The SAMA Aftermath – In 10 Tweets

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On 30 April 2012, the producers of the South African Music Awards gave South Africa one of the best live productions they have ever seen. It was a great victory for the music industry, a great improvement by the organisers, a proud night for the winners and a beautiful show for the fans who watched both from Sun City Superbowl and on SABC 1.

The positive feedback and pride could be seen all over the social networks but of course, what is an awards show without Drama? Actually, how did we ever enjoy Award shows without Social Media platforms? Perhaps a more relevant question is “Who will be the pastor to exorcise the devil out of Twitter?”

While we wait… here is “The Twitter SAMA Aftermath In 10 Tweets”



On the other side of Twitter, profiles were being updated…

Someone thought it needed more attention…

and got a reaction…

And the stans were touched in their studios

…and Dineo explained…

and that was the mood all day after the SAMAs. Drama was trending, not the great show we witnessed from Sun City.


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40 Comments on "The SAMA Aftermath – In 10 Tweets"

  1. siyasanda on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:39 am 

    I am first! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! *air punch*

  2. MyThoughts on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:42 am 

    As I wait to see where kAKA is gonna end up.

  3. MyThoughts on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:43 am 

    As I wait to see where kAKA is gonna end up.

    But was on some tip on the 30th April and 1st May hle.

  4. golden diva on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:46 am 

    Lol imagine if he had been the Zahara of the evening. My word!
    My tweet of the evening:
    MinnieDlamini:Tsek RT @khosiediva: Wat a dress.u wer naked,dear dts unlyk u. 4 d slikour thng cha uyaphapha boh.besingekho isdingo salokho. @MinnieDlamin

  5. siyasanda on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:51 am 

    I agree with Dineo, he was being arrogant. Ya’ll should’ve munched the rest of his tweets like he just won two SAMAs and people cant say shit to him and that he is the prince etc but all in all his attitude stank. even DJ Fresh told him to relax it was not worth his energy. He’s new in the industry and I may understand why he may not be able to handle his apparent haters well cos that seemed to be the core of the problem. Dineo realised he was digging a grave for himself by his actions and was warning him. nabo Nonhle same attitude they had now selling perfumes at churches 10% discount. Humility goes a long way. I dont know why they waste their time on people who have negative things to say about them. I also do think Dineo couldve atleast DM’d him or tried to get his number. She of all people shouldve known Twitter is not the platform for such.

  6. Makgotso on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:52 am 

    Ayathukana a schelbs waseMzansi ngiyesaba.

    I died when Nonhle denied that her tweet was directed to Dineo Ranaka ha ha ha and BS’s tweet to her.

    Twitter was on some tip yesterday. Heeee and Unathi swearing like that heee banna

  7. siyasanda on Wed, 2nd May 2012 12:53 am 

    @Golden diva that tweet just killed me! I even favourited it :”"”"”"D some people talk to these celebs like they know them hebanna!

  8. Makgotso on Wed, 2nd May 2012 1:04 am 

    I know celebs are people nabo but I think they should learn to handle the so called “haters”(don’t like this word) zabo because they will always diss them and if they stoop(sp) to their level they have a lot to loss shem

  9. mandyk on Wed, 2nd May 2012 1:23 am 

    And that time JC was busy RT’ing… And the way dineo’s ‘stans went in on miss nonhle neh? #death.
    Honestly… Vele most celebs have been subtweeting each other for a while.
    Eish, nyt

  10. MyThoughts on Wed, 2nd May 2012 1:30 am 

    Who in their right minds tweets about haters first after winning an award? He could’ve just thanked his fans first then wished his haters longevity (so that they can see his reign as a prince going higher)
    And it’s such a shame that these celebs don’t realise that S.A tweeps will back you up during their twars but will never buy their product(s). Nonhle had 100 000+ followers backing her up when she was “Her Almighty” but did they go buy her product?? No!

  11. mandyk on Wed, 2nd May 2012 1:36 am 

    This tweet killed me hey,like proper death!!! RT @SentleNell: So funny to see half baked celebrities “commenting” on arrogance and what success should be.

  12. badk93 on Wed, 2nd May 2012 1:54 am 

    LOL and then the denial tweet? hayi Twitter was on some tip today

  13. Nola on Wed, 2nd May 2012 2:13 am 

    Shem people need to leave AKA alone!!! If you not a fan then keep it moving!! Let him celebrate the way he sees fit! Let the man LIVE

  14. Wild Island on Wed, 2nd May 2012 2:20 am 

    Heee yazini ne twitter was on fire ngakhohlwa ne fb #best by far was David kau&Eugine khoza *ooh uZahara sekaya impruva lamalanga or is someone still usng her acc?

