Celebs Visit Pretoria Central Prison

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On Friday, 08 April, 2011, Tebogo Lepito Mogola (Vuzu Channel O, Mzanzi Magic) Percy Vilakazi (Rhythm City) and a group of our favourite South African celebrities took part in a prison rehabilitation initiative, at the Pretoria Central Prison.

09:00 am the likes of Thapelo Mokoena (Skyf director and former Fear Factor presenter), Thomas Gumede (South African comedian and actor) and Fentselite (Kaya FM’s content editor) lined up in front of the so called doors of hell, waiting to be warmly welcomed into “The Boys’ University of life”.

The aim of the initiative was to shed light on prison life, in hope for contribution and assistance towards the prison rehabilitation programme. The goal of the prisoner’s rehabilitation program is to reform the prisoners from committing crimes and assisting them in starting normal lives without any criminal activities. It was also to give the talented prisoners a platform to express whatever hidden talents they possess.

Brown prison warder uniform, Orange outfits, dark and gloomy passage ways, silver cutlery used by the prison inmates and loud cheers from the inmates were the first things that these brave souls heard as they entered the reception area, not knowing that they were to be locked up and allowed to manoeuvre around the cells with the inmates. After an eye-opening tour around the prison and entering life threatening inmates territory : C-max prison, the visitors were treated to a live performance by the Pretoria Central Prison jazz band, led by Leonard Moloi from singing group,DENIM. (He got 12 years in jail for murder. Read HERE)

They later performed a play translating situations which led them to prison. It was the inmates’ first performance since they started the irnew Drama department.

Mogola (Assistant Producer at Dontlookdown.tv) exclaimed “it’s a part of my far-fetched vision to help those who have no way out in life and I feel it’s my responsibility to rehabilitate inmates who have had their dreams crushed in the aim of alleviating poverty. The truth is that I could see myself in those guys.”

The different actors’ roles were to give the rehabilitated inmates direction into achieving their goals in Arts, music and drama, and also encouraging them to never give up on life and keep the spirit of “Ubuntu” alive in South Africa.

Thapelo Mokoena spoke about how we need to appreciate life more and how he will do his bit to help out and give a platform to the hidden talent behind bars.

Nokuthula Ledwaba better known as Tshidi on Rhythm City, was overwhelmed with sorrow, and said that she loves all the prison in-mates and forgives them for their wrong doings. She also continued to say that she will play her role as a sister to her brother, in aim of directing him to achieve his dreams and never taking the easy way out.

Thomas Gumede said after that experience he is done complaining about petty stuff like pot holes, the South African weather and petrol prices going up. He added that being behind bars showed him that there are real issues out there, and that he thanks the guys for their inspiration.

More prison rehabilitation visits will be arranged for more South Africans, Celebrities and people who want to take part in transforming the lives of those who have done wrong and try play a role in assisting them into the road of success.

Don’t do crime or get peer pressured into anything because in the end you are left alone to face the music ….

By Neo Tlaka

Twitter: @neoclarker

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52 Comments on "Celebs Visit Pretoria Central Prison"

  1. DaVuiLeStJAY on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 12:47 am 

    The way I’m use to prison ne! Lol I know most of the coloured guys in Pta central! Yoh more like all off them!! *shocking*

  2. Amazing on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 1:04 am 

    Next to judgement day, prison is what im scared of the most…i hope i never have to go n visit sum1 in there

  3. Kiki on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:05 am 

    Eish,prison is depressing. I went to the in Boxburg 2 years ago to visit someone. Sad environment because you look at them prisoners and just wonder what goes on there. Its scary! But then again reality sinks in that, these are criminals. They are robbers,murderers,rapists,hijackers etc. Ku tough.

    I remember when I went there I was wearing Jeans & a boob tube top,I was told to put on a jacket or something to cover the cleavage. Thank God my car is a wardrobe otherwise they wouldn’t have let me it. Heheheh

  4. princesskoena on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 6:01 am 

    Wow ths is so interestin n informative big ups to the celebs hu went ther.

