Africa For Haiti Gala Dinner!

Africa For Haiti Gala Dinner!


The Sandton Convention Centre came alive this past Thursday when His Excellency Ambassador of Haiti to South Africa, Mr Jacques Jerry Baril hosted dignitaries and elites who were in attendance to support the Africa for Haiti Charity Gala.


When I got this invite I was so humbled. You can’t even imagine how excited I was. I am still in awe. I mean being considered to be part of such, is really heart warming. This event was an eye opener for me and a lot of people that attended. You might think you have problems, but if you take time to listen to what those around you have been through you will realise that your problems aren’t problems after all.

The gala was a light hearted celebration of Haitian culture as well as a platform to raise awareness and funds for the Africa for Haiti in Solidarity (AFHS), a movement for Africans by Africans. The social movement is a call for fellow Africans to join in by volunteering, donating and contributing to rebuilding Haiti following the devastation caused by recent natural disasters, the earthquake in 2010 and the hurricane in 2016.


Do you guys remember Shane Maja? He was the programme director for the evening.


It was such great honour to meet His Excellency, Ambassador Jacques Jerry Baril. What a gentleman. I went to introduce myself and I was like; ‘My name is Kiki Marli from Ju……..’ before I could finish he was like ‘Just Curious yessssss.’ I asked; ‘So you know JC?’. He said with a smile; ‘Of course I do.’ That was a WOW for me.


The Ambassador took to the stage to address the guests;  “The people of Haiti are of African descent and I am proud to represent our people, whose predecessors held aloft the torch of freedom for black people by being the first black African country to claim independence.” He emphasized on the night to further encourage guests that the skills, resources and expertise required to rebuild Haiti exist throughout the continent.


One of the speakers was the President of the Black Business Council, Dr Danisa Baloyi who said; “We may be going through problems here in SA but that doesn’t preclude us from supporting others.


Ndaba Mandela and Moyikwa Sisulu are great supporters of the AFHS campaign. Ndaba is a sweet soul bathong. We chatted and took selfies together. His voice…..OMG!


He is tall. He sure has Tata’s height.


Ambassador Jacques Jerry Baril and Haitian DG Mr Leon Jean-Marie Guillaume.


We were in the presence of greatness I tell y’all. The Dignitaries- High Commissioner of Bangladesh: His Excellency Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Chowdhury
Ambassador of Gabon: His Excellency Mr Andrè William Anguile
Ambassador of Haiti: His Excellency Mr Jacques Jerry Baril
Ambassador of Chile: His Excellency Mr. Carlos Parker


Haitian Artist, Rutshelle Guillaume gave an amazing performance…….


….and so did Vusi Nova. Bahlali, this guy can sing. Tjeeer!!! After his performance he was running around looking for his car keys. I hope he found them.


I feel bad that I can’t remember this young lady’s name. She is one talented singer but she disappointed me by only doing cover songs. I mean when are these up and coming artists gonna learn to push their own music? The place was packed with a lot of people from different countries so use that opportunity to spread your music hle. I thought maybe she is one of those with no songs of her own until I heard she actually has an album out and I was shocked and mad at the same time. Promote your own music nana, Bob Marley and The Fugees done made their money.


Jamali’s Mariechan Luiters also performed a couple of songs


Nice dress…


People were really happy to attend is support of this great cause.


Tables cost R2000 each and the venue was full.




Embassy of Haiti staff


George Munetsi with HHP


Mr Ambassador Jerry with Lerato and her husband, HHP.


The movement has been launched in South Africa and continues to extend throughout the continent in partnerships with Senegal, Gabon, Toga, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo and Benin.

All the funds raised at the Gala will go towards rebuilding homes, schools, community centres, hospitals, churches and other infrastructures, all left in ruins in the aftermath of the hurricane. We watched the videos of what’s left after the natural disasters and it got us teary. It’s rough out there. Like Dr Baloyi said just because we have our own problems doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help others. 🙁

For more information on the Africa for Haiti in Solidarity (AFHS) campaign visit HERE and make a donation if you can. All the help is needed no matter how little.

Thank you to His Excellency, Ambassador Jacques Jerry Baril and Ingenious Communication team for hosting us.


By @KikiMarli