    Off topic:this reminds me of old JC days heee
    “”@Traceyleecol: @LeraToOoOo listen carefully…don’t tell me to calm my tits..atleast I got tits to calm!!that lip gloss gat u trippin in the RONG lane!”

    “@LeraToOoOo: Haha so u gonna trip over my avi jus cos yours screams “whore” uhm good luck and goodnight :) RT @Traceyleecol: …

    Yoo sipholise umlilo wama sama kancane ngabo farm julia saga lol

  15. Sarita on Wed, 2nd May 2012 2:40 am 

    Kwaaaaaaaa,ya neh Twitter was fun yesterday,as for claire mawisa yena subtweeting other celebs,smh!

  16. Sarita on Wed, 2nd May 2012 2:48 am 

    Bare you wanna shine on my shine,mara AKA thinks he is kanye west.he is forgetting gore this is SA not USA,re tla bona in 2 years time gore o tla be a le kae.anyway congrats to him.As for his manager Tibz being his groupie,haai SMH.

  17. Luyah on Wed, 2nd May 2012 4:26 am 

    Lmao! Twitter was very entertaining yesterday, these celebs can b hilarious at times. What i dnt get though is how they face each other afta all the drama since the industry is so small!

  18. Miranda on Wed, 2nd May 2012 5:02 am 

    Kanti what was this original tweet from @dineoranaka about?

  19. dejane on Wed, 2nd May 2012 5:11 am 

    Honestly though AKA has never been modest, so I don’t see why people are acting all surprised. He tweeted his haters coz he proved to them he did what they thought he possibly couldn’t do.

    AKA’s haters motivate him. He thrives on that ish. Even his manager is just as arrogant!

    Xolani’s tweet about Pearl being a ‘home cell’ girl finished me.

    Anyone know what Hypress did? Naye she was subtweeted like crazy.

  20. vumaaa on Wed, 2nd May 2012 6:29 am 

    The “Haters” Phrase really gets to me, it Squeezes all the Juice out of my Balls.

    People are always fighting Haters. If a person dislikes you based on their Lousy opinions, then its their Problem. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTERTAIN IT

    Why does this Bother people. If we can understand that we cannot be liked by every1 then All will be fine.

  21. lolo on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:07 am 

    @Vumaaa I really want your juices firmly in your balls! So yallz gosta stop using the word HATERS tshh!

    Kodwa hip hop as a genre thrives on arrogange bethuna! I think AKA had a right to celebrate in whatever way he chose. Loo antana unguDineo undwebe too much. Her behind can only instruct AKA on the right way of celebrating winning two SAMAs AFTER she achieves the same feat!!! For now she really should ask uPearl for her Edgars vouchers so she can buy a little A-cup bra for her dog titties.

    UMinnie ubhuda ngendalo shem! Nimvile ebhayiza kwakhona? Yhuu hayi I officially give up on her delectable behind and yummy cleavage!

  22. Leungo on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:06 am 

    Is there anything wrong with AKA tweeted?

    He was tweeting about what his hard work brought him hleng, nothing wrong with a little bragging.

    I see that no one ever finds fault with DJ Cleo always winnng awards for best dowloaded single and making a big deal out of it as if he won record of the year or something. Anyway, maybe those that have a problem with what AKA tweeted must win SAMA awards first and and show us how to celebrate in a humble way as they would like to see him do because right now they can’t say anything as they don’t know that feeling of being a SAMA winner and whatever else he won.

  23. kamzababy on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:16 am 

    And the stans were touched in their studios… kwaaaaaaa.

  24. kamzababy on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:20 am 

    Leungo, there is nothing wrong with AKA’s tweet but he must drop the word HATERS! half of those people who he calls “haters” bought this album and the go to his shows!critisizing someone’s work doesnt meant you hate them. people need to relax their pubic hair shem.

  25. Leungo on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:32 am 


    What is wrong with the word haters?
    Why must he not use it?
    Is he the first celeb to have ever used it?
    How must he refer to those that are always wishing for his downfall like many here on JC?

  26. Vesa on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:36 am 

    I see that no one ever finds fault with DJ Cleo always winnng awards for best dowloaded single and making a big deal out of it as if he won record of the year or something.

    You know why Dj Cleo makes a big deal out of it? It’s because people pay money to download, and he benefits financially from the downloads.

    I’m loving this article!

  27. Boss major on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:38 am 

    lol I must say the samas were entertaining to watch on twitter than on tv… The production was tops but as for the performances, they were not as memorable as last years for me

  28. kamzababy on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:40 am 

    hai Leungo i dont know. all this energy for people who dont like you? why cant he just concentrate on people who support his work?

