5 Things Chad Da Don Is Curious About!

5 Things Chad Da Don Is Curious About!


By Chad Da Don




I’m curious about how people think song writing is easy .To right a good song from the minute it starts to the end of the track is not easy at all. You have to keep in mind that it has to catch people’s attention and by doing that takes lots of skill and a lot of passion.



I’ve always been curious about Nay Sayers and critics. They always think they know everything about anything and never physically partake in what they are critiquing other than verbally. For example, they might never have played a sport but will comment on every sports player when they could never do better!



I’m curious about  skaters with long hair. I’ve always wondered why it looks like a skater doesn’t wash his hair. It always looks so greasy and untidy .



I’m curious about global warming in South Africa. We recently had those terrible floods that were caused from that shocking storm. It always makes me think how the world keeps changing and how global warming will be here in a couple of years. Scary!



I’m curious about lazy people. Lazy people have always amazed me how they have no ambition or drive to get up in the morning. They would rather sleep than get up earlier and make extra profit.


Chad Da Don is a hiphop artist. Catch him on Twitter & Instagram; @ChadDaDon


By @KikiMarli


  1. U cute Chad

    thanks to everyone guys who advised re pregnancy & disclosing. I’m attending last interview today, keep me in your prayers,

    @P-wo, my heart sank when I read ur story izolo. It took me back to the conversations I was having with a few friends, one was cheated on while pregnant and the father stopped supporting the son, while my other friend her bf dumped her while pregnant as well and moved in & impregnated someone else. Sad sad sad.

    you will survive JUST FINE. Whether his in or out of your life.

  2. Top searches in Google, for South Africa
    2.How to build a strong business relationship
    3.How to lose belly fat
    7.How to tie a doek

  3. The way I love doeks and headwraps. Friday, I am SLAYING in one.

    My amper MIL gave me a nice beaded Xhosa one,but Negative Correlation Phenomenon. Need to wear it.

    I have been curious about this for the longest of time,how does i120 speed of a fast car ie Porche travel at the same speed as a reliable car Toyota? And if not,how do speed cameras measure the travelling speed if the other car’s 120 is fast? Not sure if I am make sense.

  4. @MissAn If I’m in a Toyota and you’re in a Porsche and we are both driving at 120, The difference is your car will pick up speed faster. eg. From 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds while mine will take a little longer to warm up. That’s why at the robots a sports car will move faster than a starter pack. But I don’t think on the free way 1 car will move faster than the other while they both do 120 on the clock…

  5. MissAn…JC: we need to meet the new Hlaudi and ask to compile music for their radio stations. Most of them seem to miss the meaning of 90% local. They just play one song the whole week. Such a good way of sabotaging the whole system. Akamninzi umculo omnandi eMzantsi!

  6. @Nomi LOL.there is good music out there! Tjeeeeer! Yaz’ even Vusi Mahlasela is good though you side eye him. Please listen to the link I just posted especially the song at 18 mins.

  7. MissAN: Nice! Its Keeping me company as I write proposals for 2017.. Thereafter; Kasi, amajita, Ngudu and then we see what the streets have to offer..

  8. @BS this is the type of music that makes me wish I knew how to blunt and drink whisky…then you know what follows…

  9. @MissAN what you’re talking about is a car’s horsepower. Or rather the power that is generated by the engine. For instance a Porsche will have more horsepower than a Fiat Picanto. This means that both cars can “technically” travel at the same speed but in actual fact the one’s engine generates more power than the other’s. If both drivers were to set their cars to travel at the same speed (let’s say both cars were in cruise control mode for instance), the one with the higher horsepower would get to the finish line/ end first. The higher horsepower engine will always generate more power but the car’s cruise control system always ensure that the speed limit (i.e. 120km) is maintained. This means that speed traps will never catch the Porsche (on cruise control at 120km/h) to have exceeded the speed limit but in actual fact, it would have travelled just a bit faster than the Fiat because of its horsepower.
    I hope this makes sense. I actually explain this better verbally.

  10. @BlackStallion unfortunately my palate only handles sweet alcohol and I was told I don’t inhale kahle. Already on 2017 goals…

    Sooooooooooo. Here is my other curiosity @Teddy @Theo @Nomi @HW so does it happen where guy meets guy but you can’t tell if they are top or bottom and wena you are a top,one thing leaDs to another,only to find you are both tops. Do you guys end taking turns chowing each other? *I will listen on the radio *

  11. Glammy is following Bonang & Brandon Naidoo 🙂 How cute

    Who is Sihle Bolani’s man, guy looks kind familiar

  12. Sihle Bolani is getting married to that spike bridge guy. She looks so happy. I’m so happy for her. She’s a good woman and deserves all the love. Zinhle’s guy seems to be just as in love with her as she is with him. I must say I doubted him for a second there. Bonang and AKA also seem happy:) It’s soo cute . I love seeing people in love. Even that Nonku girl from twitter and Her Karabo. They ve been at it for more than a year and it’s so beautiful to
    My fav Lou Lou/MJ is divorced. She tweeted that she is a former Mrs Somebody. I love that she’s moved on and she’s happy. I love her positive spirit and the way she doesn’t compromise. Her and I could be friends in real life.
    Mathaz those Sotho guys are rude and disrespectful. I do follow them but sometimes they are a bit much.
    Anyway I dreamt I was having an affair with Lali ka melody. That guy is fine Yhu! But I’m not sure about his strokes. Ngathi he ll disappoint.

  13. I’m crushing so hard on someone 6 years younger than me – my goodness he is so yummy! Going away with him and a group of other people over the New Year period, I really hope he doesn’t bring a girl. Anyway in other news – I’m officially on holiday!!!!

  14. @DDI imagine yourself to be wone, gets better with age. Teach the young puppy some tricks !

    @Nomi He! So I am on the right track?

