Anything Goes Friday

April 20, 2012 by  

Happy Friday peeps, hope you’ve had an amazing and productive week. Mine has been hectic.. thought I’d be chilling this week but nope.. life had other plans.

So the SAMAs are just a week away , will you be heading to Sun City? I will be in JHB, and maybe joining the protest agains this e-tolling SANRAL is implementing in Gauteng. I see the people from the rest of country acting like this doesn’t affect but it does because just as we have to pay 30c per km (if we have an e-tag, R1.74 without), non-GP residents still have to get a R50 day pass.

I hope this whole scam falls flat…

That and the story of the 17 year old girl who was raped by 7 boys caught my attention this week. It’s a sad world we live in and I hope Justice will prevail and that she will get all the help she needs to get through this.

In a more positive note… party people will be happy to hear of the cruise party Fresh and Euphonik are putting together for December.

A 3 night party cruise leaving Cape Town on 7 December to Mossel Bay and returning back to Cape Town on 10 December from R2 925 per person… Ayi, went on a cruise once, won’t be doing it again. If you are keen on this trip, details are on

Happy weekend, anything goes!



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135 Comments on "Anything Goes Friday"

  1. Pkasts on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:27 am 

    I’m first….. Does the Ngazi… Twalatsa.. Manyesa!!!! Aziweke….

  2. Pumpkin2701 on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:51 am 

    I just want to know if the Miller Rock the Boat thingy will still happen seeing that there is this new one? ke di rivals vele?

    BS why arent you going to the SAMAs

    And I really hope this week’s everything goes is as interesting as last weeks…

  3. golden diva on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:11 am 

    But the rape story is indeed disgusting. It was apparently on CNN as well. Rape is somehow condoned in our society. Instead of dealing with the perpetrators we are busy blaming the victim and her mother. Last week at church, 3/4 of the sermon was dedicated to preaching bout how disgusting it is to have women wear figure-hugging dresses, showing cleavage and a bare back at church cos this apparently tempts men at church blah, blah basically attributing any sick and perverted male behaviour to how women dress. What sort of a sick message is that??!

  4. vumaaa on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:56 am 

    Eish Men and their too Active Libido’s.

    @GoldenDiva kuRough sisi but kuzode kuLunge

  5. Miranda on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 4:12 am 

    Tjo.Bathong I want to go to the SAMA’s soooo bad hle lena ,just don’t have anyone to go with #sad for days#…(Is it possible though?every single person saying ” I’m broke, it’s not my scene, It’s a long weekend I am going home).MXM. Spending the long weekend in these bundus is just going shatter me into micro pieces

    And while a friend and I were looking forward to the Mpumalanga wine show this weekend, yesterday she sent me a message saying she can’t afford it,she has to give someone money :-( :-(:-( and the ticket is only R100.#cries# I am actually thinking of going alone,I am not sure how normal that is.


  6. slindoe on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 5:13 am 

    This story about the rape is too sad,its scary nje that a 14year old can commit such a crime,yazi kungcono islwane kunomuntu shm manje,and I was so disgusted by some ppl on facebook requesting that whoever has the video pls share with them,I mean what for vele.@Golden diva women are always goin 2b blamed when thy r sexually assaulted if we are being told how to dress nasechurch,kanti the men basuke beyogadana nathi yin bona.

  7. slindoe on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 5:22 am 

    @Miranda I so wish I ws near mp besizoya sobabili ku wine show. U can go on your own I thnk ull enjoy it and maybe u can find someone else who doesn’t hv company n make a friend

  8. Mini lilo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 5:29 am 

    Eish on the 4th of May its my birthday,for the first time in my 22years how I wish to have a party but I got no one to sponsor it….anyone know of sponsors please help

    The story about the rape is disgusting,mara what is our world turning into.

    Our pastor this week is going to preach about our Mandate to preach to the poor and needy,I love giving.

    E-toll am joining this strike.

  9. H2G on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 6:22 am 

    @Golden-Diva: That’s why I try to be as less churchie as possible.I get tired of being told what to do.I’m old enough to live my life according to the rules of a fucked up guy who can’t even hold his sinking family together.NXah!
    And these preachers are so sure that : they do these things because god says so…I mean really???Is there suppose to be a rationale for sexual abuse?

    Akhonto izakulunga Vuma,such things won’t change nje,uMzantsi uyaphalala broer.
    @Miranda,I remebr you saying that: lol, please take charge of your happiness.Going to functions means that you will spend most of the time watching what’s happening.So make yourself look good and go to those functions., uqinisile uSlindoe: you might find someone there.
    *I did go to Jazz Fest along, because my friend(s) are not really fans of Jazz Fest and apparently; they think its about jazz musicians only (ignorance) …so I never even beg: I went alone,lol.It was good,I just danced among random people,was nice,ngadakwa ngingedwa,joined the crowd and sang along to Unathi’s tracks with other randoms,lol…#great night indeed.
    Or you can always buy two tickets if u wanna go to a function, there are those last minute people that usually want tickets; go with them ;)

  10. Sundani on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 6:25 am 

    The rape story is just disgusting nje. And the victim has been traumatised for life.

    I do not support the e-toll system bt our gov will go ahead with it even though majority of people agaisnt it, because gov has used its employees pension funds as a suretyship when it. enter into agreement with Sanral.
    Thats a main reason the public was not informed about the e-toll in the first place bcoz they knew that their employees was gona strike if they are told that their pension funds is gona be used for nonsense called e-toll.

