Before They Slay Us Part II; Gents!

Before They Slay Us Part II; Gents!


I know I promised we will have part two last week but life happened and believe it or not I’m back and in the office preparing for an audit, month-end as well as a year-end. Without wasting anytime let’s geza amehlo with Before they slay us, Gents.


There’s something about this dude that oozes sex appeal yet cheesy but this reality tv star, presenter, model and business man has got lots to give hence Nomzamo is sticking around. I would not be surprised if I were to hear these two have secretly tied the knot they’re private like that… guys you should see how Maps looks as Zamo, the LOVE is there. We are always happy for love. This is Masego Maps Maponyane.


Top Billing presenter, model and entrepreneur Janez Vermeiren is married if not seriously involved with longtime girlfriend, Brazilian model Juliana Vasconcelos, so thirst better be strong you’re not getting any of this Yummy-ness Janez.


I’m yet to see someone this sexy  Presenter, Model and now businessman… The very hot Lunga Shabalala.


The Isidingo star not only shakes it off on tv but he likes theatre as well, ladies and gents Maurice Paige.

nkululeko-tshirumbulaEish this guy neh! he is hot, polite I think he is now a model, I see him deejaying at giggs from time-to-time. He needs a partner soon, his name is Nkululeko Tshirumbula.

Andile MxakazaNot a flattering photo of the throb named Andile Mxakaza of Isibaya from Yizo-yizo fame. I got this photo from a friend that wanted me to analyse this pose. Andile is rumoured be be sleeping with…okay let me stop. He is an actor, gym instructor and I think a business-man on the side.

Andile Gumbi

Another actor/model that goes by the name of Andile Gumbi. I hope he stopped abusing his girlfriend or the girl has decided to walk away.


I could not get a snap of this hot Donald half naked but then thought this would do. Ma u-hot u-hot.Kay SibiyaI love me some Kay Sibiya, he is an actor (I’m yet to watch the tv show) and model and I’m certain he is making some extra money on the side which makes him an entrepreneur, right?

Bohang MoekoBohang Moeko is hot neh like really hot but I feel he needs a warm clap of hlaudi, I don’t get to have any interest in what he does whether it’s tv or radio I just don’t get interested. Maybe one day I will speak to him we will have a good convo then I would understand how he is but for now his first letter B is for Boring! Bohang, is an actor, presenter and a model. pal Dladla PallanceThis photo should be banned it’s just too steamy! Our guy on the left, actor Pallance Dladla.

anga-makubalo untitled

Actor and musician Anga Makhubalo from New Brighton whom goes by Naak Musiq.

Deejay freshSome people find Bhut’ Deejay Fresh (Thato Sikwane) hot *rolls eyes* this dude has money bangani.

cg_zao_woaiimgp r-festival-pretoria

One of those new VEntertainment faces is rapper, presenter and model Shane Eagle.

StoaneBusinesman, presenter, writer, singer and rapper Stoan Seate is bae-able.

Cassper NyovestSomeone that really worked on his image or body  is rapper/business man Cassper Nyovest (Refiloe Maele Phoolo) I’m glad he took off that hideous pony-tail of his, he was beginning to look ridiculous.


His mate AKA ka Bonang does not really have a slaying body but I thought it would be good to include him on this list because I know he is adored by his fans… flaws and all. Rapper/MC business-man Kiernan Forbes.

SheltonFrom one Forbes to a different kind enebuntu, Rapper, Singer, Dancer and presenter and also my hommie Shelton Forbes.

lehasa-moloiThe very married Lehasa Moloi people. Damn! *calms down* Lehasa I love and respect because in as much as he is out there he is way grounded than most. Brand Ambassador, businessman, actor, presenter, model and and and and.

Cyprian Ndlovu

If I were a boy *whistles* I was in awe when I came across this snap of bad presenter efana nabo Lunga noo Bohang this is Cyprian f*cken-hot Ndlovu.

dreamteam2 screen-shot-2016-04-13-at-9-56-53-amChooser baba!

tiraAnother Bhut Bae, business-man, reality tv star actor, producer, singer, philanthropist Tira Khathi. My wish with bhut’ zonke ndiyazenza is for him to just be behind the scenes and let other kids shine… is that too much to ask?

Vuyo DabulaSaving the best for last! Tjoe Vuyo Dabula has moved from acting to being a model and now business person.


While I sort myself out ko-small boys room gezani amehlo bahlali.


Souces: Cosmo Sexiest, Google, Instagram, Sowetan, Bona Magazine.