  5. Fezzy on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 6:57 am 

    Went to Sun City prison last year to visit a friend who was sentenced to 5 yrs for stabbing his girlfriend 8 times after he caught her cheating. Poor gal’s other kidney is not functioning well to this day. I was angry at him for what he did but when i got there….dammit…that place is soooo depressing. He looked like a sick chicken and I cud not bliv that that was teh same guy who always told me jokes and had ladies practically throwing themselves at him.
    That place can be really funny as well. Like this cute guy and his gf, they were practically having oral sex at a corner and didnt care who was watching! TJO!

  6. Dark8lord on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 8:06 am 

    Wow! I’m so inspired *moment of silence*. I’ve always wondered what prisons smell like, just njee to have an idea.

    lol @fezzy and the oral sex

  7. Biskiti on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 8:21 am 

    Fezzy, that sounds hectic jong. LOLest at the “exhibitionists”…lol

    It is sad that sometimes in life we get cornered into situations that make us snap. Normal human behaviour would know the limits of “snapping”, but i think some people are just emotionally and psychologically inferior or even disadvantaged, because i don’t think anyone “normal” would proceed with actions that will deprive them of their freedom for a number of years.

    The sad part about all this is that most of these inmates end up returning to prison after being released. The system’s environment and the reaction of communities to “former-prisoners” is just not conducive to their rehabilitation. Except, if you are Kenny Kunene, and that whistle-blowing friend of his…

  8. Biskiti on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 8:26 am 

    Kiki, you mentioned an interesting point in one of the other articles, that you would take the law into your own hands if anybody did something to harm your kid in an “inhumane” way. Do you still hold the same views? Even if it means being 15 years away from your kid? Even if you will be giving the bastard an easy way out of life?#Just Curious!

  9. Miss Thang on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 8:34 am 

    There are some very HOT brothers in there. i always go every now & then to c my cousin. and the way they get excited when they see a beautiful chikita lol. but some are willing to change and some oh well r not willing 2 change anytime soon

  10. snapshot on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 9:03 am 

    Miss Thang i guess u motivated to go ur cousin *HOT BROTHERS* i remember going to the Nelspruit Prison i was young maybe 10 to see a neighbour’s brother, i did not really understand the environment then, Last year i went to MODDERBEE Prison, wow it was not nice, the environment is not conducive, also went to SUN CITY last year, ziyabuya lapho,they place from the outside is dark and scary, i feel for them shem,plus they reduce the scale of women getting married.

  11. Amo on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 9:09 am 

    I have been detained before; well went as far as the holding cells, but I can say the experience was depressing and traumatising. And I hadnt even done anything wrong to start with.
    I feel for each and every person that has to go through life with that experience; life as a prisoner, behind them. Tjo,hectic!!

  12. Blaqjew on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 9:21 am 

    lets all think before we act, some people end up in jail due to emotions, friends play a major role in leading most of us to jail, males go through a tremendous amount of pressure which leads them to doing stupid stuff, all this in the name of looking cool and being known.Some may sway it to saying they were driven by poverty but that doesnt mean they have to take innocent peoples lives. 98% of the jails consist of black bro and 1% coloured and the other 1 % is white people, what does this tell you about us black people, we always want the easy way out. but non the less, it takes a man to step up ti his mistakes, and i take my hat ioff to these bro’s for admitting them, yoh ugys these people got problems hey, lets appreciate life as it is and not get drawn to do stuff that will land us up le bo tizozo…. 1 love my bro’s and sisters

  13. manny on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 9:22 am 

    ive never been to prison ,,i dont think I wanna go ..im scared
    my late brother once got arrested ,,,we didnt set foot there

  14. Pappy on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 9:26 am 

    I was a Peer Educator in 2009 and we used to go do VCTs at the prisons as well, i was always shit scared, mara amaBhavaro they always sorted them out of they showed any tshatsharag tendencies. but it was said that most of them were telling us that no one knows that they have been arrested as they were never close to thier families anyway… thats a sad place to be though i must say.

  15. khululeka on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 9:28 am 

    I remember 7 yrs ago I went with my ex 2 go see his brother in Germiston. Took us the whole day just 2 see the guy, actually ended up not being able 2 talk 2 him. He just stood in the passage with his orange gear, we cldnt even give him food. The smell and noise @ that place made me sick.

