Anything Goes……

Anything Goes……


Ninjani bahlali? I’m sure a lot of you will be travelling today to go spend Christmas with the family. Please be safe on the roads hle.

Those that are still at work and pushing paper, keep your heads up. Nami I closed last week but I haven’t even rested. It’s been one thing after the other akupheli. I’m not at the office but I have used this time to sort out all the other things so that when the new year kicks off, I’m fully equipped.

Personally I have outgrown spending Festive season with my family. I love them yes but, I have outgrown cooking for the masses. I have outgrown making tea every 30minutes. I have outgrown washing that huge pile of dishes. I have outgrown waking up early to clean the house. I enjoy doing things at my own pace. I enjoy doing what I want, when I want without expectactions from the elders. Hehehehe, am I the only one that feels this way?

Do share with us what you have been up to lately.  🙂





  1. Yay 1st!! woke up to some itching down there, been up ever since. Anyaway happy Friday everyone

  2. I wish today had 30hrs so much to do and so very little time.

    niziphathe kahle, dont drink and drive or walk. bayabulala oVrrrrrr pha.

    I once met a guy on fb, he was a businessman supplying office furniture to the government. he actually encouraged me to quit my day job, because he believe my business was profitable enough that I wont need a salary. basically wangifaka ezintweni. he’ll send potential customers and even suppliers to me. for a whole I didn’t know he was married let alone that he was Nigerian. and NO we NEVER spoke about a relationship, he always said I looked like his sister. now he’s whole family is in the US and yena he chose SA.

    he married a beautiful lady and had two children. then one day he told me his wife was abusive, emotional, financial and physical. I brushed it off because according to the wife’s fb account she’s team Jesus and a bible fanatic. out of the blue he’d hint that his family says he must move to US, and yena he can’t start afresh at his age.

    December 2015 he calls me from the airport, athi his mom is critical ill so uyombona.
    December 2016 he’s now an MD of a high perfoming company in the US. why am I Sharing this? yebo amadoda ayalimaza but nathi bafazi siyalimaza. when he had enough of abuse he walked away, left everything, he didn’t say my Properties, my Cars, my Children, my fat accounts. he left with a suitcase only.

    in less than 10 days sobe sithi 2017. let go of things that rob you off yout peace of mind, that don’t bring progress to your life, that leaves you in constant anxiety and emotional turmoil. learn to Walk away, dont look back lest you turn into a salt pillar!


  3. My sad AG: I gave birth this week and ever since I came home with the baby my 2 year old has been ignoring me. We were very close but now uthe nca kutatakhe. I am trying everything to show him that nothing has changed but akusizi. I am exhausted trying to take care of both of them at the same time. Sengiyeke nokumkhuza eganga because angifuni angizonde, I am a mess yaz, I cant even sleep well at night, I dont want to lose my child, what must I do to make him understand? Sizani bo.

  4. @Hamilton your child will warm up to the baby and start loving him/her. I think most babies go through that. Some will even ask when the baby is leaving. Your child is still confused. Give it a month and they’ll be besties.

  5. Sanibona bahlali,
    “in less than 10 days sobe sithi 2017. let go of things that rob you off your peace of mind, that don’t bring progress to your life, that leaves you in constant anxiety and emotional turmoil. learn to Walk away, dont look back lest you turn into a salt pillar!”
    Siyabonga Zama ngalamazwi amahle kangaka.
    Ngicela nami ukubonga wonke ama bloggers who have listened to my men woes with patience and offered ton loads of advice, I remember there was one blogger who even invited me to her church, I went and I was to shy to greet her, ngiyabonga blogger, forgot your username.
    In all that turmoil I reconnected with my spiritual side and found the Lord JESUS in the process, I knew HIM and I was “saved” kodwa manje sengigxilile bahlali and it feels so good. I realize that I needed to go through what I went through in order to grow and know the woman that GOD created me to be. I am now at peace.
    @Kiki asiphezi ukukubonga for this platform.
    Sigade bahlali ukusindiswa okungenashitsho empilweni yomuntu. . .uma sithi sindisiwe, asi sindiswe impela Inkosi uJESU iyabuya maduzane, asiwashe ingubo yethu ibemhlophe, singalingisi izintombi ezaswela amafutha sekubuya umyeni.
    Ngiyanithanda kakhulu. . . .Inkosi ingathi ingasigcina sonke size siphinde “sibonane” nangonyaka ozayo.
    U ZamaOkuhle has said it all. . .

    @Hamilton, halala on the the birth of uPopayi. . .

  6. Congratulations @Hamilton…he is learning how to be indepenent don’t stress.

    @MrLungile will appreciate your post so much @Zama.

    I’m so tired already from baby sitting my kids; cleaning and and and…nannies or helpers have a tough job seriously.Let’s appreciate them.

  7. Enkosi kakhulu bahlali. Mathaz I was actually impressed at first thinking he will have no attachment issues when he grows up but now I am worried. I was told he will be jeolous but he did the opposite. I am hoping for the best.

  8. Molweni bahlali, been trying to get my mind off things this week surrounding myself with family and doing December things – getting house painted etc.

    I’ve also been grocery shopping like crazy, ndiyayoyika indlala bahlali yho – I think I’ve bought enough things to last until end Jan at least until I can drive again.

    I’ve invited my mom over when I transition into motherhood to help out as well. It’s any day now bethuna – silinde amanzi aqhabhuke qha ngoku nangona secretly I’m praying that baby makes his debut in the new year, you know – new beginnings and all…

    I’m trying not to be anxious about the future, only God knows what lays ahead for us. Indoda ndoyibona second-half if Ifuna ubonakala otherwise andithanga nqha.

    All those driving – be safe bahlali please. Sisonke in 2017.

    Kiki, siyabulela Sisi.

  9. I was supposed to be introducing bae to the family this weekend.but after careful thinking I realised I really don’t want to settle with understanding of intro is that he will soon come back to pay lobola, Or I wrong? I know very well he can’t afford to pay lobola for now,the debt he is in nje there’s no ways his gonna afford to save for lobola..many things are making me doubt introducing him..or maybe it’s just nerves..

  10. Ag:While others are busy bleaching their skin,the way I wish I was dark, I’m to yellow for a men infact I think all men were suppose to be dark nje. Anything that I can use to bleach my skin to dark choc.

  11. yazi guys like @Priska once said she’ll never date herself. cha nami ngiyalimaza i have few who are on life support abadla ngamapayipi lol #nathiSiyalimaza

    lol @Mathaz awumzwanga neh? uSbali wethu. hi Nemo izolo ngihlangane noBaba ofana noBab’wakho I almost said “Sawubona bab’Ma…”lol

    @Hamilton dont worry he’ll warm up to the baby, give him time. and no you’re not disconnected

  12. My AG

    Men lol I don’t know anymore. This one has been on my case for months calls me everyday talking about this love of his, went to East London with my friends over the weekend and I see him eOhBrigado with his wife. I’ve never been so shocked not that I was interested just that he’s been begging me sending gifts and all kanti he’s married. Aboneli ababantu smh

  13. Kiki and crew, you have no idea how much I appreciate you and what you do. Thank you for bringing together a large group of people who open up and share their life stories with us and give great advice.

    I appreciate all of you bloggers too. You have had a wonderful impact in my life.

    Thank you to the blogger who shared Toke’s book. Maje was cruel. He is the reason why Twitter has that #manaretrash hashtag.

    It seems to me that Toke, Maje and Anita were Bellanaija’s : Zintle, Victor and Pinks pregnancy and all. I hope Zintle reads this book and wakes up.

    I need someone to help me understand why they would pursue a man knowing very well they are married. I’m not so innocent LOL considering that I was crushing hard on dzaddy Mcebisi Jonas not so long ago. But I just want to understand . I know men lie about their marital statuses when they pursue women but I just need to understand the ladies who knowingly go after married man causing so much pain. Any Anitas in the house.

    Ps: please also share with us how you survive important family holidays as your married lover would spending this time with his family.

  14. There’s no such thing as babysitting your own children bahlali. You are merely parenting.

  15. Lol@Yoza,clearly Kiki will also be the liberal Makoti that plays “Candy-Crush” at family mcimbis whilst other makotis are busy peeling endlini LOL.
    Zama’s comment deserves a Nobel @Mathaz,simply brilliant.She painted REALITY so beautifully,the reality that some of us know personally hence the exaggerated narrative about men abuse here with its AyalimazaAmadoda hashtag has been nothing but a source of amusement to me.Women also limaza amadoda outhere.

  16. Dumelang

    Bathong I am still blocked by Buhle never said anything or commented on her page mara I am blocked , FOMO e nketsang nami I wanna see bikini line…

  17. NOthie I dont think of you are single it matters where and who your partner spends his Xmas holidays. Because chances are, we go on a holiday around the 16th of December(long weekend) them then we come back everyone goes to their mom’s house. So I think so I think that’s how they work out how they spend time together.. it’s not like these men are always with their family anyway.

  18. Letting go of things that don’t grow you.

    I’ve been doing a lot of introspection these past few months. Seeing and hearing some women fight for what’s theirs has made me reflect on my personal circumstances and whether my quiet preparations to just walk away are in fact what’s ideal. Ofcourse there are some clear cut circumstances that make deciding what to do easy, but life isn’t always black and white.

    When there are bigger things at stake you just wonder where your own selfishness begins and where persevering for the greater good ends. And the (relative)ease of just walking away these days also doesn’t help the situation.

    I just hope for myself and others who may be in limbo that 2017 brings clarity on what to do, and we can fight for it to genuinely work out, or leave and make a fresh new start.

  19. Northie & Others You’re welcome
    For me, i think trusting my instincts and listen when people close to me are trying to say something will be key for me when venturing into a new relationship
    I understand toke’s pain, watching her parents burn, the hurt of not growing with them and her daddy issues especially borne from the fact that she had a loving father, some reviews said “well she didn’t have an abusive father and was raised with love by her Aunt. But that’s what even complicated issues more, trying to search for a man that would love her unconditionally like her father did. All the signs where there, i mean apart from the excessive cheating, even his own Mother said “God will give you your own husband” i laughed at that part in the book. But No one deserves to be treated like that. I also don’t believe Maje loved any of them, if he really loved Anita he wouldn’t string her along for almost 12 years impregnating her and going ahead to marry another woman.

  20. “cha nami ngiyalimaza i have few who are on life support abadla ngamapayipi lol”
    WHAT?Adonbiliv you Zama LOL.I don’t remember reading anything from you that’s even remotely violent or threatening.

  21. @Nemo saw your crush! Akamfisha uKhaya,please reconsider your crush and ngathi he likes young kids. Glad you found your light.

    @Hamilton ungamubulala umuntu! When were you even pregnant! Congrats! Hope you enjoy your bundle of joy.

    I think this year was a trainwreck for most of us. I personally almost lost my mind and almost checked into a depression clinic. But I am cool and learnt what I needed to learn,took my karma like a big girl and I am fortunate I had people who told me it’s going to be OK whether from my whatsapp chats,in person or blogs , it’s not the end of the world. I love myself more and my big eyes are sparkling. I am never pinning my happiness on another human being or playing construction worker. I am even loving music again. It’s like I rediscovered myself all over again.

    @Priska once said ‘defrost us,we are your braai packs’ did she get this from Twitter or Twitter copied this trend from @Priska?

  22. @kamo_moshweu
    My actual boyfriend hasn’t called me in like two weeks. Called him a week ago,he was busy. Called again a few days back, he wasn’t answering
    Wow wow wow

  23. couldnt finish that book by Toke because its all about Maje. She has been the victim the whole book. Like shes not the author of her destiny. i cant shem.

    Happy holidays bo babes, dont forget to use rubber with your December stockos.

  24. Molweni. I woke up at 04h30 this morning to do washing for the whole family before coming to work. It feels so good to be with family. I love this time of the year. Ngomso its EC.
    This is my last AG and possibly my last comment this year. Ndibamba ngazibini Kiki and TeamJC. You guys have been awesome. May God richly bless you. To all the bloggers thank you for keeping things interesting and for the constant entertainment. Bekumnandi.
    Please can someone also send me Toke’s book. I’m having serious FOMO:
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year kuni nonke!!!! 🙂

  25. I know exactly what you mean Kiki. I am only going home today and coming back on Tuesday. I can no longer do more than 5 days. I want my space and my mother doesn’t understand.

