Whitney Houston’s Cause Of Death

March 23, 2012 by  

Finally, an official statement about Whitney’s cause of death has been issued and foul play officially ruled out:

Accidental drowning combined with effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use have been revealed as the official causes of Whitney Houston’s death. There was cocaine in her system when she was found submerged in water in the bathtub  of her hotel room and they also found traces of marijuana, anti anxiety drug Xanax,  muscle relaxer Flexeril and anti histamine Benadryl in her system, even though these didn’t contribute to her death.

Eish mara Whitney… Cocaine? :-( I fear drugs!

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92 Comments on "Whitney Houston’s Cause Of Death"

  1. crazydoll on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:16 am 


  2. KevCare on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:09 am 

    Imagine oukrok like this with a joint in one hand & a gram in the other….nxa!

  3. freckles on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 5:49 am 

    so clarify for me, what killed Whitney? Is it the heart disease, the cocaine or the prescription drugs? Everyone really wants it to be the cocaine so badly. Never the heart disease, never the prescription drugs. It always has to be the illegal drug. Lol. I’m yet to hear that Donald Trump, Oprah, Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake even Kim Kardashian etc died of these drugs cause they’re also users of illegal drugs. It’s such a shame to lose such talent but heck, we are all going to die eventually. None of us are immortal. do pro long your life, keep away from drugs, other people’s boyfriends/husbands cause they carry with them AIDS, even single guys have that, stay away from men period. We all know a lot of bloggers here who are single mothers, some might have married men as their baby daddies while coming here acting all tough and innocent. I love Whitney, always will. Now her soul can R.I.P indefinetly

  4. Pana on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 6:10 am 

    Tjo, ke sono aus Whitney bt ke such is life.
    So, can these people say exactly what killed her

  5. DexterSUPERIOR on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 6:34 am 

    It was definitely drugs that killed her. I learned that excessive drug use can clog the arteries and that could lead to heart failure. Crack is whack, people.

    Freckles are you saying that every successful person uses drugs? I’m sure you believe in the illuminati as well

  6. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 6:35 am 

    Hai, nna drugs are so far from me guys. I’d be alcoholic 1st before I touch a drug, ake gafe

  7. freckles on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 6:52 am 

    @Dexter, did I say every successful person? Show me where. I mentioned names of extremely busy people, they resort to drugs as a means of coping with pressure. I’m just saying the world would be shocked to discover e.g: Rihanna is a drug user etc. So Dex, don’t put words in my mouth.

    Drugs are killing our earthlings, this has to be stopped. It’s not on

  8. vumaaa on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 7:11 am 

    @Freckles @Freckles dear u need to calm down. Its a beautiful babe/dude.

    Dear No1 is judging Ms Houston, we just sad that these Drugs did manage to take away her sweeet life.

    This is like an example of sum1 dying with AIDS in this day and age. Its crazy dear.

    We all know illegal drugs are Toxic in our system but we carry on taking them, So nje we not really judging, we just sad..

    So u bringing people sleeping with married man and HIV infected dicks will not bring her back. and it will not change the fact that she died of the drugs she was taking.

    NB: @Freckles Plz do not attack me Tu. I was not throwing any stones at u.

  9. Babyluv on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 7:13 am 

    So whitney drowned due to heart failure caused by a cocktail of cocaine, dagga n prescription drugs.

  10. lamarOdom on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 7:14 am 

    Drowning is the legal cause of death, drugs are the factual cause. If she wasn’t high she could not have drowned

  11. fabulicious on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 7:42 am 

    Who’s going to the “Nearly Done” comedy show ka Trevor- the jc retard tomorrow??
    *puts her hand up*

    Ke sono ka mam’Whitney, I can’t forget the interview she did with Oprah after releasing the album “I look to you”….we all knew it was too late for her to kick the habit tho, deep down in our hearts we all knew…

  12. Botshelo on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 8:18 am 

    heheheh @ Freckles ware bo Oprah ba shap “di-lines”

    Eish mara WH ke sono mara

  13. freckles on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 8:35 am 

    Oprah did admit that she was ‘once’ a crack, yes a crack cocaine addict, but it goes to show that there was hope. There’s hope for everyone.