  11. fabulicious on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 7:07 am 

    BS kodwa why did u ban @freckles??

  12. Nerlee on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 7:27 am 

    There’s more evil & judgemental souls ecaweni than anywhere in the world. @GoldenDiva how dare they preach about such, I guess ur pastor is one of those who blv siyazibizela iRape singamantombazana and that’s SICK!

    Nam more than anything I’m shocked at this 14year old BOY, what the HELL?
    Inoba ingakanani nalo ncanca?

    We are so near the last days shame, Jehova khawude ufike!

  13. lolo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 7:55 am 

    @Golden Diva I would have walked out on church. Rape is ubulwane nje! And blaming the victims dress sense is ubulima.Especialy if the whole skimpy clothing leads to rape idiocy…In Africa traditional young women have always worn very little…we covered very little and mostly went bare-chested. Women remained safe in this traditional societies because men acted like human beings. And not dogs on heat controlled by their base needs! Your preacher was spewing hate shem! Surely women have a right to dress in whatever way they feel comfortable without the fear of having strange dicks rammed into them!

  14. Nthoentle on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:06 am 

    Tjo @golven diva , your priest Bathong ! That rape story really broke my heart. We live in a sick sick world! Sies!!!

    I went on the 1st Miller cruise and that will be the last cruise I go to, especially a party cruise hai I was moerse annoyed with the drunks by day2.

    Thank God it’s Friday but it’s another weekend with the books, this year must just end I have had it.

  15. Fluffie on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:11 am 

    Dumelang kaofela :D
    Thought I could share *please don’t shoot me*

    Here’s something to think about:

    Don’t Look down at the woman with 4 kids, no husband, living in an income based housing, struggling to keep her lights on.
    We ALWAYS think the grass is greener on the other side, money alone doesn’t make you happy (not true happiness), good credit doesn’t keep you satisfied, beauty doesn’t make you any less insecure, fame doesn’t make you less vulnerable or cause you to be a good judge of character and being stuck up and mean doesn’t keep you warm at night or prevent you from being lonely.

    You don’t know how the woman sitting right next to you could have carefully put on her make up this morning to hide the beating from last night. The teacher to whom you handed your child over to this morning could have sent her children off to school from a dark house with empty bellies. The teller you just got rude with at the bank could know that today is her last day at her job and have no idea how she’s going to survive past next weekend.

    The woman at the office that appears so busy could be typing her goodbyes to all the people that she loves because she plans to commit suicide tonight after she tucks her babies into bed. The woman you pass in the hallway could be on her way to have an abortion because she fears what others might think.

    Ladies we HAVE TO DO BETTER!!! I’m not suggesting that we all like each other and be phony, but I am asking that we all try to respect each other. You HAVE NO IDEA what the next woman is going through, you don’t know what past or current hurts and pains have shaped her into who she is today.

    We spend so much time trying to be as strong and hard as we are expected to be that we end up cracking from the inside out piece by piece. If we would spend a 1/3 of the time building someone up instead of tearing each other down, encourage someone, show someone some love, we could truly make a difference and save someone’s life.

    PLEASE don’t be the straw that breaks another woman’s back. Believe me when I tell you that there is a woman out there that needs your smile, your hug, your support, your prayer. I hope that you read this and get something out of it other than a laugh and let someone know that you believe they are somebody special and that if need be you are available to listen. Sometimes that is all one needs, someone to listen!

  16. only_child on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:15 am 

    @Golden Diva it’s ironic how the same preachers/pastors will preach about how important it it to have self-control NOW o bua hore the sisters in the church ba kgadisa banna. We aren’t animals therefore we should ALL practice self-control,men aren’t an exception.ebile the notion ya dress sense yona e irrelevant,if a man wants to rape,he will do just that. I wouldve walked out too.

  17. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:17 am 

    Bongi is getting married tommorow yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! Hallalalalalalala

  18. Nomaha on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:21 am 

    Hayi ninga toyi-toyi please, SANRAL is our biggest client this means they will throw more parties now ngemali yenu ye e-toll. LOL! Im kidding. But ke reality is toy-toy or not the e-tolls are going ahead. Anditi nifuna indlela ezingena potholes coz nithi zigugisa imoto zenu, nizobhatala ke coz clearly the taxes are not enough fro better infrastructure.

    @Goldendiva your priest has a rapist’s mind. How are we not supposed to wear thight clothes coz there are people out there looking to justify their sick behaviour. Mnxiiiim.

    @H2H are you in Cape Town?

  19. Miranda on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:26 am 

    @H2G and Slindoe, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.You are onto something there.The wine show seems doable on one’s own. As for the awards. . . .Eish Mathatha ke ao.

    A friend of mine is coming to work here…. and loyo ke uthanda zinto, A ka funi kuhlala endlini nje. I can’not wait hle. He is the type that would go to newscafe alone. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.He is already talking about going to Mozambique and Swaziland:-).

  20. Fluffie on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:31 am 

    Haai @Nomaha have u seen how terrible N12 is since the 2012 construction? 2 lanes were closed after 8pm izolo on N1 South between Malibongwe and Beyers! They are still construcing the damn road every now and then! Mina I wish benginga toyi toya shem! This is a bloody rip-off!
    I need my GPS to search for a freakin’ back road I’ll use an alternative!