  26. thank you kiki and bloggers for the info-tainment, we always learning something new in these streets.
    First AG: I have a question
    1. What is a body count? I have a single friend who loves being single however, she wants sex with a man…she won’t do it because body count!!!! Can we not do this to ourselves in 2017
    2. I finally made up with my guy after two days of hanging on to shit and not being a cognisant adult and talking about it. NO not all men are trash, amadoda akalimanzi nje, we teach people how to treat us. BE aware of the things you allow in your life.
    3. Apart from cooking and baking for my family these holidays (my love language).I will be reading all non-fiction work by James Baldwin, Redi Tlhabi, Jesymn Ward… I am taking a break from my mighty fiction reading list, too many books not enough time.

  27. @lulu i think she shouldve given it a different title. This was all about her relationship, not about herself.

  28. Yaz my family is not close at all, I hate festive season and I have come to hate home. I don’t have friends here, I don’t have siblings and my job doesn’t pay me well. My problem is, I work so hard guys and I love what I’m doing but I am not earning enough to even save money. The person I work with does NOTHING all day but earns double my salary. This depresses me because even the boss is aware of this. I am hoping for a better salary next year or a better paying job.

  29. Love you all bloggers! Thanks for a good 2016. We fought, we laughed, we criticized, we did everything but it’s all love. Kiki and team, thanks for the articles and this platform.

  30. Haaa @Blogging I was just joking…I am good at parenting when my nanny is around for now I’m merely baby sitting *runs*…

    @Hamilton kids adapt so easily; don’t feel bad nor should you compete with your husband for his attention.

    @Annelise swatika se ni karhele.

    @MissAN you and Xhosa men are like that Zuma meme.

  31. sbali aka Mr right I’m not violent, but in my past life bengilimaza. not violently though just ngengqondo….ave ipowerful igrey matter iconfidence neEgo iyishaya phansi endodeni lol

  32. I miscarried last year in Dec and today my pregnancy test came back positive, i’m so excited and pray that my baby lives this time around.
    I’m planning to wrap the pregnancy test nicely and give it to Bae as his Christmas prezzy :).

  33. “not violently though just ngengqondo”
    Kuyafana nje,emotional abuse is still a form of violence that i never detected from all your comments,ngazengaphoxeka.I wonder what Nemo’s other side is like since ningabangani.*betterbesafethansorry*

  34. @bronwyn I am sorry babes, I always remember that not everyone is having a great time “Decembering”.
    @sucker for love… congratulations mommy!!!!! whooooooooooop all the best.

  35. Congratulations @sucker…enjoy every minute of it.

    @girliegal why are you blocked? You know Ferial Hafejee blocked me and to date I don’t know why.

  36. those B* tweets had me feeling so uncomfortable because a) I really want to know!!! and b) I was like noooooooo B* don’t do this.
    @girliegal i just googled her name and her tweets are public.

  37. Bonang B* MathebaVerified account
    ….that’s the thing about the truth, it has stamina….. ?

  38. lol Sbali I’m not a saint but ngiyazama ukuphila inhlanzeko at times my earthly traits overcome my heavenly qualities….if indoda ingilimaza nami ngiyalimaza. angisukeli muntu ke kodwa. it’s been 2yrs so yah

  39. Bonang B* MathebaVerified account
    …..Ra go lebogisa…. Tlogela maaka ge love.
    Bonang B* MathebaVerified account
    Ha o na maitsêô…. That’s the problem.
    … tlo go ruta go phela le batho. ??
    Bonang B* MathebaVerified account
    O maaka maaaaaaan!!!! Tjeerrrrrr….. o rata maaka. Fok!!
    Bonang B* MathebaVerified account
    ….o tlo sitliwa ge love. ??

  40. Bonang B* MathebaVerified account
    …..Ra go lebogisa…. Tlogela maaka ge love.

    This is definitely for Minnie Dlamini. Where is @Just Nje Haaaaaaaa! Haaaaaaaa!

  41. Guys,especially mothers/females,heard on Kaya FM. Be very careful of your surroundings at Malls/shopping complexes,there is a spike of hocking carried by men *LOL*,so if you see suspicious men in parking lots,etc *LOL* alert the Mall security police. They targeting females especially mothers. #Ayalimaza

  42. Zama you reminded me of the following “heart-slashing” retort by Sindi Manqele during her fight with the late Flabba at the night club,i will never ever forget it:
    “He grabbed me by my wrist and told me I was disrespecting him in front of his friends and colleagues.”
    “He said I was a gold-digger and I was fishing for other men.
    “He said because he had financial problems I was looking for rich men. I told him that if I wanted a rich man I would not have dated him because there was no gold to dig.”

  43. “I think this year was a trainwreck for most of us. I personally almost lost my mind and almost checked into a depression clinic. But I am cool and learnt what I needed to learn,took my karma like a big girl and I am fortunate I had people who told me it’s going to be OK whether from my whatsapp chats,in person or blogs , it’s not the end of the world. I love myself more and my big eyes are sparkling. I am never pinning my happiness on another human being or playing construction worker. I am even loving music again. It’s like I rediscovered myself all over again”.
    Us women go through the most. . . .

  44. From both sides right… Mr Lungile?
    nothing will muddle your soul like a crappy situationship.

  45. I see Bonang and Pearl Thusi unblocked each other on Instagram. 2017 is going to be a good year indeed #EndGirlHate

  46. MissAN maybe I announced ngela xesha wawusalimele but it is a well known thing lapha ekhaya ukuthi bengisdisi at the same time with P-wo and Nelley.
    Thanks bahlali ngama advice re the baby, I think I was just too scared to lose him but from now on I will let him be.

  47. I think I am that mother that won’t go for 2 hours without talking about my daughter…her new words,,her milestones,,her new games and stunts. I’m that obsessed mother. LOL
    Anyways, I am so not feeling this year’s holidays,,like I’m not even looking forward to going home. But I miss my family. I suppose I’m enjoying being with just my kids, no Nanny, no granny, just us.
    Happy holidays bahlobo…may we all come back safely in 2017…
    Now as I wait for JC detectives to come back with the story on Bonang’s subtweets….

  48. @bae900 You can check on the suggestion/recommendations tool box at the follow button. If their names appear it means they are unblocked and can follow each other and if they don’t it means they are blocked. Bonang blocked zinhle and zinhle visa versa.

  49. @Northie….in some cases, the married men spend Christmas with family and New Years eve/ day with sides. Also, some pamper them and take them on holiday days before the Christmas holidays.

  50. Missan, I also thought it’s Minnie.. but 2 hours before Tswana tweet she tweeted. Bonang B* Matheba
    Bonang B* Matheba – Verified account ?@bonang_m

    Social media vs real life!! If they only knew…. LOL!!

    Maybe ke Zinhle

  51. Phetolo, Northie knows this.. yet she acts like she doesn’t know. Just look around in this blog for how most marriages ended (I’m not trolling).

  52. And when you decide to bring a baby into the equation ala Herbalife Couch, does your baby get to see its Father on the 26th or is Xmas celebrated say on the the 16th as well? Lol.

  53. Sarah Langston and Luyanda(Top Billing bride) badlisa amanye amabride (mayor’s bride) ngopipe Shem.

  54. Guys waitse when I look at Mrs Modiba ne she is more beautiful than Pinky but she looks like she doesnt have “that thing” ya Hlaudi but Pinky yena has it…lol I wonder why this crossed my mind

  55. Lol zintle doesn’t hv tht thing, she looks like the nandos chicken type during the night of thebutternut, I’m team pinky,

  56. Wuh and Anita looks so basic..she’s not pretty at all. Poor Toke shem. You know I always tell myself that me if my man would cheat on me with an ugly woman, way below my class, I would leave him. If he cheated with a bomb with a hot body and pretty looks..I amu consider forgiving him ngithi shame umuntu wami uthathekile. But iskobo!? I won’t shem. Clearly uyamthanda cause ayikho into edidisayo ngalo muntu. So I would leave him.

  57. Pinky’s “that thing” is stil not enough to make Vic pack his bags and move in with her….so much for “that thing”

  58. Londy that’s some juicy staff.. Lol but I don’t believe she is also chowing the lunch.. If sjes cheating then our girl doesn’t know what she wants.. but like she said dont be fooled by social media

  59. Ok, is B jealous of Minnie’s engagement? Was Cassper eating minnie’s lunchbox? Uminnie forced her boyfriend to propose? So B is gonna whoop Minnie’s ass? Who is full of lies? This is too much. Someone please balance me, I’m in desperate need for some tea. I’m at home and its 41 degrees, there’s no network and mosquitos think I’m their buffet.

  60. Four suspected drug mules were intercepted by SARS over the weekend at OR Tambo International Airport.

    “SARS Customs officials and detector dogs intercepted three drug mules trying to smuggle cocaine estimated at more than R4.2m,” a press release by SARS said on Monday.

    “We also intercepted a box from India that contained Ephedrine weighing 6.20kg, worth R1.8m, during a random check at a mail distribution outlet – raising the total of the drug busts to over R6.8m.”

    On Friday, a South African airline female crew member was subjected to a physical search that revealed a body wrap underneath her uniform, with cocaine weighing 6.585kg.

    Then a “suspicious looking” South African female admitted to having narcotics worth about R575 400 in her handbag.

    The third suspected drug mule was a Congolese man in transit to Kinshasa, who was subjected to a body search. He was referred to a hospital for X-ray, where a scan revealed objects in his stomach that tested positive for cocaine after he expelled one of them,” the SARS statement said.

    All four suspects were handed over to police.

    In another airport incident, Radio 2000 reported that a 30-year-old man was arrested on Monday at Durban’s King Shaka International airport after R12m in cash was found in his bags.

    Source: News24

  61. Hlanyo tendencies inene, she wants everything Lona akafuni ukubona abanye abantwana bejabulile hayi shame I queen ka Just nje?

  62. Wasn’t it said on this here platform that Minnie was being chowed by a MetroFM Dj? Maybe Bonang wants to sabotage Minnie by outing her. Maybe they are chowing the same Dj hahaha.

  63. Iqueen yenu of slayage and everything almost crushed my cheap starterpack.. she was driving as if she owns william nicol.. my kids are still traumatised .. if ebengishayisile bekuzophela ukuba ngu Queen B .. am sure she was drunk!!

  64. wow m so happy that I can finally post a comment.
    my Bae just told me he will send his uncles to my place in March.
    Ladies how did your man propose Lobola to you? I expected something romantic or atleast some sweet words like :babe i love you and i cant emagine life without you so I would be happy if you can agree to be my wife. but no he just said tell your mom I’ll be sending my uncle’s for Lobola negotiations in March. I was left shocked or maybe I was expecting the impossible.after few hours he asked how much do I think they will charge him that’s when I realised he is serious.

  65. Had the most trash sex last night…like wow hey.And that guy is so tall and hot.Plus foreign…I legit thought I was about to walk funny ekseni….kanti dololo.Can we encourage our friends to go to Men’s clinic hey…oh I told him but he seems to be in denial.He knows he looks good so he thinks he’ll get away with this mediocre ish.rhaaaaaaaaaa

  66. Meeeeeerrrrrrrrry Christmas bahlali. We did it…… we get to celebrate another Christmas. I read that Toko book in 4 hours, but chapter 11, HER, is missing. what I learn is that, when someone show you, who they are believe them the first time. 2nd we should love our reality more than fantasy. 3rd, it okay not to be okay ( I already knew this one, 2016 taught me) 4th listen when he talks, because if she would have listened she would have heard the man saying, I will never be faithful. lastly, In all our fail relationship, we have a part to play. for example, in my marriage I was never present, I always thought I deserve better, that I did him a favor by marring him, so I never put any effort in anything. I was just there….Just in physical, but I WAS never emotionally connected and invested. so, that the part I played in our marriage, that why we are divorce.

  67. Nonhle Ndala drives like Lewis Hamilton…yoh I remember early this year I was riding in taxi to PTA. She drove past us with that “jali” car..That car went as fast as lightning…hai lo sisi o ya driver madoda

  68. He can’t maintain an erection.
    .or just doesn’t have one at all. Then put rubber on and tries to ….”do something”….like?.I was very nice hey…I can’t imagine how nice I am.I guess i don’t wana knock the confidence he has.This is a 29 year old man

  69. Lol, sorry @ Xhosagirl, I have been there. I walked away and never looked back. Life is too short to waste on soft dick niggas, especially if they don’t admit they have a problem, hair urr!!
    This Karein girl should try again, her info doesn’t make any kind of sense, unless ke le too slow go hlaloganya. So B* o batla go trappa Minnie Mouse because she is engaged and B isn’t!? She wants to beat her because she is lying about about being happy with Q, nyaa bathong!

  70. Lol, I actually wish I could name and shame the guy, tall very handsome Sotho guy staying in a major city. I was dying of thirst and needed to forget my ex at the time. Or maybe I just wasn’t meant to get some, tried a footballer afterwards and he had a cheese curl.