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  1. Hotness galore, Cyprian is doing it for me. I don’t get the whoo haaa people get from Lungha and Maps. Casper has really done a great job within a year, bigups to him
    Whether mild or strong,period pains are uncomfortable. For the past 3/4 years on the 31st I’m always on my periods and this year I had planned it properly, silly me I forgot to put ny patch back for two days and now this.. blehhh

  2. Sleep dololo…

    Thanks Zeeba..something to keep me going whilst I patiently wait to fall asleep.

  3. Why should DJ Tira let other kids shine? Most SA Celebrities don’t step back and let new kids shine why uTira kumele ahlehle? Tira is doing just fine. He worked hard for this he needs to enjoy it as long as he wants to.

  4. Bohang Moeko looks weird. Angazi noma umzimba mkhulu wenza ikhanda lakhe libe lincane ngendlela engajwayelekile or imina ongaboni kahle.

  5. I was never ready for short Pallance bahlali! That man is shorter than short.

    Cedric Anthony Fourie also has a banging body.

  6. Zeeba you left out Sizwe Dhlomo and Mayi Tshwete, they are handsome and both have nice manly bodies. Have you guys seen the hotness that is Thato Moeng’s hubby?

  7. Lol Zeeba qho ubhala I article with male celebs soze ungathi “so & so is sleeping with…” u Fezile weSibaya ulala nabani?

  8. Unyanisile Express as a result I don’t take him seriously anymore.
    Maps gives me boring vibes sedibene nala Zamo wakhe nonetheless I like them as a couple and would love them to get married one day.
    Nkuli una that thing ke shame but boring as an actor he better stick to modelling.
    Vuyo has such a nice body and is good at his craft aswell, are they really sleeping together with Letoya? Surely Zeeba would know ha ha ha.
    Why does Naak look like unento encinci

  9. Yini i-businessman? Everybody is one nowadays.
    Lehasa, I’d lose my morals and pride any day for him.
    That Bohang guy uneminciza thizeni ngaye.

  10. Arab Dec 28, 2016 at 11:35 pm
    Majita a JC, here’s a sincere question for you…since ingane zo may zikhala like this nga madoda, exactly what makes a man to be faithful to his wife (read: wife not GF). Thing is if a man decides to commit through marriage surely he must have gone through some introspection and concluded that he’s done playing blah blah blah right? Are all men really wired to be unfaithful? Those who are faithful please share your thoughts on this. I’m asking for a man’s perspective on understanding his role within a marriage. Partners in civil unions are also welcome to share their experiences. O dade ba ya limala amadoda.


    Lack of respect, Sex and affection. Kids and society’s perceptions are secondary, they are a result of us/our love but they seem to take precedence with women and we take the back banner. I love my kids but they are secondary to me and to my wife. Our role is to take care of them and nurture them to become adults and they must leave my house to be on their own. If they come first in everything when they are adults and they leave the house who will be first? also the double standards that most women posses are a hinderance to every relationship.. Men are bound to seek rather find solace even if its artificial elsewhere.

  11. I really hope DJ Zinhle’s relationship lasts… It freaks me out the way she displays that guy… I hope he is just as into her…I like how she managed to get over the AKA Saga and dust herself off but im worriee for her if this relatioship fails publically…

  12. @Arab to respond to yr questions, as a men I for one think us being faithfulness to our partners is limited to a certain point, we lay conditions depending kulowo muntu. And I believe every men once they reach a point where they decide to get married they are done playing.

    Few reasons that pushes men to cheat or leave their wife/gf are: power struggle, bossy wife’s, women wanting to play 50/50 in leading the household( we hate competition), once a guy start to feel being disrespected in typa way by their woman they often remind a woman who’s the men of the house and most women will ignore such so as a woman you just need to know shit is about to happen once those words are uttered out it may be soon or later. Men hate being disrespected and where they feel powerless they opt to excuse themselves its our nature. Men don’t leave their relationships for petty things instead they opt to entertain themselves elsewhere to get their frustration away to fill the void. Believe me when I say most women drive these men to the monsters that they are today and I don’t condone any form of abuse I for one advocate if things don’t workout in a relationship pack your begs and leave. All I can say to women treat your men respectfully and you will see the results of that. I know some of you will come for me but above is my view of things.

  13. @Spanish G…. what about in cases where the woman is very respectful and does everything for the man. I mean there are guys who cheat irrispective of what they get at home.

