani: Djying is not all bout money and fame,u got to have passion & good ear for good music.

Cedrick: Your company is working on a compilation album and need assistance with a name? Can we ask our JC readers to assist with that? They are very sweet hic.

Ganyani: Ohhh that would be nice,we have already come out with a name “GE Family” BUT we still open for any suggestion.

Cedrick: Thank you very much for the time you made for our JC readers.

Ganyani: Hiswona

That is it fellow JC bloggers, Ganyani is very private with his life so that’s all I could get out of him.

GE Entertainment is giving away a CD hamper to one JC blogger, it’s simple, just tell us which Metro FM award he is nominated for by sending an email to by no later than Tuesday, 8pm.

By Cedrick Mashamaite ©

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31 Comments on "Interview With DJ Ganyani"

  1. Brown Shuga on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 12:43 pm 

    Mncim. You try help these artists and get such attitude in return. If he didn’t want to be interviewed he should have refused instead of giving you these one word answers. No wonder we never read about him anywhere.

    Cedrick, you shouldn’t have wasted your time with this guy. You tried your best though with all your probing… this is not being private, he is simply boring and he can call his compilation album that “Mina Ngiyabora”.

    Bhoza please speak to your artist.

  2. Kiki on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 12:47 pm 

    Who is this DJ? Andimazi.

  3. Ivy on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 12:54 pm 

    What a boooooooooooring Interview. This is the worst I have read on JC, couldn’t even finish reading.

  4. JustPS on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 1:29 pm 

    Huuuuuuuuu this is Dj Ganyani,heard the name before but neva knew the face……*traumatized*

  5. lebza4sh0 on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 1:42 pm 

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa *dead and buried* LOL ROTFL

  6. Bruised Ego on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 1:55 pm 

    I’m so disappointed because I love his music…. And why on earth would he want to keep him family life private, unless he’s cheating or something?

  7. lebza4sh0 on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 3:22 pm 

    shem Cedrick really tried to make this interview interesting but the interviewee? doesnt he have a personality? coz honestly im not feeling it. even the Zizo interview is much better.
    “Cedrick: But I’m asking you to single out one.”

    Ganyani: I can’t do that.

    i rest my case. at least you tried wena cedrick, its not ur fault

  8. GA on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 4:34 pm 

    hao guys…
    Brown have never read you being this extremely…non-diplomatic in a stuation where u arent impressed.
    Atleast there is a cd hamper giveaway. Pity ha ke motsebe and i dont like house music,i would enter.

    But what was he supposed to say?…talk about his exploits like Hershell Gibbs maybe?..he isnt the first celeb who prefers the family life private or is he?

    #feeling sorry for the poor dude. Bet more backlash for his “boring” self is gonna follow.

  9. GA on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 4:39 pm 

    “And why on earth would he want to keep him family life private, unless he’s cheating or something?..”..Bruised ego…haikhona bra yaka,Le wena wa mmakatsa on this post. Reaally?….”why on earth would he want to keep his family life private”???
    okay…maybe there is sumthing totally foreign about my perspective today….o kare a ke le kwe gabotse.

    *goes back to sunday church tv*

  10. Zida on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 5:32 pm 

    This man is a legend indeed. Straight to the point and honest answers. I like. Miss Bhoza has done a great job with managing his career.

  11. Zida on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 5:44 pm 

    Hhawu guys. Why are you all so harsh on him shame. I think he’s just that reserved. He doesn’t have the personality yabo Bhuti Madlisa, I don’t think he can help it. Nimxolele ndiyacela kaloku.

  12. Zeal on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 6:36 pm 

    hai shame, sure its cool that he wants to keep his private life exactly that, but then again, that leaves him with the personality of a rock!! i like his music though!!

  13. Brown Shuga on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 7:12 pm 

    heheh GA, am not referring to that family life question…. I respect that shem. Am talking about questions about his work, his music. Anyway, that’s the way he is I guess, we must just deal it.