  71. yazi @Mr Right I was once a Sindy Manqele,I earned 6x BF salary,lived eMontana yena erenta u1room eMamelodi,drove a Jeep Sahara yena ehamba ngoCetshwayo, I understood isimo sakhe and admired his bravery Shem……then he cheated! I mean njani after turning me into a pig?ngidla la,ngilala la, taking a piss khona lapho……ngahamba ngangabheka emuva…..well after ngimlimazile i.e I got myself under a new bf. new bf wayehlala kuPretorius ngaseSharaton,knowing ukuthi kwakuyiRoute kaEx leyo on a taxi,I would park outside iJeep with NPN plates. lol zange wangithuka kanje umfana,and I never understood because angimfakanga enkantolo for the black fitted sheet that had the river system map of bodily fluids.

    @Lulu poshdiva was arrested 2-3 weeks ago. I shared it on weekend JC,apparently bebayenza lento and it was paying very well. aaah well such is life.

    my 1st ag
    I’m smelling of umswane nobulongwe! had to wash the whole cow insides…kunzima emendwenihouall…l OK I was not alone but still nje.

    my 2nd AG
    so I asked my cousin who works at the hospital in Mpumalanga to tell her colleagues ukuthi I will be supplying and delivering amacricket(fire crackers) from the 28th. I’m now getting orders instead of selling from the boot eshoprite lol. I didn’t touch my money to order from wholesale. I’m buying a box of 24×6 bundles of 100 shooters for R600. now I’m selling each for R10,meaning I make 60×24=1,440-600=840 in profits
    ladies instead of stocking booze from our own pockets asenzeni nayi ieasy money and drink it instead. OK lemme sleep

  72. Yah Chantal I even saw on twirra how excited everyone got over this nonsense, pity the Captains of B*’s army aren’t blogging nowadays to shed some real light (Just Nje and Favoured).

    Marr le ena Kgosigadi yame shouldn’t stoop to this nonsense lest it costs her Revlon. She should kill whoever ruffled her feathers with silence and grace.

  73. Hahahahah!! You killed @ Zama “I mean njani after turning me into a pig?ngidla la,ngilala la, taking a piss khona lapho……” marr you also had a big liver maan! Did you actually see a future with this guy!?

  74. Morning bloggers

    My AG goes

    Firstly i know i once said here i was building a house with my boyfriend and some of you guys warned me about that. Well you were right.
    I have been with this man for 3 years, we have a 1 year old son together. In August I left his house and went home after an argument. While at home, i was told there was another woman he was seeing. Mind you, i had not moved out completely by then some of mine and my child’s belongings were at his house.

    One day this girl calls me bragging that she has my man. I called her a lier. She said i qoute” go to his house and see someone else lives there now” and of ofcoz i went and found her belongings.

    That same day i hired a bakkie to go get all our things out of that house. Guys then comes to me saying at church they say he must take two wives. I was stunned because he had only paid a portion of lobola for me and now he was talking about second wife.

  75. I won’t lie, i tried everything in my power to save my relationship. But then i noticed a pattern in the guy’s behaviour. Month end he starts a fight with me so we end up not talking for weeks, meaning no money for his child. Sometimes he will send anything from R300 to R800 for the whole month. Then come the 15th he is broke, he comes to me begging for money to go to work.

    We had a joint email account so i have access to his bank statements, last month he bought Timberlands for girlfriend and came to me saying he doesn’t have money for the child.

    Yesterday he sent R1400 and said half is for food and half is for clothes. He has never bought our child any clothes the whole year, he started learning to walk without having any shoes. Now he tells me his girlfriend is advising him on how to support his children.

    Now i need to know, how to i get out of such a situation. And the house we built together for our child will now be given to this girl who contributed nothing towards it. Im so heartbroken and disappointed

  76. I lost my job early this year so currently im unemployed. So i cannot afford to support my son. And his father said he will never help him again. And he has the child’s birth certificate uthi i will never get it.

    Sometimes i think this man is bewitched coz he was never like this before. He loved our son, now he doesn’t care even says he can have another child tomorrow.

  77. Hey maJc a mahle. .My Ag: woke up to a post kaMpho Ranko kwavele kwathi ndikhale..I can’t stop imagining the pain he’s in.

  78. @Strewberry go to Home Affairs and apply for UnAbridged Birth Certificate
    Ayalimazaamadoda that you dont think of simple things nawe uzobanda isdina ngebirth certificate

    Also take the guy to Maintenance Court.
    You cannot make him want you or the child but try make him pay child support.look for a job anything, waitressing but take care of your child. You are not the 1st woman to be dumped by baby daddy. It hurts like hell bona oMissann an many more here balila bazithulisa

  79. @BabesweDOOM the child already has a birth certificate but i left it at his house when i moved out. Now he is refusing to give it to me. I am starting my new job in February.

    He knows this so he said i will buy the child clothes when i get paid, not with his money. When i mentioned maintanance court he started threatening, saying he will show me who he is. The insults and threads keep coming.

  80. Strewberry go apply for another birth certificate and quit begging this thing!!!
    1. Get a birth certificate,
    2. go to sassa and apply for a grant, then
    3. go to maintenance court. If he wants to make threats he can do that in front of the magistrate. While you’re there find out if you can get back the money you used to help build the house.

    Don’t ever ever be a victim and throw a pity party. It’s over move right along. Start a new job and slay. You’ll cry at night but during the day put your big girls panties and hustle hard for your son. Finish!

    He’s an as* and thats not your fault.

    Merry Christmas All
    From Me & Crocadoodles

  81. No, that man is not bewitched.. go apply for new birth certificate and I’m sure you can do that. Go to maintenance court and run before you lose your sanity…

  82. Last I checked he was in hospital, cancer patient.. looks like I will be spending Xmas alone this year. Mom also in hospital, also a cancer patient

  83. Hello everyone, lonyaka mawuphele shem ndonele nguwo. It has been a very tough 1 but I am grateful for the gift of life.

    Khanitsho what is happening to Mandla Mandela & wife Nodiyala? She deleted her Nodiyala account ku I & now she’s Mbali, laMandla ngathi unencanca yeteaspoon ubusy nomfazi omtsha. Mfxcm amadoda ayalimaza kodwa.

  84. Nelly khawenze la ncwadi ka Toke sweedati please!

    Strawberry that house should be sold and money divided qha go to Legal aid if you have to hope you have some proof that you contributed towards the building…receipts…you should be the first person emaintenance court come January it’s not about you or him but baby..

    Hamilton congratulations mommy..kiss her left cheek for aunty Glam..

    Wishing #nonke a blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year!!
    My AG
    Hope 2017 I’ll forget that slap yaka tata ka Nodoli that happened 2012..and those flirty whatsapp texts..he received 2013 mxxxxm ayalimaza nyani!
    Toast:To bigger houses..better cars and fatter bank balances!!

  85. Congrats to all our new mommies here on JC and to the ones who got lobolad, engaged, married, graduated, started new businesses, new jobs, promotions and all other good things that happened in 2016. 2017 will be even better.

    To those who did not achieve what they had set out and lost loved ones, nxeseni bantwana bakwethu, may God comfort and guide you, kuzolunga darlings, do not lose hope. I had some ups and downs but I am still standing, by His grace?

    To those with loved ones that are not well, I will keep you in my prayers.

    Tomorrow is Christmas, now am really excited.
    Bro, wife and kids touching down later today…I can’t wait:)

  86. @Xhosagirl ngine traumer. Nginamahloni ukuchaza lendaba, uyidle yonke. Ngibone umhlolo izolo.

    Side lesikhathi igazi lingagijimi. Ngihlanganiswe wumngani nalo mlisa. Sixoxe nge whatsapp,kube steamy..angitshele uzongenzani embhedeni masihlanga.Sithumelane izithombe, cha, uphethe. Mina ngithumele isithombe engisithole ku inthanethi.

    Izolo, sihlangane. Siyobukela ibioscop. Sambe, siye ehotela. Ageze, nami ngilandele. Umzimba wakhe muhle, uphethe lomlisa.

    Senze into zakhona. Umuntu afake, kuvele kuthambile 🙁 ngicasuke, ngizibambe izinyanga for lododi. Ngigcoke, ngithathe into zami, ngihambe. Ngizicabange, ngibuye,ngimzwele. Sizame kayi 7! Lapho, uyabulala ngeminwe nolimi. Njalo makazama amastroke ayababa, ipackage igood. Wathi, akajwayelanga ukusebenzisa ijazi lomkhwenyana.

    Cha!Angikaze ngihlangane nesimo esinje. Angazi,yini inkinga. Noma ngizama ukuthi makathathe isikhathi sakhe.

    Ngimtshele makaye eMens’ Clinic or mhlambe iEx yenze ivoodoo.

  87. Ngicela @MrRight @Chase @BlackStallion @Spanish Guitar bangiphe umbono. Bekayi potential eright but cha; ngeke ngibheke emuva.

  88. There’s is so much i need to do to get myself out of this mess. Love can make one do stupid things.

  89. Hamilton! Halala congrats mommy! Just saw this ! Mama make big bro responsible for his lil one! Tell him ur going to bath he must make sure his brother is safe! My one friend her son tried to flash the little sister ! It was not funny when it happened! She was traumatized: my baby boy is very loving towards his little sister! Always smothering her with kisses, but then he is big.

  90. Bloggers, ‘re the Queens rent it has NOTHING to do with intombi Yomzulu. Lemme try and see if I can break it down for you.

  91. I’m not sure about Nomzamo’s swim suit looks like a gigolo’s suit 🙁 it’s a fail for me !

  92. There is this human being who has been continuously bring the Queen to the media, first Queen as this evil being to act grace planet earth… fast forward want back to the media saying she has forgiven all involved.. my left arm … again she said should Mega decide the Queen is the one she is cool they will have T together… hhahaha she thought it’s all a movie it won’t last like many of her fans have been feeding her

  93. Fast forward September … there has been a lot happening, including Mega being very very serious about the Queen, that’s very difficult to take in. Enter Clammy who gets on very well now with the Queen, has spent time with her and real likes her. Now it’s Xmas, baby Mega is supposed to be holidaying with the Forbes & the Queen in durbs and this human being is now having none of that since the Queen will be there with ten whole Fam.

  94. Another thing that might the rotten to her is that there is a certain TV interested in Queens life which features the whole of the Forbes …. so this human being is now brokenaaand going backwards on her words to the media bout this coparenting…. words has been exchanged … What’s getting to the Queen is the fact that the human being potrays her as this kind human being who has moved on but behind the scene causing tensions all around. This paeticula human being together with her friends went as far as wanting to be physical with the Queen… coz sponsors route didn’t work the last time …

  95. There is a whole lot happening, Pity some think Queen is straatmeit well she has endured a lot and still do.

  96. Did Bonang tell you all of this Favoured?

    MissAN I didn’t know someone broke your heart; I must have missed it! I am sorry girl…May 2017 be better! My 2016 was challenging but I would never trade it for the world… I found my forever!

  97. My rapper is showing me flames. He is on the come up and I’m just wowed guys. Men can be stupid and selfish.

  98. Guys! Don’t build a man. Projects never work. He won’t appreciate it because I mean he never asked you to stick around during the hard times. So why must he stick around when his life is going well. Wow!

  99. I’m not saying the Queen is a victim, I’m just saying what the rent was about which is what was asked. It’s not about the engangement as some are saying. Nelly no, she didn’t is that a problem to you?

  100. A couple of months ago someone here shared their samp recipe. Somebody please GPS. Im cooking samp and stew. The samp is almost done. Just waiting to “tune it”…Lol

  101. If that’s the case @Favoured I don’t blame DJ Strength ,imagine allowing your baby to spend time with someone who corobricked you.Zee forgave Bonang and AKA but she can’t just forget wat they did. They did her dirt.I think Bonang wants a medal for corobricking her tshii siphi na?

  102. Woman are blinded by love. The issue of building houses not being married and no contract signed is dangerous.

    Woman, stop it. Dont invest anything to this dogs without any vows , contract etc. Stop stop stop

  103. Corobricked or not, Id never allow my 1-year-old daughter to spend Xmas without me…Lets not even talk about letting her spend it with 2 cocaine-using, self-obsessed almost-adults where champs and vodka will definitely be flowing. Aneva shem

  104. Thank you good people OSG and Nelley. He wena Nelley seo batla ho hlahlamisa ka spiti so? Kuyasheshwa eGoli madoda! Seniyeqile lengane?
    Been reading the Toke book and it has opened the old wounds, I even cried thinking of something that happened in 2010. Yazi I have been in EXACTLY the same situation kaToke, I know very well what she went through.

