Spotted At The SABC 1 New Programme Launch Party

February 14, 2013 by  

Tuesday after work I rushed home to change so that I could put on a blogger outfit for SABC1′s New Programme Launch Party. As I was home I realised there is a dress code attached to this event but I could not understand it, so I phoned Bongz (my fashion guru friend to interpret) the bloody #Trendsetting dress code to me… Yoh! did he not break it down! By the time he was done, I was grand with his explanation shem…

I rushed to Eastgate Business Park in Sandton to witness the Launch and yes I was late and yes I missed the red carpet. It was my first time having to attend an SABC 1 event so I was really excited and nervous of the unknown prospect. I was late yet in time to mingle and to grab a glass of water before Mcees Zikhona Sodlaka and Aaron Moekena took centre stage to introduce the New Shows SABC1 has in-store for us.

I must say I was blown away by the professionalism.  The layout and VENUE, SABC1 organisers could not have chosen a better place to host such an event, Urban Tree is COOL *it would not be a bad place for another JC party or Awards* spacious inside and ample space to do as you please outside without stepping on anyone’s toes. The show started and we were supposed to gather around the “lounge” but some people were too busy with interviews some too attached to the open bar and some were yapping on the lounge while some of us were trying to listen to Zikhona and Aaron behind that bad sound. Did I say sound?…oh I did, everything was impeccable except the sound, that mic sound made sexy Zikhona and Aaron not sound good which kind-a made people lose interest in the presentation.


Back to business…Mzansiz official story teller was introducing a line-up of shows 5 new shows namely:

  • My Perfect Family 2 {Comedy, Mondays @ 19:00}, you are probably familiar with it, now it’s back with a bang and promises to be funnier than before with almost the same cast as the last season. I mean with Mam’ Lillian and steamy Thando, it’s bound to be hilarious.
  • Nyan’ Nyan {Reality Series, Tuesdays @ 18:30}, is a complete new show, it’s more like Khumbul’khaya and All You Need Is Love put together *to me that is*. The show will focus on young couples’ romantic relationships across the country, a “relationship expert” will assist couples to reach practical solutions in their squabbling relations AND it promises to be nothing but real. The show to be presented by Luyanda Potwana, niyamazi?…Either way I shall check it out *in Bhuti KC’s voice*
  • Tempy Pushas {Local Drama, Fridays 20:30}, when I read this drama’s brief it spoke of township culture, fashion, revenge, two rival families, buried pasts and and and and one Drama on some cable tv channel came to mind…guessed it?…yeah that one.
  • Intersexions {Local Drama, Tuesdays @ 20:30}, 1st season got us all talking, this season better not disappoint.
  • Skeem Sam {Local Drama, Thursdays @ 20:30}, I could never manage to make time to watch this dramas 1st season I shall try to make time to check out this new season. I would think it was not a bad 1st season for us to get a second one ryt?

Tempy Pushaz Cast

Child Stars, The Perfect Family

Koyo, Pearl and Amstel

Sis Kuli

Linda, young Madlingozi and a friend

Phila Madlingozi and co-star Khanya Mkangisa

Gentle/businessman Thato Molamu with Tuks

Over to blogsip, I ended up in a table filled with love, laughter and complete fun, SABC1 has nice personality peeps I caught up with a lot of stars. Mam’ Lillian’s ubuntu, Mika’s stories and name callings, Moneos performance, Zizo’s humility *that child shem*, Sis’ Kuli, Thato *Nicolas from Generations*, Koyo and Amstel’s stories kept me on the floor most of the time. Keeping it clean.

Zikhona looked sooo hot in that black number, pity I don’t have a full length picture of her and she has lost weight, big time. Ziks please share your diet girl to others indeed of such.

Cast: Skeem Sam


Da Les

Thapelo and his wife, Lesego

Zizo Beda

One more amusing note folks were okay to pose for JC but they would want to see if we got their good side 1st , talk about celebrities with insecurities. Kwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I had a great time!!!  With such interesting programmes I think I will be back to watching welfare tv. SABC 1 Mzansi for sheezy!!! *ecula*

By Zeeba ©

Pictures: KB from 3V Communications



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53 Comments on "Spotted At The SABC 1 New Programme Launch Party"

  1. Rush on Thu, 14th Feb 2013 10:03 pm 

    Jst came to say I’m 1sttttttt. NYTOO

  2. IsaB on Thu, 14th Feb 2013 10:20 pm 

    Wuuuuu looking forward to Tempy Pushas,intersexion n Skeem saam

  3. dessert on Thu, 14th Feb 2013 10:24 pm 

    Thapelo and wife are so cute,they look Good together!

  4. slindoe on Thu, 14th Feb 2013 10:53 pm 

    Aron looks dashing,but the shoe is big yoh,does it mean nogway-gway wakhe mkhulu?!

    Kodwa uKuli this hlining pose yakhe,ngyamthanda nonetheless. Eric ne*salivating*. I love Zikhona too much and those braids too. Hmm uMadlingozi omnane,zinhle man leyngane ngath sizophephela kubo oben10 laba.

