Anything Goes….

Anything Goes….


Yhuuuuu guys, I actually forgot that today is Friday. Hehehehe, I am already out of it mentally, that time the year just kicked off.


Let’s catch up on how the year has been so far. Ni right?? To those that are traveling back to their places of work, please be safe on the roads. The struggle is not over hle.


Have a great weekend bo dali.


By @KikiMarli


  1. Happy New year to you too,nam bendilibele bakuFriday namhlanje(that time am @ work and days are dragging).

  2. Sanibonani bahlali. Mins I extended my leave due to nanny deciding to only come back this weekend.

    I am pissed off nje. My boss insists on calling me and sending me whatsapp to log on and catch deadlines and returns whilst she is enjoying her leave. As if my leave is not as valid as hers.

  3. Happy new year JC family.
    1st Friday of the year and so much has happened and yet so much is still in store.
    This is the year I make some life changing decisions and I’m just not looking forward to that.
    It’s back to work/school next week :'(

  4. I need to finalize my registration for the current year. Studying at your adult age aint no fun sometimes.

  5. This week has been a waste of petrol going to work. I’m back early because I aint got no leave days.

  6. They are discussing Sithelo and Uyathandeka on twitter.

    Also saw them discussing dj Zinhle’a Mr. Bond. Apparently he is a manager of the new MMM. “You should be here.” Scamming is life. Toodle

  7. Happy new year everyone.

    Guys please help, does anyone know of any good therapist that deal with depression/Anxiety/Nervous breakdowns in jhb? I have a family member whos going through the most,and shes agreed to try out therapy. Please leave the details here if you know of any. much appreciated.

  8. Morning Bloggers… AG: Anyone taking taxis from PTA central to CSIR? shuuuuu hai guys there is this taxi driver he loves invading my personal space (via hugs). So today I tell him, I get you are a friendly man however your hugs are inappropriate. He went on to demonstrate that is how he hugs his “friends” by hugging only the women coming in. And further stated yena he doesn’t want me like that. Lol, all I said is you are inappropriate.
    People who do not know how to accept reality are problematic. Enablers are problematic.

  9. Embedded image
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    11:06 PM – 5 Jan 2017

    Reply to @uSisi_oWhite
    2h2 hours ago
    b. ?@Boipelo__
    @uSisi_oWhite they really do, Jesus
    2h2 hours ago
    GeeYou ?@uSisi_oWhite
    @Boipelo__ lol he actually just saw his wife in her ?
    2h2 hours ago
    b. ?@Boipelo__
    @uSisi_oWhite I’m so shook wow ???
    Owakho Nawe
    2h2 hours ago
    Owakho Nawe ?@cnehshuga
    @uSisi_oWhite Nonku please look at this @Nonku_Kay
    2h2 hours ago
    GeeYou ?@uSisi_oWhite
    Actually this guy is focused. ? when people see him with the side they still be thinking it’s the main ?
    Lesego Modutwane
    2h2 hours ago
    Lesego Modutwane ?@Lesisle27
    @uSisi_oWhite is it not the same person? Which is which?
    2h2 hours ago
    The_Baeless_Coolguy ?@Gwevaldinho
    @uSisi_oWhite ????
    Linda Malo
    1h1 hour ago
    Linda Malo ?@linda_malo
    @uSisi_oWhite ??. You are a @JustCuriousZA blogger?
    1h1 hour ago
    ? ?@King_MEEDO
    @uSisi_oWhite is s.. A side chick woah ??? ??
    1h1 hour ago
    ? ?@King_MEEDO
    @uSisi_oWhite both the side and main have boys almost the same age ??
    Ndu Ntshangase
    1h1 hour ago
    Ndu Ntshangase ?@Sir_Luther_N
    @uSisi_oWhite @_uZamo o babes bama lips
    1h1 hour ago
    Gautengconfidential ?@DenKaybee
    @uSisi_oWhite @Bria_Gumede is the husband the father of Sithelo’s recent baby
    1h1 hour ago
    Gautengconfidential ?@DenKaybee
    @uSisi_oWhite @Bria_Gumede Sithelo was pregnant just a few months ago, this is some conspiracy shit
    1h1 hour ago
    GeeYou ?@uSisi_oWhite
    @King_MEEDO yeah months apart ?
    1h1 hour ago
    Boikgabiso21 ?@daffy_molly
    @uSisi_oWhite @refilwerants He is a professional
    1h1 hour ago
    Michhh??? ?@Michelle__xxo
    @uSisi_oWhite lol,they could pass for sisters,height,lips,they even pose with mouths open
    1h1 hour ago
    Michhh??? ?@Michelle__xxo
    @uSisi_oWhite Sithelo and Uyathandeka,lol
    I’m a Believer
    1h1 hour ago
    I’m a Believer ?@Divaliscious_SA
    @linda_malo @uSisi_oWhite @JustCuriousZA ???most def as this was discussed there..
    1h1 hour ago
    Sotobe. ?@nthabdesibiya
    @Lesisle27 @uSisi_oWhite first and third picture is the side chick.
    Lesego Modutwane
    1h1 hour ago
    Lesego Modutwane ?@Lesisle27
    @nthabdesibiya @uSisi_oWhite e! That looks exectly like the same person.
    Lesego Modutwane
    1h1 hour ago
    Lesego Modutwane ?@Lesisle27
    @King_MEEDO @uSisi_oWhite chances are the boys looks the same
    55m55 minutes ago
    Sotobe. ?@nthabdesibiya
    @Lesisle27 @uSisi_oWhite That man did the damn thing ??
    50m50 minutes ago
    GeeYou ?@uSisi_oWhite
    Nigga just needed his wife to be at 2 places at the same damn time and done did it ?
    call me Mbie
    42m42 minutes ago
    call me Mbie ?@ShawtyTwain
    @uSisi_oWhite @kenniekays it shows guy has a type. I call it #focus hehehehe
    36m36 minutes ago
    Azi? ?@Nonku_Kay
    @cnehshuga cute???
    Owakho Nawe
    32m32 minutes ago
    Owakho Nawe ?@cnehshuga
    @Nonku_Kay ?????
    24m24 minutes ago
    Leecgo ?@LeeCyLes
    @uSisi_oWhite he did a damn thing making Baby Makhosini .. Cutest living being ??
    23m23 minutes ago
    Glorious ?@multifacetedHQ
    @uSisi_oWhite it’s not even possible for her to be angry. “I thought it was you in character”
    7m7 minutes ago
    OvoKun ?@ovo_kun
    @uSisi_oWhite ..well he has a type