  15. @MissAnn; I have modded my golf mk1 and converted it to 2.0 turbo engine with free flow exhaust and the take off compared to Audis, BMWs and Mercs is the same if not better.
    Why drive a porsche when you can build yourself one?

  16. Its not a stalking mission trying to find out if he bought the side the car I have the reg number and the vin number in JC Detectives I trust.

  17. MissAn…JC: some of our people are ridiculously trapped in that corner of having to conform to societal norms: choosing roles (top or bottom). I find it annoying because you start being expected to act in a certain way in a relationship (submissive or dominant). It’s so exhausting when that happens in queer relationships.

    Back to your Q. It gets really tricky,and guys can end up cuddling,kissing,fondling and then Pam!no action. Or end up giving each other BJs and help each other masterbate until both cum. Sex achieved!

    It helps when one focuses on sexual activities and accepts what they are being given i.e. play any role. We should focus on ubumnandi. In general, we all like being kissed, touched and tongued all over our bodies.Sometimes we don’t know we can perform other activities because we have not tried them.

    Personally, I would never last in an association where someone is strictly T/B. It’s so boring: I do have my preferences but I get bored by doing the same thing. I have allowed/asked many feminine guys to play the other role (penetraion) and I would learn later that they felt uncomfortable or scared to play that role (expectations and not being given a chance). I must agree though: it takes a strong real man to handle and receive a D very well. Tltltltltlt , hence we have people who specialise in Topping or Bottoming.
    I like viewing Bottoming and Topping as an activity.I hate it when it’s changed to Job Tittles “Are you a Top or a Bottom”?

    Anyway uzong’fownela yebo noma cha? Krkrkrkrm

  18. JCBAR,you should be open 24/7, I’m on leave till the 10th of Jan, not going anywhere for holidays meaning I will save. All I’m doing is drinking……and sleep

  19. “Mr Right u hlaya ne”
    Hahahahaha askies @Annelise,ndza swi kuma kwini nkarhi yaku hlaya ti-thesis mara?Hikombela summary please.Namutiva sesi hilowa,urandzha kuba spicy Lol

  20. Happy holidays JC fam. Im learning so much from you guys abo Chase, Nelly, momager my fav being uTeddie and black stallion.

    Anyways to single moms how do you deal with baby daddy drama. Baby daddy so used to the submissive ne now he cant stand the independent me who speaks her mind and whenever things dont go his way would swear me etc. Im tired nje and i just want him out of my nunus life bahlali

  21. Joanne Prada I might be able to help you. Email me… when I was going thru my divorce let’s just say I was referred to some interesting people

    Along with the arrival of a new human being into the world, pregnancy also seems to result in something else life-changing — a woman’s brain that’s differently wired.
    Just what sort of ‘different’ is less clear, but apparently some pretty notable changes take hold after a woman gives birth, according to a study published Monday in Nature Neuroscience.
    It reports that, after pregnancy, women’s brains hold less gray matter in certain areas of the brain, particularly those regions dealing with things like social cognition and theory of mind, or knowing what’s going on inside someone else’s mind, as explained by Scientific American.
    The changes are thought to last for at least two years after birth.
    Led by neuroscientist Elseline Hoekzema of Leiden University, a research team at the Autonomous University of Barcelona carried out the study by looking at brain scans of 25 first-time mothers, from both before and after pregnancy, as well as the brain scans of 20 women with no children.
    The study also scanned the brains of first-time fathers and found no differences like the ones spotted in new mothers’ brains.
    Areas of a new mother’s brain that had gray matter reductions after birth were also the same areas that had the strongest response when she looked at a photo of her newborn child, according to the study. In looking at the changes, and how they relate to the new role of motherhood, researchers said it could all be part of a woman’s transitioning into parenthood.
    “Furthermore, the [gray matter] volume changes of pregnancy predict measures of postpartum mother-to-child attachment and hostility,” the study said, explaining that brain changes could be indicative of that mother’s newly forming relationship with her child.
    “These results indicate that pregnancy changes the [gray matter] architecture of the women’s brain and provide preliminary support for an adaptive process serving the transition into motherhood.”
    Major hormonal changes take place not just during pregnancy but during another notable life stage — puberty.
    If anything, a similar thing could be happening with the brains of new mothers, as the study suggests.

  23. “What are your thoughts on the study @MrLungile?”
    Well, i had a feeling of “dejavu” whilst reading it @Mathaz,a lot of puzzles fell into place.Wena u hleketa yini with this article?

  24. pls write yours will email back @joanne prada
    Priska uphi! I need your help wethu! i know uyazi lento endiyiresearch-ayo

  25. 5.I’m curious about lazy people. Lazy people have always amazed me how they have no ambition or drive to get up in the morning. They would rather sleep than get up earlier and make extra profit.

    #levels Not everyone has this hustle mentality and that’s ok. The world needs workers and consumers, in my opinion. I had that thought whilst doing grocery shopping, looking at different people buying things, cashier’s, store supervisors, just the hierarchy of life…..

  26. #AskAMan

    Anonymous complained about not reaching climax for 6 years with her man.

    The man is not happy that the woman has taken matters into her own hands by playing with herself.
    Anonymous can now reach climax and she is enjoying it.

    The other day the man got upset that anonymous was playing with herself during foreplay and he dressed and left anonymous.

    Anonymous called into #AskAMan today to give us a follow up story because the man is not happy with what is happening currently.

    She says that she loves the man and doesn’t wanna lose her man.

    I suspect anonymous is a JC blogger lol. But women like how do you fake it this long, like us men we not so patient if uyabanda we leave you in the cold simple whether we love or not we will still leave for greeniar pastures and why don’t you do the same?