  105. Why would B* and AKA go on holiday in Durban?? The same Durban they go to several times a year. Didn’t AKA tweet that one wants to go to Thailand and the other Dubai so they’ll do both?

    I don’t see B* playing stepmommy to a 1 year old while on a baecation.
    Favoured uyafana nala gal ibi tweeta

  106. No-one is saying she should, well she did it last year and it was before the 1 year old turned 1. Everyone will be there ie Fam. The issue is that she goes onto the public and give the pretence of being cool with it when she isn’t. She thought Glammy was never gonna like the Queen and she did. She has every right to decide anything about her child but she should lie in the media. It’s ok to be angry or mad just don’t pretend to be ok when you are not

  107. @bae… it’s not their holiday, theirs is in Jan in Phuket & Hong Kong. Durban is the whole Forbes FAM Xmas.

  108. If that’s the case, the DJ is well within her rights. You don’t hurt someone then dictate how they respond

  109. @Strewberry I am confused about him owning the house when you guys built it together. Was the piece of land in his name?
    I’m sorry that your kid has to suffer in all this but take his ass to maintenance court. If you are big enough to make a baby, you are big enough to care for it. Make him pay!

    This Bonang story is still confusing. Bleh

  110. Yes she is well within her rights but if she should stop lying to the media and just be. We get and we all would be mad aanyway, there is no need for lying to the media.

  111. @girliegal, relax nana
    You’ve never seen her do drugs, don’t pull another woman down because you don’t like her, that ship has long sailed, if all the publications in SA that don’t even do investigations can’t proof that… Then all you saying is bullshit
    This story is a bit far fetched for me
    I think Zee has let go of the hurt, if her friends are influencing her, well that’s too bad, Zee has a man now, she gets dicked anytime she wants it, she cannot be that petty because eventually she would want her daughter to also get to know her new man
    Kiernan loves Bonang and I think it’s high time everyone made peace with it.. All your insinuations, talks insults will NOT change a thing

  112. @Favoured, maybe Z really is okay with Kairo being with the Forbes BUT not ready for her to be with Bonang. Is that wrong of her to feel that way? I can just imagine B and Aka in posting a xmas pic with Kairo. How would you feel? Maybe shes just not ready for that. Can you at least underatand that?

  113. Favoured no one likes anything that is close to the Truth.. sometimes its not even up to you as a mother to decide where the child spends her Xmas and new year. That’s why there’s something called parenting plan.. if the dj just changes her mind whenever, then aka must go to court.. the child has nothing to do with how the parenysbfeel about each other.

  114. Kiernan just thanked the mother of his child on twitter
    People just like to fuel rumours when it comes to these trio, Zee has moved on, bonang in my opinion didn’t direct that to Zee, it’s a whole lot of things together, there’s no need trying to want to defend her, I love her deeply and admire her and feel just like every human has the right to explode when pushed to the wall… She is human just like every one of us…

  115. Favoured no one likes anything that is close to the Truth.. sometimes its not even up to you as a mother to decide where the child spends her Xmas and new year. That’s why there’s something called parenting plan.. if the dj just changes her mind whenever, then aka must go to court.. the child has nothing to do with how the parenysbfeel about each other…

  116. Lool, girlie gal do you think the Dj, don’t have pics of her daughter with Brendon
    Lool all these are inevitable, it will surely happen…

  117. Celebrities lie all the time to the media for their own benefit. If Zinhle wants to lie to them, then she must lie. Didn’t Bonang and Aka lie to the media about their relationship? Your girl went as far as threatening a lawsuit for defamation of character yakunya. I’m sure she did that for her own benefit. “There was no need for her to lie to the media”

  118. Cosmicbrown
    Zinhle is no saint here either, none of them are.. She lied about the relationship, Yes.. but you wrote an open letter and brought in her sponsors. .
    They are both in relationships Now, it’s now in the past.. If you don’t want your baby daddy partner to have a relationship with your child, or be near her, also do the same because baby daddy will not let his child he around another man… They all can be petty
    Why not do the sensible thing and draw out a parenting plan…

  119. @Sebzy shem. Sorry but we are not surprised hey,we called this out when you came with your AG. But one of these Lesotho boys explained this very well; however bad it seems. With mens’ success comes a different kind of p***y and the women f*** a successful men differently.


    @Nelly it was rough but I am cool now.You accept and bounce back.

    @Strawberries sorry man. You will be fine.

    The pressure of IG though. And when will these mules learn how these drugs cartels operate? Someone with 100m of narcotics landed safely in SA.

  120. Sebzy says:
    Guys! Don’t build a man. Projects never work. He won’t appreciate it because I mean he never asked you to stick around during the hard times. So why must he stick around when his life is going well. Wow!
    1000 Likes!!! May this be our lesson going into 2017!

    Speaking of, my wish for all women for 2017: “Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!” #Love #Nonke

  121. Lool everyone is looking for Ciara and Russel ending
    Unfortunately Kiernan is no future hendrix who isn’t always in baby future (kairo ) life .. Neither does he have several side pieces, he fell in love with one woman who unfortunately is as popular as his babymama
    The fairytale ending is gonna be for both parties… There’s no Look at God moment here…. They ALL win…

  122. @girliegal read to understand NOT to reply I said I get Z is angry,i will be mad too,what I’m saying is,it’s wrong for her to run to the media and pretend to the this sooo understanding person while she does the opposite behind closed doors.
    Queen will never post a pic of her and the baby, atleast not now.

  123. @Favoured…hehehe. Thanks for the tea. It went down well with my wedgewood nougat biscuits!!! Le a bua shem a la *sources close to the parties*.

    @Strewberry wena your nightmare is just beginning. Listen to bloggers and sort out that mess you put yourself in. As Zamokuhle said Ayalimazamadoda if you are a victim and not participant. How the hell do you build a house with a boyfriend with no formal contract signed? Unless your contribution was just to project manage the construction process, in that case you can’t claim anything.

    @Sebzy unfortunately as I write this some desperate woman is busy ‘washing’ a man hoping he will marry her when he’s made it. Ladies invest in yourselves and stop playing taking in stray dogs! Zithande tuu!!!

    To all Christians, do enjoy your Xmas. Thina a banye we’ll be chilling and saving our energy (and money) for Januworry!

  124. Strewberry shem

    But black men are something else. Ayalimaza straight. BW from all walks of life tell the same stories. AGs zabantu read like those “fihla admin” inboxes on “Ndicela uncedo iyanditya nantsinto bakhaya”

  125. If what @Favoured said is anything to go by then I can’t wait. Bonang might have gotten away with it with Poppy but when it comes to Zihle uzonya nyi shame. The problem with Bonang is that she’s the SA darling so whatever she says she will always play victim in everything and SA falling in love with her all over again. How many times has she done people wrong and still she’s portrayed as a victim whereas the other party is being dragged for filth? I hope she gets her way and goes to attempt to beat Zihle up (allegedly) and then comes back with an egg on her face- so she can play victim AGAIN! Usile Bonang shame.

  126. Lol Vergara keep on waiting mami, it’s never gonna happen
    Zinger ain’t shit to B* at the end of the day…they will sort out their differences in no time…
    This is why it’s good to have money and be financially stable.. Imagine what satafrika would have been saying if bonang was just an IG modelwith no talent who allegedly stole the man of a cool, calm, saint Dj who has never done wrong in her life…kwakwakwakwa

  127. V.Becks the peice of land we built on was given to us by the chief for free. We are still under tribal authority where i stay so we don’t buy land. The stand is not registered yet. We built on it but never got around registration of land and such. I was even considering going to register it under my name without him knowing but im afraid he will retaliate when he finds out.

    So basically, we built a house that really belongs to no one since the stand is not registered yet.

  128. But @Vergara it’s theother way around Z is the one wanting to be physical no B*. It’s said this whole thingy nje should just end …. and evryone live happily ever after .. akere.
    From what I know Z and A have a parenting agreement but I don’t know if it’s those court ones nah

  129. @Nomi discovered two new gems izolo. Nduduzo Makhathini King Fela and Adam’s Eulogy Your ways,both SA.

  130. Konje there was Angelina, Jennifer and Brat and oh boy did Karma find their address. Ndamthanda mna usis’Karma she asks no questions and she does the Lords work. Look at God!

  131. Blackdiadem I agree Z is not a saint, no one is. I was addressing the “there is no need to lie to the media” comment. They all lied, why single out Z. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the open letter. She was heartbroken, and we tend to do things that are out of our character when we are in pain.

  132. Askies @Favoured misread and missed the part where Zinhle is the one who wants to beat Bonang up (allegedly). If that’s the case then I guess Bonang must do what’s right for her because angeke ushawe ngenyemfazi emhlabeni without retaliating. Zinhle sisi phuma kule corner nawe sis’Bee it ain’t healthy. Yazi it takes years to get over a 3 year relationship ask some women who are still in relationships even married how it goes, it ain’t easy guys.

  133. Strewberry is this man beating you? You seem terrified of him. If it is possible to register it in your name do it. Stop playing with this hoe ass nigga.

  134. Thanks for the gossip Favoured.. in really don’t think our girl meant a physical fight.. like literally nyesa someone… someone must tell her to tweet the rest of story already.. we tired of speculations now…

  135. Zinhle has her handsome bae, Bonang and AKA are still going strong. If Z is uncomfortable with her 1 year old playing ‘happy family Merry Christmas’ with the woman who corobricked her its understandable. What exactly is the issue here?

  136. nelley Dec 24, 2016 at 10:05 am
    I’m not sure about Nomzamo’s swim suit looks like a gigolo’s suit ? it’s a fail for me !

    I just checked it out. damn! I will eat her she will feel @IzimangaZamadoda and @Xhosagirl elusive desired state.

  137. The Aureila situation is just bizarre to me. Can you imagine how exciting it is to be a new mom and having to hide it like its a dirry secret. I mean even Beyonce gave us back of the head pics in the name of privacy but to have to hide something so beautiful in the name of euphonik is just strange in my opinion.

  138. Joanne the issue is it’s nit up to her to decide espero if they had an agreement. Unless the child will be neglected or abused then she needs a ppc shake. It’s really not up to her. You can’t keep a child away from their other parent just because you Have said issues with who they are seeing. Sorry mommy but it doesn’t work like that

  139. JoannePrada Have you seen Euphonik’s other baby? If no, then why so bothered with what Aurelia does with her’s? Maybe it’s not even Euphonik’s decision but rather hers especially since she’s been microscoped through the year she has every right. Not everything is for IG hey.

  140. I was corobricked by a 40 year old. I don’t understand men at all
    My next man must be already successful. I want to just move in and only focus on myself

  141. Lol at a ppc shake! Its just the petty in me I guess. Regarding Aureilas baby, I don’t follow the other baby mama and have no interest in her I do however like Aureila she seems like a really bubbly person who celebrates the best of life. Thats why its so strange to me that she wouldn’t celebrate this.

  142. Askies Sebzy dali. Seems like you’ve been losing some sleep over this boy?! Abomrapper nabo bayalimaza. Cry yourself to sleep sis and grieve however way you see fit phela it’s you who is feeling the pain anyway so be unapologetic. Strongs honey.

  143. @IzimangaZamadoda I am afraid there is no straight answer to this one. nerves can also be a factor. Look almost every man has experienced this embarrassing moment, where the man of the moment fails to put on a spectacle of a performance. If you’re a man that is unsure of himself and his penis you will always want to prove a point and it will always linger in your mind and those negative thought will surely have a negative impact. Healthy living, chisa nyama, booze and smoking also plays a huge role. for this one water and exercising will surely assist…

    If I was to advise your guy I will say to him, drink more water, do not rely more on your big dick, relax and explore her body and allow her to explore yours. first two rounds devour her cat like you will never eat again and explore her body with your licks to find her hidden pleasures.

  144. Strawberry, there is a lady who also built a house with BD in the villages. BD went on and married some other girl from the same neighbourhood. They took the child with them. BD was a detective so he threatened the lady. The lady cried day and night, she became the laughing stock kwivillage yakhe. FF 2 years later, lady found herself a mkhulu bae happily married, house wife, drives her own car, gave mkhulu bae a son ( he had girls only with his late wife, myself included). BD arrested for corruption.

    Don’t lose hope ausi. The best is yet to come.