  10. Ndlovukazi
    Ndlovukazi – ?@2uli

    Is there a new pyramid scheme? Yini Le ” you should be here”
    2:26 PM – 5 Jan 2017

    Reply to @2uli
    11h11 hours ago
    Ndlovukazi ?@2uli
    @Carol_D27 how does it work?
    11h11 hours ago
    Ndlovukazi ?@2uli
    @Carol_D27 1K a month? So you not really traveling for free then. That’s a lot of money
    10h10 hours ago
    Ndlovukazi ?@2uli
    @Carol_D27 Dj’s BF is also into this scam?
    Ntombi Mokale??
    2h2 hours ago
    Ntombi Mokale?? ?@ntombimokale
    @2uli yinto ye-Traveling,u must recruit abantu as well, yazi it’s a bit confusing,sounded lyk ipryamid wen I heard ngayo
    Ntombi Mokale??
    2h2 hours ago
    Ntombi Mokale?? ?@ntombimokale
    @2uli @Carol_D27 I saw him wen I attended 1 of their meetings,uyi-manager yakhona.

  11. Good day Bahlali my AG: I share an office with 2 other ladies and there is one computer that we share when we print documents. One of the ladies is such a lazy gaga of note, Ivila lamampela with so much drama and loves to gossip, I will call her Yellow bone 1 and the other one is a hardworker and we always work our asses off mina naye especially when it comes to deadlines and reports, and we go above and beyond it’s a pity the Managers don’t appreciate us but anyway we do our best and most importnatly we get along very well, I will call her Yellow bone 2. Mind you we are all fairly newbies here because the company is quite new, however I joined 2 months after Yellow bone 1 so basically uYellow bone 2 has been here longer. Long story short I am serving notice as I will be starting my new job in February. After downloading a couple docs I went into one of the drives to print and bam! I bump into isalary slip kaYellow Bone 1…guys I nearly fell off my chair this biatch is earning far more than me and we are doing the same job I think she sent her slip to the printer and forgot to delete it. To sum it up nje iholo lakhe is way too much for the lazy person she is. I looked at this pay slip and I was angry but then again I was comforted knowing that I’m leaving and i will be earning way better, where I am headed. Question now I am keen to know how much Yellow bone 2 is earning. Should I tell Yellow bone 2 what I just saw? Mhlampe naye uYellow bone is earning the same..Or should i just shut up and serve my notice in peace?

  12. I’m back at work, and really days are dragging , not even looking forward to this weekend nje,

  13. Holier than Thou sukuba naive. There are y factors as to why someone in the sama job as you would get paid
    1. Their experience
    2. Their previous salary
    3. Their education level
    4. Their ability to negotiate.

  14. When an employer wants to hire you, it means they need you. Yekani ukuba clouded by excitement and just accept job offers. NEGOTIATE.

  15. @Akunzima, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding salary negotiation!
    When I got an offer from this company 2 weeks ago I remembered some very useful advice that Cutie gave us some time ago about asking for a dummy payslip. To say that I was insulted would be an understatement.

    We really need to be mindful of these CTC figured cos they can be very deceiving!

  16. Holier than Thou STOP IT. Why ufunukusa? No lala, leave it. YB2 is going to be miserable after finding out, (thats if she indeed earns less), dont be the cause of that. Awuzingeni. Remain as you are: Holier than thou

  17. Morning ma blogas amahle. Nginithanda thandani! Happy New Year, may all your wishes come through. Guys I’m in the process of opening a cleaning company and I wana register it. Sometime last year you guys discussed about this registering process and how it works… i.e. register it to CPIC, put R300 to ABSA, CPIC deducts R50 etc… @Anatomy,@Chantal and Mama wa croc I think you were spilling this info. Please advise if there’s anything else I need to know. I.e. The logistics, funding, sourcing clients etc?

    If there’s anyone who has started a similar business off the ground following all these processes/ even if it’s just any business, please holla at me, I’d love to get more insights and coaching. forjcbloga@gmaildotcom

    Thank you

  18. Im sooo excited Little me is turning 1 soon and I plan on doing a smala-nyana party with friends and family. My problem is entertainment, how do I keep adults entertained in a kiddies party? Please help bahlali

  19. Hi guys… Decided to join the chit chat this year and stop silent blogging.. Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!

  20. @Smoothies you don’t, the party isn’t for them its for the kids. when I host parties for the kid my friends know this, you want entertainment? bring your wine & chit chat with other mommies the kids are my priority.

  21. I have been silent blogging for years and I now have FOMO ,Helooooooo to all the bloggers and happy new year.

  22. Guys is it possible to take car insurance under someone else’s name but the car is under your name?

  23. Holier, fyck it up for everyone and spill all the beans. But do it in a “what? Who me?” Ditsy kind of way

  24. Joanne Prada i told my mother i want nothing to do with her ever again, i honestly dont feel bad. i know im much at peace without her interfering in my life and talking about my business. she has done so much damage in my life than any good. yesterday she decided to mess up my relationship with my father i doubt my father will ever recover. so nje im done with her. she called this morning i blocked her number.

  25. Happy Friday Bloggers. We are looking for Hairstylists to be part of Imani Hair Salon, located in Midrand, Nordwyk (Shanty Town). Should you be interested or know a talented hairstylist, kindly email me on

  26. @Skepsel you first have to register. Then they email you a username that you’ll use to log in and as ref at the bank. Last I checked it was R50 for name reservation. When the name is approved you register the company ka R250. Then they send you all the documents you need to open a bank account and tax shandis ko sars. Everything you do it on the couch on you tablet. Ntse ba romela Di email. You only need to forward a satisfied 🙂 copy ya ID and there’s a form you must sign, scan and send. Then you’re done. The whole process take like a week if I’m not mistaken.

    Tsa funding I can’t help coz I got funding in the bedroom 😉 and license registrations where hooked up by Daddy Croc’s friend who’s a lawyer.

  27. zizi I know exactly how you feel I am actually in a year break from my family my mother’s side including her I can’t shame I feel like they constantly want to see me fail and have something to talk about I hope and pray that I achieve so much this year …a job and house and happiness…..