    Yah and umntana wabantu akaphilanga kahle ekhanda nkos’yam and she had to experience this cruelty! The trauma will never be erased! those bastards need to be raped nabo in jail!

    Aaah I’d love to go to the SAMAs hey!
    @Miranda just to the wine thing; u’ll never maybe u’ll make friends there and enjoy!

  21. J-Girl on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:32 am 

    In reality the e-tolling doesnt affect us as non-gp residents, hence we are not moved, only those who visit there frequently will feel the knock!

  22. Makgotso on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:32 am 

    Eish this rape story is just sad and people looking for the video really guys what’s that. And what’s up with that 37 year old man who kept her hostage in his house hayi suka people nje don’t have a heart they need Jesus period.

    We need to pray for our country SA its on the serious note izinto ezenzekayo sihlasimulisa umzimba nje.

    I’m sorry Gold diva that you had to listen to such preaching a church should build people not destroy them bandla.

    My week has been made, my friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday been looking forward to this day.

  23. Nkey.. on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:34 am 

    Good Morning Fam! hope everyone is well.Thought I should share Lol My morning has been made.Zange nghleke so early in the morning.Please check out Thamsanqa below.Hes the future shame!
    One thing gay people have in common is confident Lol and I like so much!

    Congrats! to Bongi.Halalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  24. CandaceBushnell on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:44 am 

    Morning and happy friday,

    Any of u guys know of a bookclub I can join around pretoria,assist a sista please.

  25. zeeckyn on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:46 am 

    This made me go tjooo “It has also been reported that the girl had been raped in April 2009 by a man and again in April 2010 by a taxi driver.

    Both cases failed in court as she had been unable to give proper evidence.

    She apparently disappeared in December, and when she returned home she told her mother that she had been raped.

    The girl’s tearful mother, a domestic worker, told the paper that she believed her child had been the victim of rape since she was 12, and the perpetrators had got off because of the girl’s disability and her family’s poverty. “

  26. Gomolemo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 8:55 am 

    Without trying to sound selfish, guys please dont toyi-toyi against the e-tolling system. My partner works for it and we need that extra income.

  27. kimmo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:03 am 

    congrats bongi

  28. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:04 am 

    Eish I can go to the SAMAS, Im starting my exams on the 2nd of May…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…Im so not ready :-(

  29. nana on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:04 am 

    LMAO @Nkey, ungihlekiselani kodwa ngaloyo muntu wakho. Is that dude for real. Yazi amagaya abulawa yi confidence for real. Lol. Gomolemo uzoba strong ke tana!

  30. vundlas on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:05 am 

    I was surprised to find out Mboro has a song praising him that he rocks and they sing it at church as one of the praise and worship songs…and seeing Grand Mothers talking on TV about their biscuits can be very disturbing and unconfortable when watching TV with family.

    And the artist sounded like Queen from Abashante..

  31. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:08 am 

    LOL!!!Gomolemo we also need to save the money that we will be paying so sorry. Ive hnever Toyi Toyed in my life and this one I think I will be joining*excited*

  32. kimmo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:10 am 

    hehehehehehe, vundlas my helper was watching his service one day and i was shocked to see bo magogo singing along to that song

  33. slindoe on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:11 am 

    #waves at Fluffly#unjan dear

    Congrats to uBongi,anyone going to the wedding?

  34. Shandu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:15 am 

    Kwaaaaa Nkey wangiqeda ngoThamsanqa – he sure is veryyyy confident ay.

  35. Monei on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:21 am 

    @nomaha, i’m sure nawe u wud concede that those toll structures were built and completed before the roadworks were/are complete.

    the n12 from gillooly’s interchange towards witbank must be the worst and slowest road construction this country has ever seen. even the roads to bo emerlo and btwn bloem and lesotho or n3 and clarens have/will finish being fixed before that one gets fixed.and sanral mustnt act like there were potholes all over these highways. the potholes are in all the other roads. those tolls better also pay for all them other raods. coz whatever they use to patch the potholes lasts 6 wks (3 in rainy season).

  36. nomthwalo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:28 am 

    What caught my attention was that story on Relate about Akhona and Andiswa. Shame I feel for Nok’thula, she has sisters that dont get along and a mother doesnt give a damn!!!! The uncle tried to help but the mother doesnt seem interested in her kids.

    As for Akhona , I wish she can get a job maybe then Andiswa will respect her.

  37. Gomolemo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:35 am 

    @Ntombi, hao girl please hle, what will i do with a jobless man? Lol, we plan to get married next year and he is so depressed about this whole thing. Eish, i know i sound selfish and all, but he was unemployed for a while and finally he has a job, i cant go back to maintaining him again.

  38. promisez on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:37 am 

    hehehehehehehehe Thanx Nkey for the link,

    somehow the dude speaks like Kuli Roberts!

    “im feeling excitment”

  39. Nomaha on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:40 am 

    @Monei yhazi SANRAL uyayikhupha imali. Billions to be precise for road maintainance problem is the Contractors. They are so incompatible its a shame. If you could take a trip down to the EC, Starting from PE to Umtata, you would laugh till your lungs come out. The nonsense that is being done on the N2 is beyond me. And the thing is everybody gets a chance, one contractor gets certain km’s and so on and you could tell where the one stops and the other starts. Chances of deformation are huge because the material used or mixing is not the same. SANRAL is doing everything they can but their contractors are failing them straight out.