  29. IhateNickiminaj on Wed, 2nd May 2012 5:30 pm 

    Apparently Hypress hooked up her sister or sister in law with Trey songz. So bathi the chick slept with Trey there were pics flying of them being all lovey dovey.

  30. Eyh2Jee on Wed, 2nd May 2012 6:17 pm 

    uAKA reminds me of my colleague who always Brag about making money and enjoying money@my workplace.Uyang’cikanje as if “We don’t get paid”
    AKA should learn to sit down,he acts like a teenager,I expected that from Zaharah,but then again “Zahara is more humble (just like most of E.C. musicians) …like really Lolo,we know that HipHop tendency,but it works for American artists,its irritating umuntu waseMzantsi doing that *so unnecessary*
    @Dineo; she didn’t need to call AKA (to tell AKA that he needed to sit down), Social Network was a perfect platform (my opinion).
    When you like someone; you never let them do crazy things (and umane u2le nje) lol… *sit down AKA*
    Zahara was the one who was expected to act so holly and almighty!Not AKA *I really wonder how he would have reacted if he had won 8Awards???*
    Remember him; on Metros??? Its like he was proving a point to Zahara! #nurf ngale ndaba.
    @Fans tweeting celebs,lol; hayi banokuphapha nabo shame,lol.and have guts shame. *that’s why Nicki Minaj gave up on twitter,lol,she couldn’t take it anymore ;D*
    Simphiwe Dana is on leave (twitter) too,lol, I miss her ;)

  31. Fab Tee on Wed, 2nd May 2012 7:35 pm 

    AKA’s aura nje grates my tits!..uyadika shem!

  32. lolington kwaaa on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:48 pm 

    Am I th only one who is puzzled here? Like, why are there always people sitting and waiting to see who’s gonna say what? Why? how? or Where?

    And what’s wrong with AKA’s reaction? People who’ve always liked him had NO problem with what he said, people who don’t like him have a problem even though his arrogance is the reason why they don’t like me! Hellooooo, what else did you expect? Of course he’s gonna be his arrogant self.

    As for Dineo, if she really cares and is lady enough, she would not have opted for twitter to pass her valuable advice.

    #death by an Edgars dress, it really looks great on Pearl though, I could not careless where it’s from.

  33. lolington kwaaa on Wed, 2nd May 2012 8:50 pm 

    #his arrogance is the reason they don’t like him in the first place.

  34. Eyh2Jee on Wed, 2nd May 2012 9:25 pm 

    As for Rihanna (New Video) …;she must sit down too,she can’t dance nje *this video is a testimony*
    I still like her though…

  35. Soweto23 on Wed, 2nd May 2012 10:55 pm 

    Shoo wow I wDineo is tjatjarag maan! Yes she’s talented but ke tjatji! She’s like Zahara’s sisters – freaking attention seekers! What did she want AKA to applaud her and thank her for giving her “advice”? I liked Claire Mawisa, Loyiso Gola and Trevor Noah’s response!
    She did the same with Nonhle Thema when they started fighting. She literally involved herself in that whole spat that Nonhle was having with certain YFM djs. And she went on about carrying for the station! Ke tjatji ngwana wa batho! And anyways who told she’s arrived that now she needs to give people advice!

  36. vumaaa on Thu, 3rd May 2012 4:59 am 

    The AKA is only 24 kanti??? well that behavior is expected .

    But uzokhula and he will realize that the Big head will not take him anywhere then he will calm down. and he might come back to earth .

  37. Lady gaga on Thu, 3rd May 2012 8:15 am 

    LOL @ vumaaa….

  38. Majesa TheExecutive on Thu, 3rd May 2012 8:25 am 

    Heei mara these AKA/KennyKunne/TinusCrouse characters, they always get it wrong when they confuse HYPE & superstar status, you can have all the best publicists & promoters of this world getting you name out there in the media, but stardom is earned through humbled ways & giving respect to greats as you become a great yourself. These clowns call us haters we not scared to tell them what they really are, & now they try to bully us with the excessive use of the “HATER” word in public platform.

    As for AKA & his fans, I ask myself, do you find it ironic that HHP & PRO are always this humbled on public platform.

  39. Majesa TheExecutive on Thu, 3rd May 2012 8:32 am 

    DJ Cleo has once said the problem about entertainment industry is that people always whisper a lot of false things in your ears making you feel untouchable & that’s where you will start getting it wrong. I always hear these celebrity friends of AKA on TV calling him there best rapper, yet he get no love in the street, which is why he is so pissed of at us, if AKA sold a lot of CDs we would definitely know about it.

  40. chilled sweet lemonade on Thu, 3rd May 2012 1:28 pm 

    hhhaiiiishhhhh people need to take chill pills….we all need each other!!!!

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