  28. The guilt that comes with the peace that comes with her silence. I love her, really I do but she is toxic.

    Hows business MamaCroc

  29. Lol @Prada

    Guys besides make up and Ponds vanishing cream,what can I use to achieve the all day matte finish? I use Environ products and they good to my skin but by the end of the day my skin is so shiny :-/

    Lizelle is a beauty! I swear if I cut my hair,I will look like her *wakes up from my dream*

  30. I used to feel so bad for not being on good terms with one family member but now I’m not bothered. Some people are so toxic omg! They will drain you shem. Luckily I see her for a day or 2 at family events and that’s it.
    @zizi @sermas @Joanne I feel you.

  31. Cant help there @BlackHalls, I have very dry skin and I struggle to find a cream. I always have to supplement with coconut oil

  32. To the bloggers with strained relationships with their mothers. Love and light to you. I pray to be one of those mothers that protect their children tooth and nail. (Not if they are into crime though).
    I can never understand how a person that have you life would not fight for you. But these things happen, not jus in those sad movies on that True Life channel.

    Read about Daughters of Narcistic Mothers. This should make you realize that you are not crazy or alone and hopefully make you a better mother.

    Some people just disown their entire families. For peace of mind.

    I pray that you all find solutions and mend your relationships with your loved ones.

    May 2017 be kind to all of you. I have learned so much from all of you guys. I even look forward to reading Mr. Lingule’s comments. I wish you all success in careers and businesses. Healthy bodies and minds. Happy relationships!

  33. @Northie I always think women tend to treat their kids kabi due to issues to BD that went AWOL, was abusive,mybe she had the kid young,via rape.

    @VB nice life problems.

  34. I use to have a strained relationship with my mother until my younger sister passed on in a very tragic way and that’s when I saw my mother at her lowest,she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even talk,she cried until she was numb, from that day onwards u started to appreciate her,tolerated her moods,her short temper and all.SHE IS MY MOTHER.
    Pain somehow bought us together,I was diagnosed with depression,on the other hand I had to make sure my mother was ok, i’m not gonna judge those of u who don’t get along with their mother’s because I’ve been there.

  35. guys kunzima my mother loves me for money nje, forever wants this and that but as soon as izinto zami zingahambi kahle i hear it from everyone that she was talking about me, yesterday she decided to call my dad (i dont even know why) she went on to saying i left a decent guy for uhobo (my current is not as wealthy as my ex) nor is his family but he supports me more than my ex ever did… yoooh she spoke a whole lot of shit to my dad. zange ubaba angifonele but my stepmom told me. guys im so broken why does she see fit to tell my dad indaba zami? for a sec i wanted to call my dad and tell him my mom uphambanelwe inqondo and has been for months. my dad is strict and he was still coming to terms that ngakhulelwa, now this shit my relationship with him iphelile and his one person i knew i could run to. i dont want my mom near me guys. even considering moving houses so she doesnt know where i stay.

  36. Bathong. Naare is Pinksomhle mad? Why is she taking similar pictures, at the same spot as Zintle? Aowa Maan…kgante o jwang ngwano?

  37. @Bronwyn i was also suprised.. she is sooo childish vele whete is that?Is is a lodge or?? Wavelelwa uZintle wabantu

  38. @Zizi i dont blame you.. i also have a strange relationship with my mother.I have no idea what I did to her. I support her financially whenever I can but she never even calls to say thank you.. she stopped talking to me .I tried to reach out she was not willing to tell me what happened (i know i did nothing) .I have accepted that we will never be ok . I do my part as her child but nothing I can do.. She has said and done hurtful things to me.. she is my mother but sometimes I really wonder!!

  39. @Browyn Zinhle must put the bible aside and just do the African way. There is a blogger who said Zinhle must stop praying and get on the 1st bus to Zim…kiiiiiiiiiiiiii. that ‘B please’ is a message…LOL

  40. @Joanne @zizi @sermas sisonke! I have decided to love my mother from a distance shame. yiu get over the guilt after a while. I am convinced that woman doesn’t want to see me succeed in life. She goes to the moon and back for my siblings, phofu they never help her out, I’ve always been the one to help her financially, to this day, but she is the first person to smear my name to the extended family. I went to therapy for years, and for the whole hour, I would sit and cry. At some point I thought I was adopted, but I look too much like both my parents and all my siblings.
    I pray for her all the time, and I forgive her every time I think about this. I send her money, I buy her stuff, and make sure that my duty is done so that I don’t appear on Shwashwi when I’m famous (hehe), but iphela apho….#loveandlightyo

  41. @Blackhalls yaz I agree. God is forgiving, he will forgive her phela she will be booked into a mental institution very soon if this goes on!

  42. @express She is doing all that she can. I wonder what her family and friends think of this behavior

  43. Even Victor is definitely singing ngaze ngazfaka kule sisdenge by Mabrrrr lol she must nyonyoba & go to Victor’s house as & take photos there.

  44. I hope Pinky one day gets a taste of her own medicine. Victor yena is such a spineless swine. He sickens me. Zintle, I hope she’s a woman with a plan. She better be plotting while praying. No one deserves such humiliation.

  45. Tjo….Guys bad sex exists in this life,I can’t believe this.I even wanna cry….if he wasn’t so sweet,I would get into my car and drive to my house like now.That time he is tall,dark and handsome….2017 what are you doing to me?#Ihadtovent

  46. Pinky wishes she was Zintle, shame man. She is starting to look pitiful. What she is doing is creepy.

  47. Zintle baby girl get yourself a hot ‘male friend’, on the side, since you ve decided to stay. I feel sorry for the Herbalife couch, she still has a long life ahead of her.
    V doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned here. Trash. Trash. Trash.

  48. La pink horse face surely uyathakatha straight & it’s sad kuba now unomntwana noVictor, hehehe u Victor – junior. She’s very childish shame.