  40. shybear on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:42 am 

    Wow, congratulations to Bongi!!! Enjoy ur big day dear(Make sure u outdo urself with the fotos, pictures can lie,lol)

    ill pay etoll only when everybody who use the roads is also forking out the bill,that is buses n taxis, otherwise no i cant b paying for them. pple in other provinces r also gona b affected bcoz logistics companies r also paying. This is what happens when u hav a non-st rategic gov that focuses on short term goals i.e. world cup nw we r left burdened by debt,

  41. oratile on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 10:17 am 

    @Ntombi Yomzulu
    hey gal
    what are u writing on the 2nd? im also starting my exams on that day, writing accounting :-(

  42. Ntajingah on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 10:17 am 

    So when the SANRAL structures were being built, did people, and COSATU, think they were for decoration, to make the highway look fancy? COSATU is f^cking with y’all, they knew all along.

    We need to be PROACTIVE next time.

  43. Mathaz on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 10:21 am 

    The comments of a cnn article re the rape had my jaw dropped.The white people were saying how barbaric we are as blacks n how the country is being ruined under a black leadership.This rape incident has afforded us an opportunity to question our values and morals as a nation.I just want to know what is the rationale behind them giving her R2?Does that mean that women can be bought for sexual favours?Reminds me of Malema’s nonsense about Zuma giving his rape victim taxi money after the ordeal.Be careful of the leaders you choose.

  44. shybear on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 10:39 am 

    true @ntaji, nna i dnt trust cosatu @all, anythng that involves cosatu i wnt b part of it, they sold out our parents during the 2010 public servants strike, after +_4weeks of strike they still gave in to the emplyers offer n there ws no wrk no npay n all that mess, n rememba they were the ones rallying bhind zuma to become pres, they wont go against anc/gov coz they r practically part f it

  45. lolo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 10:43 am 

    Since this is anything goes I’d like to ask bloggers some questions…let’s call it research
    1. How much of your true self do you expose in blogging?
    2. Is it easier/ more tempting to misrepresent yourself in an anonymous forum such as this one?
    3. If a blogger lies on the blog, is it really that bigger deal? Can we really expect full disclosure and honesty from anonymous strangers.
    4. Do you ever make assumptions about a bloggers lifestyle and educational levels based on how a blogger writes/comments.
    5. Does anyone get genuinely upset from having a cyber fight, do the fights result in real resentment.
    6. Are blogs(JC) to be more precise just entertainment, something to do while slaving away on your 9 to 5 or have bloggers become real, do you see bloggers as real people.

  46. Soccerbabe on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 10:46 am 

    Oyothinta abantwana bakithi will regret it 4 the rest of his life, he will lose his tool faster then the lightning. These bastards I do not understand why bangasheli emaningi so amacherrie worse there’s your prostitutes willing to dish it at R30, so why cant they just fork out moola and satisfy their horny asses. I was very disturbed by this story about a 50year old teacher tying and raping a 12yr old pupil *sickface*.

  47. kimmo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 11:02 am 

    lolo, mina i think most bloggers expose their true self while blogging-unware that is, cause the truth is if you are here everyday you cant afford to lie-cause it comes back to bite you

  48. Mathaz on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 11:21 am 

    @lolo most people lie on blogs coz the freedom to be anonymous allows one to be whoever they want to. Yes you can tell if a person is knowledgeable n intelligent by their responses.Then you get those who google responses n pass them as their own.You also get ring leaders like yourself who can deviate from the topic at hand and start a new conversation.

  49. lolo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 11:21 am 

    @Kimmo but I lie chronically on the blog almost weekly, sometimes for comical effect other angazi nokuthi why ngikhuluma amanga. Am I alone in that?

  50. lolo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 11:31 am 

    @Mathaz yes I know what you mean about the bloggers who pass on the opinions of others as their own…I find that mildly annoying…But what I find odd is that some bloggers feel like they know each other solely on the basis of the blog, surely that is an error! I mean @lolo is just some persona I have created. Sure I have some things in common with her , but I can’t now claim to for example know for sure that the person behind the username is a reflection of lolo. Remember how I lied about writing a book ? Bloggers lie right? Or nginamanga ngiyi one?

  51. Loulou on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 11:35 am 

    @lolo I never lie, maybe because I am not creative enough? I am me and happy that nobody will ever know me :) :)

  52. kimmo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 11:37 am 

    and you have those ones that like talking nonsence just for the bloggers to want more of that story then they dissapear – because they have nothing to loose, – eg that girl that had 3 dates in one day- i forgot her name

    @LOLO so was that a lie heheheheheheh! but i guess boredom contributes at times, reate news, we comment, then boom its time to go home

  53. Mathaz on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 11:50 am 

    I was looking forward to your book tltltltl.People who are popular in blogs are the ones with exaggerated stories.It’s only natural that the more one shares about herself the more people think they know u as a person eg lolo could be a crazy homophobe in real life.

  54. Tee.tee on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:04 pm 

    can the be a wedding without lobola??my couzn is geting maried next weekend hehe and im 1 of the bride lol my gran said thel be no wedding.and couzy yena busy planning with her inlaws,im jst waiting for nexweek my gran says over her dead body.ku tough!