  14. miss R on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 8:48 am 

    true that freckles there’s hope for everyone and we must stop feeling sorry for WH coz the is no need for that…

  15. Fezzy on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 9:20 am 

    Wena freckles umthetho wakho uyaphapha. Sengikubonile. What do single mothers have to do with this? And nje what sesitheni for you to attack us like that? Im not one to entertain cyber fights but I just had to tell you ukuthi uyaqina. Whats your issue with single mothers vele? Ngathi inkulu lendaba yakho.

  16. Pana on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 9:27 am 

    i didn’t see that part about single mothers – i totally think it’s not relevant.
    if mme Oprah was a crack addict, chances are nou she uses something estrong.
    a ke tsebe didrugs ka mabitso but i would assume if crack is level 1 ka price, mme Oprah is on a level 5 drug now. lol.
    lamarOdom i like the way you put it

  17. freckles on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 9:34 am 

    @Fezzy, sorry to have touched a nerve. Not all single parents asked for it, e.g: rape victims, those whose partners passed on, they the one’s who had no control over the situation. Then there are the other one’s. I know the post has got nothing to do with baby momma’s etc, but my point is, nithanda kabi uku judga abantu whereas nawe you forget that you yourself are no saint. So shut that trap and close those legs if the dickinator goes in with no rubber.

    FYI: I won’t be responding to comments regarding this topic. Sorry to the ever so holy people I have offended. I’ll beg for forgiveness from Pastor Mboro. Dankie

  18. Fezzy on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 9:43 am 

    No wonder that boyfriend of urs decided to “give u a break”. Ubexakwe ilomlomo wakho. Being a single mother doesnt mean that we cant see izinto ezi wrong and point out that they are wrong. So nje if u are a single mother yo have no right to talk? Nansi imihlola yethu! Konje wuwe lo ojola namadoda ashadile? What was the name of that blogger who bashed single mothers with every chance she got? You sound exactly like her. The way you going on ngathi we said we bothered by the fact that we are single mothers.

  19. Gomolemo on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 9:48 am 

    *off topic* Where is Anything Goes today!! I have a lot to say.

  20. Lela on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 9:56 am 

    LOL hayini kanti i single mothers nama drugs kuxhumana phi vele? yho JC mara!

  21. freckles on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 10:05 am 

    Fezzy, relax nana. I’m glad to be single mna, ngi picky ngamadoda ami. angivuleli losers that ejaculate and leave. that’s why never ngizithole kwi situation yakho. My best friends mother raised 2 kids single handedly and she has her own reasons, her daughters were raised lacking nothing and I’m glad the mother has found love again with a real man this time. So stop turning this into ‘lets gang up against freckles’ post, that is boring manje, past it’s sell by date. Stop being so emotional, you’ll end up suicidal.

    I officially turn this post into anything goes. It’s a bloody Friday, asikhulume, lets talk.

  22. NarLady on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 10:32 am 

    Inoba uFreckles watyelwa yisingle mother!!!!

  23. Fezzy on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 10:37 am 

    Lalela la wena, I dont need anyone to back me up so that we can gang up on u. Ngiyakwazi ukuzikhulumela. Im not being emotional, nje ngifuna ukubeka endaweni yakho.

    So being a single a mother means you slept with a looser? And what about those women who broke up with babyDaddy’s cos it was just not working out but they are still supporting their kids and are civil towards each other? Being a single mother doesnt necessarily mean that the guy ran away so until uba nomntwana, which I dont see happening, just shut up and let us be.

  24. Fezzy on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 10:38 am 

    @Gomolemo, say it here.

  25. siya on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 10:44 am 

    mama whitney mara, cocaine, dagga and alcohol and legal drugs all at one go? phela we all know we are not supposed to mix pills with alcohol so nje she must have been extremely high. oh well, such is life, she is finally free and will never suffer again.