  49. to all of us who have problems with our mother’s I hope and pray we teach our kids how to be loved properly…I have a daughter 4 and son 9months yhoo I don’t care what happens they will know how unconditional love feels like I kick budds when it comes to them and what ever happens to me shame their fathers will take them I’ll never let any of my kids to he raised by her and believe it I am the only child ozoba strong …

  50. Now I’m lost, why is pinks n zintle taking pics on the same spot? Mara Vic has no heart shm. Zintle ustrongo shm ,I would hv left the mf kdala. Pinks yena better pray to b the last woman standing with all ths. I still want to know Victor s plan is , z honey tym to protect ur kidz frm ths. If u want to raise them to b reputable adults leave the fckr its not healthy anymr I mean I’m fed up on it behalf. It marriage can’t b tht love base sweetheart not even festive ko polokoane fixed things, I mean the first thing z did after the new yr is to take the side-family on the same trip he did with u if u didn’t go by urself. Shame sisi, 2017 hang the gloves early ,I pray u I nd closure or let go. Wean pinks o tla kopana le di wits n uj firts years ba ma virgin n ba tla ho laya ausi . Vics still gnr treat u the same as he did zintle, o tlo tsofala ka no yellow . Ke lebili selo se, if u wanted him u could hv respected his marriage n never go public .

    Shooooooo let me rock my nuna to sleep, botwetji got me on steroids

  51. I also have a backward rel with my mother, since ke le ngwana she doesn’t any good in me, nothing I do is ever good enuf. We fight all the tym, now I’m home fr months on maternity ,its war. I wish i never raise my daughter like her. No matter how I try its nvr enuf. The only tym I’m human around her its when she wants me to buy something in the house. I mean all the furniture endlini was me, di favourites kidz all talks any way I made peace tht I will nvr b her friend I just wish she could just love me. I mean if I was a mistake she could hv just left me at the hospital since I was brn prematurely ka 6 months n as she always reminds th a “she didn’t even feel anything when I came out n being so tiny she would spend a day withoutseeing me ko incubator n whenever they announced death in the ward she thought it was me cz i was just tiny” well hearing this everytime my birth story is narrated made me realize I need to love my daughter with all I have n so help me God.

  52. Did I mention she didn’t buy my daughter anything, all she knows is criticized everything I buy n do. Like who does that? N I named my daughter after her, its closure for me. I pray I’m everything my daughter needs me to be. It’s sad bethu, all ths mansions doesn’t mean we happy inside our homes. Sometimes I wish i was frm a poor family mayb we could hv learned to appreciate one r

  53. My Ag: I’m really frustrated at work.. I always fight with people over petty things.. I’m starting to feel stupid.. just weeks before holidays, I was spea king to one of my male colleague, complaining about how it seems I fight with people at work, it’s either they misunderstand me or just petty. At first it was because it was jelousy because I was promoted into management, but it keeps getting worse..

    So this guy says to me,everyone has a challenge in life, and he feels more lovedetails and appreciated at work than home, as they always fight with his family.. so I’m just unfortunate that I’m more happy at home than at work.. which is true, everytime I’m at work I’m reminded of pain and misery..and it does a lot for my self esteem. . Are there people with the same problem?

  54. What a stunning wedding and engagement photoshoot @Express so lovely!

    Sleep always puts things into perspective.

  55. Cheesy work on your mind before leaving for work every morning, tell yourself that you will ignore any petty things that comes your way that day. Ignore, ignore & ignore.

    @Blackhalls it’s beautiful indeed, I am sure that pinky is dying to break that home. Witch witch, you are so wicked pinky udibene nala Victor…entlek nifanelene with your dirty hearts. I don’t think she went there with V, I think she knows the place kuba ikwi same province yakowabo. If V was there she was gonna make sure that she proves that.

    Pinky use V’s money & go back to school while you still can, think for the future of your son. V can’t be your ticket to wealth even if he divorces Z, as you can see nawe that Z works.

  56. Cheesy if it bothers you then work on it. Read up on communication, conflict and emotional intelligence. Work can’t be a permanent war zone, that’s not healthy. Your organisational culture might be to blame but you don’t have to play along and fight with everyone

  57. What a beautiful wedding. I definitely judge her less after seeing those pics. One of them is the lyrics for Beyoncés 1+1 more specifically “I don’t know much about fighting but I know I will fight for you”. Victor is trash! Trash! trash! for doing this to her but the way she is fighting for him convinces me that he must’ve been a really good man to her before all of this mess. Sidebar, how much does a wedding like that cost?

  58. PinksOmbi is obsessed about Victor and Zinhle My God now I know akaphilanga lamtana thixo, and now I believe the muthi story ugula ngekhanda wena owabona uNtando (Yoh Its complicated)

  59. Im sure Pinks want the same same same same wedding hahahahahaha igula ngenhloko lento ered

  60. Profound guys.. your advice comes in handy..going foward I have to ignore anything petty..and read more..I have Google a few articles on communication and self esteem..will try and get more bookso. .Thanks a lot guys

  61. They had a beautiful wedding. Wonder what happened ukuthi indoda I allowe the devil to ruin such a lovely home. I must say tho confess that today is the 1st time I’m putting the names to the faces. Went through Pinks Insta as well. Ya’ll did not mention she’s such a great dancer lol

  62. Can’t comment much about the saga (keep tshaba law of attraction lol) but I appreciate Z’s beauty. Muhle yaz. Those wedding pics got me all emotional. Ngaze ngahalela le pork chop in one of the pics coz all I had was a icky spinach+beetroot+tamati+garlic smoothie for breakfast,it smells like soil after a drizzle eish . And I must finish the leftover for lunch. (Internalcry)

  63. Molweni bahlali!

    Vbecks, I sent an email but got an error message? Did you give me the right email Addy?

    Esheeee!! U Pinks has sincerely lost it. Very unstable behaviour, I would be very worried if I was V, women like that will destroy you. Shit, he really got himself into a mess yazi. If Z left him he would not cope, how do you leave 110% for a chick like that. I do believe he is doing the most to save his marriage but can it be saved??

  64. My serious question…I’m a silent blogger but came out today to ask your honest opinion based on past experience or knowledge. Has anyone “mooned” to get an old flame back? Before we get into how wrong it may be and the ramifications…I would just really like to know if anyone knows or knows someone or has even gone as far as doing so? I look forward to hearing from you

  65. Those who are going through the most with their mothers, please read to understand Luke 12 especially verse 53.

    If we can forgive cheating boyfriends we surely can practise grace over our mothers. I know it cuts deep but don’t allow the situation to reduce u something u are not.

    My aunt once told me that as a mother u secretly have your favorite child.

  66. Complements of the new season guys.

    Guys if you know any gym build top fella who’s well endowed, kindly get in touch. A friend is recruiting for his agency, there’s plenty demand and supply is kinda lacking. The pay is good per week.

