PICS: David Tlale Opens New Store

September 7, 2011 by  

On Sunday, 4 September 2011, the first ever David Tlale flagship store was launched at an invite only event at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton.

“The last eight years have been about establishing the David Tlale brand here at home and abroad. We believe that we’ve done a good job of building and developing the brand ; we can now focus on the actual retail side of the business. It is time to start generating some revenue and build a sustainable fashion label,” said Tlale.

Situated in the mall’s luxury lane, the store is located on the upper level at U01 and is aimed at providing access to the public to have an intimate moment with the signature David Tlale creations. Shoppers are afforded the opportunity to own ready-to-wear David Tlale pieces in their closets. With the look and feel of luxury, only a few of these outfits will be sold.

David with Chairperson of African Fashion International, Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe and Lerato Mbele

Fashionistas Matthew and Sonia Booth looked stunning.

Precious wearing David Tlale

Award winning singer Simphiwe Dana wore a David Tlale top

Model and Radio Producer Claire Mawisa attended

Couple Thabo and Nonhlanhla Mdluli

Isidingo Actress Linda Sokhulu

Model and MC for the day, Tatum Keshwar wearing a David Tlale design

CEO of Fluxtrends and Trends Analyst Dion Chang

Runway models Cindy and Meshack

Journalist Lesley Mofokeng with former model Danny Baloyi who now works for David Tlale.

Don’t these pictures just scream “A List”? Thank you to On Point PR for the invitation and hospitality.

Oh, if you’re wondering about prices, some of the garments we saw range from R2K – R15K. Nothing compared to the usual LVs and Gucci’s, right? LOL

All the best to David Tlale on his new store, the man’s star keeps shining brighter and brighter. He is jetting of to New York City to showcase at the United Colours Of Fashion. We’re positive he’ll blow them away.

Pics: Ouparazzi

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91 Comments on "PICS: David Tlale Opens New Store"

  1. L.S.N on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:50 am 

    Wow! Well done to David Tlale, he just keeps on doing wonders in S.A’s fashion industry. Nice!

  2. Lwamkela on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:55 am 

    Congrats to david hle bathong realy proud of him….thabo mdlulis jeans hay shme I aint feeling them….Sonia booth realy needz a reboot*runs a marathon*

  3. DrDee on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 1:44 am 

    Congrats David,beautiful clothes you’ve got there.Wish I was a millonaire.Some girls have it all mara.Dr Precious Moloi Motsepe,beautiful,tick,great body,tick,brains,tick,handsome hubby,tick,money,plenty.What more can a girl want yazi!

  4. Noriega on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 2:26 am 

    For the first time for me, Sonia Booth looks really GOOD!

    I love the store its LAVISH! Just exudes opulence.

    You gotta respect tlale whether you like him or not he makes beautiful clothes. Really worth it.

    WEll deserved!

    Is it me or does lesley look like nkosi johnson in that last photo? Yes? No? Ok.

  5. Makgotso on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 5:29 am 

    Well done David. One day I will own one of your collection and sekuseduze

  6. snaaz on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 5:52 am 

    Guy is accomplishing a lot hey..all the best to him.
    I struggle to find I relevance yale ntombi yazi mxm myb yilento endidika nje kwayena.
    Anyways..ppl lukd gud..nt sure ngo Linda Sokhulu…ngath uya kwi unveiling ye gintsa.
    Goodmornin kuni nonke ma jc!

  7. RedVelvet on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 6:11 am 

    Looks like the event I was meant to go to! Lovely, infact impeccable!

    Dr Presh is looking older, uyaghugha but gracefully.
    Thought Matthew Booth was a mannequin at first, then I saw his brother Sonia, oops, meant wife.
    I don’t get why some actresses came, most who don’t even possess a fashionable bone in them. Hope David does well, seeing nakhona uk’thi the store was placed in the right place. So manje instead of charging ‘normal’ prices, he can charge R7500 for a R2000 dress. I’d still rather by items elsewhere, david’s clothes don’t intrigue me at all. *not hiding*

  8. Nthoentle on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 6:35 am 

    Halala!! Gonna give the store a visit most def’s.

    Simphiwe and Linda Sokhulu don’t look great to me.

  9. Nthoentle on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 6:39 am 

    David is beautiful looking and so humble, his make-up,on point!

  10. Nthoentle on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 6:47 am 

    That’s also what I felt like looking at the pics “event I was supposed to go to”-@RedVelvet

    Ya no Mrs Booth o bifile guys, ah ah ah itjo!