    Tjo and the women that were offloaded by the van, heavily chained, looked more dangerous than the guys inside.

  16. cleve2 on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 9:43 am 

    OMG I always fell sad for these guys I don’t know why. I don’t wish anyone’s family there.

    I remember my dad was held at the police station for 2 weeks. I was crying like he was dead. Seeing him helpless in there and we always had to bring him stuff so he could bribe the guys not to hurt him. Ja man it was hectic I tell you. And the moment he was released we took a walk cos he could see how much it had affected me. O how life throws curveballs!

  17. Kiki on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 10:05 am 

    Eish,I am praying for the day when I will be able to voice out my opinions on JC just like all the other Bloggers and not get questioned,judged or crucified for thoughts.

  18. Mmaditaba on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 10:09 am 

    “Nokuthula Ledwaba better known as Tshidi on Rhythm City,was overwhelmed with sorrow ,and said that she loves all the prison inmates…” that loving them part Lmfbao! #Death0fME Kwaaaaaaaahahahahaha tltltltltltltlt ai

    its great what they’ve done,Lord knws those buddies need it!

    *offramp* I can’t stand Nokuthula’s character on RC yoh ai ..had to get that off my chest

  19. Mapakisha on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 10:14 am 

    My cousin has been in prison for the past 10 years, he was sentenced to 20 for attempted murder. The boy has been begging me to come see but ke i don’t feel comfortable nje. Leonard Moloi shem, i see his group mates almost every w.end, ke son bathong. Imma go see my cousin this month, this has inspired me…

  20. Mathaz on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 10:27 am 

    I pray to God that my boys make godly choices and choose their friends wisely.I have never set foot inside a prison and when my husband called to tell me that he has been arrested for drunken driving,i called his mother to go see him and bail him out.

  21. Mmaditaba on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 10:32 am 

    @Fezzy tjoootjo *jaw dropped* i hope to God i never fall under the hand of criminality due to my emotions or peer pressure! Honestly we need to always pray ukuthi singalingeki ngoba kusemuhlabeni la.today ur here 2mr there! This has touchd me. I hate hospitals and jails nothng about them is hopeful! *sad*

  22. GTI on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 10:52 am 

    Big ups to celebs who went there. Prisoners also need ‘divine intervention’.

  23. Bongani on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 11:03 am 

    fact is not everybody in prison is guilty. so making Godly choices does not guarantee you ukuthi ngeke ulibhade ejele.

    two girls from my hood once went to town (ejozi to buy clothese ezigodini then on their way back the met a guy (also from my hood) waba ofara i lift driving a panel bakkie, shem poor girls thought Unkulunkulu sent that guys ngoba bebesindwa yilezimpahlwa bebebuya ukuyozithenga. then they got in the van. sitting a front seat no the boy. then just before getting on to the freeway they got stopped by police. and the van was searched. kwatholakala ukuthi the Van was stolen and there were two dead bodies at the back, with many other stolen items.

    they all got arrested then when they went to court the guy said she was working with the girls in robbing people. he got 40years for killing and robbing and the girls each got 10 years for being accomplies (sp)

    basesejele namanje lamantombazani.

    Moral of the story you might end up in jail even if you dont do anything illegal.

  24. Amo on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 11:11 am 

    You know Kiki, when I reading through the comments, that is excatly what I thinking!!
    Many people share their opinions and are never cross questioned, but YOU, every time a ”crime related’ blog is put up and you comment, you are interogated. Gape,how many times should you explain your stand?

  25. snapshot on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 11:40 am 

    tjo! Bongani OMG i’m crying those girls shem, did they have a lawyer, which prison? but its true it can happen ne? i spend most of my time alone, just the other day i was thinking *marathon thoughts*just asked myself what will happen if a person can kill one of my neighbours and my fingerprints are found maybe at the door and i become main suspect and ends up in jail,i won’t have an alibi cos im always alone.*take my gown off to Court,rescission of judgment for those ladies*

  26. Biskiti on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 11:41 am 

    Huuh bathong Amo, interogation is a strong word. I happen to share the same sentiments as Kiki, but after reading this article i thought of so many things, and even wondered if getting revenge/vengie (vengeance) is indeed the best solution for everyone including my family that would be left alone. SO i wondered if she had thought along those lines too.