    ¤ Between 20 till 40 in age
    ¤ gym, buff gym body
    ¤ well endowed

    if you know anybody, kindly get in touch.


  67. ” Ngaze ngahalela le pork chop in one of the pics ….. ”
    @ Teaspoon you just made my day bwahahahahaha

  68. You guys with mommy problems, I can relate. It’s actually what eating me up inside lately. All parents have a favorite child and no matter how much good you do, the favorite will remain the favorite and in my family I’ve never been the fave with my mom. My mom gets an award for ugxeka! She can never complement anything good that I do but she is always the first one to comment when I don’t do something right. I need a break from this relationship actually because it’s tearing me up inside.

  69. Is buhle mkhize ok in the head though?i find her sense of humour interesting most times but the nudity hayi kabi.she must have some deep mental deficiency coz i see no reason why she continues to do such.Same goes for pinks aka horseface….it takes a special kind of dumbness to carry yourself the way she does knowing that she is merely a side chic

  70. Enhle & Black Coffee geteting married tomorrow aka white wedding.
    Violet’s dress is beautiful aka Caster’s wife

  71. @Express, oh okey. i was so happy thinking that is mrs gigabyte s daughter. The one alleged to be hiden.

  72. Nerlee, “The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” I don’t know what this means please help me understand. I have never tolerated ububhanxa from a boyfriend or any of my girls. The general rule is that if you come at me with rubbish you are dead to me. I am really trying with my mother because she is my mother but I can’t keep accommodating the psychotic episodes that are followed by empty apologies.

  73. Nzalama it looks like 2017 will be a year of server problems. I wish they could fix this once and for all. Surely someone must know what’s causing all this and how to fix it.

  74. Happy new year JC family. @zile I have said it before that this girl UBuhle needs medication, she has father issues. I have said it a matter of time before she shows us her kuku…

    Guys I think I am in love I met someone new. He is not knew, but recently we have been spending lots of time together. But, he is celibate, so we just make love by starring at each other eyes. This man, wakes me up with prayer every morning. He calls me ” a woman of God” we kiss and hold hands that’s it.

  75. Guys i need help on this. I have a joob interview on fridayp and im 28 weeks preggies. I just need to know how to bring it up in a way that wouldn minimise my chances of getting the job. Luckily im not big, my bump looks 3 or 4months

  76. Just Curious needs a new team, new sponsors, new everything. Honestly. You can’t be down for 6 days!! hhaa

  77. nzalama Jan 11, 2017 at 3:51 am

    I never thought in 2017 we can still be solving Jc server shem.
    Nam futhi. I wish they can at least communicate on their social media pages (FB & Twitter) batsho that the server is down and the fixing it.

    Can we discuss Mbali & Black coffee’s wedding hle. Neka Caster futhi.

    How cute was the dance ya Mr Coffee and groomsmen for the mrs #hearts on eyes.
    Mbali’s princess dress was gorgeous. Andko sure though ngala suit ka mamake.

    Caster’s wife was beautiful. I loved that dress.

  78. @kitty, say nothing. They could ask though if they notice. But once they ask they might factor it in their decision

  79. *phew* So glad we’re back

    Kiki I have a request. Can we please make use of JC Fix webpage if the main page server is down ka kopo tlhe!!

  80. Hello batlhalo I missed you…did yall see that tweet where Mr Matheba fetched Brown sugar? Lmao

  81. Lol Chantal….Can you imagine life without JC?

    What did Aka say? He’s been dragging tweeps since he went to Thailand. He seems like a fun guy to be around, very entertaining. I have a love/hate relationship with him.

    I read the Toke Makinwa book in 3 hours but it did nothing to me. It was all about what Maje did, she seems to be blameless in all that happened. Maje was a serial cheater and he cheated on her within four months of their relationship. In fact he was cheating with her, he showed her exactly who he was but she didn’t want to see it. I think she must some sort of rensponsibilty there. She is a survivor though, from losing her parents at the age of 8 like that must have been traumatic. She has really done well for herself. Hope she finds a man who will not cheat on her.

  82. Server problems….i was suffering from withdrawal symptoms i’m glad we are back on….

    Any one know whose minister’s wife/sidechic Ginimbi is said to be banging?Rumour has it its buhle mkhize’s former sister wife hahaha

  83. Black Coffee and Mbali’s wedding was everything!! They were so happy, and though I don’t know them personally I feel like their wedding was a reflection of who they are. If I ever get married, apart from having the perfect dress and cake etc, I need my wedding to reflect the relationship I have with bae. This serious formal wedding crap can fall shame

  84. I totally loved Mbali’s wedding. Simple but so elegant! No chaos at all.. I would choose it over Snazzys wedding….

  85. @CosmicB,
    I love kiernan’s response, i mean people still wont mind their business in 2017, Drum tweeted that their vacay cost about 100k (Vacay that just got started, with no info on where they are even staying) AKA responded that “100k didn’t even cover the cost of their flight” then Msknowitall had to tweet at him saying, “It’s sad how you think the amount of money gives you value as a person, We don’t give a Fuck” Trust AKA to clap back….I mean why do people come for him and you expect him to Ignore, If they breathe or sneeze it’s news and everyone wants to have an opinion…

  86. Eish Ice Cube I forgot my password to my Jc e-mail. I was using my personal e-mail to Jayonce.

  87. Happy new year guys!!!
    I had so much fun towards the end of 2016, yey by the 1st iSavanna ibingahli tu, bendiyi bamba ide ibeshushu. My legs were aching from gwara gwaring kuze kuse hehehe. East London was so good to me!

  88. I got the book*does gwara gwara* I will send it to you curvey then you can send it to Ice cubes

  89. Greetings Bakhati , hope all is well . Please, can we talk about this Taboo subject of an individual getting a calling to (Thwasa / go ba Nyaka/ Sangoma) is there one way to be called or is it different for everyone? If there is anyone here who has experienced such please share your story. Or drop off your email i will contact you. I have something to ask you

  90. @Impish meza wam I was also in East London for the vacay…I am never missing out again on going home!… I Thank the Almighty for yazi for the past year, it was a good year overall.. I am waiting to see how 2017 will roll out… This server thing Bahlali

  91. @Meza, I wonder khange sigilane na kula qhusaaaa wase Monti! I go home every year kemnake yazi, ndili goduka Lol. Amadoda eMonti meza yhooo ayabuthwa krkrkr

  92. @TheRealCookieLyon, I’m in Pretoria. I’m not a regular blogger though…not sure if you prefer making friends with a regular blogger?

