One Day With Samkelo Ndlovu

October 13, 2011 by  

Wow! After watching this, I’m super proud of Ou-B  man…

Please check out this …ummm.. not sure whether to call it a doccie or a reality show but it’s good!

JustCuriousTV spends one day with Generations and Soul City actress Samkelo Ndlovu. She talks freely about a variety of subjects.

I’m sold on Samu after watching this, she’s a beautiful girl and is definitely going places. You can follow her on Twitter @The_Samu_Rai and you can follow OuB on @Ou_B 


Hope you enjoyed this!

(Download/Watch JCTV – One Day with Samkelo Ndlovu free from *working BBs* – here’s the link – )

 P.S. If anyone out there would like to sponsor JCTV, please holla, we’ll be able to do more of these beautiful features on our local stars, and more.

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58 Comments on "One Day With Samkelo Ndlovu"

  1. mspuncu on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 1:18 am 

    wow, enjoyed it, hoping 2 c more of this.

  2. cleve2 on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 4:24 am 

    Now THIS is a girl who is going places. Aprreciating and loving her art, and not just to get famous nje ngoba muhle.

    You are a natural beauty Samu, u remind me of a friend of mine who is also a director and actress. Very driven an successful.O and you have a stunning personality. Well done JCTV!

  3. Ou_B on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 4:24 am 

    Yo wassup Family – Download/Watch JCTV – One Day with Samkelo Ndlovu free from *working BBs* – here’s the link –

  4. Ou_B on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 4:29 am 

    And here’s the Youtube link –

  5. freckles on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 5:12 am 

    I’m not a fan of this tough girl. She’s beautiful ebusweni though. I’ll only sponsor jctv if and when they have proper presenter search, and they interview interesting people. Doesn’t have to be tv ppl, it should be ppl great in other fields as well I.e: Brian B

  6. phlydivaZee on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 5:14 am 

    The girl is full of herself hey.. Is the fame going to her head now?

  7. Special Kay on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 7:09 am 

    Thanx 4 da link Ou B. I enjoyed da doccie but da way she answered dat Jafta question, aikona sisi. Anyway I love dis young lady and muhle yazi

  8. ThatRandomGirl on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 7:31 am 

    Did I hear her right? “You might have sawn me”…

  9. Tebatjo on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 7:59 am 

    *off topic* Where can we view the list of nominees for the metro fm awards?!?!

  10. Miss Thang on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 7:59 am 

    @phlydivaZee thats ur opinion and youre allowed to say that however i think you are kinda hating.what makes u say that? i 1st heard Samu on Tholi B’s show and she’s doing well and representing Alex. Nice work Ou_B all the best to Samu

  11. Amo on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 8:28 am 

    WOW! Loved it! Fresh and open…Keep it up guys!

  12. phlydivaZee on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 8:47 am 

    @Miss Thang I love this girl yazi but the way she’s answering those questions,hai.. She has that ‘I’ve made it,bitches’ tone..

  13. promisez on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:05 am 

    The Lu-lu effect! its a great one! she is real and a true example of Black is beautiful

  14. BGT on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:22 am 

    Eish ThatRandomGirl, that’s what I heard too… said with all the confidence in the world too. :(

    @phlydivaZee I agree with you shame. This girl muhle but akathandeki. She comes off conceited.

    Good luck to her anyway. I hope she realises that humility is a good look.

  15. Nkey.. on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:33 am 

    I still say this Samu girl is way over confident,But ke her future ahead looks bright,Im happy for her as a young woman whos alredy doing big things 4 herself.Im forced to Like her by my 5 years old doughter who always enjoy her on Generations.She goes on about how beautiful she looks on red lipstick & colourful clothes bla bla bla…

    and Ow! why lentombazana inga smyli (sp)The boysh look becomes even much tronger yilok’hlina.