  55. NOLO on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:05 pm 

    Greetings to all!

  56. vundlas on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:08 pm 

    In blogs some people will say things that they will not normally say if you were to meet them personally,some of the funniest people on blogs are actually boring in real life..

    I think people can say whatever lies they want on blogs provided is not lies like so and so celeb couple are HIV positive and the joke goes horribly wrong like the lady who once claimed Zam Nkosi and partner were,thats just stupid and should not be entertained in the name of the blog been entertainment..

  57. Gomolemo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:10 pm 

    @Tee-tee im interested to know how your granny is planning to stop the wedding.

  58. kimmo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:14 pm 

    gogo wont come to the wedding

  59. hlengzzz on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:15 pm 

    Tee.tee, i am not big on tradition, neither is my family but certain things just cannot be ignored, lobola is one…I’m with gran on this one – “Over My Dead Body!”

  60. lindiwe on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:23 pm 

    anyone know who will be presenting the SAMAs this year??

  61. Smatsatsa on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:40 pm 

    LOL at tee.tee Mina ke my uncle’s also getting married next weekend and yena ke akakaqedi ama lobolo, he wants my gran to top him up and go and pay lobola, I have a very strong feeling that the wedding will go on and the lobola will be paid later, the way his soon to be wife is so persistent on getting married (second time) you would swear she has a point to prove..What killed me was the makoti telling my mom that they’re having a surprise white wedding!
    Lol @lolo, mina in my mind I really believed that you are writing a book! Haa haa, I’m very naïve in general, I tend to trust people and what they tell me to be true until I get a reason to believe otherwise, so I really do think that people on blogs represent their own personalities.. I’m not an addict blogger so when I do share on topics I would generally give my life experiences and I guess I’m not creative enough to think of lies, that’s a job on it’s own..

  62. Smatsatsa on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:45 pm 

    And what is this Tupac Hologram that got tongues waggling? Kiki?

  63. Mapakisha on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 12:49 pm 

    @Lolo, u really lied about writing the book?? This is a sad sad day*disapointed*

    does this answer your number 3? ok!

  64. Babyluv on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:14 pm 

    Wl ths etolling thing b cuming 2 WC? I hpe nt

  65. lolo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:24 pm 

    @Pakzin hugs nana ! I’m really sorry for lying! But I’m even sorrier for making you sad. You know some time last week I posted my pin here on the blog for @Fluffie ! Some bloggers who were not @Fliffie got in touch through my bbm. Some were really nice, but what kinda freaked me out was the fact that some were convinced that they “knew” me based purely on my blogging here. So I thought that I should really confess that I DO LIE on the blog. Not everything that I say on the blog should be taken as gospel cause mna nje ngizithandela amanga. Like @Mathaz says, I may be a big homophobe even though I present myself as being this skirt chaser on the blog. So my point is that caution should be exercised with anonymous strangers. This is too dull a topic foe Friday! Where is @Sxylin so she can tell us how to attempt suicide using dick! Tjo I could not believe how many of you all tried that! Bloggers are a randy bunch shem.

  66. Mapeh on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:26 pm 

    Lying is a full time job on its own so I would never I don’t see the point, but what I also really want to know do people really get upset in real life over cyber fights?

    Wow I love @Lolo hey:)

  67. Babyluv on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:31 pm 

    Yoh lolo u lied abt the book, since ur so creative mayb u shud consider writing 1, it wud b quite interesting. Sum ppl tel blatant lies lyk bara wt wt. Athas lyk jahara n u r actuali fool us with ur funny/shocking tales. N then kubekho umntu onjengo mamabear who drops a bombanyana/stunt tht fell flat on its arse n says shes dating Sikhululo Lulo Cafe Maliwa. Then therz Sxylin wu shared a real part of her life n it gets thrown in her face evritym she says sumthng tht the athas dnt lyk

  68. snapshot on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:36 pm 

    Molweni ma bloggers, its been a million years

    1. JZ getting married vandag- lobaba uyoshada kawu 20 solo ngingakashadi

    2. Did u all watch speak out last night- wow ubhuti othetha amacala ekantolo wavele wahluleka ukuzi thethela

    3. The soweto girl gang raped I pray God heal her

    4. Lolo’s questions:
    - I don’t take anything u say serious cos by now I have this idea kuba uyagula upstairs
    - I don’t lie and I know u have this tendency of revealing the truth in some way
    - I don’t get into fights on blogs and will not really be upset
    - my true self is revealed every day

  69. snapshot on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:42 pm 

    I don’t lie and also know that u don’t lie but have a tendency of twisting the truth to suit a situation, everything u say is true but u know ppl won’t believe u. By now u know I don’t normally ask question so I listen attentively to everything u say until ucale kubheda….that’s ur speciality anyway

  70. Monei on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:42 pm 

    @lolo, i think u get mixtures. the typical attentions seekers are most likely to lie. the shy but nosy/curious ones most likely to silentblog, and the average person(i believe fall into this) who is generally honest with what they say and may put out some personal things out here for objective/varied views frm strangers who dnt really know them or just wana vent or looking for a sympathetic ear. i’m sure the biggest lie from the ‘averages’ is those Dear sis Dolly tsa ‘my friend’

  71. Babyluv on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:43 pm 

    To BS i think u shud ask @Sxylin to write an article 4 JC atleast once a wk. ‘The Sex Chronicles of Sxylin’ then we cn share sex tips n she teach us hw to be a sex goddess

  72. Tee.tee on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:50 pm 

    my couzn was raised by our gran.and the weding has 2 b held ko gran’house,bt then lobola aego til 2day.and the weding is nextwik.gran wa gana are otla nyala ko u shud see her talking

  73. sexymm on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:51 pm 

    Please help, I have 5 dates tonight…tl tl tl(Joking)

    Happy Friday people….