  93. @Chantal or anyone please assist me, I need Unisa’s 2014 and/or 2015 brochure. Please email it to The last time I checked I only had 3 modules left to finish my degree now I have 4. I don’t know where the hell the 4th one comes from phofu it’s a second year module.

    Yazi usatana yerrrrr

  94. Curvey please share some ebooks..pretty please. Ive beeen asking for books la ekhaya

    motsemotse2017 at gmail dot com

  95. I take it JC is not on the same server as Lelo’s blog CHICA because whenever JC crashes CHICA is still up and running. Its sad that we are still having downtime in 2017! When insomnia attack one has nowhere to go but to count sheep.

  96. Hello Everyone.

    Impish bendiseNyandeni ngoDec ndibukele abantu betshaya imfene, bayayenza mhaaan.
    I cant wait for next week to kill Van Damme called exams. God must bless me yhuu I need a new certificate.

    Please share all books with me @ Please boredom is going to be killing me as from next week.

  97. Hot chocolate u don’t have to be a regular blogger email me or ur e-mail adresd

  98. @Impish.. Will check the manual one and scan and send. not sure if i have it though
    i was saw that tweet Mscookie.. i cant believe you made me spend my morning searching for our BS and AKA tweet.. lol

  99. Good JC bloggers please advice a Sister. I am on Trigestrel (birth control pills). Yesterday i mistakenly took a wrong colour pill and had sex. I only noticed today. So, today I took the one was supposed to take yesterday and today’s one. Now i’m not sure if should buy Morning after pills.

  100. Someone sent me Toke, Jayonce is it you? I already have the book from the last time it was shared here. Il foward to the others though. Do you have something else to share

  101. ” The last time I checked I only had 3 modules left to finish my degree now I have 4. I don’t know where the hell the 4th one comes from phofu it’s a second year module.

    Yazi usatana yerrrrr”
    hahahahahaha andiyihleki ba imnandi meza hlekiswa nje yidrama le yakho and the sudden fourth subject

  102. Thanx Curvy Z I got the book.
    Im now waiting for Toke, why man love bitches nezinye bahlali

  103. Nonhle Ndala deleted all pictures of her man on insta. Anybody knows what happened to Gigi and her man lol.just feel like mgosi njhe. I’m so tired ama long que ase unisa don’t play .

  104. Yesterday I saw a video of stright guys (known as stright guys ) being chowed at a club toilet from East London and it got me wondering LITHA YAYA`S wife know that her ” her husband” does the some(After 9) for coins? Being chowed by other MEN well his case by multi millionaires, now Billionaire . Or is the Wife naive or just playing dum because of the type of lifestyle the live? He broke up with Sisa Ngebulana, manje se uyajola with a White Married man from one of the wealthiest families in SA who produce wine and own a wine estates? Litha Yaya`s Sugar daddy is paying for his upcoming lavish wedding that will be hosted in Cape Town in one of the exclusive wine estate. His friends were having this conversation feeling sorry for the wife and wondering if he knows…..uLIFE uTough!!!

  105. @Prince hae it’s been said here a couple of times njena. Apparently its the main reason for his divorce. He been playing for both teams for a while.

  106. @Price Sisa Ngebulana eats ass for fun!! They are both BI! Yes these are facts and I am pretty sure at @purplehaze

  107. The only proof of employment aka Payslip Litha Yaya has is his ass . surely being being a “club promoter” and event organizer ( metro FM heatwave ) can not afford you such a life style. Its 2017 Bazalwane how stupid does he think we our? everyone in his circle know
    ( we all know).

  108. Hawu guys I had no idea, must have missed that post. Wow…I know someone who’s doing business with him. Now I’m sitting here giving him the side eye cos there were rumors of this person having a ‘blesser’ but I didn’t believe these cos you know, gossip.

  109. @Kholemoney do you mind sending me the video. You just dropped bombs. Hmmmmmmm…the white blesseR is it old Money?

  110. lovebunnybee says: yebo….we will need stuff to read when the site goes down for 5 days again

    Posted on January 11th, 2017


  111. Good day bloggers,

    Please send me both books, why man love bitches and my marriage almost broke me down.

    Thank you in advance.

  112. I dont think Nonhle and jali separated. I think she is too embarrased to keep his pics after that saga. Remember on christmas day she posted a christmas tree and Andile s name was part of the personalised ornaments

    Remember the thing is, moving out of the mansion might not be easy. But she should be happy and move on because he made her famous. I think she just want to keep us guessing. Kunzima e mzansi

  113. HI BLOKERS… desperate measures require desperate actions…..can one of the JC investigators please dig that article where one of the bloggers was talking about how they make Matric certificates..i cant remember which month this year….


  114. LOLO LOLO LOLO…… offramp i know…..i miss you and your story telling and to be honest you were one of the reasons i kept coming back to the comments section during my silent blogging days ….. come back soon

  115. Teddie, nam ndicela iiJC archives mtakadad…since there are no new posts. Ndicela leya uBuhle wazophendula khona and she said she like Lolo. Please please please. I really don’t know how to go on the archives.

  116. Hao guys mgozinyana? Anything goes? Something please we can even move to that top 10 places to meet a man post and comment there..I am still on leave and bored

  117. Morning bloggers, @Therealcookielyon thank you so much love, I got it. Can I please be send/ forwarded why man marry bitches, I also want to get married maybe I have to be a real bad ass bitch to get married.

  118. Morning bloggers
    Eish me I am always curious about those Insta celebs yazi..Like how do people just become famous through Social media nje? Stru yazi soloku sisebenza amandiya abantu be flourisha ku Instagram.
    I am curious about this lady from Durban, Cindie Mgobhozi of BBstudios, I understand she’s a fashion designer. But she must have a very blessed life that girl..she is so glam! What’s the story with her baby daddy? was he famous or something?
    Also I see Sithelo has deleted all her IG pics..why do people do that vele? I remember Nonhle Mama Floater used to like pulling those stunts as well.
    Can we have new mgosi bethunana and revive JC torho!!

