5 Things Jade Hubner Is Curious About!

5 Things Jade Hubner Is Curious About!


By Jade Hubner



Flies! How are they so brave? We are bigger than them. We slap them away to get them to go and they still come back. I always think, “why aren’t you scared of me, I am a giant.”


Why people leave a voice mail when I specifically ask in my voice mail for them not to leave a message and to send a voice note or text!?


In movie theatres, cars and planes, why is there only one arm rest to share? Why don’t they just always have two alongside one another?


Why we choose to voluntarily poison ourselves, which is technically what we are doing when we are drinking. Nobody likes how it makes them feel afterwards and everyone suffers, so why do we keep doing it over and over again? And why do men go out, drink to pick up a girl, but then once they have picked up the girl, they are unable to do what they planned to do because they drank too much. I don’t understand how some never figure out that the two don’t mix well together?


I’m curious as to why we can’t make sure that everyone has shelter, warmth and some food. Surely if we cancelled all office parties, giant corporate events and government parties for a year or two, we could provide everyone with these human necessities? Also if everyone who earns enough to put food on the table could donate a few blankets and socks each year, we could provide everyone with warmth. I’m curious to know if we did this, would we be able to achieve this goal? Surely we can distribute more money, more evenly and do more? So much goes to waste and on unnecessary things.


Jade Hubner is a Top Billing presenter and a model. Catch her on Twitter & Instagram; @JadeHubner


By @KikiMarli


  1. Since I cant sleep because insominia has me by the clit, I decided to go check out these instagram people yall always tslk about. I was never ready for Lord-Phil short, fat and ugly eeuwww imagine him sweating in top of you… ga le di tshabe basadi strue ai

  2. I wish I was up because I had insomnia,but instead I am up because I am in pain,constant pain for days now.Been in and out of hospital no one seems to know exactly how to treat me,mxm.My best guy friend thinks my ex is mooning me…lol.I don’t want to wake my sisters,shame they have been my nurses since mom is so far….I am rambling neh,must be the pain.Not sure what Jade is curious about…

  3. lol but she is right about flies thou,huu mosquitoes are evil..

    What’s wrong Eleanor,if you don’t mind

  4. I have bowel obstruction but they don’t seem to know why.I literally live on fiber,fruits and veges but still nothing.I even called an ambulance on Tueday just so I can get help.I was given an enema that worked for that day only so here we are back at square one.Achiii 2016 e batla ho feta le nna

  5. Eish askies Eleanor.. been up since 2am lil missy howling. The minute hubby takes over. She sleeps! It’s witchcraft; I have been pacing up and down with my mother in law and mother and she was bright red from crying. After all this effort, she just sleeps on his chest.. someone should have warned me about colicky babies. Apparently I’m anxious and the baby is feeling it. Today I felt a bit out of my depth : have had to also express milk because my milk flow is chocking the baby. 🙁 .

    Exiled babe I saw your well wishes and thank you sorry I forgot to respond.

  6. Eleanor before I began with that rant. Wanted to ask if you are taking any probiotics? Please try a brand called Metagenics it’s super expensive but I think it will offer you relief and healing.. you can then ease of to the normal ones as time goes on. Which doctor have u seen for this

  7. It can get dangerous and I know that most are treated through surgery! Please don’t sit on this pain ?

  8. Thanx ladies.Nelly no I am not taking any probiotics,my medical aid is exhausted and I am using my savings just to get progress.I somehow think it’s a complication from the surgery I had last week to remove ovarian cysts,since then things are just not getting better.I saw Dr Myburgh,he is a surgeon at Moot Hospital….

  9. @Nelly congratulations with your baby…..how does it feels to be a new mom. Don’t stop breast feeding, that’s how you will get your body back.