  26. Fab Tee on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:16 am 

    death by freckles so early on a Friday morning!…saze sayenza indaba ngoba zisingle mother thiza!

    lol@NarLady..think u might actually be on to something there hey!tltltl

  27. fabulicious on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:22 am 

    Where’s lolo and jahara-softie when we need them?
    I’m yawning

  28. Bohlez on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:30 am 

    tjo freckles mara, kante what did single mother do to u? i dont have a kid mara u r being too harsh and i am still trying to understand how did this article end up being about single mothers,ur the 1 judging here darling and i would like to know why…. mina nje i pray everyday that i dont become a single baby mama…. bt in life things dont always go according to plan…with all that said * ma bloggers lets use condoms*

  29. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:40 am 

    We are all ears @Gomolemo

  30. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:43 am 

    LoL @freckles! Wena mara

  31. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:47 am 

    I think the “anything right” post is the “anything goes”

  32. Makgotso on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 11:57 am 

    He he he Freckles uSpecial shem. Ake ngithule kungaze kuthiwe ngiyisingle mother as if there is anything wrong with it.

    Anyway, I was hoping ukuthi this time around idrugs angeke zibalwe ekushoneni kukamama uWhitney. Ja neh we lose talented people because of this drug habit.

  33. KeleFabulous on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 12:23 pm 

    wena freckles you need professional help, only Jesus can help you

  34. muntuza on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 12:32 pm 

    Why are you guys entertaining this annoying blogger?!! Always tryina sound smart and talking smack on every post *yawn* Someone a mofe pipi re ikhutseng samblief (-__-)

  35. TC on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 12:39 pm 


  36. freckles on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 12:40 pm 

    hey guys, single mother, single father, homosexual parents (adoptive), heterosexual parents, no parents (orphans), disabled parents, teenage parents, senile(sp) parents, hoodrat parents, elite parents, royal parents, broke parents, rich parents, educated parents, illiterate parents, dysfunctional parents, To all of you, I love your precious kids! Please bakhuliseni kahle.

    @KeleFab, I am beyond professional help my sweety, just shoot me. Quick solution.

    Now to cause more problems kwi anything right, moving right along… ¤skipping happily along like a retard, cough… Meant Trevor Gumbi¤

  37. kamzababy on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 12:57 pm 

    kwaaaaaaaaaa @Freckles hahaaahaaahaaaaaaa deaaaaaaath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. isis on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:09 pm 

    SMH Haai! lol

  39. Fluffie on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:28 pm 

    OMG @”Someone a mofe pipi re ikhutseng samblief ” Kwaaaaaaaaaa eish this dragged me outta silentville LMBAO!

  40. Wild Island on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:42 pm 

    unyanya wena freckles ubuwa kaka …waekutlwa hore oreng mara? le ba tshehang ntho oengotseng yeses…*askisi BS…mara sometimes batho babuwa masepa fela balebala hore lebona one day etlaba bomme ebile elbona batswala kebomme…i dont think mme wahao would be proud of u hakautlwa ntho oengotseng mo..OETHOTSE 8-5pm of fame okabuwa ka di febe le dintja lematekatse akenataba but dont u dare obuwe ka bana lehore hotlwa jwang batho babe di single mothers haosobe mme tswa motabeng tsesa go ameng cos le e pitsetsa di bad luck *leleme can be a dangerous weapon with u”menwana oesebedisitseng” le kelello e o etsang o buwe nthotsa ha satane.

    back to le post:
    haike now we all know and there’s nothing we can do abt i situation yaka lomama its too late as long as BK athole i closure shame..


  41. NarLady on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:49 pm 

    Ooooo I want Wild Island as a close friend.

    Didn’t understand much of it – mara umverstanisile goed. Tshin, sizohamba ngoku siqhelwa ngoku ngamavrawsha esingawaziyo.

    I think ushap shem ngoku uFreckles – let’s give her break. Inoba she thinks we are those single mothers who are patiently waiting for iigrant nechild maintenance from oobaby daddy. Girrl puhleez, get your small mind out of the gutter damn you….