  27. my anything dezemba goes

    my friend bought a German car,her mom’s four incisors are still missing (6yrs) her bedroom window is covered with a metal sheet(zenke),the couches are prehistoric and falling apart, the kitchen and lounges is still polished with candle and paraffin, the fence is 2strands. guys I know you’ll against black taxi but improving your home can we still call it black tax? she’s the best dressed in our squad,lives in a beautiful complex but ekhaya enye indaba. am I expecting too much from her? surely not

    • my mom’s younger sister is pregnant for the 9nth time in 41yrs, ubaba wezingane moved out after baby #4 while pregnant with #5. so for past 10 years she’s been buying pampers. kunzima #siyazilimazaNathi

    •my friend has started ARVs,her bf(long-term) doesn’t know even her status. I asked her if they’re towning wathi yebo,meaning she’s now infecting him with a new strain of the virus that will be resistant to the pill she’s taking should he need to start meds. now iworry yami she’s sleeping with 2 others and what if she’s towning with them and nabo they’re towning and nalabo they’re towning elsewhere? INTERSEXION yeDrug Resistant Virus. it’s sad uma ucabanga ukuthi umuntu ufundile AI kunzima

  28. Zama khuza your friend sisi, she needs to tell the guy know or maybe she thinks it’s too late his infected already? How’s your relationship with your friend? Are you too close, do you ever ask why she’s doing this?

  29. NOOO!! So people are still in denial of HIV ngo 2016? Tjo!
    Zama My cousin and her mom were the skhothanes of our family, she was the first in our family to rock a brazillian weave (in 2009 I think), she called herself i shareholder yaka Spitz, cause she literally had everything ever sold there, but when her mom passed 2yrs later she did not have even life insurance, let alone Funeral cover yokumngcwaba ke le. People busy khotharing us in the streets but emakhaya dololo growth…pathetic in this day in age really, if you ask me.

  30. Yho Zama, kunzima indeed. As my sister would say, some people’s priorities are upside down. Dont know about other people, but fixing up your family home is a smart thing to do while you still can . Coz the way the world is today, it just might be the place you run back to when it gets tough.
    As for your friend and the recklessness, hayi cha, its sad. I will never forget what our lecturer said the first day at med school, facts dont change behavior. And when it comes to HIV , what that lecturer said resonates.

  31. Tjo Zama that’s hectic!

    Bahlali please visit my page Thehitmitsa on Facebook, we sell a fun game for suitable for both kids and adults. One can play at the beach, in the pool, garden/park and even indoors. We already have agents selling in GP, but would like to have in other provinces as well, currently we courier to the rest of SA…If interested please email hitmitsa@gmail.com or text 074 886 1631

  32. Ke Dezemba… I am lazy to do things but I am not wealthy therefore I cannot not do something to better my life in 2017. I thought I will be able to keep fit and eat healthy in this festive season but it is fucking hard. As usual women’s radiancy, alluring physiques has me by the balls my desire is to bang one or two nookies but my conscious also has me by the balls. MXM! It is nice to sit in your office and surf the internet pretending to yourself that your working but your trying to keep out of trouble from these lovely ladies. my boys are having a relaxed pool chillas le stoko. four guys and seven girls and two on their way. They are saying they are about to play some nice games. and some have been banging already, ke dezemba sure

  33. “As usual women’s radiancy, alluring physiques has me by the balls my desire is to bang one or two nookies but my conscious also has me by the balls”
    Hehehehehe…The lies you tell Black-Stallion,who exactly are you trying to convince?Yourself?

  34. Hehehehehe…The lies you tell Black-Stallion,who exactly are you trying to convince?Yourself?

    Yes, man.. Bahle abantwana bagezile….

  35. Let me guess…your conscience is going to take you straight to your familiar wife after work instead of joining your friends and sampling new stoko Black-Stallion.Yay or nay?

  36. I appreciate that I still do have a job, God knows, But I don’t like my job anymore!! Why am I still here vele,,,when life and Dezemba is happening out there..? I should be there nama chomi a BlackStallion…but,,,mnxm

  37. Haibo Zama! Does your friend have a good relationship with her mom/family? I mean!! That doesn’t make sense unless she hates her mom

  38. @Zama a lot of people are on ARVs and they are reckless AF! It’s like they are trying to convince themselves that they are negative by living on the edge. I know a girl who discovered shes positive when she went to give birth. She got ARVs and the syrup ARV for the baby and was told not to breast feed because her viral load is high. Guess what she’s joined the Instagram hashtags about breastfeeding freely in public. Ask me in a few months, my guess is she’ll have a new guy and she’ll be towning again.

    The baby daddy left her before she started showing. She met a new guy, they Towned so she could say it’s the new guy’s baby. I don’t know who infected who but new guy is supporting the baby but dumped her, a re she infected him.

    I hope someone’s husband doesn’t fall for her. Next thing poor wife will get infected while she’s busy with church and her kids

  39. Eish @mama croc…its scarry out there. I wish people can realise the seriousness of HIV Aids. I have heard of husbands infecting thier honest wives who eventually died living thier kids. Thats tragic…

  40. Heard on Kaya this morning, that pastor that was praying for single women to get married and charging 5K for some prayers has bought a Ferrari…LMAO!

  41. @125ddd
    At the club a guy came with a print out/medical certificate saying he’s Hiv negative. Imagine he’s not asking the girls status. The girls eyes where sparkling because he offered double the rate to town. He’s walking around with a piece of paper infecting people. I tried to talk to those girls, they told me about a Dr in Hillbrow who sells Pep for R500.

  42. Hahaha @MissAN. Mfundisi wants to be fancy.

    @Zama those are very sad stories. Your friend with the German machine vele doesn’t see anything wrong with leaving ekhaya kubo like that? Wow.
    If you are close to these people, please advise them accordingly. The HIV+ friend is very reckless and selfish.

  43. the lady with the German machine sikhule sonke from grade 7 when we moved to her section of the township, that’s from ’98. I mean I borrowed her curtains last year December when her dad passed on. they were never returned athi she’ll buy material and have them sew new 1. a year later dololo. my mom extracted 3teeth in one day…I had 2 replaced. I spoil my mom,every chance I get. I know ladies who have strained relationships with their mothers but still they reach out. umngane wami usile qha

    the other lady we’re close(and no she won’t see this, she uses whatsapp only) we spoke about it and she doesn’t see wrong at all. we were discussing HIV with my brother this weekend, actually we were talking about infectious diseases. ngathi I wish HIV was like TB,where after 2 weeks of starting treatment you’re no longer infectious. unfortunately that’s not the case.

