Sexy And Wet Pool Party

November 3, 2011 by  

Eish guys, I had planned not to write about this event because I went there just to have fun but I got Tweets & DMs on Saturday from some of our readers asking me to take pics. I know my response was a big NO for obvious reasons but because we are family I sucked it in and tried.

Cga Bopha & his friend Lucas Maseko threw a party for some of us who love ubumnandi. It was a Sexy & Wet Pool Party for real. Thank you so much guys. It was a huge success. Even ON TV crew came all the way from Lagos just to show you love.

Anyway, here are the pics as requested. Askies,some of the pics are not that clear. Like I said: I wasn’t prepared. Uxolo.

Arno Marais aka Benjamin from Isidingo was MC.

Cga had to hold it up for Patron since he is the Brand Ambassador.

Lucas. I remember complaining why his girlfriend (Kagiso) didn’t stick to the theme. She was in Jeans & a top @ a Pool party whereas some of us were told/forced to wear Bikinis. Heheheh *sides eyes Nomsa Madida*

BBA’s Nkuli looked yummy. She has a hot body.

Cameroonian Artist Wax Dey was there too. Funny character this dude.

Blayze also came through. He didn’t stay long though because he was still tired from the previous night’s birthday party held at Latinova.

I know you guys love Maque neh? He wasn’t rocking a clutch bag but okusalayo, he had a bag. Maque is another free spirit like Ms Ranaka. No matter what we say about him here, he still laughs it off. #Deathby the pose. Lol

Nothende gave an outstanding performance as usual. Yazi when Clint Brink arrived some girls went mad with excitement. One particular girl fainted shem and she didn’t want to let go of him. Poor guy maintained his smile throughout though you could see he was getting uncomfortable. The chick was all over him. Lol

Nigerian Model Ranzy was there. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Model & Radio DJ Refilwe Modiasele poses here with Cga.

One of the finest dancers here in Mzansi is Angelo Collins. I fell in love with this guy when he was on Backstage. I remember seeing him on Bubomi Sana as well. Thiza!!!! I didn’t know he can rap. He had it going on.

Phelo B also came to join in the fun.

The yummy Selimathunzi presenter Lunga.

Guys, can I tell you about this lady called Nkiyase? Look out for her. When she gets on to the stage she reminds me of Mam’ Busi Mhlongo. She just works it. It was my second time seeing her perform and I am still begging for more.

Pallance of Class Act fame made an appearance. Tumi the winner of Class Act was also there but unfortunately the pic I got of her is not that clear.

TV presenter & Radio DJ, Pearl Moody oozed sex appeal.

Blogger Phil Mphela was there with his crew shooting for Zoopy. He poses with JC blogger Thato Mathe. Lord forgive me but I can never get used to Thato’s height.

I also spotted Etv’s Sam Marshall.

DJ Naves & his galfriend also showed face. So did Vista K, Titi Khomo, Mtv’s Sylvester Chauke and many more.

Great party it was.Thank you to Farah Fortune for the Goodies but a big thank you to the sponsors who made this gig possible. Patron, Ice Watch, Lovoka, Playboy, Xogo, Keababa & Vitamin Water. So now we know who to approach when we need sponsors for our Just Curious party. *wink*

By Kiki Marli  ©

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68 Comments on "Sexy And Wet Pool Party"

  1. lebza4sh0 on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:34 am 

    Pearl is sooooo sexy, eish Thato is a real definition of a dwarf but still love her. Thanks for the pics Kiks ;-)

  2. nan on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:39 am 

    Thanks BS

    I wouldn’t mind being Clint’s groupie any day :P the guy is positively scrumptious …

  3. nan on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:41 am 

    Opps meant Kiks…

    Just went straight into the piece

  4. Brown Shuga on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:43 am 

    Phelo and Waxy, those shorts… NO.

  5. dejane on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:46 am 

    Pearl Moody looks really hot. She’s pretty.

    Saw Nothende on some tv programme and was shocked at how really bad her skin is shem. Ke sono hey.

    Blayze is a dish and a half

  6. cherrie ka cleo on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:47 am 

    Nigerian model’s pack is a no no angvumi shame!!! Phelo’s shorts errrrr!!! clutch bag dude luks kinda yummy here I like

  7. fancyface on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 1:06 am 

    Pearl Is hoooot,that Lucas guy is yummy kind

  8. Ndithande on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 1:29 am 

    PheloB ingathi unxibe Trunk (sp)..those shorts haikhona!! Wish i could do something with Pearl’s breasts, mancinci maan makaze ndimphungulele kulana wam, but shes got a hot body 4days!!! Im such a fan ka Pallance hle *fans self* I cant picture Benjamin as iMC, ingathi ngumntu owozelisayo njee

    Haibo @Kiks wheres ur pic tana??