    Kwaaaa @Snaaz and a gintsa’s unveiling.

  11. Mabuza on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:04 am 

    Well done Mr Tlale and all the best to you. Aaaaaah Dr Precious looked flawless bathong, love the outfit. Mrs Booth you really make me numb!!! Everyone looked clean.

  12. lebza4sh0 on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:13 am 

    Now I understand the hype about On Point PR,its amazing balls. Big ups. Nice pics, new faces at least and what is Linda Sokhulu wearing vele?

  13. Mamio on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:21 am 

    WTH is Linda Sokhulu wearing mara?Aowa!thats not right.
    Mara sometimes Claire loses it,a ke gane o pila but sometimes her dress sense ya pota.

  14. RexonaABC on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:21 am 

    ohhhhh, i can see class in this shop, I wish the brother well though it will take me sometime to affort his clothes.
    @DrDee, that’s what am talking about, Mrs Motsepe, she is got it.

  15. Jellytot on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:49 am 

    Can i just say sonia booth is so pretty in real life. Pics dont do her justice.

  16. TheSushiQueen on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:51 am 

    But guys.. The beauty and class that is DR precious Moloi- Motsepe?!! Damn! I’m happy that’s she’s swopped those madam looking boutique suits that she used to wear for haute glamour.. Now she looks like a fashion champion.. That dress.. I die! Shoo..

    And Lerato Mbele sale sdudla so kanti?! Hehe! I wonder if she’s still married to that white guy..

  17. Zeal on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:53 am 

    Shine David Tlale shine……The prices neh….
    Is that a jump suit, that Linda S is wearing? Hai che!! And Sonia’s stockings/magusha or whatever, haibo!!

  18. TheSushiQueen on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 7:55 am 

    Wtf is linda sokhulu wearing? Ai..

    Claire Mawisa please go back to wherever u came from.. And stay there? Wambhora nna.. Le di stan tsa hao must JBS..

  19. dejane on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:01 am 

    TJO at Thabo’s jeans. Bathong!!!Those jeans look so old school, and baggy. Hai no.

    Linda Sokhulu and then? What the hell?tjo I’m unable..I’m at a loss for words. *claps once*

  20. bongi on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:10 am 

    i love the Booths ..especially Sonia…her make up is also not too much, ndiyamthanda u Sonia.She is just comfortable with herself and what she wears. DT is not for me shame..mna Mr Price and the Somalians are dressing me just perfect.Claire is cripping up left right and centre ngoku..almost every function ukhona.

  21. Anonymous2010 on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:13 am 

    Where is Zida? she would def had something to say about events like this….we miss you Zida!!

  22. Nkey.. on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:24 am 

    Well done JC.Gr8t quality of the pics.Looks like they are from True Love mag…Everyone look sizzling but Meshack and Clair do it the most for me.Shoes and Magusha a Mrs Booth I like I like…

    Who dragged Linda to the event bathong,She looks so drained.

  23. Botshelo on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:27 am 

    Sonia’s hand 0.0
    The sandals worn by the man behind Simphiwe 0.0
    that thing in Linda’s pocket 0.0

    Well done to Mr Tlale, fly high!!!
    Looks like it was nice event

    Claire is looking so fab! Love that skirt, or is it phalaza?

  24. sefula on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:30 am 

    WOW claire looks gorgeous tjo.
    Bathong Linda, what the hell is she wearing?

  25. fabulicious on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:44 am 

    mmmmmh mrs motsepe’s on a league of her own!

  26. Biskiti on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:52 am 

    Congrats to David Tlale, the guy deserves success! He really has mastered his craft and has managed to build a strong brand, and i hope the Sandtonian (locals + foreigners) will support his boutique.

    Thanks BS and crew for the fab pictures, they truly complement the event, which looked very flawless. MmaMotsepe…aunty nka go dira anytime hle, o a ebaka. Claire Mawisa, ndi cela uzoyiwisela la kimi, sister is haute!

    Thabo’s jean***SMH*** I expect that from Senyaka waitse. Shame, maybe he’s resting his studio from the crouch-hugging skinnies tsa ko IWTSG. Simphiwe Dana le LInda Sokhulu look weird.

  27. Maihlomeihlasele on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 9:24 am 

    Congrats King David !!!!
    My fiancé will definitely be rocking your wedding gown soon.
    Pastor Musa Sono was also there to bless the store it was so emotional, I just love how DT acknowledges God in everything he’s doing.