  5. Lela on Thu, 14th Feb 2013 11:10 pm 

    Dey go finish this young Madlingozi. Izophela Intersexions baqedile ngaye.

  6. Zabe on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 1:04 am 

    Indeed vs in need ja nhe. Ill be watching skeem sam, tempy pushers ill check out and intersextions ya rocka just nje. Abuti moloisi dressed up nice, I used to have a crush on eric macheru back when I didn’t have standards,knowing that my body would b like moneoa’s if I didn’t have umkhaba just kills me so I’m officially envious until I get mines on track. Da les is still alive? As for thapelo, the yumminess of that man, bless u lesego or whatever your name is. I’ve decided to quit my job and be an actress just so I can get myself near ringo’s son, how old is he? Hotness I tell you. Zizo looking conservative as usual but she still finds rocks it.I lost interest in thato the day I found out he has a baby with that generations person, was that true or a rumour? Tuks long time no see, otswa kae? I’m suprised the usual pop up celebs are not here

  7. slindoe on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 4:38 am 

    @Zabe who does Thato have a kid with,can’t leav us hanging sana

  8. Nerlee on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 4:55 am 

    Lesego (Thapelo’s wife) made the worst bride though in that vintage look on their wedding day!

  9. nontombi on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 5:50 am 

    Good one Zeeba into enhle iyanconywa. No anything goes today? I guess uBS ukhathele yini by turning all post into anything goes. Indodana kaRingo Jesu! #opens legs# the sangoma braids a nice shame. I’m tempted to do them nam. As for Thapelo’s wife that dress my friend own it and walithenga echina Mall!

  10. kamzababy on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 7:10 am 

    *sobs* Skeem Saam is back and I still don’t have a TV.. Guys where can I get a TV Cut?

  11. BlindFold on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 7:37 am 

    Tuks has lost so much weight..good

  12. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 8:26 am 

    Moneoa uyashintsa shintsha each time i see her pic , shes different. i always wonder why Zizo doesn’t twist her dreads (not that i have a problem with that) kuyacaca she likes them like that.

  13. samlicious on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:13 am 

    Nice one @Zeeba nice read. I noticed you took notes when you where criticized about your style of writing.

    Waze wajcute umntwana kabuti Ringo. Morning guys.

  14. Maihlomeihlasele on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:18 am 

    Dear Zeeba

    Aaron Moekena o mmona kae moo? Did you smoke your blogger outfit pherhaps?

    Phila Madlingozi my name is Maihlomeihlasele but you are more that welcome to hlasela me anytime.

    Thapelo’s wife is gorge.

  15. Honey_Bee on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:22 am 

    That Madlingozi boy!!


  16. Nemo on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:39 am 

    lol @ Nontombi hlala ngentombi sisi. . .@Azande I also keep my crown like Zizo’s. . .they are easy to manage without the added cost of going to the salon.

  17. Zabe on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:43 am 

    @slindoe, he has a kid with one of the scriptwriters or something like that, but the lady is generations crew member. It was even rumoured that he got the role on gen cause of her but I don’t believe that, he’s too talented and he also has another kid somewhere. So he got two kids according to some newspaper

  18. Wild Island on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:48 am 

    Skeem Sam….for that hot brother omosweu demet

  19. Biskiti on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:55 am 

    Kwaaaaaa Maihlo!! Sheshisa before aphela umfana, uzwile bathi before iphela iIntersexions bazobe ba qhibile ngaye!

    Moneoa has a killer body + many faces, she looks different each time i see her. Khanya is sexy and cute. Oh reminds me of the subtle hauteness of Zizo Beda. She just warms my heart this lady.

    Thato Molamu is well dressed, mara Tuks must give us tips tsa weight loss, he was lebomba 2 months back and nou he’s the face of duromites, haayi tell us mfwethu.

    Da Les looks weird in that pic.

  20. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 9:57 am 

    @Nemo i see, i also have dreadlocks and mina i like them twisted and styled , if enje ngivele ngixakeke ngingazi what to do ngawo, but ke awami they too long maybe thats why.

  21. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 10:11 am 

    ayi uLinda ngathi uguga each day, zishaphi vele ngaye.

  22. Vesa on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 10:16 am 

    Lol, where’s @Loulou? Pearl is wearing another Jo Borket dress

  23. Gloss on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 10:17 am 

    yikes! some people on these pictures look like they’ve bought a house in vereeniging hey. anyway, Linda and yound madlingozi’s friend is some trust fund baby named Ndo Maleho. That boy’s father is a very established minister. this boy drives around in an Aston and throws the mother of parties in his huge ass mansion in Sandton that has a Rolls he wants to ‘donate’. Now I know why Linda is trying to do ‘business’ with him.

  24. Botshelo on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 10:32 am 

    so vele its true Goldie of big brother fame passed on! *sad* *cries like her on bb*

  25. bongi on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 10:41 am 

    @ Nemo and Azande my hair is like Zizo but when its not twisted its looks so untidy mani..ja i agree interms of maintance its cheaper and easier ….