  14. That Tshirumbula guy, Bohang and Lehasa can gerrit!! And Vuyo Dabula!! Anytime any day! DJ Fresh does not belong here bathong, no. ke a gana! How Tswana is Casper’s name!! Refilwe Maele

  15. @125ddd I agree, I think it’s too much, even asking SAA if they don’t think her man is cute. Gal is showing off, probably trying to prove to everyone ukuthi she is in love. I’m starting to believe The things @favoured said the other day. I think she is trying to prove a point to her ex ukuthi she can also b a Ciara and find her happy ending. Even her post the other day about “”Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every relationship should & will last forever & ever”… this changed my life… #seasons”. This goes out to her as well. If something goes wrong the very same people that applauded her relationship will be laughing at her and making all sorts of hurtful comments. I’m no B or Z fan but in this case the real hlanyo is Z. She’s one of those women who believes ukuthi they must find their happy ending kodwa the woman that wronged them must be KARMAD (hence she always speaks highly of Aka), perhaps hoping that one day he comes to his senses and goes back to her. This love thing is just weird. This my take anyway, maybe because I’ve been in her situation, and we both capricorns, only difference is that I’m very private now about my relationship and it’s going really well for almost 2years now, while most people are wondering what’s happening in my life since my nasty break up with baby daddy.

  16. Hello everyone, my opinion (although I’m not male) on the faithful issue is that a man cheats because he’s not afraid of losing the woman he’s with, and deep down he knows this. When a man treasures what he has, he will control his lust and curiosity for the fear of losing what he already has.

  17. I think Men cheat for similar reason with women… Some women wanna be respected/controlling/lie/bossy/feared/greed/or ubufebe nje etc (i think i just described my aunt LOL)… I also think staying faithful is extremely tricky in this day and age (not that it was not happening in our parents times) but manje its just easy DM/Inboxes/social clubs/whatspp groups and that we as human like things, we like to do things under experimenting/trying out etc.

    it’s easy just for both sexes to be unfaithful. I also know that women often look for better hence i-demand yama blessers i-high.

    people cheat because they want to, they could be lured to it but the final decision is solely theirs.

    i was talking to a guy friend of mines izolo he was telling me about this one guy he went out with but things didnt work out now he is in a good relationship ex is sending steamy texts. my friend is tempted yet not i told him not to entertain it unless he is having troubles at his beautiful relationship (which he doesn’t) ukurhala kuninzi out there and where there’s willing takers and givers sinyile.

  18. Spanish Guitar and BlackStallion please breakdown what you mean by ‘respect’. I am not being pedantic, but am searching for knowledge in this regard from you as MEN.
    My observation: You (and generally most men) seem to place a lot of emphasis on the WOMAN being the instigator when men decide to be unfaithful. Is this fair? Acceptable? Are you not shifting moral responsibility and accountability to your partner? Do MEN still understand their role in marriage?
    Elena, I believe as women we tend to excuse the abhorrent behaviour of our men. Mind you, I am not saying women are angels at all, but I would like to get our men talking, to share their thoughts and beliefs on this topic. And for us women to LISTEN for a change. So all those guys in silentville, please do share.

  19. The first time I saw Bohang was on Ring of Lies and I thought he played that part well. He’s so yummy.
    Lehasa is also one of my favorite actors, him and his hot bod!
    Most of these guys look good, nothing like a muscled man to drool over. Fresh and Tira- NAH!

  20. When someone cheats it doesn’t mean they are not afraid to lose you. They do it hoping not to get caught.

  21. Arab: The respect you have for your parents and siblings combined. remember this is someone whom you’re becoming one with. Therefore, you treat him with the utmost respect.

    Sometimes its here on the lyric of K West: ”
    She find pictures in my email
    I sent this girl a picture of my dick.
    I don’t know what it is with females
    But I’m not too good with that shit.
    See, I could have me a good girl
    And still be addicted to them hoodrats
    And I just blame everything on you
    At least you know that’s what I’m good at

  22. I had to log on. Men cheat because they want to, it has nothing to do with the partner they are with at the time, but everything to do with what they want at the time. A man will have a beautiful wife, who respects him, a woman who lets him be the man endlini. But he will go out see a woman, amhalele and bed her, not because the wife/girlfriend misbehaved. Ngoba nje ubone izinqa, wazihalele, he just wanted to tap that ass. Its more of an ego thing that anything else, men are wired like that. Off course there are some abakwaziyo ukuzibamba bazihloniphe bona or their wives. Those are those that look, bahale and still stay away.
    So please let us not blame ubufebe bamadoda kumuntu wesifazane. Uma nje unyindoda enganisimilo you will cheat no matter how angelic your wife is..

  23. the WOMAN being the instigator when men decide to be unfaithful. Is this fair? Acceptable? Are you not shifting moral responsibility and accountability to your partner?