  9. localceleb on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 2:19 am 

    Everyone looks fantastic!

  10. JustPS on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 4:48 am 

    There’s something about Benjamin yaz’ I have a crush on him!! LOL@someone who fainted,did she really faint??? nice pics,nice party Kiks.

  11. lolington kwaaa on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 5:08 am 

    Savelelwa u @localcelebs busy redirecting us to another blog site. *sigh*

    Hhay suka.
    Thanks for the pics Kiki, it really looks like it was a fun party!

  12. LadyMillion on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 5:19 am 

    @local celeb o sile!

  13. LadyMillion on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 5:22 am 

    @kiki does cga have a brother! Efana naye nqwa! Assemblief tog!

  14. RexonaABC on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 5:33 am 

    oh nice and simple, i bet you had fun guys.

  15. LeanMachine on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 7:03 am 

    Hayini bethuna. Inoba uLocal celeb uyabiwa tshin… The party sure looks like it was a blast. Can I have Lungile on a plate please. Thank you

  16. LeanMachine on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 7:06 am 

    Oops I meant Lunga. And then serve me Pallance for dessert. Thank you

  17. Sibo on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 7:09 am 

    That Lucas guy nhe!!! *Drools*. Maque “the cluchbag guy” looks hot hey!!!!

  18. sxylin on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 7:10 am 

    Kiki ; where is your photo nana; I heard how people where going on about how sexy you looked ! Deep sigh* mna I’m not feeling these pics shem cos everyone looks uncomfortable with each other when posing! Maybe ndimuncu cos I can’t rock the bikini look to perfection anymore! Maybe I never will again*weeps uncontrollably; the only pair that seems comfortable with themselves would be Sam Marshall! The rest look akward check Cga and that chic the distance between them

  19. Sibo on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 7:12 am 

    I wouldn’t mind Arno too, he’s such a yummy vanilla….. #DeathBy Pelo’s shorts, Refiloe looks sexy and Fresh

  20. Miss Thang on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 7:38 am 

    @dejane i also saw nothende’s bad skin. she must do something about it hey b4 she gets more pimples

  21. Beautybaby on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:04 am 

    *on bended knees* can this not ‘Let’s bash kiki post’, AMEN!! Nice party errribady looked hotz!!

  22. BlindFold on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:05 am 

    Black people are not comfortable with this swimsuit thing, they still want to cover up, understood.

  23. fabulicious on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:07 am 

    @dejane mna I saw her on nimrod’s show ku Soweto tv I was like YHO it really IS bad! Doesn she have madical aid so she can see a Dermatologist bathong?

    Oh no i was wondering why bo Cga were partying with kids til I saw the name “Phelo B” below that pic. Gosh he looks 14 there n those shorts r not making things any easier for him.

    Clint Brink just oozes sex appeal!!! He mus jus leave coloureds altogether n date black girls.

    Pearl is nice but busy bikini, busy sarong= disaster… Next time hun go for a solid color kwi sarong then ul take sexy to another level! Coz now u jus look like a shangaan to me *not that there’s anything wrong with shangaans*.

    Lovely article Kiki, don’t stop doing what u love, let them haters hate on

  24. manny on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:29 am 

    mice loks like fun..why is everyone holding juice containers ,wheres the alchohol ? i party engena booze?

  25. baby_doll on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:35 am 

    I think that im Thato’s height. Have heard all the short jokes out there.

  26. fabulicious on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:42 am 

    @ BlindFold true that! Blame our ancestors for our inherited hips n bums!
    Cga n Lucas should have addded NO mini shorts n sarongs allowed!

  27. Kiki on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:46 am 

    Lol @ ‘does Cga have a brother ofana naye nqo’

    @Manny,people don’t like posing with alcohol in their hands. They always put the bottles or glasses down. Heheheheh I don’t know why?

    Those who want my pic up here nizoba strong. You can check my Twitter avatar or FB I uploaded my pics there. *hides*

  28. manny on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:51 am 

    OK NOMKIKIZELO LOL/….mna I saw it ku fb..haai umile mtwana bantu…oneday is oneday……and yaz kiki I saw you somewhere kodwa I got scared to say hi ..chicken I know

  29. kimmo on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:53 am 

    This angelo guy hmmmmm am not into guys badi dreads but he is yummy!

  30. Lela on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:57 am 

    LOL @Maquee rocking Kea’s pose,kwaaaaaaaaaaa.

  31. WTeeZ on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:58 am 

    why is pallance wearing jeans?? its a pool party bathong.

    Lunga looks yummy. is Phelo B gay? #hides

  32. lorrelai on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 9:08 am 

    Beautiful people. Nice article, thanks to those who convinced u to take pics Kiki, yhazi bendizophoxeka if ubungayenzanga this article cos I was “expecting” it.