  10. Am sorry for you pain Eleanor really hope you find relief soon, you cant go on like this is. And if you go back to the doctor who did the surgery maybe he can help? All the best with the little one Nelly, I would tell you to relax but am sure you are tired of hearing it

  11. LOL Eleanor you had an op last week and the following week you guy friend thinks your ex is mooning you? You are probably right, it might be the op causing this. Go back to that Dr. Congratulations Nelley,enjoy that nunu. These baby girls and their tendencies, screaming kuwe but all so quiet kudaddy ska! Can it just rain the whole day, I’m staying in bed, not feeling well.you’d swear it’s not festive, it’s rather quiet and boring.

  12. Yipeeee!!My mom is visiting for this long weekend.Got up early for a spring clean,I reached further with the broom at the corners I never normally would reach..I’m so tired and I still have to prepare to go to work…

  13. Strength to you Eleanor….

    Nelly uNodoli used to cry yeses! Kodwa it gets better with time thank God I never experienced colic..stop panicking kuzolunga mntase! I miss pumping for 20mims and fill a 150mls..it takes me hours now…. Don’t substitute your hands or chest ngeMamaroo kiiiiiiiii she still wants your presence

  14. Ncooh Nelley. You must try and sleep during the day sana. I am glad you have all that help. It can get really hectic.
    Eleanor, this pain you have sounds very hectic. Sorry sana.

  15. @Eleanor please take back your words re 2016…there’s power of life or death in your tongue.O tloba sharp

    @nelley are you sure you are latching the baby correctly? She might be chocking cause she is unable to suck…and that watery fluid that comes before the milk (forgot what it is called) it is extremely important for her.I suggest that you practice to position her correctly and stop expressing…latching is a skill and needs practice.Put that breastpump away *new age mommies are a problem* *runs*

  16. Mathaz I take them back.I will be okay,I need to believe and have faith.Positive thoughts all the way.I am at the hospital now,so we will see how it goes.Thanx for the well wishes bahlali,I will see 2017 by fire by force.

  17. @Eleanor – I’m really sorry for your pain. Your doctor must refer you if he’s not sure to another doctor.
    @Nelley – I think you are not sitting well when you breastfeed. Try to take only one breast out when you feed her. Hold the part that is closer to the black area of your breast when feeding to ensure that it goes inside properly. Your baby is too young man for a bottle. Breastfeeding has a very special place in a baby’s life. All the best.

  18. I am not a fan of Noma Gigaba, but I think her name has been drag far to long for nothing. Monday some bloggers lied about her saying she choose to go to the wedding of that Moekena guy, instead of going funeral. When that was proven untrue, no blogger came to withdraw the statement. Poor girl didn’t even go to the wedding, someone whats up her the wedding pictures. Yesterday , she posted that her WCw is Ayanda all of sudden people have issues with her beinh Ayanda prayer partner. We don’t know the girl. What did we want her to do during the Buhle saga ? Nami, I will fight tooth and nails to keep my family. She didn’t lie about anything. I am sure she is not perfect, but she is like us. Just trying to keep her life together. She does so much work for charity, it just that she doesnt post it on Instagram. Seriously, we should stop trying to humiliate uNoma she didnt do nothing and stop lying about her. If you ever meet her, you will understand that she is just another girl who is scared of poverty…..

  19. Oh the reason, she was on phone during Sfiso funeral was because, she had Ayanda phone and was the one giving direction and communicating with the funeral committee. She will learn as time goes by that noone needs to many friends, look what happened to Jesus. But, in meantime stop lying about Noma. I don’t care about Buhle neither. I just think, she suffers from mental issues and daddy issues but. Mark my word it a matter of time before she shows us ikuku yakhe ayivulile on Instagram….

  20. Congrats Nelly on your bundle of joy….I think im ready for baby #2, but dololo hubby….Cant be impregnated by a boyfie again,sigh

  21. Congrats Nelly, motherhood is beautiful. Eleanor nama probiotics we Probi Flora are very good, take before meals every morning just after brushing your teeth they really do help. Yazi @Mathaz I’m even careful with the little jokey things we say when something is funny, the power is indeed in the tongue.