  145. So if the house belongs to none of you legally, I say take the bull by the horns and do something about it. Technically you both own the house because you both contributed in building it and the land belongs to you both. So sell it and share the proceeds equally. You can’t be here stressing about a person living nicely in a house you both built! I don’t know how things work where you are but get legal advice. All the best

  146. GPS to Nomzamo’s pic please.

    Lol my sister is soooo engrossed in her phone! I can’t even talk to her coz half the time she’s not listening to what I’m saying. *rme*. Ebile I’m in my room watching movies

  147. Strewberry can you not take up the matter of the house with the Chief who gave you the land?

  148. We as women give men so so much power, we don’t only give our all for relationship to work but we give ourselves…. sad shame and we never learn from others until it happens to us. I’m one of those learnt from the fire not other people scars

  149. @Flavoured,Cool story bruh.

    Now a few questions…Bonang o lebogisa Zinhle ka eng? Bonang he a re “re tla ho ruta ho phela le batho” o ra ena le mang? So you’re telling us,that in a story concerning 3 people,none of the other 2 betray any strife(one of them being the KING of Twitter rants) but B decided ho e kenya so deep that she subliminally goes after her man’s babymama for making decisions about her own child’s Christmas plans?Okay,Oright.

    PS: unmarried women,do ya’ll spend Christmas with your boyfriends and their families? Tjo wee,that touches me as deeply as childless couples deciding to have lunch ko Spur(enjoy not having to!! All that will come later and you will regret wasting this time)

  150. B’s twitter rants “that IG life vs Real life” has absolutely nothing to do with Minnie as she’s been very low key lately. And that tweet abt thankin baby mama Z ain’t from AKA, it’s a fake account. The tweets could be directed to Zee or Pearl T but not Minnie.

  151. So Pearl Thusi isn’t endorsing Pandora anymore? Is it now Amanda DuPont and Kefilwe Mabote? Kefilwe wanyisa guys the reup game is tew much adontbilivit! What’s happening to Tshego aka Msmanche? Could it be the gay ex-husband(allegedly) or is it the La manche store not doing that well anymore? Kunzima.

  152. @Sisteract, … the rant didn’t start there and read to understand, I never said the Queen is ranting because she wants access to the baby for Xmas, read from where I started to understand them reply.
    Queens rant started earlier when she spoke about the Truth having a stamina

  153. @Sisteract, there is a lot going happening, some of the think I know I won’t write them here. There is a pic Glammy posted sometime ago, not sure if it’s still there it had the baby, Mega posted similar pic later deleted, it has the Queen …. if B* was as spiteful, she could have posted that pic on her team and people would put 1 and 2 together.

  154. @Sisteract, remember there were SMS’s, then open letter, Then letters to Sponsors, Then Twitter account, Then Clone …. and this isn’t only 2 individuals it’s about 7 people involved …. Queen camp and the other camp.

  155. “Ndu says:
    ( he had girls only with his late wife, myself included)… ”

    So Ndu you also dated Mkhulu Bae?

  156. BlackStallion says:

    Nduduzo Makhathini King Fela – yehla moya yehla moya!-

    Posted on December 24th, 2016

    Jesu! Heard that song izolo,see why I must train my palate to acquaint itself with whiskies. Can’t listen to such drinking my fruit flavoured beers.

  157. So guys vele not one of the 58k of you have any tea on on my baeTata Mcebisi Jonasi? So ayiphumi le tea? Black Beauty? Nelly? Anyone? Anyhow I would be disappointed if he had sides because he does not seem like abaTata ( read Toni ML Yengeni), lol.

    Happy Holidays guys. Be safe. Check in on JC from time to time and tell us about you Monsters in Law and your drunk uncles.

  158. But guys why are you surprised. Euphonik did say on Anele’s show he is looking for a woman that can wipe his mum’s crap in old age. Where is @Yoza to confirm this.

  159. LMAO @Sebzy ucoribrikwe yi 40 year old! I am laughing such! Repeat after me,I AM NOT A CONSTRUCTION WORKER.

    Just went to get my hair & nails did eBraam, and wanted to buy these hair ladies some Coke and get myself amaskopas, and was short a Rand & too lazy to go to my car and these Braam Kids look kid paid that Rand 🙂

  160. LMAO @Sebzy ucoribrikwe yi 40 year old! I am laughing so much! Repeat after me,I AM NOT A CONSTRUCTION WORKER.

  161. Just went to get my hair & nails did eBraam, and wanted to buy these hair ladies some Coke and get myself amaskopas, and was short a Rand & too lazy to go to my car and these Braam Kids look kid paid that Rand 🙂

  162. Okay @Flavoured. I still have so many questions,but its hard to follow your…stories about B’s life and mind because more often than not you omit things claiming you don’t want to expose 1,2,3. Look you might be legit,B’s inner circle and actually know all these things,or you might be just like alla us guessing,making up our own explanations to things we know nothing about,I’ll never know. For all I know the rant is about Bonang’s friend Matlakala(hypothetical person) who gossiped about her. Ere ke tlogele ditaba tsa batho.

  163. @Favoured I think Pearl Thusi didn’t meet the contractual obligations and thus her not endorsing them anymore. I think she was seen with MIMCO accessories and that was/is a NO! Asazi though because this is alleged- I don’t wanna get sued hahaha.

    @MissAnWhy Uyanya uEuphonik! Why not do it himself? Imagine usele endlini wiping manure all day long that time he’s out there fucking shit up… ANGEKE!!!

  164. Zoe Zovuyo Msuthwana is so beautiful and stylish. Did she leave Brand360. Another beautiful one is that make up that make up artist Miali_n Ndamase.
    When it comes to these twitter cliques sometime you have to wonder? Like there is 2uli (hair oil girl), Nonimsi( she has the most beautiful hair) …and Justvuyi our very own MissZie. 2uli and Nonimsi are the sweetest. That’s all.

  165. Wow @Favoured LOL. You are not close to B gal. You are just obsessed with her. Just Nje doesn’t come close to you.

  166. @Thamiz, I never said I’m close to her. @Sisteract let’s leave it there, you know where the rant came from, that’s cool.
    @V, I wonder then if P will now drag boKefi for Pandora like she did with Queen ‘re Revlon.

  167. @VBecks I laughed til I cried. I wasn’t expecting her to be corobricked by a 40 year old. Forgot the name of the blogger, wathi BaeMrapper is going to leave @Sebzy for a chocker wearing young thang.

    Lol @Vergara @Northie I guess when men say you are ‘wife material ‘ it means being a nurse to their mothers and peeling during family gathering….kiiiiiiii

  168. @Favoured There’s no need for that anymore. Pearl has changed for the better and that’s all thanks to Robert and Quantico. She said she has let go of the shade-throwing antics and is all about women empowerment so I doubt she will even give them the time of day, maybe congratulate them, but nothing sinister.

    So kahle kahle Euphonik was busy with Aurelia and Baby mama while with Bonang? Yazi I don’t think Bonang ke hlanyo this girl has had with men playing her even D’banj did her messy ka la ‘Declaring my undying love’ post for some oil magnet princess. #MenAreTrash

  169. Sorry @Sebzy…is she the one who bought him the expensive gift? Matters of the heart though; from what I gathered about you here I wondered why you chose him.Anyway askies!

  170. What exactly are these deals that Kefi boo is slaying us with? The girl has definitely cleaned up her image and shes now hanging with the respectable ladies but i still havent seen anything to commend her for besides her nice pictures and clothes. Did Aurelia have a boy or girl?

  171. @MsChoc, it will help you to read up then comment.
    @V, that will be great. I agree with you Queen has been thru the most. Taxi Yufonik even said he “gathered a lot of dirt” on Queen when they were together, when asked if the Queen won’t expose his dirt, he said he was very careful so she has NOTHING on him. That’s creepy

  172. Might as well laugh and cry. Yes she bought the expensive gift. Pillow talk i guess.
    Wow guys, just wow.
    I don’t know what to do.

  173. Hahaha @black… also check how many celebs are tweeting in their mother tongue … Pinnacle of Pop culture

  174. MsChoc Kefilwe is BRAND INFLUENCER! She has no aspirations of being a celebrity but she will use them to get the right numbers and people to invest in her growth, she’s very strategic and knows what she wants.

    @blackdiadem Bonang has been trending for a year and a half now boo it’s standard procedure when you are a professional brick layer asimsoli… it’s all good.

  175. @Mathaz the heart doesn’t work on logic. Trust me even my family thinks he isn’t in my “league”. Sigh. Wish I could rewind my life

  176. MsChoc I wish I were her CIC so I could quiz her on such however one thing is for sure is that had she wanted to be a celebrity she would have been one by now, simple. She’s had more than one opportunity to rise up to the challenge however she focuses on what works for her and that is being an influencer. If and when she does decide to be a celebrity we will be right there front and center to witness her reign but for now she’ll do what she enjoys and has mastered.

  177. Yes Vergara
    And 2016 has been a bang for her we ain’t mad.. She can trend for the next two years… As far it makes bank

  178. Blackdiadem Granted. She and 2 other girls laugh to the bank too. One being Pearl and the other being Zinhle…one getting paid in dollars and the other in Rands no harm done. Fact remains: She lays them bricks honey and that will follow her for the rest of her career no amount of money will and can never redeem that. Now let her trend till Jesus comes, Angelina did and she’s worn out dear, ‘Queen’ ain’t immortal.

  179. Yazi I am Bonang’s Stan but that is tew much! If Bonang didn’t tell you this… you spent hours coming to that conclusion?

    Hamilton zange ndayeka vha. 2 days from hospital I was already being phaphathad; so it never crossed my mind!

  180. That shows you power.
    Look at it this way… She wants something. And she gets it..
    Your faves WILL Never
    Lol we talking about what will follow people for the rest of their lives.. Chileee honey. .you don’t sin differently
    Your shit don’t stink differently… Play yours out for the whole world to see I guess bonang will smell of roses when we all done…. But let her name remain in your lips tho. It’s needed…
    Lol bricklayer my ass..

  181. I must say I admire the energy though…perhaps if it was channeled elsewhere? Where you would actually personally benefit? Yes? No? Maybe?….anywho, merry xmas bloggers. Have a safe one!

  182. @Sebzy I remember your Ag about this young mreppa, when and where did mreppa meet this 40yr thing? Is the 40yr old a sponsor of some sort? Did you breakup with him? Like how long has this been happening? How old are you? Wena ubuyibheja lenkwenkwe?#bhejaniamadoda.

  183. Bonang is fart glitter. I have never. Sengizo emanzini akhe. I Stan for my Queen but I am dying to read more juicy gossip. Aneva.

    Is Msposhdiva out on bail. She updated her insta. I am reminded of Nolubabalo. Is SAA going to sweep this under the rug? If SAA crew can do this, what is stoping them from stashing narcotics into their passengers’ luggage. Instagram stunting will be the end of us.
    Anyhow let’s be merry.

  184. Hahahahaha Northie
    We all like gossip… Just like how we all have skeletons we hope people never get to see..
    Well Merry christmas everyone. And wishing the B* haters a prosperous 2017
    Keep up the good work… You will be needed again next year…

  185. Evesdropping on Tolah:
    Someone said that Zakes wa Nandi looks like he is good in bed.

    The reply:
    Pupunkie Grandee
    5 days ago
    but those washing machine lips nooooooo, looks like he drools all over

    Washing machine lips. Hahahah.

  186. Washing machine lips! Bwahaaaaahaaaa! Konje he is rubber penis as well…Internet people are SAVAGES ?

  187. @Nelly, yes you can definitely get pregnant if you do it and are breastfeeding. They are contraceptive pills for breastfeeding moms but you have to be breastfeeding for atleast 4 feeds a day (incl expressing) in order for it to work. The less milk you produce, the less ot works. Most gyane’s give them out for R10 a packet. I used those for 8 months (also did the counting of ovulation days as a secondary prevention once started menstruation) and they worked.

  188. Merry Christmas, JC family!!!

    I’m on a break from cooking and cleaning this year *thank you Jesus* So all I have to do is show up to family lunch, eat, drink and make small talk. Stay safe *kisses to everyone*

  189. Thanks Loveness! Merry Christmas guys! I’m extra tired! Method doesn’t want to sleep 🙁 ! The only time she actually does is when she is busy sucking on my boobs.

  190. Nelley did your breastfeeding expert/coach tell you about quick remedies for cracked nipples? Nceda ndafa!

  191. Molweni bloggers!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! I’ve got the energy of an army namhlanje – going to work that kitchen shame.

    @hamilton – a lady at work suggested that I put used rooibos tea bags on mine to prevent dry, cracked nipples. I haven’t tried it but she swore by it shame.