  119. Morning bloggers… Yoh so many inbox’s requesting books.. I will forward to you guys but please if I forward to you please forward to the rest

  120. ok Teddie…if waboshwake akusanalusizo….some advice …if my nephew passed and stopped at STd 8 he is now 23 which is still young but, what other options can yall suggest besides going back to teh desk….he had some learning challenges so i really dont seee him doing the desk again…he is on the creative side..speaks well, very well mannarerd, and earger to do anything just not too bright academically .

    Surely Yamampela had other associates apha….hellllowiiiniii velani!!!! LOL

  121. @BlackHalls yup it is very old Money. Let me give you a hint R&R Money . They been balling for centuries

  122. I can’t even ask for a second book
    Haven’t finished Toke’s one.guys I hate Janworry,next year I’ll take my leave around this time.yuh I’m moody,broke, And Instagram is depressing me soon much with their holidays mnnxiim

  123. @Teddie: I do not not how i missed that post but when i read what Yamampela was saying. I am still in stitches….@Mjenqeka: maybe he can try doing ama courses kwama FET like welding and things like that…courses which are more practical.

  124. Tjo this server issue e tlo re bolaya ka boredom mos! It’s my birthday today and I’m in bed. Havent been feeling well for the past couple of days- physically and emotionally. My emotions are haywire, basically nje Im a wreck. Mom came into my room to sing happy birthday and then prayed for me. I wish I can smile and laugh again just to see HER smile and not worry about me. Anyways its phuza Thirstday, yol each have a glass of something for me. Me and alcohol dont go well.

  125. @Mjenqeka: indaba of faking qualifications has a way of coming back to haunt people. Although Yamampela did mention that it is less riskier as compared to faking established Higher Learning Institutions’ qaualifications.

    I would advise your nephew to find an FET college where he could register for standard 8 subjects and work their way up. 3 years izophela amthole uEquivalent kaGrade-12 soon. He can go to his old school and ask for his last report (December standard 7 and/Or June standard 8 report).Teachers can re-do the report if he lost it, noko bayamazi moss.

    To people who were never good at popular subjects (Maths, Physics,Geography),I often advise them to change to technical, art or admin. subjects. All you really need is a Matric Certificate. You can choose to do Social Science or Art at Varsity uqhubeke nobom.

    I worked on verifications with a popular verifications company and the stories I can tell you about people who fake university qualifications,Thixo!Unganeentloni. People don’t even do a little bit of home-work about the qualifications they fake.Izimuncu-muncuyane.
    Wake wambonaphi umntu athi wenze i-BCom(Medicine) at UJ? or BA (Engineering)?!?

  126. Quick question about the book “my marriage almost broke me down” is it a memoir or fiction? I’m loving it.

  127. @Nomi_Super_Star says….Wake wambonaphi umuntu athi wenze i-BCom(Medicine) at UJ? or BA (Engineering)?!?

    hahahahaha never had i laughed so hard…. no mannn are you being for real?people do such?

  128. hahahahahahahahahaha Nomi i Bcom(Medicine)…ihehehehehehehe ayi cha abantu banemilingo and bawo Sabrina lana emnyango

  129. Teddie I have a Supa Mega crush on Msizi Nkosi yazi. It will remain that ke kodwa until it fades like the one I had for Jimmy Tau. NomiNtoz I missed you ngoDecember when you were busy censoring your chats nabo ankela elalini. Hope everyone is good lapha ekhaya.
    I hope Kiki wont start with an apology when she finally decides to post something.

  130. Yebathand’kayo,andixoki yazi.Y’all make this a laughing matter, but I was angry kusithi nyeke ngoku bendinibhalela leNkcazelo.But its ok,you made my day.

    @Hamilton: after X-mas ndiphumele eMonti yazi. I’m used to free internet,hey maan umntu ebeyithenga i-airtime. Think I used more than R300 between 24th Dec. and 2nd Jan. logama bendise Mpuma-Kapa. I boycotted internet shem and stuck to Twitter and Whatsaap.

    Umntu noMezah wakhe could have met moss kulooNtsane yobubhanxa xa kanti nabo bebelapho???Phofu asikaMithishi ngoku sikwaZille. I missed y’all ke lonto. Thanks to TOLAH,I would have been bored to a point where I pull my pubes kuphume igazi because of this server nonsense #JCFIX_MustRise indeed!

  131. Bafazi just a quick question: Does one need lubrication for anal sex? And if not is it smooth sailing or ngizonya?

  132. @HBIC LOL ‘uzonya’ apparently you need to ‘spuit ‘ too using an enema pump.

    @Kholemoney hence spelling blesser as blesseR. The wife,is young and naive,I doubt she knows. What major deception.

  133. Dumelang selemong se setjha. Ntse kele hopotse haholo fela. I hope u guys enjoyed for festive holidays.

    When u guys have time can we discuss the video RickyRick posted dancing to that Van Damme song?

  134. HBIC: Lube is your best friend my darling. Use the waterbased lube (ask for help at Adult World *izwe labadala kwedin*, they will show you. It will cost you around R80 and you’ll use it for life.
    Avoid the oild-based lube.Ayizilungelanga ii-condoms.

  135. @Blackhalls I heard about the spuit but didn’t know how far the truth is from that- hopefully @Nomi will clarify.

    Thanks @Nomi so is douching necessary? Such admin though. Naye this guy why does he want to do anal? I’m confused.

  136. Why men marry bitches or why men love bitches? Lol ndiconfused.

    UNonhle thought Andile will just grow up & stop being a player, just do you Nonhle yabona ngoku uzama eyakho imali ecaleni uright sana yibambe apho.

    Wena pinky even if you can post videos feqezaring that won’t make V to file for idivorce, nizowazi amadoda ayalimaza & ngamaxoki lol (not all though) nawe Zinhle sube uposer into engenasiphelo showing off your thighs remember ungumfazi weenkomo.

  137. @Kloof hi. can i also please have the boo!!! Please email:

    We need a book corner were we can just exchange books. Im currently reading nervous conditions. a whole lot of big unnecessary words. but almost done with it.

  138. Did sifelani do things that made the seveketes not to prosper kiiii

    Yesterday I cried myself to sleep after reading toke’s book,ingivusele ilonda & today in the morning my car just wouldn’t start:(… thanks to I Bcom Medicine sengihleke ngakhohlwa istress

  139. Good day, bagolo

    May I also kindly also have the books forwarded to me, Ka kopo hle 🙂

  140. thanks guys for your advice…we will look into teh FET option or for him to try other places where tehy can take him for his artistic skills

  141. Bcom Medicine?? Hayi Nomi suxoka Hahahahahaha

    @Akariya hahaha ingathi kanti nawe!