  22. @Nelly, congratulations on your lil one!
    Please take Mathaz and Cutie’s advice. You should hold lil one a bit upright when you are breastfeeding her that will stop the chocking. Bottle and breast will confuse her even more and won’t be able to latch properly. Start expressing after 3months.

    Try getting Telamont drops for colic***

  23. @shilowa you are so hurt sisi, it was explained that this a gossip blog & things that will touch you will be said & the way you just tried to do good for one lady by bashing the other isnt cute either. And we are sorry if the things that are said about you hear are hurtful kodwa don’t come & bash the other lady trying to make yourself look good, rather dont read JC coz things will be said about you esp if you are doing weird things 🙂 am referring to you as Noma coz nyani it sounds like you are her the way you got touched… sorry vha? just stop reading 🙂

  24. @Nelly,Congratulations on your baby. Babies tend to find the flat,hard chest of their daddies soothing for their gassy tummies. The first 6 weeks are trying,but it does get better.

  25. HEYAKE NOMAAAAAAAAA iwhoooo heheheheh unesikhathi sisi ,khondibuzele apho ku myeni wakho when am i getting my bloody passport sana kwakunini ndiyilindile

  26. Shilowa nxese sisi… we actually didnt lie… We assumed; i speak for me and Tshiamo bakithi… There is a difference between assumption and a lie. Noma led me and Tshiamo to believe she was at the wedding by posting pictures and not stating that she received them via whatsapp… us being the nosey people that we are started wondering! Till today i am amazed that during such a time of mourning she found it appropriate to post Walter’s wedding pictures, when she was not even at the wedding….! So forgive us for lapping up the misleading posts! So you see as much as we love Noma naye she loves attention.. on her instagram she could have simply credited the photographer

  27. Shilowa is not Nomachule, she is an old blogger.

    She is not lying kodwa nimnyele uNoma and when you were corrected nonke nathi cwaka.
    Niyayi thanda into embi maan.

  28. Did someone hack our Shilowa? Is this even her handwriting? Oh well. But I hear you. It’s something to gossip but to just spread lies…

  29. Hayi Nelley, you(#nonke) were so sure about what happened that Saturday nge photo qha? Yhini nam yhuca omnye umntana ngento engekhoyo.

  30. kodwa ke she did go to the wedding, after the attended the funeral 🙂 a friend was there & says when the hubby did the toast he mentioned that u’Mrs is on her way back from DBN coz she had to attend her friend’s hubby’s funeral 🙂 and when did ppl start apologizing after being wrong here? hahahaha

  31. Now that is out of the way; Mathaz… There is a lady called Laura Sayce and she has been helping me with the breastfeeding.she has been to the house twice… according to her my posture (dont forget i have two women and endless advise) has nothing to do with Method chocking the milk is too much. The two women agree with you guys that Laura’s advice is bad. (i.e white people’s things!) I managed to sneak in a few an hour of sleep but i know where ever she is she is crying. I just want to savor the time before i go and try and feed her again. its a process daily. My nipples are very painful, i guess giving up is not an option.
    Thank you for the well wishes guys. 🙂

  32. Noma and Nonhle are not really liked here so bloggers go at them all the time without even verifying stuff. But having said that, most of us are guilty of that. So let’s give each other a break.

  33. LMAO
    Shilowa on saint mode this morning…Noma is an attention seeker, she posted those pics because she knows it will generate buzz which will lead to her next spiritual post about her best-friend and haters….I ain’t sorry….