    I think Pearl would’ve looked hotter without the sarong, but I understand, nam nje I can’t imagine myself prancing around nje kanjalo. Amakhitshi am bawo.

  33. posh on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 9:10 am 

    It looks like it was a fun and cool party. Nkuli does have a great body and I like maque and lunga….

    Guys please abeg abeg ageg give Nothende a break and refrain from commenting about her skin…I am sure the chick is stressed by it and trying all she could to deal with it…dealing with skin problems is hard…I am glad she is confident and still goes out regardless..

  34. Nkey.. on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 9:15 am 

    Nkuli’s Bod is to dzie for…
    OMW afro ya Maque is so beautiful and healthy,Guy looks much better make simple.
    I like Nothende’s skirt.But leshlahla esisekhanda Im not sure.
    That Ranzy guys Haykhona ”Model” with that phuza face.But Hes got a nice body.
    Can I get contacts zaka Angelo quiclty please He is out of this world.pure HOtness.
    Phelo looks Ok,But I dont know why He chose boxer shorts on a pool party.
    Pearl’s costume stunning and looks very nice on her.
    Hehehe Mathatwana I dont think shes that short.But nawe bewupholile ngane and beautifull.
    Lol…I wonder why Kiki’s photo is not here.But anyway Thanks Cc

  35. IamMissHope on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 9:33 am 

    Hawu kanti why is Cga so far from that chick, ki ki ki ki ki ki AWKWARD!!!!

  36. Nkey.. on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 9:42 am 

    @ Posh AMEN!!! kulo ndawo.Really now can we give Nothende a breack regarding Her skin.

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaa @ manny being scared of kiki.
    @ Manny qhala nawa tseno *winks*

  37. Biskiti on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:20 am 

    Kiki, si cela more pics hle, preferrably with people in the pool, or mense getting wet hle. Looks like it was a cool party.

    LOL@ Phelo ka Boxer & the 10km between Cga & Radio Girl…sure Kiki uyasabeka neh.

    Lebza, Thato is not a dwarf, she’s more of a midget…slightly taller than a dwarf but still sharter than an average chick. In essence she’s not thaaaaat short, there’s shorter out there.

    Ohw how I wish i had Lunga’s body. I’d be presenting on Selimathunzi ka BVD every wednesday.

  38. Lustagp on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:25 am 

    Hi Biskiti, tjo forgot to mention you on naything goes, maar got mad love for you too. LOL

    Kiki i was hoping you would’nt bring this guy again here until next week when i am gone..LOL!

  39. Nkey.. on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:29 am 

    Lol..@ biskiti kante hows your Body???Or maybe ushaya ngalezi ).

  40. Nkey.. on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:33 am 

    hehe @ Lusta did you compile list of people that you love (JC) ku Anythingoes??? tltltl was myself and fabu there???Lol

  41. Lustagp on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:37 am 

    lol… Nkey go have a look!

  42. Nkey.. on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:57 am 

    Aaaaaaaah!!!! Lusta too sweet yaz.Thanks allot hey.Nawe you mus know that this site would’nt be the same without you.Your presence are always appreciated.
    Have a fab time with your familly,and take care.

    1 luv always.

  43. FentseStar on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:59 am 

    Thato’s smile or is it a pout? *tjo* Like can Nothende get a hairstylist n stop going to Eloff street to do her hair! Nkiyase’s thigh oozes cellulite thixo…

  44. fabulicious on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:13 am 

    Is that a plaster below Phelos knee? Uuurgh.

    If I wanna talk about Nothendes acne I will!!! *hides only from Nkey*

    Kwaaaa @the 10kms between Cga n the radio gal, I think Kiki was taking the pic n she kept telling the poor gal to move *hides*

  45. fabulicious on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:17 am 

    That bush on Nothendes head needs a quick CHOP CHOP I almost thought she was a sister from Lagos.

  46. Tebatjo on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:21 am 

    That Refiloe girl is so pale!! YHO!! Isn’t that Lucas guy the one who asked you take a pic of him Kiki?! I forgot which post it was!! *goes to check Kiki’s avatar*

  47. mama ka Gundi on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:22 am 

    Kupholwe kamnadi kule party..Thato is so cute lovely body , Pearl is sexy mona down!
    Uhmm patron ndatsho ndoma bawo!

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*Like can Nothende get a hairstylist n stop going to Eloff street to do her hair!

  48. Lela on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:31 am 

    Besides, Thato is still only 21 usazokhula mos!

  49. manny on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:32 am 

    @nkey ..leletho ke tla hore inbox wena ngwana mme …

  50. Cutypie on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:35 am 

    Lol..So this Lucas guy is Cga’s friend. This is the same guy who asked you to take his pic and did a funny

    Looks like a cool party shame. Yea, we need to give Nothende a break shame. I’m sure she’s aware of her situation and is not any happy about it.