  16. Noance on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:35 am 

    Shame I love Her!!!!! She’s real and honest!!! Now following her on twitter:-)

  17. SocietyG on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:47 am 

    This is soo beautiful and real. Loved every minute. We need more of this.Samu is beautiful and honest #muchrespect *back to silentville*

  18. vundlas on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:51 am 

    she is doing great for herself,RC girl Nikki always reminds me of Samkelo not lookalikes but for some reason i just do..

  19. Mapakisha on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:58 am 

    *tears* for some reason I can’t watch the clip. I don’t wtf is wrong with this PC:(

  20. Bongani on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 10:15 am 

    BS ngicela umsebenzi, i want to be a presenter on JCTV.. ngenzeni? send you my CV? angina experience mara ngine attitude e right, and not forgetting the looks..

  21. HoneyBee on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 11:30 am 

    You might have SAWN me? HUH????? Mmmkay…..

  22. Pana on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 11:41 am 

    i’m trying not to be negative hleng.
    nna i don’t see the beauty and maybe botle bo teng but akanamkhitha shem u-anty hence i don’t see the beauty.

  23. Dark8lord on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 12:12 pm 

    I don’t like her much, smiling wouldn’t hurt. She looks like the type of chick who fights in taverns over men.

  24. MissAN on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 12:18 pm 

    Will listen to it later… I think she is pretty,not your conventional yellow bone beauty,dark berry variety… Guess each to his own… Oh and I think she has a nice body…I thought she was from KZN,don’t ask me why,just thought so…

  25. TheSushiQueen on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 12:22 pm 

    Somebody tell me what’s so special about Alex?? Why do the people from there like to make out to seem like the best place on earth, when we all know what it looks like.. Ne ke dula ko kasi but damn, I was shocked the first time I got to Alex.. go di tsila mun.. *prepares to wear bullet proof vest*

    Anyway, O_O at her response to the Jafta question… Thomas.. your woman is ahem.. *cues Adele*

    Her voice is irritating, but otherwise well done to Ou_B! Its super cool…

  26. BGT on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 12:31 pm 

    Death by the following:

    1. “She looks like the type of chick who fights in taverns over men.”
    2. *cues Adele*

    Eish mara you guys…

  27. lorrelai on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 12:34 pm 

    I’mma try downloading again it later. U know duoberry, its prolly gonna take me 5days to fully download this w/out fail.

  28. Cinnabon on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 12:37 pm 

    She is Gorgeous and so Real…I wish her all the best.

    @BS & Team…Well Done…Growth & Love for JCTV!

  29. kimmy... on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 12:45 pm 

    Girl seems over-confident. Arrogant. Saw her on RGB, she was rolling her eyes while they were taking pictures of her.

    Nice interview. Very fresh. Big ups OuB

  30. Nthoentle on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 2:27 pm 

    Enjoyed watching this. Love the confidence and she is beautiful

  31. CrazyE on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 2:28 pm 

    I love the chiq hey, very confident, with that attitude she is bound to go places.. mara lona lesele, gatwe she looks like a type of gal who would fight for men in a tarven.. kwaaaaa iyooooo

  32. Plastic on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 2:57 pm 

    Great Actress, beautiful, but She is so full of herself, uyazi phone(ela)

  33. Plastic on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 2:59 pm 

    I Love Allegro, she is so Nunu’s, I love how she pronounces Bonang’ name.

  34. Cutypie on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 3:43 pm 

    The confidence in “U might have sawn me”..Tjo.. I like her though..I felt so sad shame when she was talking about her dad.

  35. Bongani on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 3:47 pm 

    @sushi its not just about Alex most people speak highly of the kasie they grew up in irrespective of whether it has tar roads or double story houses or me khukhu.

    Tembisa Kas’lam

  36. teetee-mee on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 3:56 pm 

    Can we have a mobile link, pretty please BS…i really wan’t to watch. At the internet cafe it takes forever to load.

  37. Magsiwe on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 4:06 pm 

    Wow.. Im even late for my meeting cause i couldn’t pause…

  38. Majesa TheUntouchable on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 6:21 pm 

    What an outstanding interview, I enjoyed every minute of it. It is sad that the same BLACK people attacking her English are probably working in “line of business”. Haai mara otherwise we all know that we black people have the lowest average IQ.