    And DO NOT judge my situation when you cannot possibly walk a metre in my shoes….

  42. Mbuluzana on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:50 pm 

    ROTFLMFSAO!!!!!@ Freckie!

  43. Mbuluzana on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:53 pm 

    @ Wild island Im failing so understand the gibirish you have typed here and I give up.Hay cha!! uyawubhala u Rabish! bandla shame.

  44. Nomaha on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 1:54 pm 

    Wild Island please trantlate tu nana. I can catch bits and pieces but I want it all.

    Off to read Freecles’s comments that brought me out of Oilentville.

    Molweni bethuna.

  45. Wild Island on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:01 pm 

    @Mbuluzana obuwa lenna? o re rubish yetsang? akomofunele or otlekwano otlonjwetsa hantle

  46. Monei on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:10 pm 

    gomolemo o ne a itshosetsa. mxim. i’ve been WAITING!

  47. Monei on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:15 pm 

    let me read what freckles said. i seem to have missed it and the way ehlokolozitseng batho mo!

  48. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:17 pm 

    @Mbuluzana-thats rude nana hey. Say you dont understand. Lenna i skip lots of comments here cos people go on too much in Xhosa and Zulu and it goes over my head. Mara i cant say ke rubbish because i dont understand it…oh then @Wildy is saying come say that to her face or call her. LOL

    Basically @Wildy is saying @Freckles has no business commenting about motherhood because she is not a mother, nor does she know why people end up being single mothers. Ene she must watch out because karma is also in th epower of the tongue.

  49. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:18 pm 

    LOL @Monei-ke sure the day baka kopanag le @Freckles batlo mo nyedisha goed.

  50. Mapakisha on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:20 pm 

    lmao @ *yawn* Someone a mofe pipi re ikhutseng samblief…

    Taba tsamo?!!

  51. Bohlez on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:22 pm 

    Freckles come out ( in juju’s voice)i know u r silent blogging…… #teamsingleparentcandoitasmuch#

  52. Monei on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:26 pm 

    kwaaaaaaaaaaa@Freckles!!!!! nna it made me laugh. i would advise who ever is sensitive about being a single parent to desensitise yourself to this stranger’s comments if it cuts u that bad.

  53. Monei on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:29 pm 

    ka nnete @nthoentle. ke bona ‘after-school’ guri fela if she ever comes to the ‘JC party’. lol. i can just see users in cliques waiting their turn, in the left corner team single great expectations, the rets of the venue various groups that have bn offended by her. nna i will be by the bar, on a good seat watching and sipping my cocktail.tltltltl

  54. Nerlee on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:31 pm 

    LOL @ Freckles

  55. mama ka Gundi on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:33 pm 

    This had 2bring me out of silentville….
    Kodwa uqina Freckles! ukuphapha nje ubuclever base butcher uphaphela ama street lights nje! Careful sisi there is more to motherhood than having babdy daddy around!

  56. manny on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:36 pm 

    ____________creeps out of silentvile to make an announcement_______

    @freckels is lolo ………thats my story and im sticking to it _________crawls back to thula-section

  57. LadyMillion on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:40 pm 

    I also think @freckles is actually a nice person in real life…cyber world is the only platform she allows herself to be MEAN!!! she takes it all out here! myekeni

  58. Nkey.. on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:48 pm 

    Lol SMH *walkspass*

  59. Sundani on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:50 pm 

    @Wildy you are right.