  44. I appreciate that I still do have a job, God knows, But I don’t like my job anymore!! Why am I still here vele,,,when life and Dezemba is happening out there..? I should be there nama chomi a BlackStallion…but,,,mnxm

  45. Mommy Wa Croc: daddy wa croc will not suffer or be broke, if you just as real to him as you’re in these streets…

  46. @Mamak our very own BB built a home ezilalini,educated as she is. you don’t have to build a whole house,new paint,new light fittings, ceiling tiles, floor tiles,new curtains, a window elokshin is R200,she doesn’t even have a bed bahlali. surely a R20k loan would have gone a long way. but ke maybe I’m jealous because I drive Tinarha machine

    yhooo @MamaCroc you’ll find that the guy is already taking meds and ubusy spreading it around. iPEP after some times you develop resistance just like every medication when abused. igcina ingasakusebenzela.

    I think ignorance is even worse ngo2016. @Amethyst since the introduction of single dose and the now that the pill doesn’t change the fat distribution. so we no longer point out those who take pills. people now think they can get away with it.

    HIV is no longer the result of sleeping around, ikulandela endlini ulala ngamaPJs. it’s manageable impilo iyaqhubeka. but you’ll find “educated” people ignorance appalling. aaah well such is life

  47. @V.Becks I’m watching and drooling. . .

    How cute is he. . .i love him.

    He’s now talking about his dad. . .

  48. Hahahahaha @Nemo. Just hey boo him on twitter or Instagram!
    I’m actually enjoying this interview shem

  49. @Nemo,I am watching,just for you.I can actually see why you love him.He has that Hlaudi thing but he is short

  50. “Miri mi hemberiwa hi mani @MrLungile na @Annelise?”
    HiBlack-Stallion @Mathaz,hihleketa kuri mivelekiwe tolo wanuna hilo LOL.Hlaya first post yayena

  51. @Thamiz yes i saw some pics. She send videos sometimes after midnight and deleted them after.

    They have been dating for quiet some time now.

  52. Moms please help me out. So my son is 4, I bought him “Christmas clothes”. I was so excited when I bought them, but when I showed them to him, he didn’t show any excitement. He is generally enthusiastic – when he is happy, he really shows it. He is not really short of clothes, but I wanted him to look good. The outfit I thought was really cute (navy slim fit pants and a sky blue Japanese collar shirt). Kodwa excitement dololo. I am so disappointed, I almost cried. Has any mom experienced this? Am I wrong for wanting to take the clothes back? I will save a few hundreds kodwa he’s so cute in that outfit, but uncomfortable. My sister thinks it’s too grown up – the outfit.

  53. MaSga that’s so cute /funny/ sad but that’s kids for you. Because its Christmas Clothes I’d suggest you change them because after all its about the kids and you want him to be happy. Sorry you were disappointed in his reaction, but clearly the little man knows what he likes!

  54. Can someone please tell me how the PVZ saga started and why so much interest.. Ive been a silent blogger so not quite sure of where it all started…

  55. @Msaga, if ur 4 yr old gets new clothes every 2nd months or so he won’t be excited about Xmad clothes as he doesn’t know the value of Xmas clothes like the way we grew up Xmas means you get new clothes atleast once a yr. My kids go to emakhaya in December so even though they get new clothes throughout the year, they learned value of Xmas clothes from friends when they were around 4/5 years.

    Don’t take the clothes back, just find a way to get him excited. Luke find something to build-up the excitement the way you do with an upcoming birthday

  56. @Masga lol you bought wrong clothes my Darling…swag of the year is camouflage and the superstar sneakers…. APPARENTLY

    ngiyithengile isuperstar but ngishaye phansi kweCamo,I won’t be dictated to.

  57. Nelley, Aroma
    Do you know Toke Makinwa… I mean bonang’s bestie.. The one that looks like her,
    If you want her book, I have in PDF
    It’s a sad story about how we women hold on to betrayal, hurt all because we want to stay married…
    She opened and bared her soul in this book…some men are just evil… Evil
    I pray for the day we all know better so we can do better and tell ourselves we are better than this bullshit

  58. Let me guess…your conscience is going to take you straight to your familiar wife after work instead of joining your friends and sampling new stoko Black-Stallion.Yay or nay?

    Yes I went home.. Yay!

  59. HiBlack-Stallion @Mathaz,hihleketa kuri mivelekiwe tolo wanuna hilo LOL.Hlaya first post yayena.. I do not understand.

  60. Andile Nodada looks so much like the twins on that pic Anele posted kukho no Vuyi. Yoh! Ngu Yise we twins nyhani

  61. Thanks ladies. I will take the clothes back. @Loveness, uqinisile; he gets a new item every month (my mom, sister and his dad buy whenever they see something they like for him) and They (kids) grow up too fast, I am sure in Feb that outfit will be too small for him.
    @Zama, he is into superheroes. So le-shirt eli-plain melimubhora nje.

  62. @lolakarabs
    I’ve tried sending, it’s not delivering, check the mail add you sent me again….

  63. Baby Shaka Madida is too cute bakithi.

    So celebrities pay for personal photographers as well? Or how does this work? Zinhle and Stills by Tom and Bonang no BlaqSmith

  64. I think aurelia is living a sad life,every woman want to show off their baby bump, babyshower, baby photos,but because mini loaf gave her strict instructions not to she’s doing exactly that,is it wat she wants at the end of the day?I don’t think so but it’s wat makes her man happy, all I see mna is a sad person with a huge smile to fool everyone, uploading pics at midnight when people are sleep and delete them in the morning is not life shem,ngeke. aurelia do you honey not Wat miniloaf wants.