  34. Eish bloggers who are new mommies are making me soooo broody! I can picture the sparkle in @OSG’s eyes when she speak she about uNodoli 🙂
    Two of my friends are preggars, I can’t wait for them to give birth so I can smother their babies 🙂

  35. Can we not talk about Noma the whole day please? It is quiet here & It would be nice if we got hot mgozi 🙂

  36. Nelly, I had a similar problem and also consulted a lactation specialist. Because I am lazy like that, I bought a feeding wedge (pillow) and held my little human like a rugby ball, so the head would be forward and the legs behind. secondly how the baby latches on depends on how the nipple is put in their mouth. Not sure if I’ll explain well – you put the nipples; from the baby’s upper lip, drag it down to their lower lip and it will fall inside and his mouth must be in a duck lip position and your areola must be covered by their mouth. Because as a first time mom, I also just shoved the nipple and two days I had bleeding nipples. After that consultation, Baby and I flourished.

  37. #AbanganiBayalimaza
    Guys how do you compete with your mans female friend who bought him what he has always wanted, meanwhile wena you bought him a Pirates tshirt for his birthday?

  38. Yoh @Nelley, I feel your pain regarding your Colicky baby. My girl screamed from 3 weeks until she was 4 months. She would start screaming from 4pm until 2am every single day. I tried everything that was recommended by family and friends, but nothing worked. Her peadiatrician told me to stop giving her meds and try to relax. It worked shem. I also got a full-time nanny and that helped with my stress levels – especially when I went back to work. The Colic is now a bad memory, but I WILL NEVER FORGET!! One is the top reasons why I am NEVER having another child. Askies I’m sorry! All the best and congrats!

  39. Ai its so hard to work in December ! so my colleague just got out of a year relationship instead of nursing her broken heart shes going through a Hoe phase and is basically sleeping with anyone that tells her shes beautiful . This girls has been coming to work with a babalaas to work since December . I envy her i sometimes wish i could also be a loose girl and just drop my panties without worrying about my body count going up .

  40. Hahahahahahahahaha.

    It was said Bonang has a moon in Swaziland. She is H**. She is a drugie blah blah blah. Her relationship with AKA won’t last for q year blah blah blah. Did people apologies for that?

    People bash Pearl Thusi, Minnie etc all the time. Do they apologize?

    People said Buhle is not married. She posted a pic with a ring on her finger (giggles) did someone apologize?,

    Bo Mistress ba JC kadi red pen Tsek. We will talk about Norma and until I see a screenmunch of the whatsapp pics I’ll assume she was at the wedding. Believing what we write here is ur problem not ours. Hamba uyofa

  41. Its my last day at work vandag and I’m picking up my vrrrrr phaaa at 1. I cannot wait!! #SkeemSadi4Pipe

  42. Shame Shilowa for someone who is not a fan of Noma you know so much about her and her whereabouts. People forget that this is a gossip blog, the way other bloggers went in on Zeeba yesterday you will swear bazalwa noMinnie.

  43. Coming from silentville to comfort Shilowa. You sound hurt sesi strength to you. I’m not sure how you are doing any good defending one lady and insulting the other one though. They both do charity. The other one has a full page on instagram teaching girls yoga. Let us gossip. All these people are celebrities and wanna be celebrities so we’ll talk about all of them

  44. shilowa Dec 15, 2016 at 8:44 am

    I am not a fan of Noma Gigaba, but I think her name has been drag far to long for nothing.

    Oh the reason, she was on phone during Sfiso funeral was because, she had Ayanda phone and was the one giving direction and communicating with the funeral committee.
    Aowa Sesi you are a fan, how do you know all of this or o chomi ya Noma kikikiii