    Well done!

  28. kimmo on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 9:28 am 

    lerato mbele??? is that her??
    nice one david!

  29. J-Girl on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 9:29 am 

    Tjo, this is elevation!!!
    Wow Wow Wow!!
    This Claire lady is pretty jonk!

  30. Cutypie on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 9:51 am 

    Something is very wrong about Linda’s pic..Yazi it’s like it was taken from above..eish, i dnt know how to explain this..

    Nice 1 David!! The quality of the pics has def. improved hey BS.Keep rolling

  31. Mapakisha on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 9:53 am 

    I usually don’t like ladies like Dr Prescious Moloi(cos of jealousy) but yena shem I can’t help myself. She’s just POWER!!

    I don’t like Thabo Mdluli & that borgatt he’s wearing makes my feelings towards him not improve.

    I wish Mathew Booth was my husband, he’s so tall. I love Sonia though & she’s looking lovely.

    Why is that model guy wearing skirt le di drapes??? Hayi!!

    Eyi mara Leslie Mofokeng#smh!!

  32. sane on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:04 am 

    Congrats David, Sometimes we do want to support Proudly South African Designers But simply cant afford them.Some of their prices are way over the top.

  33. Pule on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:09 am 

    this is one hardworking,talented brother.
    Like most of these high street designers,i don’t find his clothes practical but it does not take anything away from his talent.
    I hope he makes it very big,Mzansi market is way too small for that ego of his.may he soar and soar and soar.

    Dr. Precious jacket is a little too big for her.A close look at the length of the sleeve confirms many thousand for that slightly oversized jacket?

  34. shybear on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:44 am 

    I can do claire s look. nna im nt a fashiionista mara guys 4get LV n her cuzns n support local designs. we dont wana c another fallen fashion empire *side eyes sungoddess* DT does seem lyk a hard worker mara he mus nt bcome big headed by arriving late at his functions ka di thuthuthu mo

  35. fabulicious on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:45 am 

    @pule i think thats gow its supozd to be hey!
    Off topic: @maihlome…..mmmmh the DISH that is pastor Sono!! *evil thoughts*

  36. Spice on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:49 am 

    A Big Congratulations to Ntate Tlale
    Mma Motsepe look stunning as usual.
    Thabo Mdluli& Wife, dull& Boring!!!
    Clare, I like your skirt babe girl.
    Tjo, Linda Sokulu
    Lerato Mbele, beautiful gal and intellectual powerhouse. I wish you were a bit slimmer!!!

    I love events Pics bathong!!!

  37. shybear on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:53 am 

    sori guys *off topic* I got a job in jozi, im looing for accomodation patricularly in the cbd n it hasn been easy, decent accom is scarce. 1bed max R3000 pls help any1, moving in november,(i dnt mind sharing a 2bed with a christian-lol, simply means no smoking/drunkeness tipsy is were it ends).

    N also gud contact lens practitioner who can fit RGPs.

    ke a leboga guys.

  38. Spice on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:54 am 

    Oh Tatum…Look so international on this pic. Really like Ms Mawisa’s skirt. Wonder who made it. Maara le yena, she is so beautiful nje!!!!

  39. Spice on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:57 am 

    @ Shybear, Congrats gal. Unfortunately I live in Durban. I had a brand Manager Position interview yesterday, I am so desperate for that Post and only wish to get it shame.

  40. shybear on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 10:58 am 

    Kwaaaa @fabulicious, go ra gore everytime wen moruti is preaching and praying u nt listening wena o naganne otherwise ne?

  41. Nkey.. on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:06 am 

    Lol @ Pakzin ke mona waeng mara…
    @ Biskidi you finished me yesterday ka cuticura I died hleng..
    Come now guys I see nothing wrong with Thabo & Wifey.The woman has Hautt Bod.Nnnx!!! @ Baki ena epatang mpako wa Thabo.
    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—->he mus nt bcome big headed by arriving late at his functions ka di thuthuthu mo

  42. Nerlee on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:06 am 

    Hayi uNomasonto ndizombetha, wat the hell is she wearing?
    Precious is just too precious, wish 2 age like her.
    I love me some Simpiwe Dana. Sonia Booth…NO!
    Congrats 2 D Tlale…..

  43. Mapakisha on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:14 am 

    @Nkey maluv, I can’t help it. She’s a DR(don’t lnow ya eng), which means Kaching(sp)!! & then she’s married to Malume Mtsepe = more Kaching!! & then she is beautiful(*) & has a hott hott body(*). Keng kanti??