    @Meza hleka mfazi we polisa, wena ukhwela efront seat noba sewu under arrest!!

    @Chantal, thanks hun!

  142. Re: Litha Yaya
    I cannot believe utyiwa ezimpundu lomntu waye thanda impundu kanjeya, I blame Jwanesberg!

  143. Kiki sicela inew post ngomso vha. Thanks.

    Hahahhaha @Bcom Medicine yazibaxa izinto Nomi kodwa.

    Molo Nori. #new year kisses

  144. Hello fam,Curvy and Joanne pls dear sisters kindly send me the ebooks and any other nice books you can bhansela me with.TIA

  145. Lmao! Impish Hahahhahaa! Guys pls also send me the books

    HBIC just follow Nomi’s instructions uzobaright wethu…. it’s not that deep hey. It’s part of sex and if he wants it ; discuss it first… we talked about it I was curious! He had done it before so yeah don’t read too much into it. i thought he had never done it before but clearly… lol I was late into this he was happy to school me; takes a bit of getting used to… and once in a while you will begin to enjoy it. Good Luck…

  146. @Amethyst: re-read my statement darling. Was helping her choose the right lube. There is an oil-based one.Which usually damages the condom (defeating the purpose of protected/safe sex). Ndimile apho.

    @Blackhalls&@HBIC: google is your cousin “Reasons and benefits of douching for anal sekisi”.
    You will get iinkcukacha ezxithe ‘vetshe!’
    Or esle you’ll start labelling me an Anal_Guru

  147. @Nori do you think yi phuza face na? Have you seen Sophie Ndaba’s face, OMG she looks scary. Just like Bassie I think they lost too much weight ngoku bayo yikeka.

  148. Express sugeza apha, uZintle uzonga fishi ngoku?! I love her body, ingaske andiphe esa spirit sokuya egymini every day.

  149. @Impish uSophia has a new set of teeth, that also contributed ke kula face. Hayke uBassie yena la colour ise ntloko ayimcedisi tuu shame.

  150. Single said- Before u judge me take a walk in my shoes. I guess that was directed to us LOL.

    @Girliegal hahahaha that was a thirst trap

  151. Lol makahlisele, nam ke I love esa spirit sakhe nomzimba ohot. If bendingu Zintle bendizohulaaa ndirhuqe ngegre phantsi gqibe ndosule umlomo afike u Victor ndithe ne the ndicul’unoyana lol ndimshower (e) nge love ne smile

  152. Scrolling through missed missed on my first day back at JC. Khlomoney’s tea had me screaming damnnnnnn!!!

  153. Lamaxhegwazana angooMasofana kaMphasane Ndaba-Harrington and Basetsana Makgalemele-Khumalo are using herbex namanye amakhambi to lose weight no wonder beguga msinya.
    Som-som’s best friend, Unathi must introduce them to excessive gym sessions and healthy eating,bazoseteka.

  154. @Minnie Ooh I didn’t know. Yho hayi sana she looks really bad. Waske wanendawo efana no Dracula kengoku.

    Ooh shame uBassie une hairstyle ingathi si skeem so Momager no Priska Kiiiiiiiii

  155. My first day back at work in January is always the longest,boring day of my life…luckily the day has come to an end.The fake hugs,smiles and boring stories,I hate it.I even spent most of lunch hour in the car listening to the radio just so I don’t have to pretend to be happy to see people,,argh!!!

  156. I’d like to apologise to Buhle Mkhize for posting iscreenshot samaIngredients eBuhle Glow on instagram. I honestly didn’t know you’re now selling it for R190 minus posting(R100). anyways siyabonga it’s a miracle worker yona.

    can I also have the marriage book? pretty please TIA

  157. guys I’m looking for Shuka AKA Masai blanket. where can I get it without resorting to the Poppers or importing it from Tanzania? it’s urgent tia

  158. @zama but some of us didnt see the screenshot hle. cant we just get the ingredients and move on?
    We need the glow.

  159. Lmao. Hahahahaha sugeza Impish uzophoxwa ngo Momanger no Priska.

    Dracula pho? Hahahahah u-weird nyani ke wethu.

  160. So guys no one is going to send the books?

    Zama, I don’t understand . Did Buhle ask you to take it down? I mean, she posted that thing a long time ago. I think @Justvuyi even shared a screen grab of that skin glow recipe.

  161. I have been watching TSAON3 (Trendind SA) Poppy Ntshongwana is so boring bathong, not only is she dry she is also boring, no personality. No wonder Queen B wamohlahlamola, Can she please choose a struggle!

  162. Zama or anyone who has the ingredients please post tu. Even if for a few minutes then delete

  163. Hamilton you may have Msizi. I broke up with him. LOL. Yijokhs!!

    I know a nurse ngasekhaya who never did matric. Umyeni wakhe connected her with Matric certs and shee went to college and excelled.

  164. @Northie a JC blogger tagged her instantly lol, she kicked me out of sistahood luckily I’m friends with screenshots so ja.

    bloggers plz do not email me, trying to bankrupt the Buhle Glow. it’s available on sale in Durban(R190) and country wide (+R100)

    now can I have the book plz?

  165. @Nomi did you get the video @KholeMoney is referring to?

    Where is Just Nje?

    That confessions thread on Twitter…made me look like Mother Theresa!

  166. Books corner anyone??? no? le Bedroom corner akere?
    Hai! Kiki this blog really is addictive since Saturday, I was refreshing every other second…other blogs just don’t have “that thing”. Server problems must fall, How can we help?

  167. Few years ago I lost my 5 teeth .font ask me it’s a long depressing story I almost lost my life that day .so I have been wearing ama crowns ever since. I can’t afford inplants. I saw Sophies new teeth I want to try tht doctor too.I hope he’s not too expensive family !!I hope he does not take all my savings. Kgape those doctors working with celebrities are expensive man.

  168. Guys is it Why men love b’s or why men marry b’s? Just stumbled on a site that has so many free ebooks there’s “why men love bitches” there. Pdf.

    Site is allfreebd dot com

    Found some other interesting books

  169. titi502 where did you do ur crowns and how much did you pay, I have been struggling to find a good dentist in polokwane

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