    Scientists led by Dr. Theodore W. Capt Pope and Peter Enders sought to identify just how dirty money really is.They gathered one dollar bills from the checkout line at a local grocery store and the line to a concession stand at a local high school during a basketball game.After soaking the bills in a solution, they identified the number of bacterial pathogens the bills contained.
    Scientists in 2014 placed a traceable virus on a single door handle in an office. Within 24 hours, 60%of all the people who worked in that office had picked up the virus on their hands. This study, presented at the 54th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), advised people to use an anti-microbial wipe and gto wash their hands frequently to cut down on the spread of virus.
    Various studies, including a 2010 study from the University of Arizona on behalf of the Microban Europe corporation, have found that the number of germs on a typical elevator button is 40 times higher than the number found on a toilet seat.
    Confirming again what the scientists in Toronto found, the Centers of Disease Control reports that simply washing your hands can “prevent about 30% of diarrhea-related sicknesses and about 20% of respiratory infections”.In the world of germs, hands are a superhighway.
    In a 2012 study, Dr. Gerba of the University of Arizona discovered that a cell phone can have up to 10 times more germs that cause sickness than a toilet seat. Even though mobile phones are electric, they should be wiped regularly to clean them. Iphones should not be cleaned with alcoholic wipes, Apple cautions.
    From around the world have come studies that have found that ATM machines simply are dirty and can be a threat to public health.As the scientists noted: “Hundreds of people whose socio-economic levels and hygienic status are quite different with each other use ATMs daily.
    Most people clean their bathrooms thoroughly never stop to notice one of the filthiest surfaces in that room — the light switch. Even if you wash your hands until they are raw, if you turn off the light with that same hand as you leave the bathroom, you’ve just re-contaminated yourself.
    The solution is to take a paper cloth after you wash your hands and use that paper cloth to both turn off the light and turn the door handle as you leave. Then toss the
    paper into a waste can.

  46. @Sebzy If it’s something you know he’s always wanted then why wena ungamuthengelanga yona?

  47. Molweni. Speaking of Buhle… Hayibo bantu… Kanti what makes a person post such images and videos on IG? Why would you want to expose yourself that much to strangers? Mos this is attention seeking behaviour kulevel-100. My heart genuinely bleeds whenever she posts her ass or her boobs enganxibanga. The recent one showing her bikini line had me wishing I could unsee such. What makes a person do this? And to what end? I think the blogger who mentioned Daddy Issues may be onto something… Ewu! This life kodwa…

  48. I need to get a car as soon as possible. Lento of going to dates using taxis is not on.

    @Chase where are you when you are needed the most?

  49. She will block you again BB LOL. I have said this before…. I still mantain… that what that Buhle girl is doing is not normal… Seeking validation from strangers and whats worse her instagram is not private anymore which is a sure sign of seeking attention. I dont find her the least attractive.. Imagine standing there and saying to your blesser take the video and then after that you get to editing! So much work! Unfortunately she is not my mother’s child otherwise i would have dragged her kicking and screaming to my ex-psychiatrist. That shit right there is simply scary… and as she was investigating us so was i… LOL.. as soon as she starts her lawsuits then we can begin. Noma said something which people missed but one day is one day.

  50. Andisaphoxeke! I came here running, hoping to see the SA Hip Hop Awards post. Let me read the comments.

  51. @Charity we all appreciate a good bikini pic every now and then. Look at aboMam Daphne Phasha and the likes prospering on IG with stunning bodies. But to pose in all your naked glory with just body paint on and your nipples completely exposed must be another level of craziness. At first the tasteful teasing was intriguing but guys no… Masinqandeni ngoku. Or am I becoming ultra conservative?

    Hehehehehe @nelley kanene uNorma once called uBuhle a…. Akunzima!

  52. Yaz @Teddie I cry about getting a car everyday of my life. I’m at a point where I Google cars on a daily basis. I’d even buy an uno cash ?

  53. Someone bring juice ka Tiyani Shuga Mabunda!! He has the cutest daughter though. Wonder why he’s not marrying the mom. Soccer players and their ways

  54. I dont think Buhle Mkhize is crazy at all. She just had an affair with a married who couldnt keep his shit hidden,married man’s wife started harrasing her (understandbly so) & Buhle made a mistake of responding to the wife publically. As always,when a cheating man is caught,the woman he is cheating with is labelled “crazy”.

    As for exposing her body. I see nothing wrong with that either,she is comfortable in her body is not ashamed to show it off. She has a beautiful body by the way & there is absolutely nothing wrong with exposing it if she feels like it. Abo Thickleeyonce do it too because they are proud of their bodies just that they dont show as much as Buhle does.