  14. MaCMash on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 10:04 pm 

    Thatha JC bloggers, “hi nyikeni”

  15. GA on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 10:31 pm 

    Oooryt Sucre, kea go kweshisha. I was taking serious offence especially if it was with regards to the family issue.

    I trully get the sense that it is the way he is. Some people dont like elaborating like some of us…and it is indeed just who they are. They are reserved, “my work must speak for itself type of people”. And i think its refreshing….it gives a variety of characters in the industry. They are the opposite extremes of this chatterboxes who tell even things we dont really need to hear. #Balance*

  16. Lehakoe on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 10:47 pm 

    hawu mara GA he cud’ve at least said “I have a beautiful wife and two kids” or something along those lines-the bare minimum. Who cares anyway…he’s lame!

  17. Makgotso on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 10:48 pm 

    kwaaaaaa @ hi nyikeni

  18. Bruised Ego on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 10:56 pm 

    Thanks @Lehakoe

    @GA I was surprised because most of the celebs interviews I’ve read, they usually reply like this ‘I’m single/committed, have kids etc..but would like to keep that private’ and yena he had to say this —–> ‘I want  my family life as private as possible.’ SMH…#DeathBy as possible…

  19. lebza4sh0 on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 11:16 pm 

    Lol #deathby Brown shuga

  20. GA on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 11:19 pm 

    lol @ the “bare minimum” Lehakoe, i still dont agree. I would lobby that he divulges to my satisfaction if the info is about his music,the thing for which i may part with my hard earned cash. But Family life?…not quite sure how it affects his deliverables..i.e, his “compilations”?

    @ Bruised ego..whenever them celebs say ‘I’m single/committed, have kids etc..but would like to keep that private’ , my opinion of that is that however little you have divulged,you are giving them mongers something to start digging gossip with.
    I appreciate those who says im not talking about my family and stick to it nommater how they are probed, e.g Beyonce and JZee..even Oprah never gets them to talk about each other. Yes,some parts about their family lives and who they are dating or not are in the media,but they only conmfirm when there is no point keeping quite anymore. And thats where it ends…everything other thing is on a “need to know basis”.

    And sometimes(may not be the csae with bra Ganyani), but sometimes, keeping mum is the best publicity as it keeps people curious.

  21. Kiki on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 11:19 pm 

    Lehakoe your comment just killed me. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaa

  22. Bruised Ego on Sun, 7th Nov 2010 11:56 pm 

    @GA I hear you, but the interviewer asked him questions based on his music but he gave one word answers…he sounds like he wasn’t interested.
    For someone who has been in the industry for years, I expected so much!

  23. GA on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 1:33 am 

    I get your point there Bruised ego.
    Although i dont realy mind his short responses. I do have some interviews were i wish the interviewee had elaborated more.

  24. Zeal on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 1:41 am 

    Death by ……..
    Eintlik Press Play *hides*

  25. GoneBLACK on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 2:29 am 

    Hayi wethu maybe this guy is shy abt his accomplishments or lack there off that’s the only reason I can think of… With the hundreds of good djs out there 1 would expect him to jump at the chance of introducing himself to a new audience(for lack of a better word) because let’s face it, he’s not the ‘it’ thing but a has been…oh oh this old man likes youngin’s that’s prolly y he don’t wana indulge much abt his pvt life!

  26. Thato on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 10:19 am 

    LOL was the interview in English? maybe nigga would have opened up if it was in tsonga

  27. Lela on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 11:32 am 


  28. Maratahelele on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 12:28 pm 

    @thato, LOL

  29. mama ka Gundi on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 12:46 pm 

    Dj Ganyani rocked Sedibeng this weekend …as 4the interview cudnt past the 1st sentence less about him the better!!

  30. Polly on Mon, 8th Nov 2010 1:04 pm 

    Lol @ Thato.

    @BS… Your first comment killed me.

    Haai this interview was boring maan, all I could think of was Kgomotso, The Fergusons, DJ Cleo’s interviews.

    I just know the name but not his music.

  31. lebza4sh0 on Thu, 18th Nov 2010 4:41 pm 

    LOL eish

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