  60. H2G on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:52 pm 

    Ukufa by nomFreckie Freckie…dead by wena Frecklesss….truth be told though; truth hurts
    I heart you freckless…. ;D *wear the shoe if it fits you* …Freckless knows no one,so if one feels offended,then they should ask themselves why! *Not Freckies’s Groupie* … ;D

  61. kamzababy on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 2:57 pm 

    ____________creeps out of silentvile to make an announcement_______

    @freckels is lolo ………thats my story and im sticking to it _________crawls back to thula-section

    LOL No Comment, but i think aaaaah *scratches head*

  62. Wild Island on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:02 pm 

    H2G….Uthi we must ask ourselves why siba ofended…

    RE: “I know the post has got nothing to do with baby momma’s etc, but my point is, nithanda kabi uku judga abantu whereas nawe you forget that you yourself are no saint. So shut that trap and close those legs if the dickinator goes in with no rubber. ”

    Firstly beka khuluma no dext then she suddenly spoke ngabo baby mama then wakhuluma le hog-wash…. so bekasho kubani yonke lento? so sithule? mina sorry angeke shem #TEAMGREATEXPECTATIONS WAYA WAYA FINISH AND KLAAR..why she brought this up beats me *smoke break

    @manny ..hi dear oshap?

  63. KewlGal on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:15 pm 

    Disclaimer: I AM NOT HOMOPHOBIC

    I was watching Headlines yesterday and I came to the conclusion that the Showbiz industry in Jozi is run by Gay people. In all these events of these so called who’s who’s all you see is just Gay people flauntin.

    Are there any straight men in the showbiz? or straight men dont go to these events?

    AGAIN I have nothing against gay people, this is my observation, i would just like to find out from the bloggers if its just me or the gay fad has really taken over

    PS: pls go read the disclaimer

  64. Bohlez on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:27 pm 

    @Kewgal… i gues the showbiz in mzansi does not appeal to a lot of straight men and i dont know why, but i have also noticed the same thing….. i once dated a guy who told me he doe snot take celebs serious esp ba mo mzansi cos they live a lie, acting all rich and splashing money all over and then die broke, and expect us to donate for them, i was also shocked by those words…. most of fashion desingers are gay, make up artists and ect…so it seems like its a gay’s world, they run this mother f#

  65. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:30 pm 

    LOL @Monei-ill be at the bar with u nana. I think she is not ok shem, so I don’t take her seriously.

  66. LadyMillion on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:42 pm 

    *claps hands* tjo the things @KIKI used to write ———> Related Stories

  67. nana on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:50 pm 

    LMAO @Freckles being Lolo..Kwaaaaa…So Lolo is a 4 in 1 manje? Manny Lol

  68. nana on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:51 pm 

    LadyMillion give us a link, its a friday we can do with some laughter.

  69. KewlGal on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:52 pm 

    Thanks Bohlez, just as I was about to think maybe i’m bonkers..

    I guess its Gay world out there

    Happy weekend fellas

  70. KewlGal on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:55 pm 

    DEATHBY 4 in 1.. hahahahahaha sounds like those R&B group za van toekaf..

  71. makaboy on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 3:58 pm 

    @freckles what makes you think we don’t enjoy or didn’t choose to be single mothers? I think you’re bitter #teamsinglemothers

  72. Botshelo on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 4:01 pm 

    “freckles” others are saying “Freckless”
    mara what I know is “Ngwano wa tshwenya” period! o kare o na le dibokwana!

  73. Wild Island on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 4:11 pm 

    hha Botshelo*dead for days

  74. **Stars** on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 4:26 pm 

    Lol. @Botshelo’s last comment dragged me out of silentville!! #death of me# …….. What will jc b without freckles?!!!lol

  75. sxylin on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 4:37 pm 

    Kwaaaaaaaaa dead how did I miss this Mara @freckles u the boss! U don’t have a kid and u talk like that nana* wears bulletproof vest and waits for attack about me*

  76. freckles on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 5:07 pm 

    I’d like to apologize to all the people I’ve offended. I can only imagine that you’re beautiful and strong with Supermom capabilities. I genuinely apologize, esp to @Fezzi and @BS seeing this is your platform. This is a very sincere apology. My mother never raised me like that, nor did any other female adult in my life.

    My public apology. *courtsey*

  77. Nthoentle on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 5:07 pm 

    Hey wena @Sxylin pls remove that pic of my lips. Lol

  78. Nomaha on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 5:22 pm 

    Hehehee! @Freckless. Thatha JC.

    @Nkey wena why unyamalala?