  74. lolo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 1:52 pm 

    @Snapshot you are accurate about my mental state shem!

    I was talking to a friend of mine on Tuesdayn she says that sometimes when she makes love, just as she feels her self starting to climax, the feeling goes! And she’s back to square one. I told her that what really works for me to push me over the edge is pain! I love it when my nipe is bitten, not licked, not sucked but bitten! It took me years to train hubby! He was scared of biting and hurting me. I had to sit him down and explain that sometimes the sharp pain of teeth against flesh is what sends me over the edge! He now bites me without fear! A different friend who looks so innocent said that she gets off when she says dity ish to her hubby! I convinced her to tell me what she says and yho yho yho! I can’t repeat that ish here on the blog it was vile! But I really muat be sick cause I got wet listening to her! I will have to try it soon!

  75. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:05 pm 

    Oratile Im also writing Accounting :-( lapho Im not good with accounting at all honey…Im hopeless I need a tutor

  76. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:11 pm 

    kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhayi Snapshot i was woken up by Nomaha ngoku i decide to log on and i find your comment ! You done killed me *goes back to packing* LOL end i think bloggers put each other on a pedestal; for all you know im this 9 – 5 girl sitting behind a computer in some smallanyana office with internet and you guys have formed an idea of the person that i am! and i have no baby i proably borrowed the baby i claim is mine and have no husband mmm?

  77. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:13 pm 

    kwaaaaaaa im not a sex goddess! hehehehe

  78. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:13 pm 


  79. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:26 pm 

    Tjoooo Lolo kanti the biting thing is normal, boyfriend did it the first time and I went Tjoooooooo… was an unusual pain and when he did it last night it was pleasure pain. heheheheh, the first time I thought njengoba engiluma laphya yena angathanda yini uma ngiluma iPiPi yakhe. The best for me is when he kisses and licks me behind my knees..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*KarmenMetroFM’svoice*

  80. oratile on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:29 pm 

    @Ntombi Yomzulu
    is it FAC1502?
    im also struggling hey bt ive been attending some classes

  81. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:31 pm 

    Yes Orrie, it is Fac1501 ay iyangishaya mfana

  82. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:34 pm 

    kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ntombi Yomzulu the things u and that woman’s husband do lmaoooooo wtf i dont believe in sadism! it scares me ; for me it symbolises an imbalance in behaviour ! i cant shem ! Dress up yes and play nurse yes *wink*

  83. CandaceBushnell on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:38 pm 

    Still on the sex topic,just wanna share my amazing new discovery..
    The other day I wanted some alone action,took out my clit stimulator,halfway through the vibration level thingy wouldn’t go high and I had no choice but to finish myself off with my fingers,but before I could I decided to google other things I could use around the house and then I saw SHOWER HEAD! U know that detachable one in the tub? Can I just say that never in my life have I experienced intense multiple orgasms like that,I definitely recommend it,beyond amazing!!

  84. Shandu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:40 pm 

    Aibo Candace shower head??? Really?? Tjo who would have thought…

  85. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:42 pm 

    @sxylin I’ve never done the dress up thing maybe its because I’ve never had a willing partner or maybe I always think they wouldn’t be willing angaz…Guys who has done Anal Sex and how does it feel, did you like it?<—this question is directed to the ladies. Sorry guys I love Sex and I love trying out new things when it comes to that department

  86. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:50 pm 

    Shower head kwaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ay ngyaluthanda ucansi kodwa ishower head…lol. Is it not too hard though?

  87. miss_a on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:51 pm 

    @Ntombi Yomzulu; apparently anal is awesome – mina it’s personally not something I think I could do hey. I’ve had a finger in there, and it was mind-blowing, so I can believe it when they say anal is the bomb diggity.

  88. snapshot on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:53 pm 

    @Sexylin hau ngenzeni…….pours water on u, vuka man ungalali emzansi kusemini lol

  89. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:54 pm 

    miss_a & NtombiYomzulu we tried it once was too painful when he tried to put it in we agreed it was a closed chapter sooooooooo my bumjinity is intact and i aint getting anyone close to it

  90. CandaceBushnell on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:56 pm 

    @Shandu u should try it,ull never look back

    @Ntombi yomzulu I think anal sex is an acquired taste so to speak,its not for everyone.I personally love it,its intense and delicious,used to do it with hubby until one day I was so into it I crapped myself(please don’t use this against me in the future guys I beg),we were busy doing it doggy and he took it out so we can change positions and his dick was covered in crap,sad to say we haven’t done it since,well I haven’t done it with him but I’ve done it

  91. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:58 pm 

    @Snapshot ngeke ngilale its almost 6am and i have a 9 am flight back home so im packing me and my boy’s stuff siya ekhaya

  92. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 2:58 pm 

    Yoooo,I guess my thinking was right then*constipation*
    The finger up there I loved it he likes to put his finger when he is close to coming and then we will come together.*eshoemkhumbula*

  93. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:03 pm 

    Tjoooooooooooooo O_O kwaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, u just made my day honey lol#Yuck#lol

  94. oratile on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:03 pm 

    @Ntombi Yomzulu
    lol siyafana nje, anyway Gudluck dear. im writing economics on the 3rd,so u can imagine how stressed i am….