    The madida baby is so cute, so is his name shaka.

    bloggers can you trust a friend who is just friends with everyone,I mean everyone

  65. @ramzey, I’m sure people who really matter to Aurelia have seen and experienced all those things with her. It’s not everyone who wants the whole world up in their business.

  66. @ramzey I don’t hey, also don’t trust people who cant keep friends. I like drama but I shouldn’t be involved so ppl that don’t have long term friendships usually bring unnecessary drama so I cut ke mna.

  67. girliegal Dec 22, 2016 at 9:59 am

    @ramzey, I’m sure people who really matter to Aurelia have seen and experienced all those things with her. It’s not everyone who wants the whole world up in their business.

  68. Been trying so hard not to do this kodwa i need an outsiders input bahlali…. BD didnt come fetch the kid these holidays his reasons being “he doesn’t have money, so I must contribute to him fetching our child to go spend time with him” he didnt fetch her last holidays for the same reasons too. My child was so confused as to why she didnt go visit like always but ke we lived… last holidays I was vocal about not being able to add an extra expense for something he clearly knew he had to priorities but ke come Dec we had the same problem which led to the kid staying with my aunt coz I work through the holidays & my mom had a trip. she was happy to be spending time there so akhonto.

    fast forward to a few weeks in, he calls to say that his dad passed away & “how are we going to make sure that the kid goes to the funeral” am I wrong for not seeing the need for me to attend the funeral? I am not obliged to, not only have I met latata twice in my life (my child once) he is/was her grand father & she should attend but not at my expense right? Now my issue is that my heart wont let me be this person. honestly I cant afford the trip right now, with Christmas expenses & my own monthly expenses i am not affording. please share your opinions as to what can be done apha & if I am being a horrible person.

  69. @blackdiadem ke kopa ebook as well. beckhamsmain at gmail dot com

    @ramzey that person is not to be trusted.

  70. Purplehaze you are not a horrible person. You can not afford it. I don’t think you should be stretching yourself thin while the father is not pulling his weight. Being broke is painful, if spend your last cent on this trip, you will be miserable the whole festive season and January. For what?

  71. Purplehaze if you can’t afford it you’re not a bad person. Baby daddy must make a plan. Siyawagezisa lamadoda

  72. Yhu @Qhawe: The twins are a replica of Nodada. Faniyane nobaba wengane. Yilanto yakudala kwakuthwa “Sizaw’bona emntwaneni” #PoorPrinceOfTheatre

    @ramzey: there’s 2 categories: (1) the type that is friendly to most people and popular, but has very few close friends (e.g. Bonang); then there’s the type that is friends with many people (attending their birthdays and other micimbi, e.g. Nomagigabite (now that’s an annoying type.).

  73. @purplehaze…..why do you want to go over and beyond for someone that doesn’t do the same for you? He’s never done that for his own child, and now there’s an expectation that you’ll take your child there for the funeral…how? if it’s such a biggie for him that the child attends, he can make means to get them there.

  74. @Purple: attending funerals is about how close you were with/to the deceased.That’s how I see it.I don’t attend every family member’s funeral.In your case, BD is supposed to make a plan if he thinks that it’s important for the kids to attend. Just be careful how you lay down this message to him (“I’m really sorry about the passing of your dad.I don’t mind letting the kids attend the funeral. The only issue is how to get them there,because I don’t have money,I have already spent a lot for Christmas
    but you can contact me if you have a plan,I will let them go”).

  75. I cant help it yaz’ I am stressing about it na ngoku, he maintains & pays half of the school fees which he is meant to pay ngoku end of Dec for Jan ndine worry now that if the kid doesn’t go what if he retaliates & doesn’t pay that? yhoo how people change over night is stressful mann. honestly cant wait for a time when his R1500 doesn’t relieve us & its money I put away for the kid nje.

    Thank you for easing my guilt kancane, and is there a way besides going to maintenance court where I an force him to spend time withe her on holidays & phone calls? She deserves these things naye even thou we live in different provinces.

  76. It’s no time to point his weakness or vent or tell him about your frustrations or disappointments.Keep in short and sweet.You can bring the issue around March next year (Good Friday).
    As far as I know, everyone should have a plan about their kids way before X-mas,more especially in a case where parents don’t cohabit. Makucwangciswe,kuthethiswane early. He has to communicate his intentions and plans early because he doesn’t stay with the kids.Mayingagezi lendoda.

  77. @ramzey i agree with you. Mini loaf want to continue with other girls. Remember even our queen was not allowed to show off their relationship.Its because he was with Auriela on the side.And i heard last year he was dating a mayor or councellor from Ethekwini im not sure if it was true. He is young, let him play.And that baby mama we dont know whats happening with her. Ladies a man can deny his girlfriend pregnancy when asked by other girlfriend. He will say to them ” did you saw the pregnancy with your own eyes? If your answer is No. Then dont ask me about this issue again” lol man always win.

  78. @Nomi_Super_Star I wish I had asked 2 days ago yaz, I sent the message yesterday already it read “Hey, am not going to be able to drive up serviced my car yesterday. So if you can help with gas the Kid can come up next week Tuesday” and till now am waiting for his response, my mother wants us to go halfies on the gas & I keep telling her I cant afford that, I wish she stayed as angry at the situation as she was yesterday 🙁 but ke, we always trying to be the bigger people.

  79. @Ramz: I think as bloggers or fans of these popular folks , we like thinking too much about things and start creating problems where there are Zilch.
    I am the type that would post 2010 graduation pics in 2011.I don’t share a lot of personal pics on social media (immediately) like some kids do. My meetings with friends ebumnandini are always captured ,but I post pics way later because andiyithandi into yokuxhoma and attention.