    @Sxylin what time is it in New York?

  79. mbulela on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 5:47 pm 

    The mystery called JC. we have gone from talking about Whitney’s cocktail to single mothers’ bashing to Freckles bashing. tjo!!

  80. Bootylicious on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 6:38 pm 

    Single mother please relax, this is not about you this is directed at BS, BS has a son akere and she is not married, last week on some article suddenly Freckles started talking about BS stealing someone’s baby daddy. Pila pila Freckie is bitter whatever happened between BS and Lulo she can’t get over it and she has to bash BS everytime she gets a change, so theolang matshwafo bo mme and let the Freckled one be, lenna I’ll be bitter if someone stole a man I had an eye on

  81. Miss T on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 7:00 pm 

    Could it b dat Freckles is Fundi K?

  82. TPZ on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 7:09 pm 

    Fame has a price…These drugs take lives of amazing artists.Hope some learn something from this..

  83. Miss T on Fri, 23rd Mar 2012 7:14 pm 

    I’m not a single mom, but I think Freckles statement is just stupid. Ur a woman love, neva eva judge another woman. Single moms hav issues 2deal with & so do married mothers. So dat was jus uncalled for!!!

  84. Raquel on Sat, 24th Mar 2012 6:49 am 

    I continue saying this Freckles person needs to attend to their calling. This can’t be life.

    Leave BS alone and focus on Claire Mawisa. She is the one dating Lulo Cafe as we speak. And its not a rumour or hearsay its a fact. Claire & Lulo have been dating for months now but you not saying a thing. Neither did you throw your bones when that Lulo was busy bonking Babalwa Mneno. Stop this anger you have on BS. What did she ever do to you? This shit is tired now.

  85. Letebele on Sat, 24th Mar 2012 12:03 pm 

    @Raquel: Jo! You seem pretty clued up about Lulo Cafe’s sex life. How come? How do you know? Sfunukwazi!

  86. sxylin on Sat, 24th Mar 2012 9:41 pm 

    Yoh @Raquel uthini! Wtf? Love has no boundaries; Lulo and Babalwa…. #death# eiiiii @Nthoentle I love your lips hence I used them; soon as I get to my laptop will do that thingie u asked about ! @Nomaha that was prob very early morning for me I don’t sleep nana this son of mine has me seeing flames and I’m thinking of having a sibling for him soon *hides far away from @Lolo*

  87. IhateNickiminaj on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 4:51 am 

    Kana this Raquel person ke that chick wa gore she knows Lulo cafe via his husband?the hubby n lulo r close n she know EVERYTHING about lulo…

    Hu remembers the sana lwan saga hahaha I love jc shem.

    Can’t we talk about something positive for a change hle.

  88. Raquel on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 6:30 am 

    @Letebele, not at all hun. I just see things happen around me. I’m le wena there is some stuff you see or know about certain people but that doesn’t mean you are clued up about their sex life now does it?

    @ihatenickiminaj, no its not me. You are mistaking me for Miss ANN’s coloured friend IVY. Lol. I don’t have a husband nna. And I don’t know EVERYTHING about Lulo. His relationships are not really a secret,if he wanted them to be a secret then he shouldn’t be getting all jiggy with it in the parking lots/basements.

    My comment was directed to Freckish coz she’s been carrying on and on about BS all the time but not saying a damn thing about the current situations. Why?

  89. Luyah on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 5:23 pm 

    Tjo! Lulo nd Claire, interesting!

  90. sk1 on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 7:33 am 

    Ditto @Bootylicious … lenna i think ol dis is directed to BS it hs nuting 2do le single mothers , @ Freckles oh nana awusaxoli kodwa , i wonder ke eng e BS ago direleng yona

    @Wildys askies lala clearly this is not bout u

  91. sk1 on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 7:38 am 

    Hee @Raquel wa reng??? :-o Claire Mawisa???

  92. IhateNickiminaj on Mon, 26th Mar 2012 8:58 am 

    Oh I’m so sorry Raquel its Ivy something thank u

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