    It is not fair on anyone to be cheated on. If cheating is your deal breaker you must step on the minute it happens. what moral responsibility? we all have a moral compass that leads us to different paths we then meet and try to relate. Hence the word relationship.

    Do MEN still understand their role in marriage?

    My Role is to lead,love,protect, make love and from time to time fuck the shit out of you and provide for my wife and a kids.
    Do women know and understand their role in marriage?

  24. ‘My Role is to lead,love,protect, make love and from time to time fuck the shit out of you and provide for my wife and a kids.’ Love this

  25. @Ghostie Finally…. i aggree with you. I mean i know every girl gets the butterflies when in love but coming from her very public and Nasty breakup, i would have cautioned againt making this one too public to a point of sharing all the nitty grittys etc. look what happened to Pearl Moody… she was on the cover of True Love for September Issue gushing about her engagement and now its all off three months down the line… she now had to put her tail between her legs coz how do u go from “So and so is the best thing that happenes to me, cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him…to the engagement is off” all within three months???

  26. I was chatting to an old friend of mine, male. He was saying how much he is unhappy in his marriage and I couldn’t understand why. It was only when he finally opened up where I realized how as women silimaza ama doda.
    My friend and his wife have been married for just under five years, she’s a house wife, my friend is an intelligent hard working guy. The wife drives a x5, lives in the posh burbs, like she has it all.
    Guy says he gets laid once in three months, all the wife does is sit on the couch all day and stuff her face. Yes she’s got kids, but she’s let herself go beyond recognition. Mind you the kids are in crèche and there’s a auntie who cleans and cooks.
    On top of that, wife always wants Hubby next to her but when he’s there she’ll be on her phone chatting or watching tv, as long as she can see him in front of her.
    Wife complains when he’s at work or when he has to go networking, or go for meetings and even when he wants to go to gym. She basically does not believe in his dreams, and is not supportive.
    Guy has had it, he has begged for change till he was purple in the face but dololo change. He’s emotionally and sexually starved. And, because he grew up without a dad, he doesn’t want his kids to go through the same thing.
    So like! In such a case, would guy really be blamed for cheating? Hai nathi bafazi siyalimaza impela

  27. Lehasa and Anga have sex appeal for decades! I love Maps and Nomzamo. Nomzamo got herself a full package.

    @tummytumms ayalimazaomama. Sex once in 3 Months!I’m against cheating butility in this case if wife doesn’t want to cater for her man’said needs she must sommer let him eat out.

  28. I once had an affair with a guy in a long term relationship…I asked him why if he loves his woman…he is cheating on her with me.At first he was in denial that he is cheating an would laugh it off like “I am not cheating…I just like you and you like me…and yena akangeni ndawo”…other time he said because the opportunity presented itself.Yes they have problems but nothing major….he still loves her and is happy with her…just that I came along and he wants to hang out with me.
    It bought me to the conclusion that…if he/she cheats…it’s not about the other person.’s the person doing it cos they want to…qha.Yes it will have hurtful consequences to the partner being cheated on….kodwa it isn’t about you,it’s what they wanted.
    He ended things with me after 6 months and they getting married next year.

  29. Broken promises imply that the offenders either didn’t think before making the promises, or don’t care that they’ve let you down. They’re also implying that their needs are more important than yours. So, be careful about the promises that you make and with whom you make them.

  30. I think people these days just do anf promise things without any regard for the consequences should things go wrong.
    Mind you there are some men in horrible marriages who don’t cheat because they are hoping it gets better then there are those in wonderful marriages who just get greedy.

  31. As a woman, I have an innate need to make everything about me. I actually think, as women silinyazwa yile victim’s mentality esinayo. I constantly have to remind myself that people’s ( read men) actions towards me has nothing to do with.
    Mpho Maboi said she knows Yeye will only be as faithful as his options

  32. @Xhosagirl hit the nail on the head. Cheating most of the time has absolutely nothing to do with the other partner. A person cheats because s/he wants to. And men unlike us are wired to be able to separate matters i.e. wife can be respectful, submissive and and and but he will still cheat, that doesn’t mean he loves his wife any less.

  33. @Zukav, agreed. Once we let go of that mentality, we can live happily ever after. An older subordinate of mine who is now a widow once told me that had she known what she knows now (the fact that men cheat because they want to, not because she was the cause) she would have had a very happy marriage. Ei, but its not easy bahlali.

  34. Married Men cheat because they want go feba. My friend has the amazing wife who does absolutely everything for him and she respects him. But guy is forever chasing woman for no good reason

  35. Vele DJ Fresh doesn’t belong here and that boring skinny VEntertainment presenter. The way Nkuli walks screams Easter-Bunny ?