  44. Maihlomeihlasele on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:17 am 

    @Fabulicious you don’t wanna know my reaction the day I found out Pastor is Shangaan *Please Lord guide my thoughts amen*

  45. Nkey.. on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:27 am 

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ Pakzin now I get where all the jelousy comes from.Mara he samannete keng kaena wentse kaeng.Lol…I would really like to meet Malome Motsepe in person I can go down on ma knee kekope lenyalo.

  46. Mabhebeza on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:31 am 

    Linda Sokhulu, what are you wearing sis’wam? To a fashion event nogal…

  47. Mapakisha on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:47 am 

    Lol @ Nkey, am sure he’d let u get down on yo knees but not ho kopa lenyalo doll.

    @Maihlome, that pastor ne. I decided I wasn’t gonna go to that church no more cos what’s the point? U know what I mean**

  48. Nkey.. on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:47 am 

    Am I the only one who sees Teko Modise Aura on Thabo’s Wife.Bayafana Period.

  49. fabulicious on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:50 am 

    shangaan??????? Aowa i REFUSE. A se motswana from Maf-town? Tjo my digging cant be that bad!
    @shybear EISH n hes always gaaning an n an n an about his wife not that its a bad thing but k’yadina nje.

    Shame the way i Love linda sokhulu ne i’ll reserve my comments abt her dress sense, or lack of

  50. Nkey.. on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:57 am 

    Lol….Pakzin Haosampha letshepa nyana nana.Ompong wishele good luck nyana.tltltltl…I’l 4gett about him he and move right along.

  51. Vesa on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 11:58 am 

    @fabu…Ps Mosa Sono is not Motswana, his mother is and he’s married to a Motswana woman. Both from Rockville Soweto…your digging is really bad!

    I also love Linda Sokhulu, mara ka nnete ruri…what is she wearing?

  52. Maihlomeihlasele on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:03 pm 

    @Mapakisha aowa he’s a man of God hle…I pray you find yours *winks*

    @Fabulicious you were digging the wrong whole askies…but I admire men who talk about their wives phela the don’t make them like that no more

  53. Mapakisha on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:13 pm 

    @ Nkey, lebala my friend, lol!

    @Maihlome, that’s y ke sa hlooe keya to his church. I don’t wanna keep having these disturbing ideas about this man of God, lol! I remember one time his wife spoke about one of the congregants that smsd him, funny stuff I tell you.

  54. Spice on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:14 pm 

    Another auntie behind Sokhulu le yena wearing a shawl..whats with them ko di fashion show..i thought ke fashion ya di NGO girls only. Tjo, I don’t think there is a any man in SA who is as neat as Dion Chang. Hai, abuti o too neat for my liking!!!

  55. IBAR on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:22 pm 

    designer or not …david needs to ease up on da goth look! he looks like ivampire lase soweto but atleast he saw da light on dat frontal-see-thru afro yakhe …on da lyter side he truly is something to look up to,absolute talent backed up by sheer hardwork! ..but is it me or did david exclude all da paparatsi trash of eGOLIwood ***side eyesabo khanyi n crew*** love da exclusivity now dat is knowing your brand! big ups

  56. Wild Island on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:24 pm 

    Dumelang lekae..reteng….

    @kimmo…lerato mbele??? is that her?? yep ke ena my lov..u know i used to date her brother Floyd who went awol since joining bakabaka eish..even his PA is full of it nje nxee…
    *Sonia i love magusha ahae hle…
    *Love Clair’s outfit..
    *Simphiwe’s outfit is ok its the way aphouze ngakhona naye man akasathi inyawo le kancane u know
    *Hau King David u did it mole mo tower(MA/RAPHAEL) hai honale di shopo tsentswembu bo gerry rantsedi moo..ere reye reilobona *grabs her panga* incase basiqoshe njengase LV bathi sorry we have nothing for u sisazingenela ngomnyango hai nase MORGANS usathuyangena bathi kithi hai we dont have yo sizes heee sandton nomungana mali u must dress up for window shopping or stick to yo mr prices mawufake ama pumps uwu plain jane hai…kunzima la e santoni he.hehe

  57. Wild Island on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:33 pm 

    lazy to scroll up..kemang onyakang accomodation..does it have to be JHB CBD? or surrounding areas mo ormonde,richway,cresta etc buwa tu nna ke lazy kenyaka copy paste mara ore no smoking not drinking ijo i doubt if otlathola di roommates tsamo snapshot mo jozi …buwa pls..
    @nkey akontshe satane kapelong pls wishful thinking heeee lol
    pakzin ebile oskamo jwetsa maka pls