  95. CandaceBushnell on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:04 pm 

    @Ntombi Yomzulu,u don’t actually use the shower head,u use the pressure of the water,u can do circular movement around ur clit or up and down,u can hold it still and u can do the moving,the shower head doesn’t touch ur delicates,I guarantee it,try it once and thank me later

  96. snapshot on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:07 pm 

    @sextlin u mean home mzansi Sandton or NYC…ima come fetch u at OR plus kudala ngingayihambi dai plek

    @Ntombiyomzulu uyaluthanda ucansi shem…Jizas ramatharakallazimambororo

  97. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:07 pm 

    Oratile I’m also wrtiting economics 1B. Ecs 1601on the 3rd I’m busy studying nje at work.All the best to you too my dear

  98. Smatsatsa on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:08 pm 

    Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @CandaceBushnell!! Haa haaa, gosh you killed me!!!! I’ve always wondered if that sort of thing happens and you’ve just proved it to me.. Haa Haa!!

  99. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:11 pm 

    @canndace I was just trying to picture that and I couldn’t understand lol#blondemoment

  100. kimmo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:12 pm 

    @sxlin kante were you home sick?? your “siya ekhaya is touching!

  101. miss_a on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:15 pm 

    @Sxylin I once read that you have to ease into it. So u start the one day with a finger, then the next time u make it two. Then the next time u make it three or however many, then from there u use a butt plug and keep it in for a few hours before u do it. That “opens u up” and makes it easier for him to insert himself into you. So it’s not something you just decide you’re gonna do manje and do it.

    @CandaceBushnell – YOH! That is beyond hectic! :-/

  102. oratile on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:21 pm 

    thnks dear. ecs is the worst compared to accounting, those keynesian nton nton, aowa man too much theory

  103. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:23 pm 

    Can i just say thisssss @Candance Bushnell kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Dude that is so disgusting ! @Ntombi Yomzulu; do u use protection; wena u scare me! i wonder if dude does that to his wife (forgive me when u talk about sex it just comes to mind, maybe its experience or something, i aint judging) @ Snapshot eiiiish i would have loved to have u fetch me lol @ ur afrikaans insertion i see Manny has rubbed off on you looool! im scared of the rich girl syndrome but i will tell u anyway lol; was meeting a friend in a diff state but im off to NYC in 3hrs! A 6 hour flight

  104. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:25 pm 

    I love economics, I prefer that rather than accounting.I still have psycholoy,business management and commercial law…thixo!!! Worse commercial law is the same day as psychology.Kunzima ukufuand usumdala

  105. snapshot on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:25 pm 

    Nizogula nina zingane, shower head its said to drain liquid or vitamins that r there to protect u so yekani leyonto

    I back door eyokukaka bakithi not for that, what’s gonna happen masewunomgodi then what

  106. Nomaha on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:25 pm 

    Tjoooo! JC is full of Porn stars….Loool!

    @Advocate Snapshot close your eyes nana this is pillow talk what what side-eyes @Wild Island.

    This one time ke I was mustarbating i think I used and empty container ye body spray to rub my clits yhooo! I can not explain the feeling, lasted for about 5 minutes and all the time I relaized I was screaming and guess what I had wet my bed. I dont know whether ndazichamele or it was what you call squiting(sp). All I know is I will never feel like that again. FLAMES!!!

  107. CandaceBushnell on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:26 pm 

    And a flaming lamborgini helps if u wanna try anal 4 the first time,or a muscle relaxant tltltltl

    I’m with Lolo on the pain thing,my threshold is amazingly high and I love it when he pinches my nipples or spanks my pussy during 4play.
    (To think I came out of silentblogging to ask about a bookclub LOL)

  108. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:29 pm 

    @Snapshot i dont live in Sandton lol !

  109. Shandu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:30 pm 

    LOL@NtombiYomzulu you really love sex neh tltltlt but ke singahlala nawe nami ngiyazifela shame….

  110. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:34 pm 

    yoh *claps hands* Snapshot is right Nizogula nina bantwana lmaooooooooo ! @Nomaha can i just have a moment of silence to kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  111. lolo on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:36 pm 

    @Candace nami I love pain shem when its all mixed up with pleasure the cocktail is crazy! My girl once pulled down my panties and spanked me in her office the pleasure was intense add to that the fact that her P.A was on the other side of the door! I just went bananas! The orgasm was intense but I could not even be vocal I had to be deathly quiet while she loved me yho! Crazy !