    But then I get your point about her having to post things during ungodly hours and deletes ngeeZayure zokubuya kwamaGqwirha ekuthakatheni.Such a lot of admin.!Euphonic strikes me as a dictator (uZwilakhe noNtlokoyakhe).He is so sure of himself. I think he is better off dating people who are not on his level (achievements ,power ,money,s tatus).

  80. Kiki can we get a like button please, it would help with acknowledging people’s input when we do our AG’s.

  81. Speaking of mini loaf I cringed when I saw his tweet regarding title deeds challenge.. Its like he was throwing shades at Casper

  82. I’m on page 77 of On becoming, yuuuu, so hectic, #MenAreTrash.Toke even bleached her skin to keep a man, men wil show u flames

  83. @Purplehaze I hear your cry mntakadabs and it’s very frustrating to have to liaison with your heart on matters that are absolutely out of your control. He knew that festive season was meant for him and umntwana manje he’s flipping the script?! Unacceptable. By any means if you can get the money let the child go and keep it moving yazi certain things shouldn’t be about who’s pride is bigger it’s should be for the best interest of the child, yes he’s father and he should have assisted where needed, kodwa sisi you don’t want umntwana to resent you years to come for a measly R500. They will make plans to return the kid one way or another.

  84. Hayi my AG cannot wait till ngomso shame… so this guy I met on Tinder in Sept, we dated for a month and I called it off when I noticed I-interest yakhe waning… anyway he messages me last week Thursday athi uyanfikhumbula, so I’m like, bhuti be explicit, ufuna ntoni kum kahle kahle…athi ufuna sizame again and he understands uba I don’t take.nonsense and am grounded and he wants to be serious nam etc… so ke since bendisane-change yabo, ndathi we can meet and chat and see uba siyaphi… ndiyazihleka guys at how gullible and naive I am when it comes to dating (andimala ngeloxesha – close to JC38)….but in my defense I didn’t date for years after a horrible break up.

  85. @Vergara yaz I am with you, I want to send her kodwa I honestly don’t have the money. I have exhosted (sp) myself with making sure she is good for Christmas even got her bicycle the day before yesterday coz he promised it for her birthday & didnt deliver coz “he has expenses” … I dont get that Dec bonus people always speak of my dec is always about making the kid happy, coz thats how I remember it with my mom. I would honestly love to send her I mean am even willing to take out my car even my lil brother agreed to drive up with my mom & his gf. And as for her resenting me for not going to the funeral I dont see how we would get there coz girl doesnt even understand when I told her she said “they told me, mommy when are we going to Spur again?” She doesnt know what he looks like, she met him once when we took her to his house at 2 months old ( this is not an excuse thou)

  86. So, on Friday we hang out with some of his friends, kumnandi, this is the first time I am meeting his friends neh. Sat he invites me to a family do, but he cancels, Sunday, I meet more of his friends at his place.. Monday morning siyancokola and we declare our intentions to each other and brothers u-sincere nyhani… qha akafumaneki efownini…as in he blue ticks me, he takes a whole day to respond to messages and doesn’t return calls. I leave it Monday, Tuesday, same thing happens. So xa ndiphuma emsebenzini, loaded on wine, I call him 3/4 times and send him 2 msgs, the last one saying “Lose my number”… haha, he calls me and makes some lame excuses and what the set me off was when he asked me to b flexible….

  87. anyone kindly send me the book zizijc3@gmail.com

    re: Aurelia has a baby boy. Eupho does not want Aurelia posting pics of the baby just like she doesnt want Kholeka to do it but ever since they broke up Kholeka posts the baby(baby mama is the mayors daughter). Imean Aurelia posted her employment contract imagine why wouldnt she post ke this time? she tries to hint and post pics of baby rattles, but Isandla sentsimbi Eupho would never allow her to post the baby

  88. @purplehaze you are not being snaaks. Your reasons are fairly understandable. And like phetolo said, why go the extra mile for someone who always makes excuses FOR HIS KID NOGAL? Your kid is probably too young to understand anyway. She will be bored and fidgety at the funeral

    Thanks for the book@blackdiadem

  89. Can one kind blogger please give us a summary of the books bandla…there are some of us who are super lazy to read anything unless it’s gossip. *shrugs Not*

  90. @Purple: you were never married to this guy and his family. Phola apha eHead Office. The grandfather was not close to your child so your kid won’t have nightmares, asking “where is granddad?I want to see granddad!”*screaming*. So phola, this is not about the child, its about his father and his needs.

    You only owe him nothing but access to ingane: its up to him to make a plan to see ingane.All you can do is make the process easier. Phola apha eHead office mntaka’tomnci. Emotional Blackmail ayizusebenza. I’m not saying that lendoda is useless, but he doesn’t plan- but he expects you to turn bricks into bread.

    Yhu,mna, I can’t have a bank balance e-Below R2000 until January, and I will not let anyone mess with that. My brokenness = having a bank balance less than R2000, I totally exclude anyone and their needs xa ibalance yam ingaphantsi kweR2100.

  91. @Vergara: I’m surviving sweedat. Clients are so untouchable, andinalo kwaxesha lazo,ndihamba nabahambayo. I’m still slaving at Baas John’s until tomorrow midday.
    U-grand wena?

  92. Ayi @ Purplehaze usile loyo, child only met granpa once I’m sure she/he wont even be that sad to hear about his passing. If BD wants the child there, then he must come fetch the child or afake imali for you to be able to get the child there. You cant be raising baby and also raise his father. No ways that’s one thing I put down my foot on- me ex aka baby daddy decided to go back to school fulltime. So sometimes he’ll be on some please bring the child I’m back for the holidays. The answer is always ask your parents to lend you a car to come get your son… angidlali kanjalo…

    Maye I please have Toke’s book too… @blackdiem @nelley @ everyone else who’s received it. Thanks

  93. Yoh Storm that guy okare ha a sho ka taba ya hae. I hate being blue ticked, what more by bae. I wouldn’t be impressed shem. Mina I would just exit from that situation.
    Speaking of whatsapp, friend of mine emailed me a chat and I can’t open it. It just becomes blank and has that zip extension. I saved it on iCloud Drive and tried to open it there but still dololo. What could be the problem for not opening?