  55. Hayi ndi-right ndingayiqondi ncam le of posing nude with just body paint or clapping my bare butt cheeks on a public forum. Ndi-right Bawo!!! How old is Buhle khona?

  56. Guys, any tea on Zoe Thabethe? What does she do? I know that she once dated Motsepe’s son… She was posted by AKA a while back with @sbu_cheddar

  57. Bronwyn says:

    Someone bring juice ka Tiyani Shuga Mabunda!! He has the cutest daughter though. Wonder why he’s not marrying the mom. Soccer players and their ways

    Posted on December 15th, 2016

    He is faithful to his gf, loves church and very humble. He is not a typical soccer player. He will marry her when he is ready to get married.

  58. Here is the full list of winners at the SA Hip Hop Awards:


    Cassper Nyovest


    Power Play

    Supreme I Crew

    Pop Bottles

    Dj Speedsta

    Emtee – Avery

    Fifi Cooper

    Gigi Lamayne- Groudzero

    Cassper Nyovest




    Miss Pru-Ameni

    Miss Pru-Ameni

    Fifi Cooper


    Namba Bamba – Ukhozi FM

    Miss Pru – Ameni

    Kwesta ft Cassper N’gudu

    Cassper Nyovest

    Cassper Nyovest

    Emtee ft AKA & Wizkid Roll Up

    King Kyla

    Trusenz Nzama

    Junior de Rocka


    Fortune Ntekati

    Lunch Boy


    Hip hop Lives SA

    Major League

  59. Tshiamo, you SAVAGE, You shut it down real quick, why did you destroy the hopes like that, at least a little bit of encouragement nyana…
    tshiamo Dec 15, 2016 at 2:04 pm
    Bronwyn says:
    Someone bring juice ka Tiyani Shuga Mabunda!! He has the cutest daughter though. Wonder why he’s not marrying the mom. Soccer players and their ways
    Posted on December 15th, 2016
    He is faithful to his gf, loves church and very humble. He is not a typical soccer player. He will marry her when he is ready to get married.

  60. But guys nixakwa yini nina ngomzimba ka Buhle! Its her life, her body (a hot one at that)… Yazi niyazihlupha ngezinto ezingathi shu 🙂 🙁

  61. guys i cant afford the gift. like honestly. And i thought its something he would eventually get himself

  62. How do you pose naked for almost three hours to a totally stranger in the name of getting painted ?? Only a porn star would

  63. Don’t bore us with ama hip-hop awards list wenu please. This is not Kwa- cool kids go to twitter please.

    There was a blogger here who came defending u andile yogie saying she have money she even bought a new Mercedes Benz car, hahahaha I have news for you.

  64. @Blackdiadem lol that was not my intension.

    I feel like a kid in a candy store. My new whip is so beautiful ooooh the smell! I think I’m gonna call it “Beast” hhahahahq *sideEyesPinkypinky

  65. @Sebzy shame, maybe you should have consulted with her about she would get him and try one up her. If you can’t afford it then ask her if you could both give it to him as a joint effort? My man having a girl best friend is honestly my worst nightmare. Call me insecure but I trust noone. Even nabocousin that I don’t understand nje. Angithembi lutho???

  66. PEEL US Tshiamo we are your onions! We are not worthy! hahahaahahahahaha! What car is it mami congratulations…………….. I miss the December bonus bakithi.. Where you bravely go into 2A knowing its your money! hahahaahaha

  67. @tshiamo I also just got a new ride but excitement dololo instead I’m so stressedt. I hate driving. I’m constantly worried something will happen to it. I just wanna preserve it’s beauty forever. I also hate when my dad or brother drive I feel like they’re not careful enough. I just wanna be happy bout my car I’ve wanted one for so long ???

