1500 Episodes Behind Scandal

March 13, 2012 by  

We were treated like royalty last week Thursday when popular ETV Soap, Scandal celebrated 1500 entertaining episodes. I just want to say this was actually the first time I had attended an event at Randlords that wasn’t packed. I don’t know if it was because there were more than 3 big events happening in one night or whether it was because ETV/Scandal made their DO very exclusive and not open to every Jack & Jill. Whatever the reason, I am not complaining because that night I didn’t have to go stand outside each time I wanted to breathe and I didn’t have to wait by the bar for more than 2 minutes just to get a Grapetizer. Even taking pictures and chatting to the cast wasn’t a mission.

Tjo let me go back to the important things. Lol

I am a huge fan of Scandal and I have been following it since its birth so when I received the invite I RSVP’d within minutes, I knew that this one I have to attend without even thinking twice or checking my diary. I was willing to even cancel whatever I had planned for that evening. That’s how much I love Scandal and I am happy that according to Monde Twala, the head of ETV Channels, Scandal is doing well. We had the opportunity to watch the journey of Scandal and they took us back to some of the memorable episodes. The weddings, Fights, Losses, Deaths etc. After that they showed us a Teaser of what to expect and from the little that I saw, its ON!!!

At some point I was having a chat with Karabo Modikwane who is the Media Coordinator for Scandal and I asked him why there is no Omnibus for Scandal? He said to me ‘haai you will have to talk to Monde about that’. Before he could even finish talking I was standing right in front of Monde introducing myself and I immediately put him on the spot. He promised that they are working on it and hopefully it will happen soon. I mean all the soapies here have an omnibus either Saturday or Sunday so why not Scandal? I remember there used to be an omnibus for Scandal when it first started but it was taken off for whatever reasons but for now I’m sure they can put it back on shem. Not all of us can afford PV nton nton. So Mr Twala if you read this, please do not forget what we spoke about. Yes, I am the lady that interrupted your conversation with Lorcia Cooper. #Ithankyou

Some of the cast members were not there though. I looked all over for Dika (Masechaba) , Mam’ Florence (Tina Mnumzana), Palesa (Refilwe) and also Dawn Matthews who plays Shakira. Well, with Dawn I understand because I hear she has a new born. I would have loved to meet Luthuli Dlamini aka Stan but I didn’t see him and neither was Stan’s wife Thato. (Rami Chuene). Shona Ferguson wasn’t there either. I know they are no longer part of Scandal but I was juuuuuuuuust hoping.

Yhu, guys let me slow down, here are the pictures:

Masasa Mbangeni and Brighton Ngoma did a great job as MCs. The first thing they did was thank Paledi of Palse Homme and Falata for dressing them. Masasa actually worked that dress shem. I didn’t know she has such a nice body.

Clint Brink sang for us and made a lot of people emotional at some point. Clint is one of the most talented and humble people in the industry.

After sometime Nothende joined Clint on stage and I was reminded of some Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore. Loved it.

Ntate Sello Maake Ka Ncube aka Daniel Nyathi also entertained us with beautiful poems that were mostly dedicated to women since it was International Womens’ Day.

One of my favorite actresses Nthati Moshesh who plays the crazy Morongwe was there too and so was Joyce Skefu aka Maletsatsi.

Bra Eddie (Sandy Mokwena) was there with his daughter.

I also spotted Matli Mohapeloa who plays Eugene. But this guy will always be Fistos to me yazi? Lol

When I arrived the 1st person I had to look for was, Louise Barnes (Donna). Lebza started bothering me about her two days before the actual event and on the night I don’t know how many times he BBMed me reminding me to get a picture of Donna. Tjo! I even showed her some of Lebza’s BBMs. She is too sweet though. Donna is hot, said she too was dressed by Falata.

Monde Twala made a speech and said the Scandal cast must not be discouraged by the fact that ETV pulled out of the SAFTAs. He encouraged them to keep up the good work and that they are fighting for ETV actors to be treated with fairness and respect qha.

Siyabonga Shibe was there with his wife Thembi Mntambo who is also a musician.

Still on couples Kagiso Modupe(Mangi) brought along his better half Liza.

Tino (Clint) & Erin (Lorcia) look so perfect together. These two have been playing ‘couple’ since the days of Backstage.

Maybe they should hook up for real now. Lol

Eugene Cele poses here with Phindi. Heheheh Eugene is actually the guy who sent me the invite. He has such a good sense of humor.

Thank you for a wonderful and scandalous night, etv. We had a good time and here’s to hoping for many more episodes.

By Kiki Marli 

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24 Comments on "1500 Episodes Behind Scandal"

  1. Russian_Duchess on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 12:23 am 

    Wow! OMG! Wow! Louise Barnes is ROCKING that blonde hair! Love her, her character, her wardrobe and I’m insane about that hair!!

  2. simple on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 12:30 am 

    dzam…Lorcia is super fit

  3. vumaaa on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 12:48 am 

    Exclusive is always good. But where is your picture @kiki?. I saw the one you took with your very edible hubby (#NoHomo) on twitter.

    Lord have mercy on those sweet and delicious looking twins zikaNothende.

    Who is Phindi??????? Bra Eddie’s glasses?? SMH!!

    Wow siyabonga shibe’s wife??? Kanti do they still do that kind of hair?? Tjo!

    Lorcia’s legs thou? always take the cake.

    Mr Falata did those ladies too well. They look so fine, but where is the rest of the Scandal crew, i see few but u did say sum were not around.