    Nawe Kiki you looked lovely shame, saw the pics with your man on FB. Nibahle.

  51. Monei on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:49 am 

    Hawu Tebatjo, u wana tell me u can’t see that she is albino. kana is it now called pale (politically corerectness?).

    Pearl o sexy maan. wish my abs looked that good. looks like a nice party! Thanks Kiki for sharing.

  52. Tebatjo on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 11:52 am 

    Eish @Monei, these eyes of mine!! SMH!! Thanx!!

  53. Nkey.. on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:06 pm 

    Kwaaaaaaa @ fabu

    @ Manny Lol..will be waiting he ntja mme…

    @ Tebatjo I dont blame you coz nam when I 1st saw her I nearly made a JIK comment *sideyes mshoza* But ke quctly realised she was albino.But muhle ke..

  54. noma4 on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:37 pm 

    Dj Naves’ WHAT?! Aa hle say you joking :-( *sits in corner and sucks monwana*

  55. Kiki on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 12:44 pm 

    Wena Fabu voetsek yazi? Mxim.

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @ Lela saying Maque is rocking Kea’s pose.

  56. JustPS on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 1:03 pm 

    So no one is saying anything about my benji!? shame he’s cute yazi…..*blowing kisses to Benjamin’s pic*

  57. Letebele on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 1:17 pm 

    Ooooooooh Clint Brink*fans self* girls can faint all they want shem,they’re not getting him*side eyes Lela and patiently waits for comment*

    Kiki: you were Hot my friend! Your body is just on some other,I need to get to gym,summer is here.

    Hayi mare Cga is too yummy*coughs*

    Pearl is sexy for dayzzzz and I absolutely love her personality.

    Angelo! Angelo! Angelo! I’ve also had a huge crush on him since he was an extra on backstage. Met him at the office and Lord have mercy!!!!!

    Nothende’s a beautiful lady who knows that she has a skin problem and has been trying every single thing you can think of,for years. I for one am proud that she doesn’t let it define her/inconvenience her. She’s a truly beautiful soul and once you get to know her,you forget that her skin is like that coz of her personality.

    BS,since we now have a sponsor ‘Miller’,can we have our party assomblief!

    Great party!

  58. QueenX on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 1:54 pm 

    Nkuli has a nice body….!!! mara that makeup??? yhooo, im not sure.

  59. Lela on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 2:12 pm 

    LOL @Letebele shem my mouth is zipped but you know what I was gonna say. LOL Kiki I still can’t get over that pose ka Kea.

  60. manny on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 2:55 pm 

    @letebele….I dont think we will see a party here ..
    @bs re tla patala ko monyako its ok

  61. Kiki on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 3:20 pm 

    @Manny,next time please greet hle. I am not a monster shem. Where did you see me? Oh wait let’s hope it’s not at some Adult shop. Lol

  62. fabulicious on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 3:27 pm 

    Nkuli always gets the foundation wrong shem, she needs to go to a Mac counter so they can give her a correct colour otherwise she’ll always look like a ghost on pics like she does now..doesn’t she have friends?

    So was Benji like the only whitey there?
    Kiki u didn’t say anything about his MCing? Are we gonna c him next to ur gal B anytime soon perhaps?

  63. TT on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 4:05 pm 

    I’m 1.89m tall, But Thato yena Nka’modira…Lol…She is a sexy dwarf…LOL

  64. ThatoM on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 5:17 pm 

    Hahahaha niyakhuluma shame! Yaz I’m not that short kodwa?

    I really had fun,Cga nd Kiki took care of me yoh from free food to free drinks lol bekumnandi, loved the music aswell! Thanx for the goodie bag Mr Cga :D

  65. localceleb on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 8:26 pm 

    I see you guys are mad at me.

    Sorry! I do love this site, I didn’t mean to upset anyone.

  66. ndinguyeEndinguye on Thu, 3rd Nov 2011 10:18 pm 

    Pips were reserved on this POOL party.theres more covering items of clothing than the actual pool wear. The 10km distances in between(Cga&fifi r not the only guilty ones) didn’t help either. Pple must loosen up. Pearl’s is a sad case of bad costume hapening 2 good bodies shem. Phelo ngePJshorts!hay’ngeke

  67. presto on Fri, 4th Nov 2011 4:55 pm 

    eish i missed the party! but who is this Lucas guy?? lol

  68. TheGirlfriend on Sun, 6th Nov 2011 2:29 am 

    Pearl can never do any wrong in my eyes yazi!! I love her so much! I love her personality , her style, tsohle nje!
    What’s up with her and white dudes though? First it was that guy from wherever, now it’s Lee-Roy Wright? Mara they make a cute couple shem. #TeamPearl

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