Another Joyous Celebration Album

March 25, 2012 by  

The last time I listened or bought a Joyous Celebration album was around Joyous 4/5 and now they are releasing 16. Way too much to catch up with, I’ve given up.

For the fans, I know there are lots:

The 16th album, which was recorded at Carnival City in Johannesburg, will be released to commemorate a national tour from 05 April to 11 August 2012.. The Joyous 16 album (CD and DVD) is titled ‘Royal Priesthood’ which means ‘the chosen race, a holy nation and God’s very own possession.’

They have also announced that they will be having auditions for those who want to become members of MTN Joyous Celebration will be held again this year.  This year’s auditions will include mini workshops on the music industry that have been designed to educate candidates who take part in the audition process. These mini workshops will also provide tangible pointers for the auditions, dates will be announced later on.

Dates for MTN Joyous Celebration 2012 Tour

Venue: South African State Theatre in Tswane
Date: 05 to 08 April.
Tickets: R200 to R300 via Computicket and bookings are open.
Time: 19:30, with additional matinees on the Saturday and Sunday, starting at 14:00 PM.




Other areas that will be visited include Polokwane, North West, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

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16 Comments on "Another Joyous Celebration Album"

  1. snapshot on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 8:56 pm 

    Vula vula vula vula mehlo akho…..JC 16 wow!!!!!!

  2. Madala on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 9:26 pm 

    Pliz update soonest when u hav dates 4 other cities BS…! No Cape Town this year??????

  3. Fab Tee on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 10:25 pm 

    YAY!!…cant wait for the PE show,I’ll mos def be there!,*dances like a white guy*,have never missed them when they come around,well except for that one year when I was heavily pregnant and I couldnt go,I wanted to die!*sigh*,Im such a fan! :) …I dont even get people who dont like them,I mean whats not to like!?lol,but different strokes for different folks I guess!

  4. sindarella on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 10:53 pm 

    I really thot I would treat myself 2a Pre-Birthday prezzie 2a Jojous concert dis year.Mara okare I’ll b in Limpopo dat wknd*sobs*

  5. Mopedi thwi on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 11:05 pm 

    every easter its me and JC @ state theatre,its my lil tradition.bought my ticket on the 29th feb,cant wait

  6. mbulela on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 12:51 am 

    I stopped taking these guys serious a while back.
    There sexcapade in December and the subsequent arrogance was just the last straw.

  7. vumaaa on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 2:09 am 

    When some1 mentions Joyous Celebration 16, i get flashbacks from the 15 Dec 2011 when they were doing live recording and the marshals/ushers chucked me out of the venue coz i had INVALID Ticket. Tjo! *Side eye @Mablerh @JustcuriousZA*

    Anyways before i become paralyzed or have a heart attack coz of whining and complaining let me just say we gonna have too much Joyous that weekend. Hallelujah

    There is a show on Thursday, Friday, two show Saturday and two shows Sunday. Shoo now umntu Uzomginya ngenkani uyesu( to get saved)

    But we shall have fun. Im wondering thou, which day will be good to go, kodwa we all know that Joyous will deliver the best.

  8. Nerlee on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 3:01 am 

    Tx JC, I would love 2 attend the concert but then I think I enjoy watching their dvd’s instead, still 2 decide if I should go 2 tshwane or not.

    LOL @Mbulela

  9. Botshelo on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 8:48 am 

    always worth my cents, tlabe k le daar!

    Im still on j13 with cds and dvd’s way behind, mara im getting 16 before going, i wanna have a blast
    14 and 15 e tla ipona

  10. IhateNickiminaj on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 9:09 am 

    I loved JC 15 shem twas great but I hate that white girl I’m glad she doesn’t lead in any songs lol

    I love worship house more Thou, I think they deliver true worship. JC ‘used’ to do that and y r the tickets so expensive *shrugs*

  11. Siphesihle on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 9:11 am 

    USiphumelele Mbambo uzifumanele umyeni….!!!!!

  12. manny on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 9:35 am 

    I went to the recording ko carnival city-I can stand proudly and say its worth spending your cents and buying the dvd….

    I wanted to go the state theater mara i budget ill wait for dvd and just be strong ….
    @bosthelo..dont you have tikiti nyana a spaer for a fellow brother in CHRIST

  13. Botshelo on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 9:55 am 

    @ Manny, xa bhuti wam, hamb’u ye le eshoprite! tltltl – practicing mixed masala venec on you!

  14. manny on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 10:32 am 

    hao sister? imali ayikho…

  15. H2G on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 11:54 am 

    Please torhwana eCarPar *Province of Refugees* …I needa go try my Luck ;D

  16. tapiwanyamazungunde on Thu, 21st Aug 2014 9:14 pm 

    guyz we want to thank you ,for the work you are doing in our lifes ,May GOD bless you and add more years to your life and increase his favour upon your family .

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