  94. I have a friend who is friends with everyone,last week she invited me for lunch to catch up, lucky for me I never talk about my personal life with anyone except my cousin, she talked about lots of people and their personal business,today I went to her insta and saw pics of her and the people she was gossiping about,with very deep captions about how she loves them. I immediately blocked her; she sent me a msg on watsapp I then blocked her too.

  95. @phetolo: hahaha I also don’t get how kids feature in the funerals (zizithethi zokuhlala?Ukugula/Ukukhula?). You only go with them when there’s no one to look after them.Inezimanga lendoda.

  96. Thank you guys, the guilt has subsided shem. @Nomi_Super_Star we never got married, he paid lobolo but we never proceeded from there.

  97. We going to enjoy our Christmas yaz, I will call his family next week to apologize & explain that I tried kodwa I cant afford to take that kid. Will send them pics like I always do on the day shem kubemnandi.

  98. @Home wrecker …. see branding 301, AKA is hosting Circ vodka do on the 27th of dec … He is still CRUZ Vodka ambassodor.

  99. @ramzey…. I had a “friend” who was friends with EVERYONE…. then i noticed she spoke badly of her other “friends” when she was witg me but would go for weekend aways with them as if nothing happened… it turned out she was also talking about me… so i kicked her out of my life with no notice, no warning…she sent smses and i never responded… its been a year since we last communulicated. So in a nutshell, i think its difficult to trust some of these over friendly people but then pips are different…

  100. @Purpelhaze I understand exactly where you coming from nana. Do what you can and if you can’t then don’t force and stretch yourself thin because of someone who had an obligation to fulfill. Sending you all the warmth and hugs for you. Strength to you sisi.

    @Troll Phela the spirit of ubunonjakazi is a thing of the past wethu manje clients are in the spirit of ‘our dear Saviours birth’ akhonto sana because next year is still a year to flourish nge’pipi sthandwa sam. As for Baas John ke nhonho you’ll just have to stick it out.

  101. purplehaze: Just do nothing. He must make a plan… you say he pays maintenance of R1500 and pays half the school fees.. Yah Neh!

  102. @ramzey the person u are talking about sounds like the friend i am refering to. She would tell me about everyone’s dirty business and next thing uSisters is all over facebook with those same people going on about #LoveLiVesHere #FriendshiForever etc etc… I Found that so dodgy…

  103. Blackstallion Some men have it easy seriously. Imagine the child’s expenditures? Ka R1500 a month? Kumnandi eMzansi.

  104. Hey @Favored my love may i ask you to please do something for me go to the link https://www.facebook.com/TheBungalowClifton/?fref=ts i want you to look closely at the event posters and the people that will be there, you will then notice something very important which is all theother celebs on their flyers have the image of a Ciroc bottle BUT aka’s does not have the bottle on them ….and the event is NOT a ciroc event , ciroc is one of the sponsors hun 🙂

  105. guys mara Tokwe’s book he! A guy disappoints you 3 times; and there are three of you in the relationship and you thank your lucky stars he chose you! Ah ah! Where is your self esteem? 🙁

  106. Lmao
    At first, when I read, I was like WTF.. How can you not walk away.. How, aren’t you scared of diseases… But as I read more, I understood her struggles, the self esteem that beauty, money or popularity couldn’t diminish… Did you read the part she found out about the sex video of her husband in the laptop, his excuses
    She met this guy at age 19 and went through 12 years of torture.. Arrrgh man…

  107. @blackdiadem…thank u for reccomending the book. @nelly…. It just goes to show how easy it is for women to get trapped in toxic relationships… A lot of women are currently trapped and its hard ro get out but they fake happiness for various reasons. I know of highly successful people who were treated like shit buly thier men but continued to stay in hope for the best…

  108. Privacy my foot!!

    I feel sorry for aureila, She bought herself to this situation. She will look back and regret

    Toke makinwa situation sounds exactly like the one with Bonang (tokwe) Vs Euphonik(make) Vs Kholeka (Anita) (baby mama). It’s just that Bonang and euphonik where not married. and am glad she knew her worth

    Same situation happening with aureila worse there is a baby involved, Euphonik will forever love kholeka, they were/are soul mates even Queen B knows this

  109. Euphonik (Maje)*

    Queen B naye should write a book, about being her!How euphonik will stood her up for kholeka, how she was always second best, how find out about kholeka, how she was emotional abused,

  110. Yhuuu guys I’m shook I take it back! But FUCK!im traumatized… at one point I actually understood her where she was saying Maje owed her happiness. She kept hoping the happiness would come! For some reason she was hoping Maje would change:( Maje just loves Anita wakhe sisono this Maje is a dick! Tokwe girl I know just how it feels like.. hoping a baby will fix a marriage. Wanting a baby for all the wrong reasons and I found it funny that upon reading this book; I understand Bonang much much better. Something I can’t explain; has nothing to do with this Maje but the whole society standards of having to keep it together! The world thinking they can judge you, making harsh comments about your life! I can’t imagine how it felt like when her affair with aka was made public!

  111. The book is badly written but it’s deep hey! I’ve been where she is shem! When the ex wouldn’t come home for three nights a week I would be so angry and pack all my stuff to leave! He would kneel down and beg me to stay! Cry even kanti 🙁 ! I held on to those moments I ignored all the signs! I need alcohol lmao! Yoh!