  58. Wild Island on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:40 pm 

    Property Details
    1 Bedroom apartment in Johannesburg – RR436509, 16 Frederick

    •1 bedrooms
    •1 lounges
    •Security Post
    •1 bathrooms
    •Built-in Cupboards
    •Access Gate

    Property Description





    Name:Magda KrielCell:0114817407Tel(W):0114817407


  59. Jellytot on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:42 pm 

    @wildisland sandton shop should not look down on people who come to shop, phela even people from alex buy the expensive stuff. but how dodgey were you? nna i went to pringle, the lady was so helpful shem. and i will walk into the david tlale store, even if i cant afford it. the interior looks absolutely lovely.
    how come somizi was not there?

  60. Wild Island on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:50 pm 

    pringle le LV are 2 different places wena jelly..u wanna see how dodgy i look??.neketswana lewena lol..eish haochomiyaka so okaseye ko fb page obona kenna kele dogy jwang kadlala lol..kelepantsola fo life…skatlobuwa maka okile wabona kae plain jane wa alex akena ko LV hai ere kethole cos haesatshwana lepele nako e baebula nou bashap shem cos babona raddison group etlile kamasepa..

  61. Jellytot on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 12:55 pm 

    i was using pringle as an example. but you never know. the dodgyest person could be the one with the most money.
    you get these people dressed up to go shopping, but they only have 1 can of beans to go eat at home.
    tlogelang go nyatsa batho

  62. Wild Island on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 1:04 pm 

    i know lov…baselejwang batho bamoo lol nkare ko phindi k tjo heeeee ere kethole this is abt david kana…

  63. KewlGal on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 1:22 pm 

    Ncoooo i love me some Dion Chang, he’s too nunus, soo much style..

    Simphiwe looks nice

    Congrats to DT hard work pays indeed..

  64. Jellytot on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 1:34 pm 

    Ke kopa ditaba toe @WI what happened?

  65. fabulicious on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 2:27 pm 

    vesa le maihlome thanx for xposin my amateur PI tactics! Tjo he sure is a looker of a man, considerin hes Shangaan. Nna i distanced myself from the church when i suddenly had this unfounded urge to join the church choir n lapho i cant sing for shit.

  66. Kusihlwa on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 2:48 pm 

    Halala to bhuti David on his success but personally hayi khona. Saw him once and he was surrounded by a camera crew and since he only knew my collegue he only greeted her and pulled her to the side to talk to her wasishiye sime eceleni njenge Biltong eyomile. He strikes me like some one who has a aGod complex, I mean really, he only dresses people for Gods sake.

  67. Brown Shuga on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 3:48 pm 

    Love Dr Moloi’s dress…

    LOL @ the comments… niyamsukela uSonia shem, the woman looks great. wish I could rock a chiskop like that.

  68. Maihlomeihlasele on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 4:03 pm 

    That Lerato Mbele I used to have such a crush on her I’d wait for 10:PM news just see her…things we do mara

  69. Brown Shuga on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 4:08 pm 

    Who’s the guy in the blue shirt behindd the Mdluli’s?


  70. snapshot on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 4:59 pm 

    @BS yaz that guy looks like some1 i know he’s hot to the last h yena shem but hai i don’t trust him

    1. he’s suppose to be outside mzansi
    2.he’s been changing his status on bbm so not sure if he’s back or what

  71. Nkey.. on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 5:06 pm 

    Lol…watsup with crushing people from behind on JC photos.Twas Pakzin now Boss Lady.As far as he is,Dude looks like a player.

    hellow snaps Im enjoy the below song here,working over time.F the IT keyay dlala yotube yena.

  72. Fuze_Skhokho on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 8:09 pm 

    my dad is as predisposed too david t almst as mch as i am – i cnt affrd this ish though

  73. Brown Shuga on Wed, 7th Sep 2011 9:54 pm 

    Lol snapshot and Nkey bathong! Hhow do players look like? Hehehe

  74. @JoneighGALAXY™||Afrikan Star||No Limits Soldier||Observer||Rain Maker||Global Citizen||Carpe Diem - Seize The Magic||22CD64B6 on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 12:45 am 

    David is a no limit soldier. His God complex suits him well.