  4. lebza4sh0 on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 12:56 am 

    LOL kanti Eugene is still alive? He kills me. I was very crushed that I didn’t attend the event, or rather get an invite Lol. Kiki thank u sooooooo much for taking a pic yaka Louise. Ke mo rata ka pelo le moya. Clint and Lorcia shud just date for real yaz

  5. Mpho S on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 6:40 am 

    Hai. Just wished there was a quicker way to make comments around here. Anyway, there’s just always something sooooo horribly wrong with Palse Homme suits. I have never seen anyone in Palse looking sauve and the suits never fit or look proper. Remember how terrible Sliqa(sp) looked at the met? Won’t even start about Lunga Shabalala. Now look at that poor guy in the 1st photo! Hai suka maan Palse

  6. Zida on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 7:33 am 

    Nice recap (in Ntathi Moshesh’s voice) KIKS.

    First things first, that cake looks hella cheap. o_O

    Brighton’s shiny suit makes him look like a student preacher/mfundisi.

    Those sheer tights Nothende, no no no senor.

    Speaking of Ntathi, that blouse makes her look like a teacher from one of the bloggers’ Qala Qhuba Qeda from few weeks ago.

    Siyabonga and wife are a nice couple. That wild hair of hers though, ingathi ushockwe ugesi we Powerlines FC.

    but Lorcia is married nje, Kiks. But I agree, they make a lovely couple.

  7. Zida on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 7:35 am 

    Oh, and Sandy always looks like unuka utshwala nje. Maybe because I saw him at the Market Theatre once smuggling a brown paper bag with beer inside. Smh

  8. vumaaa on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 7:39 am 

    @Zida let us no make fun of my schools tu.

    My teachers were not that bad but eish Uqinisile thou their Blouses???? SMH!!

  9. Zida on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 7:41 am 

    Oh, forgot to say, that’s Monde? Thought it was some fat oldish guy. He’s HOT.

    As for Sandy, he always looks like unephunga lotshwala. Maybe it’s because I saw him at Market Theatre once smuggling a brown paper bag with beer inside.

  10. Fluffie on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 8:52 am 

    Looove Nthathi Moshesh, Louise and Lorcia she has a bangin’ bod!
    Kwaaaaaa @ the blouse
    Siyabonga Shibe needs a revamp nje of some sort but he’s a good actor. Mmmh Mangi and partner!
    Ntate Sello Maake looks a bit tired nje!
    The lovely Nothende must stay away from the tendencies of wearing those leggings without an overlapping top (I know she has a nice structure but…)
    Thanks for the post Kiks! :)

  11. nana on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 9:11 am 

    I used to LOVE LOVE Scandal..But sadly I’m not able to watch it anymore since Isidingo has moved to 7:30. So that omnibus idea is very much appreciated. I really hope they do it soon coz I’m missing out.

  12. BeyBey on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 9:17 am 

    Is Lorcia not married?

  13. freckles on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 9:23 am 

    Somebody puhleeeeeeeze get Nothende a stylist. She dresses like a tramp, we know she’s pakhile mara looking like a prosty all the time is a turn off. are you selling cake nah?

  14. QueenX on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 9:27 am 

    tltltltltl….@” Speaking of Ntathi, that blouse makes her look like a teacher from one of the bloggers’ Qala Qhuba Qeda from few weeks ago.”

    @ Nana…same here, Im team isidingo…thruandthru

  15. bongi on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 9:37 am 

    nice recap and pictures Kiki…*we miss you*

    uMangi’s smile its like a child who is forced to take pictures…Lorcia and Clint are not aging at al.. kwakunini when they were in Backstage..shooo..he used to date Lorcia’s colleagues back in the days Marubini ..*may her soul rest in peace*..

    @Kiki..can i give you homework? Please track down Tendai (Dini Nondumo) and tell him that he is missed on our tv screens..im sure nemali yakhe yaphela ngoku..

  16. Buhlebonga on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 10:00 am 

    I get SOOOOO pissed when e.tv doesn’t invite other journalists from Durban/Cape Town at their milestone events, yet still expect us to write about their achievements. I’m not saying that they must pay for our flights and accomodation, no, but it’ll be awesome for us to also be there and interact with their actors in a relaxed environment.

    Anyway well done Scandal. You’re one of the most interesting shows in SA right now, going beyond the soapie genre. The actor’s are boss and as much as I don’t get time to watch Scandal- Isidingo ranks as number 1 to me, I still know what’s going on because it’s a great show. Congrats and all the best for the next 1500!

  17. WTeeZ on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 10:05 am 

    Monde Twala!!!! *faints*

  18. Makgotso on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 10:42 am 

    Thanks Kiki

    We really need an omnibus eish I’m hardly home @ 19H30 these days so I missed a lot kuscandal I don’t a PVR and will not own it anytime soon so re kopa omnibus not Sunday morning though maybe Saturday after Rhythm(sp) City or before it I won’t mind waking up early for it.

  19. lalakins on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 1:04 pm 

    I am not a “BAKIST” but I can bake a better looking cake shoo that’s just plain embarrassing.

  20. miss R on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 2:26 pm 

    @lalakins aa hle dnt be jealous that cake looks good

  21. H2G on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 2:50 pm 

    ukufa by uNothende;no sistaz thers no class there *kuNzima nyan* lol,sengathi uy’culela umbhaqanga nje ;D *nurf sed*

  22. H2G on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 3:00 pm 

    lmao@Fistos.Yazi kuyagezwa la phandle.My neighbours used to call me Fistores: what did that mean,guys? ;) …babeng’tsatsela nje ;P … I want to own that Jacket yakaFistore,lol,need it for a very speshel Ok’zion. *Krue storie*

    Lolo,wayaphi na? ;D

  23. MiniAyeye on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 3:04 pm 

    hai no Nothene o na le dirty look maan(slow down on the make up) and matswele a krom (donki na pere)

  24. sxylin on Tue, 13th Mar 2012 3:05 pm 

    YHUUUUUUUUUUUU Nothende! those leggings though!

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