  192. @Hamilton the baby is not latching properly if the nipples are cracking and painful. solve that first. what I did 10 yrs ago, I made sure the bottom lip is hanging out and the lip is also hanging on top of the lower lip. the mouth needs to cover most if not all of the dark area (areola) not just the nipple.

    to treat the nipple, express a little after each feed and smears around the feeding zone and air dry. if there’s sun stand at the Window until the milk dries. worked on both my kids. but it’s very important that babyJC latches properly, you wont have problems

    plz make sure it looks like this I.e the baby lips

  193. I was hoping I wouldn’t get Merry Christmas messages *hides* But alas.
    I’m not really a fan of the day, I think coz I have been going through a lot for the past couple of years so I have become so blasé about all holidays. To everyone who celebrates, may it be wonderful!
    @Mrs Messi *hugs* Kuzolunga mntakaDabs

  194. Mrs Modiba is doing the most with the pics of the kids & her wedding picture in the background. LMAO shame uPinks

  195. @Qukezwa I saw that. She’s giving us the rightful wife vibes haha. Soft dreads on that child’s head must fall

  196. Fisrt christmas as well @mrsmessi…my kids miss him but we are all content.I invited him for lunch but he refused…I’m drinking and they’re having their own kiddies sparkling drink…we are all merry

  197. Mrs Modiba akayi ndawo & Pinks probably gets the message now. Why isnt Vic in the pics though?

    Zintle please remove isoft dread emtaneni,iyayigqiba ihairline yakhe

  198. Just realized I haven’t had sex in 2/3 months… that time I stay with a man. Now I’m so horny it’s not even funny. Tried diy but I’m taking forever to orgasm.

  199. So George Micheal is no more. Death at 53.
    2016 makavalwe.
    My favourite song: One More Try oh madoda…
    Don’t let the sun go down on me
    I can’t make you love me

  200. Ah serious P-w0? 🙁 Thsts really sad. RIP George Michael. Faith was also one of my favourite songs.
    2016 took a lot of male celebrities, it’s too much!

  201. Congrats, Ntanga. I see uMpesheni has arrived, cracking nipples and all hahaha. Congrats to you @Nelley and all other new mommies and expectant mothers. My condolences to those getting hitched krkrkr.

    @Sebzy, 40 is the perfect corobricking age. Am looking forward to it, but will be corobricking for established men. Lomrapper kudala ekulimaza

  202. Thanks, @P-w0. First Christmas without Mom. A whole lot of firsts. Busy creating a new normal, taking it one day at a time. Things slowly falling into their rightful places, often out of my life. A lot less riff-raff and noise. Less people and nonsense to put up with for Ma’s sake.

    Am valuing friendships so much more. While we lost our biological mother, her bff van toeka af is doing her best to fill the void, ensuring Xmas is not too sore for us. My bff and my sister’s bff are spending Xmas with us. It could have been a very sad occasion for us, but friendships made it light and fun. We are grateful

  203. On a lighter note, sisekhaya elokshini and been catching up with local gossip, never mind #AmadodaAyalimaza ngapha #BayalimazaOsisiBendawo tl tl tl. Girls be avenging every woman oke walimazwa indoda. Savages, I tell you

    Oh, remember my neighbour who was pregnant for 10yrs non-stop and has 7 living children? She recently added to her brood. Girl is very fertile. Ladies my age sebe ogogo O_O

  204. Well,I spent the better half of my Xmas in the kitchen cooking.I let everyone go to church,played music,and just cooked.I later packaged all the food in the container and loaded them in the four car boots and we all conveyed to my late granparents house at the village.#Tranquility
    There were about 3weddings in the neighborhood,my brothers and I decided to Grace one of them with our presence.MY peace of mind was stolen when I met 3 of my dad’s estranged children (different mothers,two of them are a year younger than me and one is two yrs older).The most difficult thing about all this is that I am the only one amongst my 6siblings who knows about dad’s other kids.MY dad has bruised me seriously #AYALIMAZAMADODA

  205. I now get why I literally never have anything to share when you guys talk about the ‘ayalimazamadoda’ stories from a romantic relationship point of view.MY dad has played that part very well,instead,I am the one who has been doing the ‘limaz-ing’.In fact,I think men and women limaza equally well,the same way.

  206. Sifelani ungiqedelani ngehlaya? Mpesheni pho???? Ukhona uMpesh a few days old but it seems like I have had him forever. I cant imagine life without him no bhuti wakhe. Bangibusisile labantu shame.
    ZamaOkuhle you are a star, your suggested remedy works wonders, tried it izolo event though there is no sun lapha eBay but namhlanje ekuseni it was easy to feed Moesheni. Will do it again manje and by the look of things kusasa all will be back to normal and I will enjoy my eating times with the lil P.

  207. I was sick whole weekend so no makoti duties for me lol.

    the family we hosted last yr invited us for lunch today at the hotel they’re shacking in eDurban. siswenke siyaconsa new clothes and all. after lunch we’ll go separate ways, him to Margate with his brood and me to Newcastle with my brood. I have so much to do this week ngapha neCholera ayizibekile phansi.

    woke up to a death of a dear friend, uzibulele. asingabafaki igobondela/ikorobela if sisazodla ubusha bethu bahlali

    till next year! nginithanda nonke emakhaya

  208. @Hamilton useNRB? I was there the whole weekend, ngabe ngilethe igift on behalf of JC for Mpesh. anyways I’ll need a ben10 in few years so he’ll come in handy lol. I’m glad it worked before you wasted money on nipple shield, creams and doctors. I also noticed the internet ayinaClue about how to properly breastfeed. thank God for my midwife, She’s a real G. don’t forget to feed on demand, the weight will drop off.

  209. Thank God for special friendships @Sifelani. I’m glad you guys weren’t alone.
    @My YR how come you are the only one to know about your half siblings? Did your mom tell only you? Are you the eldest?

  210. Kuke kwane discussion eyashuba kabi la ekhaya kuthiwa singasazali thina over 35’s, kodwa naba oMpesheni bephila and nestina siyas’shaya #RevengeOfTheGeriatrics lol

    40 is the new 20 hahaha

  211. guys my brother in law just smsed ethi “my father is asking if he can come pick up his grandson”,remember I told u guys we haven’t spoken since the knife incident and they used to come when I was at work now that I’m home they don’t come then this message…ndithini?y doesn’t my soon to be ex FIL SMS me himself ,I did not fight with these people 🙁

  212. Don’t reply to that text wena @mrs messi. Ba sile batho bao. Vele why doesn’t the FIL text if he wants to see the child?

  213. I have no idea @Nzalama. Remember kalok he is not roaming – ndizova ngaye mhla wabuya. For all you know he could be in the country qha ulahlekisa mna. Andifuni noyicinga indaba yakhe indinyusela nge high blood pressure.

  214. Lol @Sifelani. Mybe nami I need to start corobricking ? how the hell do you even do it.

    Hope everyone had a lovely Xmas. Is it me but ayisena That Thing. Do kids even still wake up early to watch the sun ‘dance’?

    2 chapters into NoViolet’s We need new names,I keep thinking anytime I will come across a character called Method. What a lovely book. Hope it’s like this ’til the end.

    @MrsMessi ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Bazingena kuphi indaba zenu with your ex? They still your kid’s grandparents and don’t need to be seeing him in secret or bathumezele. Fok, I would not trust such people with my kid.

  215. @VBecks,it was actually my father who confided in me with all his shenanigans,telling me how not so not proud he is with his old ways…and no,I’m not the first born child,I’m actually the second last,he (dad) says he finds it easy talking to me.At some point I had to stop him because the his load/troubles were beginning to weight me down.

  216. I’m actually the Apple of his eyes “favourite”,this is according to him,this is according to him (but I told him to never utter such comparisons in front of his children).But now I see how that status has come up with it’s own baggage.
    I remember once and the last time I shared with him about my bf,he kindly asked that I don’t do that because should there come a time when I complain about him (bf),he(dad) won’t hesitate to use his gun.and I trust him

  217. Yhoooo I come across this lady’s post on fb Yolo Potyana, I’m so disgusted by her husband. And Facebook folk went crazy on the guy. Go check people.

  218. @Spanish G… yerrr i went to her page… thats just nasty… i mean…!!!!!! Im heartbroken for her.

  219. @Pw-0… Please continue to pray about ur situatiom and ask God to reveal the whole truth about ur boo… you should also allow your highest level of intelligence to guide u…. But in the meantime try and relax for the sake of baby and u…

  220. Hey wena @SpanishGuitar, I saw that post this morning. I went on the husband’s wall, Sabelo Jika. Sies, men that abuse are trash hey.

  221. I hope all of you make it to 2017,I wouldn’t mind if the festive can be cancelled already (sendidikwe!!)
    Otherwise injani imibeko yeKrismesi?

  222. @MissAN that was one of the best books I have read. I was so sad when it came to an end. I think I finished it in a few days.

    @MY YR Eish that’s hectic. But maybe you should just tell the other siblings. I dunno. Never been in such a situation. So even your mom didn’t know about the other kids?

  223. Hahaha askies Nemo.

    Yoh guys I’m so annoyed fok! Like I’m ready for my sister to leave or I should leave nje. Like umuntu is ALWAYS on her phone! I don’t care if she is always texting and doesn’t speak to me coz I can just go to my room or read books on my phone but now when she sits on her ass and not clean or make food then I get very pissed! My cousin’s kids are at my house and they are the same age group as her son. They woke up before her and mom made them cereal. Then when I was making food they wanted food again, Mina I refused to make them food coz 1-I was super hungry and couldn’t wait to make food for them and 2-she was in bed ON HER PHONE!! My mom called my other cousin who’s in her 20s to come make food for them. My sis helped her. And that was the last time she did anything. She has been on her phone ALL DAY GUYS. I’m not exaggerating hey. She hasn’t done ANYTHING since they had brunch. 2 hours ago bana ba batla dijo and she just sits there and says she’s waiting for mom to finish baking so she can cook. Why can’t she cook when mom is baking?? I do it all the time. Ag I’m so bored nxa. Sorry for the rant guys I’m just annoyed. I hate it when she sits there and doesn’t feed children. I mean if ngwana a batla dijo you must get up

  224. @VB your sister is a spoilt brat, your mom needs to speak to her, like you guys can’t go on like this, she’s been on her phone whole year that on this holidays nyana she can’t even offer to do abc, who dresses and feeds her, who’s shelter does she lives in? I’m afraid if you confront her by yourself things might go south on your relationship with. Your mom must wear her big panties and speak to that child.

  225. @Spanish vele if I bring it up she is gonna be defensive and say nami I’m also on my phone. Yes I’m on my phone but I DO put it down to get some work done. I’m not in the mood for her tantrums, I will speak to my mom about it. I don’t care if uyahlala all day, I just get pissed when she sits and not feed her kid.

  226. @Mrs Messi, ignore sheim. Grandpa must speak to his son to speak to you, you don’t parent via third parties.

    @V.Becks, I have a pretty good idea about what you’re talking about. It sounds mean when you remind people awuzele so you don’t have any plans of leaving your bed/couch or putting your phone (read glass) down to make food for no kid. It is my first Orosless festive afterall

  227. @P-WO, I don’t usually tell people what to do. Allow me to make an exception tu…bounce, mntase. You truly don’t need this Mauritius-hopping-when-gf-is-about-to-pop-commitment-phobe. While I’m outchea prising dead things out of people’s hands, let go @Sebzy. Potentiate no more. @My YR, don’t allow housrself to be involved ezindabeni zabantu abadala, let Dad phipha his mess

  228. It does sound mean when you say such @Sif but iqiniso. And I tell my sisters all the time that I don’t mind looking after their kids when they aren’t around, but when they come home they must take over kaloku. I even said it yesterday. Mina I can go to bed without eating, or I can have bread and be fine. But when you have a child you can’t be lazy when it comes to the pots bra. Some people just wanna steal your joy nje for no reason.
    Iphi iOros kanene? Are you enjoying the 18yo whiskey? Hehe

  229. Vbecks my advice: for the sake of peace between you and your loved ones pack your bags and go back to your crib. Or you can just ignore your sister and go about your merry way. Cooking and cleaning shouldn’t be a competition between sisters…at all. Take the moral high ground.
    Siblings generally compete against each other and especially girls. I get a sense you Vbecks are looking down on your sister. Is it because she’s a single mom who earn less than you? Do you know what’s happening in her life? Has she always been lazy? Is your mom complaining cause it’s her house you know? Sisi don’t damage relations cause of pots and pans!!! It’s not worth it.

  230. Morning guys…what a festive. I’m a bit over it though, apart from bonding with my little one it’s been just bleh!

    Sefleni,glad you had good company on Christmas, you are right about friendships being important.

    P-wo, sorry man sisi. That is so tough, I don’t even know what to say, I wonder what his explanation will be?