    A lot of people are only hating on Samu because they are not happy with there own ordinary lives.

    Majesa Haaiwaane
    “Tembisa’s own Einstein”

  39. MissAN on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 8:06 pm 

    Its a nice interview but I am not sure about how she plans to deal with fans,thank goodness I am not the type to scream ‘Lulu,Lulu!’and grab her arms if I were to meet her on the streets… I have not been to Alex,just drove past early this year and I can imagine that what she says about Alex does make sense… All the best to her…

    Ai,but I wanted to wipe the corners of her eyes…

  40. ThatRandomGirl on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 8:27 pm 

    Okay mistress Majesa: the untouchable. Tenses are primary school material. Even Bantu education covers them… You’ve SEEN Benny and Betty walk to school.

    MissAn…Totally agree witcha. I just didn’t want to bring it up since I had already mentioned one negative thing…OuB should have warned her hawu kanti unjani.

  41. MissAN on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 8:40 pm 

    @ ThatRandomGirl… I just have a habit of wiping the corners of my eyes and mouth every now and then,so if its one of those things I always spot on people…

    *Forgive me father JC-for I have sinned* Guys I was on this gossip website a few minutes ago by accident hle and just right after I listened to the audio clip,I read that Samu and boyfriend Thomas had a confrontation with some guys and they got a beatdown at a gararge by some 5 guys and Thomas got stitches…He banna,anyone know about this? I can’t help but wonder if Samu did not tell these guys they out of line…

  42. MissAN on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 8:41 pm 

    Gosh my English… You will figure what I am trying to say…

  43. Majesa TheUntouchable on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:19 pm 

    ThatRandomGirl you are only hating on Samu cos it makes you feel good about yourself…that’s all

  44. Majesa TheUntouchable on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:24 pm 

    ThatRandomGirl I think deep down inside you wish it should be you on JC instead of Samu, you correct her English as an indirect way of showing us you are better than her. I mean why else would attack someone who was not born English/American about the queens language.

  45. ThatRandomGirl on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:37 pm 

    Hayi hawu Majesa you are on case neh. I’m not the only one who took note of her faux pas. People brought up all sort of things about her mara you are gunning for me. I don’t even know her. This is the first I’ve seen her. How can I hate on her when I don’t even know her and what she does. If you scroll up you’ll see gore I asked if is that what she said hawu. It wasn’t a comment/statement it was a question.

  46. BGT on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 9:58 pm 

    Lol Majesa, mara psycho-analysing icomments on a gossip site? Hayibo sisi! Did you consider for just one second that maybe have genuine and legitimate reasons for their misgivings? Like maybe there’s something about the girl that doesn’t and didn’t resonate well with some people? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you disagreeing but the psycho-analysis is kind of weird sisi!

  47. MissAN on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 10:06 pm 

    @BGT…Majesa is a HE!!! LOL…

    But on the real,JC is starting to become like one should walk on egg shells,I mean I am against bashing celebs and other bloggers alike mara manje one can’t even say anything without being a #HATER or be psycho analysed…

    Sure like in the real world there are people that thrive on NEGATIVITY but really now,is this not a Gossip site or rather a GOSSIP SITE WITH A CONSCIENCE…

  48. BGT on Thu, 13th Oct 2011 10:29 pm 

    LOL! Askies bhuti! Iyohh! The embarrassment!

    Qubeka guys…

  49. phlydivaZee on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 2:48 am 

    Majesa ungazoba serious!!! Not everyone is gonna like her hawu!!! Now we can’t have opinions because of ama fans.. If these things were said about a celeb you don’t like I’m pretty sure you would’ve ‘nodded along’…

  50. CrazyE on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 12:44 pm 

    how old is this gal though???

  51. H2G on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 7:08 pm 

    ndiyamthanda ke qha!her personality is so natural…ke ngwana wako kasie blind,blind ;P

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