    If clothes could tell us a thing or two about people, they would say the following:

    Thabo Mdluli – broke pimp deserted by wife

    I know that love is not supposed to be judgmental but I can’t help but questing the love that Thabo’s wife for him. How can you let your hubby leave the house like that???

    Linda Sokhulu – drunk and battered shebeen queen

    I think she got the wrong invite: “A Stokvel Ko De Makolonjelo: bring own booze”!!!

  75. noma4 on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 3:05 am 

    Saw da Simphiwe Dana pic and imagined her masturbating on stage lmao tjo azange, used to have a crush on Thabo Mdluli shu *hides*

  76. Alikho on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 9:31 am 

    Meshack ungayesabisa

  77. shybear on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 9:38 am 

    @spice o ska worry sisi u will get it!!
    thanks my dear wildy. i made a number of contacts n im suprised that the deposit is more than the rent itsself n go na le di contract fees, jo nna wee!! Gauteng maboneng mara. im gonna b working in the cbd n i like staying a walking distance frm my work place, i hate the morning rush.

  78. Biskiti on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 9:56 am 

    Haa ha haaa Nkey o sele, mara vele baya fana no Teko Modise, u lucky she’s lighter, and the weave i suppose. I’ve always said that Teko ufana kancane noMam Abigail Khubeka naye, mother & son i tell you.

    Iyhoo BS nawe se o zoooma into the background? Ngiyaisaba icerebos.

  79. Wild Island on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 11:01 am 

    morning all
    Shy ok otlabe obereka kamokae so i can check..cbd e kgolo phela so i can check for u (street name eill help)
    Thabo has to look like that phela umfazi uhamba nge hummer lol anisanga nje heeeeeeeeee
    @nkey wena haosanrata ne:(
    @khus kunjani darling

  80. dejane on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 11:03 am 

    Tjo ngwana batho looks like Teko Modise??le wrong shem..

    Re kopa post tu!!

  81. andile66 on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 11:36 am 

    Congrats nomDidi!!!

  82. Nkey.. on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 11:38 am 

    *waves* @ Biskiti
    @ Wild Keo rata rati rati Wow you are a sweethert Girl.Did see feedback about you from your coligues.You are as wild as you are here on JC.
    @ BS there’s few sign’s that you can spot on a player.e.g unfasen 1st 2 buttons on a shirt,Like your crush over there.Lol.. and the colour of his shirt okare leshiti labete.
    @ dejane I do not mean it in a bad way Ausi.and I see nothing wrong with Teko’s looks hes jus OK.Batshwana in a brother sister way.Like Robert Marawa and His sister,They lookalike but good looking in different ways.

  83. Nkey.. on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 11:41 am 

    @ Dejane I’d admitt hore Im wrong if I said she looks like “Yeye” Letsholonyane.

  84. manny on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 1:24 pm 

    Tjo simphiwe le linda ka di outfit tsa “tom-stounong”..lerato mbhele ke lefura..i used to watch sabc 3 news@10 just to c her..and her voice.

  85. Brown Shuga on Thu, 8th Sep 2011 4:16 pm 


  86. Zin on Mon, 12th Sep 2011 12:20 pm 

    Love Tlale’s biker….all the best with the shop! Dr Moloi always stunning love the outfit.

  87. Miss_Tshidi on Tue, 13th Sep 2011 11:16 am 

    Opening a store at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton!!! Modimo wa Khotso…….the guy very well! congrats to him!!!!

  88. Nebraska Mma Ausi | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Tips on Wed, 26th Nov 2014 2:16 pm 

    [...] PICS: David Tlale Opens New Store | Just Curious – On Sunday, 4 September 2011, the first ever David Tlale flagship store was launched at an invite only event at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton. “The… [...]

  89. Explain Mma Ausi | MMA News on Mon, 1st Dec 2014 3:18 am 

    [...] PICS: David Tlale Opens New Store | Just Curious – On Sunday, 4 September 2011, the first ever David Tlale flagship store was launched at an invite only event at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton. “The… [...]

  90. Brand Names Mma Ausi | MMA News on Tue, 9th Dec 2014 7:03 pm 

    [...] PICS: David Tlale Opens New Store | Just Curious – Congrats to David Tlale, the guy deserves success! He really has mastered his craft and has managed to build a strong brand, and i hope the Sandtonian (locals …… [...]

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    [...] PICS: David Tlale Opens New Store | Just Curious – On Sunday, 4 September 2011, the first ever David Tlale flagship store was launched at an invite only event at the Michelangelo Towers in Sandton. “The… [...]

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