    Congrats to all the new mommy’s, my little one is so grown now. I need another. Mind you I can’t wait for school to open, these little people are exhausting

  231. Morning bloggers,

    Any1 with interesting books on their phone? Can you please share, I’m bored, need something to keep me busy for the few coming days. kaybeemos at yahoo dot com. TIA

  232. @Arab I am not looking down on her. I’m unemployed so I don’t have an income, and I have been home for long. I did mention in the other comment that I don’t mind cooking and cleaning coz I don’t like being hungry and definitely dislike being in an untidy place. And I have been doing those things without asking her to do her part. I did them before she came mos. What made me mad yesterday was the fact that the kids were hungry and she didn’t move an inch to make sure they are fed! Antse ale busy ka phone ya hae and saying she will cook after mom finishes baking. My mom even cooked WHILST baking- which I also do. I mean it’s not like she’s gonna cook ka oven- even if she wants to use the oven, once tray ya di biscuits has been taken out then she can use it akere. That was my issue, gore o dutsi mo founung when kids are hungry. Mina personally I can’t tend for a child when their mother is around shem I can’t. I do it while they are away, the minute you arrive then your mommy duties must resume.
    My mom just does things for herself. If she sees the place in untidy, wa emella and cleans herself. She is not one to scream and shout and tell people to do the obvious.

  233. Arab I don’t agree with you at all. S

    I complained about my little sister last year, we’ll nothing has changed. I think it’s such a character flaw really, to sit and watch movies all day while one sister is cooking, cleaning, never mind buying these groceries, and then you come out of your room to the pots and dine like a boss. It’s a stinking attitude at 26.

    My sister stays with me cause she doesn’t earn enough for her own place. That’s not a problem. But then when you are staying in a family home free, surely you take pride in that, cook atleast once a week. Surprise us with pizza at month end??? I did those things and more when I started working so I know I’ve been a good example.
    My mom stays with us cause I don’t want her ekasi alone.
    But I’m thinking more and more that a solution is to buy a car for them so they can go stay together. It’s that bad.

    I can take lazy but rude unappreciative and crass I cannot take no matter the relations

  234. Yazi, to avoid the issue of not contributing to cooking she will buy takeaways or bring food that she cooks and eats herself.thats before the money runs out during the month.
    I mean what is the point?? You may as well contribute R600 towards the grocery bill and tell me what you like so I can buy it. I still have to pay for the electricity you are cooking with after I’ve cooked?

    It got so bad last year that I would not cook, my man would take me and my little one out and we’d come back full. I felt bad for my mother but naye she doesn’t want to hear anything about her last born.
    Then we came to blows because I stopped dishing up for her, she created such a fuss that I’m being rude.???
    No guys, family can mess you up strue

    I worse ke we my older sister is back and I’ve spoken to her about helping me out and taking the little sister. She flatly refused. So I’m the morgue who must take all this drama.

  235. But ladies then what is so difficult to discuss this with the parties concerned? Sophia it’s your place surely you can lay down your house rules and if your Lil sister can’t abide then she must find her own place. She can look for a sharing place close to work and you can help out from a distance.
    Vbecks your challenge is it’s not your house to complain. It’s always best to discuss such issues at the beginning for e.g. set up and agree on schedule for the holidays. This should be done with everyone’s input. If anyone can’t pull their weight then they must ship out. Throwing tantrums is clearly not solving the problem for you. And don’t put your mom in a position to take sides…

  236. I’ve accommodated siblings before and if they can’t put up with my basic requirements I used to call my parents to come fetch them. I refuse to live in a conflict ridden environment especially when it’s supposed to be my safe space.

  237. Ai ladies keep ur panties on I never said victor is with pinky because zinhle does not have that thing.. you came to that conclusion all by yourself. If a man wants to cheat he will cheat wether u have that thing or not… All I said is Pinky has that thing and Madame yena that “thing” is dololo

  238. Shutout to all the mommies and people around them who survived terrible 2’s. Tantrum been in full swing for over 30 mins now. ‘Khulu is mixing a triple and unyuse nevolume. Will give pain syrup later, he will need it

  239. @Sifani hahahahaha and it does not stop at age 2…wait till he can construct sentences and starts commanding your attention.

  240. Arab I have tried. I confronted her once which I felt was enough, I’m not her mom. I’ve raised the issue with our mother, she makes every excuse under the sun for her daughter. She even told me at one point I am taking issue because it’s my house and I must chill and act like I don’t see the food left for days in her room, like the cleaning lady found maggots at some point, on top of period stained sheets just left there. I was so hurt all I could do was cry.

    So this is cutting deep, it’s ruining my relationship with my mother. Sure it’s my house but I have opened it up as a family home. So everyone should feel comfortable, then I raise an issue of behaviour and it’s thrown in my face.
    I’ve decided though, next year they are moving to my mom’s house. I can get a reliable second hand car so they can get around but I have my own child to raise mtaka bawo I just can’t anymore

  241. @Sofia your sister is worse! I helped my big sis with chores and stuff when I stayed with her. I didn’t contribute to groceries or whatever coz I am not working but when I tutored a kid and got some money I would buy some stuff. Your lil sister o spoiled and your mom is making her worse. Naye she sees this, hence she’s always acting out. I would have kicked them out a long time ago.

    @Arab I don’t want my mom to pick sides, not at all. Nna my biggest gripe is a person sitting down busy chatting and giggling and not getting up when her child is hungry. That’s what pisses me of and I always tell her this. Even when I am at her place in GP, umntwana would say mama I’m hungry. She would get up after 30min to an hour. Sometimes I would get up to make him food coz really, if a child says they are hungry then it means they REALLY ARE HUNGRY. Most of the time I have to ask my nephew if he wants food and he would say no even though he hasn’t eaten for hours (I think o tshaba dijo) But when he straight out says he’s hungry, I don’t hesitate, I make sure he’s fed immediately. The same happened yesterday when him and my cousin’s kids said they are hungry, she still sat down. I have told her before that she can’t wait for long before she makes food for her child, she needs to get up immediately especially when he said to her I’m hungry. Ke lwela ntho eo nna. Her phone won’t go anywhere, it will still be there even after she is done feeding the kids.

  242. We’ve never done schedules and never had to coz we know we always take turns. If I cook today, then tomorrow someone else does it. And the older nephews do the dishes. Same with cleaning. If she wakes up to clean today, then later I cook. And then the following day maybe my niece would cook etc. It’s never been a problem. Le nou I’m not bothered about her not cleaning, it’s not feeding her child that gets to me coz I end up doing it while she sits on her ass. No. Like I said, I do enough feeding while she is not around, the least she could do is take over. She’s been here a week. I’ve been here 3 weeks Le ngwana wa hae, so for two weeks he was my responsibility and I didn’t have a problem with it. But now she must do her part

  243. Lol Vbecks, she’s had a break so really she can do it. She’s taking chances cause she knows you won’t let the kids go hungry. Feed them wethu. Maybe your sister is going through something??

    Is she still with her baby daddy?

  244. Sofia good for you dear. Love and help FROM A DISTANCE. And don’t feel bad doing it either. It’s your sanity to protect.
    Vbecks feed those kids wena and leave your sister alone. Clearly you’ve been spoiling her. Too late for you to complain now nana. I hope you lined up a job for yourself next year so you can start focusing on you. You have too much time on your hands hence i high high cause of such petty issues. Take it easy from today nana.

  245. This Angelina and Brad divorce is ugly moss. She got full custody of the kids.

    It’s so weird because weeks before the divorce was announced an old psychic therapist of Brad’s revealed that his energy was all messed up since being with Angelina. He was a lot calmer with Jen. But she said that he wouldn’t leave Angelina but find ways to cope.
    Seems like weed and booze was his escape.

    He shouldn’t have divorced Jennifer. I think this is definitely karma on his part.

  246. @sofia@vbeks.. I’m reading your stories at least to you guys it’s your sisters.. what about me it’s my sister’s inlaw.. I hate being married that’s all I can say

  247. Eish @Arab, I can she’s taking advantage coz she knows I’d do anything for the child mxm. But it’s fine, I will take the high road. I was just hoping she would come to the party and give me a break coz I’ve been doing her mommy duties before she arrived. It’s always me and my mom doing that coz yena o tsoga late (well she just sits in bed til 11 or so).

    No @sofia she’s not going through anything. People who are dealing with stuff don’t sit and chat and giggle with their phones. She’s just lazy sometimes. I’m a lazy person myself, I will be the first to admit that I hate house chores but I do them coz they have to be done. When the helper is around, I will chill. But akekho now, she’s on leave til next year so we gotta pull out weights.

    Shame askies @purple. Do you live with your in-laws or is it only an issue when you visit husband’s house?

  248. Social media is powerful bakithi… that Lolo Pityana story got 37k likes since yesterday from all over the world on fb and trending on twitter. I wonder how the hubby feels about this…

  249. I hate it when people dismiss other’s problems as petty or small!!! Like, who are you to decide if I should be mad about something or not???

  250. I’m visiting them. Was meant to stay the whole. Hayi ndiyahamba ngomso I’m not talking to him lowo all he knows is to be everywhere except being at home. Sometimes I think he brings me here just to punish me for I don’t know what
    Yazi makukhona umsebenzi I really don’t mind doing everything as it is expected of me, not kanje. Stand the whole day. And my mother inlaw has a big mouth but they don’t listen to her.
    She ends up doing things herself when I’m on strike.. like today.. I woke up cleaned the house made food for the kids then went to my room outside not talking to anyone.

  251. 125ddd, but she is so quiet. I wonder if she is ok? The pictures are hectic. The husband is a total assets, what a loser.

    I need to also get that book everyone is talking about.

    Damn, that Yolo is brave. I hope the likes of Z will see that staying and suffering is not on. She looks too skinny to me now, I don’t think it’s healthy to stay in a situation like that.

  252. I could never be with a man who did that to me. This yolo woman is attractive, we’ll even if she wasn’t. There’s no way in hell I would suffer two years of that mess. And she married him probably thinking she won over sides kanti she’s the biggest loser.

    God, Jesus didn’t die on a cross for us to suffer such abuse.

  253. Hi guys and happy holidays. I’d like to ask fellow women if they know where I can get the oral contraceptive ‘premarin’ without a prescription, in Johannesburg. The one I have is more than 6 months old and I can’t see a gp now as I’m broke, thanks!

  254. I saw that post ya Yolo, pretty hectic stuff. Two years is too long ka nnete to allow such. But I guess what matters is she broke the silence and got out

  255. Yoh @Sofia and @VB, I feel your pain. Luckily in my case I don’t share a house with my sister,but I tell you,everytime I’m home,that chick is in bed. No matter the time. She has a 3 year old(nightmare of a child)who’s always being chased around by my mother and the nanny,while SHE is in bed on her phone. The thing about her that gets my goat is the way she talks to my mom though…Gosh,the day I…NVM. Mothers Bawo,why they defend these types of people so vigouriously,I pray I never find out.

    @PerfectSmile, #5 on my “why I hate marriage list”,is in laws,with 5.1 being “and how their son acts around them”. Good luck my darling. I’d say curse him out,but I’m a pacifist lol.

  256. @sisteract your mom let it go on for too long. Ke game over jwale. How does she discipline her now when she speaks to her anyhow?? My sister doesn’t talk back, her problem is the damn phone. My mom leaves when she has stuff to do, she’s not about that babysitting life even when the mother is here.

    Strength to you @perfectsmile. Hopefully yol go to your house soon so that you don’t have to be cooking and cleaning for a house full of capable people.

  257. I know @V.B, and the thing that baffles me is that none of us,the older siblings would EVER talk back to my mom,we never have and even now in our 30’s we still wouldn’t. I don’t know where her audacity comes from,but obviously a lot of it comes from my mother letting her.

  258. Zinhle is rolling in the Porsche aaaaiiich. I did mention that those two are fixing.

    Her smile says a lot

  259. Sorry Perfect ntoz, yazi I feel bad everytime I see umakoti complaining about sisters in law. Mina I am known for being lazy at home. I have always been like that I never do it because kukhona umakoti. I believe that if nabo bekhathele they can sit down like me no one forces them to do anything. I hope they dont go around complaining about me when I have never asked them to stand the whole day. My mom in law told me to make food for her ONLY because usemdala kakhulu, the rest bayazenzela in fact I dont even see them sometimes ngoba I have my own pozi nabo banelabo where I dont even go. Emini siyangqengqa sikhande ooMpesheni like wonk’umntu.

  260. Pewu!! I wonder. I don’t like this Vic guy for Z. Can’t lie. But if she is happy then who are we to judge. Pinks will be back with a bang, trust you me.