  68. Hahahahahaha @Nelley. I just can’t hide my excitement. It’s a 4Series Coupe. I wanted a Mercedes mxm maybe in 2yrs.

  69. @Golden Diva sorry darly. Remove those thoughts out of ur head. Positive Vibes. Halalaness to u.

  70. Halalanesss to aboGal with new rides – Golden Diva, you’ll be fine Chile! Is it me or are the too many weddings lately? Kwa Insta phela ke wedding after wedding….white dress after traditional gear. Yeheni! Soon it will be boMaDlamini.

  71. #halalalathings to Tshiamo. O sebeditse ngwanana. Kana di big days have officially started!!!!!

    Some of us are stuck her trying to finish our Mini Proposals into Masters program for next year. Not going to be big days for me at all.

    Nelly, ho monate ho sebedisa chelete that you worked hard for.

    Queen B’s younger brother wants a C63 AMG for his birthday on Sunday. Kumandi to come from a good family yaz!!!!!

  72. Congrats @thsiamo!! So happy for girls buying big machines!
    GPS to Buhle’s pornography bakithi I think she has blocked me

  73. Yay finally. Have been silent blogging for 2 years… finally managed to create a profile…. Hello Bloggers.

  74. shilowa makes me laugh…lol..as for “the pictures were sent to her via Whatsapp” lamo! waze wane info bo. One would really swear yo are Nomachule

  75. My AG: My daughter woke up at 3am today, she cries and tosses and turns, it is so uncomfortable for me cause ngifuna ukulala, but more so watching her crying and making those noises. Could she be suffering insomnia at her age? she’s 16 months old. And my other worry is that she only wakes up if she’s sleeping with me. when she sleeps with her nanny she sleeps the whole night through..angimuzwa kwanhlobo. someone said abantwana bayabadelela omama babo vese,,,I don’t want to believe ukuthi usuke engixhaphaza!

  76. ndisisbhanxa kodwa

    RE: Noma & Shilowa. Why would people call Ayanda for directions to Moses Mabhida? I feel like everyone knows where Moses Mabhida is lol.

    Anyways congra Tshiamo & enjoy your vura. I drove a BMW for 4 years before i switched to iRange,lovely car that.

  77. congrats tshiamo *shapas matsogo*

    I like Nonku and her bae,what does he do for a living?*thanda indaba zabantu lol*

    uZoe T scheme sabo Mandy JNr nabo Lelo Shongwe and she’s Sbahle’s bff ,all I know about her

    Yazi kum uSbahle umhle xa enqunu or wearing freakum dresses ezinye impahla azimfaneli,or ndim owrongo

  78. I like le drivers kona ya today. As a Porsche driver myself, cars excite me.
    (kwaaa akho Porche, qha ndineFomo yale kona)

  79. I get you mka Messi. ufana no Nonhle, their bodies nje don’t suit any nice clothes except gym wear

  80. Congratulations Nelly, what a wonderful gift. Please try to relax and enjoy every moment, it does get better.

  81. I just went through these hashtags on Twitter and Instagram
    Guys, i don’t know but, i feel this world ended a long time ago and this is the Apocalypse.. This cannot be real-life.where has humanity gone….

  82. Congrats to nelly for the little one and Tshiamo for the whip! I haven’t had a new car in the longest time
    @Aroma….who are you submitting your proposal with? And which Masters programme are you planning to do? I hope that you don’t mind me asking

  83. The smell of a new car Jeso! Matlhogonolo tlhe Tshiamo, kopa mareu-nyana tu. I’m so craving a new car nami *deep sigh*

  84. Come on…I blog here all the time….LOL. I am not Noma. Actually that`s funny. Gossip and making up stories are 2 different thinks. Especially when the truth is in Drum Magazine. How did I bash Buhle ? I just started my own opinion. Sometimes we have to balance the truth. Ngoba, nami if someone tried to break my marriage, when I wanted it, I would have called her ever name into existence.