  26. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 10:56 am 

    Exactly @Bongi thats why im asking coz even if eya kuma events akazingeni nje, and u will think uzofaka some effort nje for that fuction, was looking at her on Selimathunzi kwi J&B Met it was so untidy nje, worse ewadedelile and uswenkile so kumane kungabi kuhle nje.

  27. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:03 am 

    beside maintenance ayibizi from 140-200 depends uwenzaphi, for sure kuZizo that’s not the case , uzithandela wona nje enje and akaboni inkinga.

  28. Gloss on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:07 am 

    you people are still shocked by people who died? you’re also going to die, that’s guaranteed.

  29. IamMissHope on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:10 am 

    The young Madlingozi is hot shem! Zizo too!

  30. NtombiZodwa on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:13 am 

    hawu didnt JC go to the J&B Met bo, sicela ithombe bandla or maybe we should pop in other JC lite blogs

  31. Gloss on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:20 am 

    I think Thapelo deserves a beautiful wife though. why do hot guys date such average girls?

  32. Sobza on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:21 am 

    As a television fanatic, I am so looking forward to watching all these shows.

  33. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:29 am 

    @Gloss akana simanga ke nje kwaThapelo lowo

  34. IhateNickiminaj on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 11:46 am 

    gloss;you people are still shocked by people who died? you’re also going to die, that’s guaranteed.
    gloss;I think Thapelo deserves a beautiful wife though. why do hot guys date such average girls

    this Gloss person needs help.

    the 1st episode of intersexions was mild,cant wait for episode 2.

  35. Soccerbabe on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 12:27 pm 

    Gogo Lilian Dube do you still finish a box of 30 ciggies a day? Logogo ubhema njengeshemula phela. I wonder how she explained her bad habit to her grandkids SMH
    Khanya and Madlingozi JNR would make a hot couple, bangenzike njengase State bajolane just because they co-stars when Intersexion is over the relationship dies LOL

  36. NtombiZodwa on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 12:52 pm 

    Didnt ashe stop after she was diagnosed with cancer?

  37. Rush on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 1:40 pm 

    haybo guys but where is ANYTHING GOES TODAY? HUHHHHHHHHHHHH?

  38. blackiekagiso on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 1:42 pm 

    @ntombi she did,that’s what she said ko three talk.

  39. sultrydiva on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 1:47 pm 

    @gloss maybe to him she is hot. Familiar with the term beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ Okunye love doesn’t go by looks

  40. kamzababy on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 1:51 pm 

    cant believe people are asking for Anything Goes…. when every can be turned/ is turned into anything goes.. RME

  41. Rush on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 2:24 pm 

    SO baphi ke abantu vele kAMZA?

  42. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 2:26 pm 

    Rush AKA Gesh angithi? Rush

  43. Soccerbabe on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 2:27 pm 

    No she didnt stop smoking mybe she cut down but I saw her mid last year ko Auckalnd Park shemuling her lungs away.

  44. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 2:29 pm 

    @sultrydiva lapho ucc uryt angiboni kwanto ewrong nje mina

  45. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 2:30 pm 

    @Soccer so does she shemula in public???? ayibo

  46. Soccerbabe on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 2:33 pm 

    Nandos just made my day kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    WE DONT SHOOT OUR CHICKS WE FLAME GRILL THEM…Give Nandos makerting team a bells!!!

  47. Stone on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 2:59 pm 

    That “Nandos” ad is a fake.

  48. Soccerbabe on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 3:01 pm 

    Yebo Azande she does because I’ve seen her and she had that 30 Peter Styvesent (sp) Red box

  49. Azande on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 3:08 pm 

    hawu lomama emdala kangaka kodwa wenzani esihlaza. 30 pho hahhhahahhaha Soccer

  50. Silvio on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 3:37 pm 

    @Soccerbabe, i dont know how you got your info abt Mam Lilian but you are 100% correct. i think she smokes to kill the thought of her sickness. im told she is not seeing a schrink. damn she smokesssssss

  51. Occupation on Sat, 16th Feb 2013 10:45 am 

    Im so disaappointed that to date theres been no met pictures or mgosi here. Just the other day there was the opening of parliement….was hoping the would be pics and mgosi too .
    Ibuhlungu ngempela lendaba…its like JC caters for jozi events
    Joburgh, Durbs, Cape Town and Bloem.
    I sincerely dont believe that catering for some major cities is an unreasonable expectation.
    What i know is unreasonable and impossible is for BS to be everywhere at once, Jc isnt her only grind.
    Heres a suggestion….hows about opening up a slot for someone (bloggers khona laykhaya) to to be guest bloggers for major events that take place outside of Jozi? person must just allowed to be on the guest list, bring their own camera and submit to you.

  52. BlackWoman on Wed, 20th Feb 2013 2:52 pm 

    Its irresponsible for mme Lillian to smoke that much. She is a cancer survivor.

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