    I didn’t mean to offend, was just curious. What happened to interaction between fellow bloggers kanti?

  27. Biskiti on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 11:43 am 

    Snapshot o paranoid waitse…lolest.

  28. Amo on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 12:15 pm 

    Biskit, I just wasnt refering to your curious mind babe…have you seen how many people are on Kiki’s case about her utterances?

  29. Kiki on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 12:27 pm 

    Thank You Amo. From now on I am not going to respond or explain my opinions to anyone. I am tired.

    It’s not just you Biskiti so don’t stress. Do you know that you and I can say exactly the same thing here but only me will be questioned? Everything becomes Kiki this Kiki that. It’s not fair.

    Anyway *back to the topic at hand* lets not mess up this sensitive blog neh? uBS uzosishaya. Lol

  30. Letebele on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 12:57 pm 

    eish, i’m touched by this article and i’m proud of our celebrities for giving those inmates reason to go on (even from inside those cells). i think we all have an idea of how that depressing that place can be.

    its also nice to see Leonard continuing with his music even from behind bars coz clearly, its something that also keeps him going.

  31. Luluwise on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 1:30 pm 

    Wow, thanks for the article. It just affirmed my friendship with one particular inmate whom I visist very often. He is serving a life sentence for armed robbery. He was transfered here and a friend of mine who is a friend of his asked me to visit him. I was so scared the first time, I was judgemental coz eli gintsa. I am happy to say we are now great friends, he is the sweetest guy I know. He completed his matric and is now studying law through UNISA. I even took my little boy to visit and he played soccer with the inmates. Some are just ordinary guys who made bad choices. Did I meantion how hot most of them are, what a loss for us ladies.

  32. Biskiti on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 2:13 pm 

    I understand, Nomkikizelo le Amo…lol, i guess it does get a bit tiring after a while. Mara Kiki le wena you have to understand that you are Ms. Teen JC while umam-wa-sekhaya ke Mrs. JC***thinks of Uyanda Mbuli’s title again***

  33. shybear on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 2:21 pm 

    I have a friend who was a convict at suncity, we grew up together in soweto n he has always loved this clever fast life as we were growing up. in 2005 dec, i was still in high school, he already served jailtime n he would tell me abt it.the stories r scary,bt he told me once u get used to it its fine. hes always in n out n as we blog hes in. a re ka montle go a bora, he is always broke whereas inside he wud always hav cash frm selling stuff.he was dating gays only a re banyana ba bora, n he usd 2b straight b4 goin in.that dec he told me he just wants to c new yrs eve n in jan he wants to go back. come jan, he just vanished back 2prison n i dnt knw exactly wat he did.
    i didnt sleep afta watching the polsmoor prison documenary n i stil dnt understand y my friend enjoyed jail.im praying for every1 that I knw that they may neva c a prison cell.

  34. Kiki on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 2:41 pm 

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa hai Biskiti,ipressure engaka?? Ngeke shem.

  35. Mmaditaba on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 3:06 pm 

    Kiki must understand what being in her position comes with and JBS. When asked a question in reference to your very own statement,its polite to answer especially if not asked rudely,its only fair that you answer. Phela what you say will always follow you, just like what you do (why do you think the celebs hav it so hard?) .#NoHATE

    Bongani tjo yah neh kumantima strong

  36. Kiki on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 3:15 pm 

    Mmaditaba,leave me alone shem…tjo tjo tjo..LMAO *Hides behind MissAN* Uphi yena vele?

  37. Mmaditaba on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 3:18 pm 

    Yah shybear most of them who have long sentences on their head ,prefer being inside than out..i guess the fact that they get everything for free in there whiles outside they have to hustle contributes to them wantng to stay in. We outsiders can never understand. The thot of being in jail just cringes me infact!