  112. Lol nelly
    You see I get that, but the message is deep
    I like when she said she will be the one to tell her story and not the other way round… I’ve been on a mission sending this e-book to as many friends I know that are in toxic relationships and marriages.. I mean even considering being in an arrangement where you have to supplies your husband’s baby mama her needs…

  113. Yho guys… I was exactly where Toke was for 7 years. My body shivered when i read her story… it felt like i was re-living my nightmare. My ex was exactly like Maje…. Men can have so much power over us….especially when we let them…

  114. @bae900 do you mean the chapter 10 titled “the other woman”
    She left it blank on purpose, according to her, The other woman means nothing to her, she doesn’t care about her… So she left it blank…

  115. Bae900 the link to the book has been posted up there and there are no missing pages! Chapter 10 is about Anita.. which seems to have been deliberately left blank! Lol read that she was throwing shade at Anita! Thank you so much for sharing @blackdiadem I’m still shook

  116. It reads like a very long AG. She has been through a lot with this guy.Really hope she finds peace and identity from within and lots of happiness. @bae900 I read from the links send and the chapter tilted Her is blank.

  117. Maje didn’t want any picture with tokwe, he didn’t even wanna be seen in public with her, they had a private Wedding , pictures linked later, she was not allowed to discuss her wedding with anyone only her close friends, he didn’t post any pictures of her,rarely even comment in her pictures, all this was in the name of PRIVACY which you always defend Aureila ka euphonik with.

    What happened to tokwe is happening to Aureila now.

    Euphonik is all over kholeka social media, it is clear he stalks her

    Am so glad UBonang woke up!!

  118. @V.Becks – kaloku after I told him to lose my number he called and I went all xhosa crazy chick on him (esp after he told me to be flexible) and told him to forget he ever knew me… he got it from me shame, after I dropped the phone on him he still called me back, and all i said was “What the F do you want”, he dropped and hasn’t called back since..
    @nomi – hleka wethu! I deserve it. Yhu, bendimuncu shame. And ewe!

  119. He also comments on Aurelia’s instagram! She posts him; maybe not the way you like it… he did declare his love publicly. If Ray is ready to post her kid; she will analyzing her relationship will not change the state of her happiness as a new mum!

  120. Vele what does he mean “be flexible”? He wants you to be ok with being blue ticked and ignored and then wena you must be ready when HE decides to call and text?? He’s crazy.

    I need to finish this book I’m currently reading so I can start Toke’s one. Really sounds like a great intriguing read

  121. You know what guys, at the end of the day, self love is still ultimate
    What Toke went thorough so many women both sophisticated and plain are going through, some have died, some have permanent scars, some have lost touch of reality
    A man stepping out of his marriage is never okay, will NOT be okay no matter the circumstances
    And as this book has proven, it doesn’t just start from the blue, there are ALWAYS signs that we refused to see, that we pray away, that we ignore and make excuses for. Toke’s saving grace was she didn’t get pregnant, else she would still be making excuses until maybe he becomes physically abusive
    Emotional abuse is the worst of its kind, because you can’t even explain it to people close to you, many will think you’re overreacting, but always think of your sanity
    We see Ags here everyday, some are going through worse, it’s not too late to work away, cast away that fear of starting over, of wondering how you’ll make it better… Just seek only one thing “the courage to be happy”

  122. Not sure if this privacy thing has levels but Aurelia posted mini loaf s pic on His birthday and the pic is still there…and even today mini loaf commented on aurelia s pic.

  123. This >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 100 likes

    Toke’s saving grace was she didn’t get pregnant, else she would still be making excuses until maybe he becomes physically abusive.

    @nelly I knew you will defend her, but then only she herself knows the truth shem. That’s why she will post pics in the middle of the night and delete them. Its painful to watch, I pray she realize what she is doing to herself before its too late

    That’s not privacy, that’s euphonik written all over it.

    But then lets say its privacy kikikiki

  124. I can understand relationships becoming toxic over time. Tokwe’s one was toxic, however in my opinion from Day 1. He showed himself over and over again what kind of a person he was. Given her daddy issues, however, I guess, you can maybe, perhaps, give her a little leeway in her choice of man. The women I genuinely feel for are those who enter a relationship, only for the partner to change his ways later. Someone who you’ve forgiven over and over again for mistreating you I’m afraid, I have less understanding for. And to further go on and marry them….in the hopes of what?? He’ll suddenly change? But why would he need to, when his behaviour has clearly worked for him in the past?
    And back to the book, its sad that in the end she still takes some responsibility for his behaviour. Saying she should have cooked for him etc. So that what?? He wouldn’t stray? Tried to entice, him why? Even when she was a chocolate bar, he was still unfaithful.
    Overall though the message to get out of toxic relationships is a good one. However its also more important to send the message that when you actually start a relationship, look out for all the hints/ signs/ billboards/ loudspeakers that suggest an unhealthy relationship.

    Then step.

    Oh, one last comment. It would help if we didn’t think of being a wife of somebody (please anybody Guard!!I just need to get married!)as being some prize. These men have sussed us out and they play on this. Nathi we’ll be happy to be on some “I said yes” tip, while deep down inside, your stomach is churning because you know that you said yes to a lifetime of unhappiness.

  125. Thank you @Blackdiadem and @Nelley for the ebook,yoh ayalimaza amadoda!!! Well written memoir, men neh nx!!!

  126. Just Stacks? ?@Ntando_nje
    Is Bonang ever going to reveal who she’s subbing, will AKA intervene?
    Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

  127. 9 chapter into Tokes book. She’s been through a lot. I don’t get why she had to bleach her skin. This Anita person is not even yellow bone. Unless if Toke was a black bone.

  128. Lol. Bonang leaving us hanging like that. I trust the JC detectives to find out who she’s subtweeting.

  129. @MK
    Anita was more than a yellow bone… I read that her maternal side are naturally light skinned people, while her father was full Lebanese… So imagine.. The light skinned curly long hair Lebanese, that’s who Toke was competing against…

  130. @blackdiadem okay. I saw some Anita Solomons on insta, guess that’s not her. I just finished reading the book. What a sad story

  131. So I can’t comment on anything goes post.. gosh witch craft. That story about our girl subbing talentless because she’s jealous is far fetched and doesn’t make sense