  85. Mrs Messi, nguwe Owrongo sana ngo Sbahle. Ndiyamthanda ke mna ke. Soze abe njani apha kum. Same applies to Queen B, Khanyi D, Zizo and Nomzamo.

    Phetolo, Its MA in Gender Studies. I will not reveal the name of the institution for now.

  86. mncm why did Anele stop posting videos of her shows on YouTube. And her show does not even repeat. mnxm FOMO is having me

  87. @Aroma, I was hoping that you will be doing something similar and I would have a course mate 🙂

  88. Hehake uAnele, some questions though. Aint watching but ayam laughing out loud at the bleaching question.

    Phetolo wena o etsang, all the best to you!!!!

  89. what happened to Lolo, and JustNje, please come back to wish us a happy Festive……. kodwa uZalo play to much, they always drop the story line in the middle. BUT, it a great show.

  90. @Amethyst.. Anele’s show was taken of You Tube after allerged complaints….I suspect Antwanda and Fikile sent the complaints to youtube HQ.*starts and rumour and hides*…Janez (Exec producer) said they were investigating. Hopefully the vids will be back on youtube soon…

  91. There is a blogger who wanted underarm kiwi remedy, came across this.

    CELL-A-BIT ?@CassieRaps
    Bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice for those dark underarms…. Instant results ? #GirlTalkZA

  92. Getting dizzy drunk with my man…wishing all you bishes love, prosperity and blessings.

    Wishing home wreckers like Pinks ombi, revelation, truth and honesty. Power to realise they deserve better.

    And my Queens…royalty, sexy divas, Teddie, Chase, Mr Right and Blackdiam, have a wonderful prosperous liberated festive!!! Love you all and all?

  93. Aiyabonga Sofia swithathi.

    Guys, earlier on the day I went on a date. With a woman. Successful. Kodwa she just does not have class. I think ngizodliwa la. Uyathandeka kodwa yena yaz.

  94. Thanks 125ddd hope to see the Mshoza interview..I know how Anele can be rude and sarcastic in her questions…I bet he was just too Higher Grade for Mshoza shemm.
    I could listen to Pantoranking all day!! bumnandi utshwala kodwa smakade!

  95. @Elenor

    tshegangNdlela ?@MolikiMiss
    Are u not going to the toilet enough? do u feel like u need to s!#t but its not happening? @Clicks_SA glycerine suppository #GirlTalkZA

  96. When is AG? F… Can’t wait. I think I am going to get back with my ex. He is such a good lier…

  97. @zamaokuhle, that story about Durban boys with ‘boys’….believe me it’s true

    Ladies please be careful. A lot of Durban boys banezilwane and make you sleep with them. Please be careful about guys you meet and are very generous with drinks or buying you expensive stuff. Eyezilwane bakithi. Don’t think they are in popular joints only but at church also. They are now targeting ladies at those charismatic churches. Please be extra careful before you agree to sleep with anyone. Kunzima la emnyango. If not careful, you will sleep with all their ‘boys’ and ‘snakes’ and therefore need cleansing after that. By the way, they don’t give you money cause eyezilwane but they buy things for you.

  98. Yaayyyyy It’s almost christmas….
    Hey Soph…thanks or the wishes on the other post, i hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great year ahead, don’t forget its your turn to strip naked around the house this week…

    Guys I need advice, we visiting the Boo parents for Christmas, this isn’t our first meeting tho, we’ve gone on outings together and when they visited had dinner and did other stuff, since we’ll be in their house this holiday, i actually told him i’ll prefer to stay at a B &B while he stays with them, he is insisting that they wouldn’t mind if we all stay but i’m actually skeptical because i know they’re kinda conservative even though i have a great relationship with them. i don’t want to be forward.

  99. @blackdiadem….that’s the way to go sisi. It would be awkward waking up with your man in the morning with everyone around, especially his parents. Then what do you do, make tea or breakfast for them? Or start cleaning their house? Lol