  112. oratile on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:37 pm 

    kunzima nyani

  113. Ntombi Yomzulu on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:37 pm 

    @sexylin of cos I use protection…firstly I don’t want a child as yet and 2 ngiyayisaba inculazi so I wouldn’t want to put myself through that cos he obviously doesn’t use protection with his wife so I don’t want to put myself kulesostress cos asazi what the wife is doing eKapa.We very safe darling.I love ucansi yes but I don’t have multiple partners I only have one and we use protection without fail

  114. Nomaha on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:40 pm 

    Tsek wena @Sxylin, uhleka ntoni, Lmaooooooooooo!*hides* Andithi bathi apha ku JC we must touch ourselves so that we can direct our partners. I did as I was told and I realised I did a sterling job exploring my body, kwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Im trying deep throat this weekend without your swallowing ofcoz lmaoooooooo!

  115. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:43 pm 

    lol its ok nana (Ntombi Yomzulu) its always good to be safe!

  116. Nonkuku on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:45 pm 

    Enjoy your wknd ladies!
    thanks for the laughs
    Annnnnnd dont forget to deepthroat those mics ;)

  117. **Stars** on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:56 pm 

    Lol. Kwaaaaaaaa….just when I decide to come out of silentville I die at Candace’s comment. I bet your hubby will never try it again!!!ever!!!lol.

    I will never try anal. It scares the isht out of me. I’m scared of the pain more than anything, then Candance’s un4tunate experience! Shuuu. Anever

  118. Bootylicious on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 3:58 pm 

    Tripple tjo!!!!!!

  119. sxylin on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 4:04 pm 

    Tjo mna im shocked struesbob lol; im a freak behind closed door but pain(lets stop at spanking, lightly) and ANAL i refuse! i can dress up in hooker heels and a tutu dress and act ike whatever but leyo of inserting things in my asshole and pinching my nipples CHA! id rather be celibate shem! or bet for the other team

  120. Miss T on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 4:17 pm 

    Well hubby & I do anal. I enjoy it & he jus flippen loves it. He becomes likes a 5yr old at Sweets 4rm heaven.

  121. oratile on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 4:28 pm 

    Hai lenna i cant imagine ke jewa sebonong, hai ngeke, i get goosebumps just thinking about it

  122. Smatsatsa on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 4:43 pm 

    But men who can do anal can also bat for the other team! *my opinion*

  123. oratile on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 4:50 pm 

    lol Smatsatsa thats very true.

  124. Miss T on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 5:02 pm 


  125. Letebele on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 5:58 pm 

    In Other Industry News (you gotta love the SA entertainment
    industry): Lira has been banned by her previous record company from performing songs from the two albums she released with them (Feel Good & Soul in Mind). Her international tour has been cancelled and all this because she got greedy and decided to backstab them. Wow!

  126. **Stars** on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 6:05 pm 

    @Letebele, how did she backstab them? Share the details pls.

  127. Babyluv on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 6:30 pm 

    All those wu are writing GUDLUCK (-,-) @ntombi yomzulu wsh i ws u hey, i love accounting bt dislike economics those keynesian models drive me up the wall. ryting on the 3rd wana get it ova n dne with. Thiza wam here we go with the sex talk. Let me get my notebuk n start writing notes

  128. Letebele on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 6:32 pm 

    The record company had clinched the international deal (tour) for her and she decided to go behind their back and try to cut them out of the picture completely. Phela they would be entitled to some sort of commission for getting her those shows. So she’s now in studio recording a new album as she needs new material to perform. Phela all the hits were from those 2 albums. The first and albums were a mis so she’d only have like 2 or 3 to perform. Hence the urgent need to record a new album.

  129. missbhoboza on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 7:26 pm 

    Heeee namhla ngathi kengcheate kancane w ds guy i recently met. Went 2 ds guy’s plc we started kissing tjo ingasabhedi leyokiss!! Athi esadlala nam akhiphe umtolozi ngabona habe, kumile kuphelele kodwa kugcwala esandleni sam! Cldnt leave dt place fast enoughh, tjo was so traumatised aneva ngcheate futhi shame. Called ma boo soon aftawards and ws lyk im so lucky 2 col u ma boo! Tjo

  130. MyThoughts on Fri, 20th Apr 2012 9:15 pm 

    Miss T says
    “Well hubby & I do anal. I enjoy it & he jus flippen loves it. He becomes likes a 5yr old at Sweets 4rm heaven” well girl I’ve got news for yah. *kidding*

    Just be glad that he’s doing this on you rather than on other men. Women, take it from Miss T, let your man f**k every “opening” you have, you won’t ever write to Sis Dolly about a cheating hubby/bf

  131. milano on Sat, 21st Apr 2012 12:18 pm 

    Wow…JC has a lot of interesting bloggers. A person has learned a lot 4rm u guyz.

  132. Kusihlwa on Sat, 21st Apr 2012 4:18 pm 

    a person is away for a day and they miss out on great stuff…..hello everybody

  133. coolcaz on Sat, 21st Apr 2012 7:58 pm 

    @ JC bloggers-thanda kabi sex ne!

  134. Miss T on Sat, 21st Apr 2012 10:50 pm 

    Well hubby neva eva suggested we try da choc box, I did coz I’m curious like dat. I insisted b4 he cud giv in. And let me jus say ‘my man knows where home is’

  135. Miranda on Mon, 23rd Apr 2012 2:45 am 

    Wine tasting was great!!! Mara the after math,hehehehe… Honestly I had no idea that wine kicks ass if consumed in large quantities #hides#,,,okay I took small volumes of different ones and took 2.5l of water afterwards,which made things worse. I could drive but was too scared of the metros,so I took a two hour nap then left later….

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