  38. Beautybaby on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 3:24 pm 

    @Biskiti I no exactly what u talking abt, I snapped and almost stabbed my ex landlord with a bottle of tomato sauce. Lucky for him he was shorter than me and he ducked, after I had gooied a hot tea on his back. At that moment I couldn’t care I wanted to kill this man and I was prepared to go to jail. All I could think of was what wud my mom say.

  39. Mmaditaba on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 3:38 pm 

    Kwaaaaa eish you see now Kiki u’ve opend a wound in me ,u’ve reminded me how much i miss MissAN *wipes tears*
    MissAN khumbulekhaya sisi,siyakuthanda! _JC FAMILY

  40. snapshot on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 3:52 pm 

    Biskiti its serious, if only you were part of my mind, my friend’s boyfriend got arrested for drunken driving, the guy was crying,he sobered immediately,wanted a lawyer,bail money etc,he only spent a night but uphuma angasafuni lutho,lets try to behave guys,kodwa nangama traffic fines you can end up in jail tjo! #off to selby to pay fines#

  41. Malawi11 on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 3:57 pm 

    @Shybear your frend is classic…hahahaha! I have never been to any prison and from what i hear prisons in Malawi are jus waay 2bad they only eat 1nce a day and sometimes they dont even give them food at all….its sad we dont have big prisons so it can be more than 30people in a room where only ten people are supossed to sleep and i hear when they sleep they wake each other up say nthawi yotembenuka(time to turn) its very sad sheeeeem! i wud neva want to see myself or any of my family and frendz in there

  42. Lela on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:01 pm 

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa @BB landlord pho,what did they do to you?

  43. manny on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:15 pm 

    @beauty bear …u must control your anger otherwise uza kwela i van e blue and white and travel like a vip ..hehehe have u seen them in the morning ku traffick and we have to move out of the way …
    i also have an anger problem ..so whenmy patner started cheating i wanted to go over to the basteds place but i remberd ukuthi when im angry i get mad*once poured my lil sister with boiling water from a kettle* I DECIDED NOT TO GO OVER TO SEE WHAT WAS HAPPENING ..* I SOMMER VISUALISED MYSELF BEING ESCOUTRTED IN A WHITE VAN …so when im angry i just GO AND CRY,,,,yes men cry id rather cry than go to jail …c

  44. manny on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:18 pm 

    @lela im also interested to hear what landlord did

  45. Beautybaby on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:23 pm 

    @Lela, we were 9 girls sharing a house with him (1st year students), everytym boys come to visit any1 I was blamed that I bring boys to his house. I mean really bathong, so that day the boys came after they left he started with his rants, I snaped and after that incident we lived in harmony. Lol

  46. snapshot on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:26 pm 

    aaaaaa manny!u dangerous, yo! i once suggested to my then bf to go for anger management,guess you should buddy,Taba ya landlord toe #sifunukwazi#

  47. Lela on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:27 pm 

    Krkrkrkr hayi @BB nawe yeka uthanda amakhwenkwe. Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @Manny you dont wanna be a VIP, for icherry edliweyoo nagal!

  48. Beautybaby on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:29 pm 

    @Manny I must say its been 14yrs since that incident and I hv neva been angry like that eva. Lord know what went on in my mind that day.

  49. manny on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:50 pm 

    hola beautybear ….sometimes violence is the anwer …..coz after mo
    u will never ever have useless fights..
    eish mara manje im cal…i dont fight ..i swear and cry only

  50. snapshot on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:56 pm 

    Manny u remind me of my niece, one day she asked if i knew the song called “indod’ayikhali” and when i confirmed, she said “but i once saw daddy crying” i laughed so much even today when i see her daddy i cry

  51. Biskiti on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 4:57 pm 

    Beautybaby, hei wang tshosa maan, such anger, ka bottle ya tomatosauce…kwaa kwaaaa.

    Hei Manny, wena you need prayers…lol. Maybe finding your corner and crying about it helps you, i hope you come right.

  52. Mmaditaba on Thu, 14th Apr 2011 5:55 pm 

    *dead deader deadest* tltltltltltltltlt kwaaaahahahahahaha @manny lmao

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