    Sisteract, mothers are something else. My mother is willing to leave a comfortable home in a central location so she can protect her baby. A baby who told her point blank she will never subscribe to black tax, she’s looking out for herself. Soooo andazi ke, but they must go with Tata God. I called my uncle to let him know and he told me to not bother with a car. They must see themselves. So ke nam ndiyekile

  261. “Pinks will be back with a bang”

    @ Sophia, hahahaha that line though. Uyamazi, she is very competitive that one.

  262. I don’t like ukufakaza izindaba zemizi yabantu but after reading Toke’s book,I see a lot of her in Zinhle. I don’t follow her or her deputy but from what I’ve read here I hope she finds peace one day yena nesekela lakhe.
    in other news
    the Newcastle municipality has finished fencing off what will be the airport runway. I’m so happy ngeke sisadriva 4hrs to Jhb or 5hrs to king Shaka to catch a flight. I also heard FlySAfair will be operating there…their planes look
    questionable though.

  263. @Sophia am glad your sister is leaving, letting her stay would have been enabling her further, the maggots and such was just too much. And it isn’t a good example to your kids either. It might be exactly what she needs to mature. Hope they take it well and it doesn’t result in more conflict

  264. @Sofia… domestic is very complicated i believe…abusive men can be quite charming and manipulative so the women end up staying after being begged for forgiveness with tears and all. It takes a lot of strength to finally detach.

    And I aggree with u regarding the Mrs modiba. She can post wedding pics and act all “ive got this shit together…me and hubby are okay..Im the main woman etc” but fact is that man is sleeping around and this is public knowledge..he even has a child to show Z that he enjoyed another woman so much as to give her a child.

    I dont care who says what but i will NEVER EVER fight to keep a man who disrespects me to that level. I have paid my dues in that regard. Its not worth it. STDs and HIV are a reality bafazi. There are men who love and respect themselves and would not put thier wives through this kind of drama. Any man who tries to.bring me drama concerning another woman will be ejected with immediate effect.

  265. Zamo Kuhle, a bang!! And I don’t trust Pinks, she’s the type to fall pregnant within months of giving birth just so she can even the numbers with the wife. That girl won’t go away without a fight.

    Anyway, time will tell. I really like Z, I hope she hasn’t lost the plot on herself. Sometimes when you hold onto something so tight you lose a large piece of who you are in the process.

  266. Zinhle has what’s making her stay, and I think it’s the kids.
    Like I said days ago, toke’s saving grace is the fact that she didn’t have kids for her ex, and she realised she was loosing her self in the process
    Zee hasn’t realised that yet, the day Zee wakes up and say “This isn’t me, this isn’t who I am, this wasn’t who I was… Trust me she will take a decision, a pregnancy hasn’t woken her up, infidelity hasn’t woken her up, maybe… Just maybe… Something stronger ( I pray for it not to happen) she will get a wake up call

  267. @Joanne p. This is what she posted together with some gruesome pics…

    “Today I break the silence.
    This is how i spend my christmas of 2016. In pain and hurt. I have been beaten, and cheated on and abused for the past 2 years by my husband.

    Women love does not hurt and only God will complete you.

    I prayed,I forgave, i gave 2nd, 3rd and many chances for him to change. However the pain never stopped.

    Ladies. Love like you never been hurt before, but most of all love yourself more, not to stay longer than the first time. Leave leave leave.

    This has been the best example of my life on how God speaks and we decide to ignore that voice that says NO…”

  268. “Ladies. Love like you never been hurt before, but most of all love yourself more, not to stay longer than the first time. Leave leave leave” its so weird how we hear these messages day in and day out but women still choose to stay.

  269. And God does speak. But he won’t rescue you, you have to use what he gave you to rescue yourself. That’s the biggest lesson when Moses lead the Israelites through the red Sea. Seeing the egyptians approaching the people were scared and cried, God responded, “why are you crying up/out for help?” As in, I have given you, Moses, the ability to solve this. God instructed Moses to tell the people to move forward. They had to move in certainty, once they were in the water, Moses lifted his hand to clear the water.

    I don’t believe we are meant to suffer in situations that don’t build us, give us life. I don’t believe we were given life to be victims or live a life of crying out in pain. With all due respect to stories like the war room. You can pray over a man in tongues of fire, there is something called free will. If your man does not want to change, he won’t. That is when you use the good judgment God gave you to save yourself. All we need do is move forward in certainty, and trust that we will be ok. There is life after a crappy relationship, marriage, job. There is always life, nobody has to remain unhappy in any situation.

  270. Orgella yena is always at church. Errryday she is tweeting about that Bushiri Cult of theirs…

    Loulou/MJ is my gal…she tweets away all day erryday even about her 5 minute marriage. She never hides that she wants men with money. Orata nice life an &all things expensive.i wonder what lead to the divorce. 3rd wife nakona!!!!!!!!!Things women do for money

    Wena ZamOkuhle are you married?zikhiphani?you seem to be all over one minute you speak of bae next hubby and makoti duties running a bizness then you selling sewasho on Jc then selling crickets AKA firecrackers.imali niyifuna macala onke now bae takes his brood and you took your brood hhayi you leave imteresting lives kuleemitshato yenu

  271. hahaha and you’re so itching to know neh? aaargh shame skepsel I don’t owe you an explanation, so scratch that itch,you might find relief and while you’re at it do try the JC infamous ppc shake. or maybe you can just ask me with your regular username yabo?

  272. @babewedoom I’ve just realised that ngalenkathi ugade Mina and my cricket(fireworks) sales,I’ll make enough money to buy 500shares for the Radisson hotel without touching my pocket. but ke wena you’d rather invest on data ugade abantu online, poor you kwazisholo ubab’wam wazifela you’re really doomed hey.

    I think that’s enough entertainment from me to last you a lifetime neh?OK bye

    unemployed bloggers and students plz download there’s so much you can sell and make money laphaya. those sunglass they sell for R200+ kumapopups are R15, glass screen protectors are from R15 you can set up a table at the mall on a busy day ubafakele, I mean I fitted mine for R300 evodashop. even lummee covers. asisukumeni bahlali you can even join popups markets uthengise khona. you get discounts up to 95% on stuff. 2017 asisukumeni

  273. Thanx guys I didn’t reply to the texts so they swallowed their pride and came to see my son yesterday ,they were saying to him “ur uncles will protect u when u bullied at school,we will take u yo the best schools,we will be retired so we will take good care of u”etc,I got the feeling that they wanna take my son away from me or am I being paranoid,they asked if they can take him out tomorrow,I’m not sure I want them to,I mean I do want him to know his father’s side of the Family but when the divorce is thru and there’s papers in place stating who he should be with and when ,my paranoia says they building a case against me,on some im neglecting him I went and dropped him off by them,also the fact that they take pics when I’m not there and my son with her nanny ,like I said could it be paranoia or I’m like this with good reason ,I just don’t trust them ….

  274. @Zama Okuhle you are a Star
    I downloaded Wish App,and it’s soo
    Great maan, Thank you sthandwa.
    I also saw those shades from online boutique, wow I need to make money on the side nam shem.

  275. Also downloaded it- thanx @Zama Okuhle, also downloaded it. Im starting my Insta boutique next year and do all this pop up sales. Lol

  276. Mrs messi, I don’t know think you owe the grandparents and other family members any visitation rights.. especially because the requests to visit must come from the father. Unless he’s the one making those arrangements just say no.

  277. Molweni nonke

    I guess all sibling drama is the same it just differs in gender. My brother is stirring up anger inside me. It was by agreement that food is on holiday him and I’m gonna pay for shelter. He only bought food in September which lasted up until October. End October out of anger and hunger I asked him why didn’t he buy food. He never answered instead he buy kfc. O_O. I got furious and told him the if he still wants to stay he needs to go to work and make sure there is food because I don’t fault in paying for him shelter.

    I had from his colleagues that he has been absent from work and I thought he was having day offs. He would get drunk Friday afternoon until Sunday midnight but doesn’t want to buy food.

    On this Sunday I told him if he doesn’t give me money until Monday afternoon, he must find his place to stay. He went into his room after 15 minutes he had his bag on his shoulder. I just yelled “my house keys please” and he threw them.
    My mom was insulting me of how heartless am I. I told her she can’t lay rules in my house. If people(my siblings) can do as they please in her house then not in my house. I can’t fees a man who is old enough to buy whiskey and not buy food.
    What disgusted me was that the grocery money I requested is multiplied by 8 and you get shelter fee. He took a phone on my account and is defaulting payments. He is just a journalist who takes pictures of wines that are in my fridge and male visitors and sends them home to my mom.
    I’m fed up. I need my privacy and peace of mind. I don’t need anyone to buy me food

  278. Zama be careful of they do sometimes deliver trash! Trust me ur better of with aliexpress! That being said traveling with Method is proving to be a nightmare! Our flight was delayed and we had a stop over in abudhabi! 2 children that are cranky ! I cannot 🙁 … lay over is like 4 hours and my baby girl is just crying and won’t stop! Even the boobies won’t help ! Oh my SnapBack is also impressive! Tummy almost flat I’m bikini ready for Florida!

  279. Kumnandi ukwazi ukuthi, I can always depend on my dad to come through for me. . .

    Let’s treasure our parents bahlali. . .

    @sofia’s last sentence on that comment. . .

  280. “There is always life, nobody has to remain unhappy in any situation”.

    Ngithanda lokhu >>>>> “there’s always life”

  281. Hi all.. I am talking all things 2017…
    Lets stop being all talk with no action, Put your thoughts into action.
    Lets let positivity transcends to a point that we attar no negativity
    Lets be good people all round
    Lets make 2017 our bitch and make millions

  282. Good for you @Akariya. Your brother is irresponsible, you can’t baby him forever. Mina I don’t care if I get called selfish and all that, my peace of mind and sanity comes first. I can never live with any of my siblings. The only person I stayed with was my older sister, we got along. My other siblings shem I could never. One month is more than enough and we are fighting and I’m gatvol. Family will drain you ah. Me, I choose to love from a distance.

    @sofia could you please email me, id like to ask you something. Beckhamsmain at gmail dot com.

  283. “Oh my SnapBack is also impressive! Tummy almost flat I’m bikini ready for Florida!”

    Chesa @nelley! Slay us, we are your dragons 😀

  284. There is a thin line between being in love and being obsessed. This DjZinhle person is just extra!

  285. Phephisani @Akariya & MrsMessi. Mrs Messi I have heard that for a mother to lose custody, the father would have to move heaven and earth. Your child being in the care of a nanny shows that you are responsible – you are working to provide for him. No magistrate in their right mind would deny you custody of your son.
    @Akariya, I have noticed how parents are lenient towards their male kids. I have heard similar stories – I don’t have a brother, so all I know about brothers is what I have heard. I wonder if they (parents) realise the havoc they are laying foundation for in their son’s marriages. Your brother was being irresponsible, some tough love will do him some good.
    @Sofia I don’t know if I believe the “I don’t believe we were given life to be victims or live a life of crying out in pain.”. My Granny has been through the most, from an abusive husband to irresponsible adult kids (baby making aunt with no direction and whoonga uncle). I do know that I was not born to be a victim. But my Gran shem, I think the only time she will get some peace of mind is when she is six feet under – except for the time we (mom and my sisters) pamper her.
    This is my first festive season I spend at home stress free. I have had time to think about marriage. I have wanted to get married with every fiber of my being for as long as I can remember. I can say I was desperate even. I came close but that was the source of my stress. Now I have looked at it for what it really is. Don’t know if I still want it. I have come to value my happiness and peace of mind more than anything.
    Let’s defrost 2017, it’s our briaa pack.

  286. So I c the God mothers of sidechicks have been left high and dry even their IG are on slow down side eye zamaberrie and pinkhorseface hehehehehehe #ayalimazaamadoda

  287. @Masga that is true. Abazali bayalimaza worse. All They Are teaching is women to keep up with shit while males can act any how and be understood.

    @Sofia you sound like a first born.

  288. Majita a JC, here’s a sincere question for you…since ingane zo may zikhala like this nga madoda, exactly what makes a man to be faithful to his wife (read: wife not GF). Thing is if a man decides to commit through marriage surely he must have gone through some introspection and concluded that he’s done playing blah blah blah right? Are all men really wired to be unfaithful? Those who are faithful please share your thoughts on this. I’m asking for a man’s perspective on understanding his role within a marriage. Partners in civil unions are also welcome to share their experiences. O dade ba ya limala amadoda.

  289. @MasGa, Sifelani said something similar in May. . .kodwa yena uyihlayizisile.

    Leya comment yaba impiliso emathanjeni ami. . .

    Wathi I peace ibalulekile kunakho konke. Ngiyawuthanda nomusho wakho we peace.

    Yazi, uJC is like the big sis’ I’ve never had. Ngizibona ngikhula usuku nosuku.