Castle Lager’s Broville festival Experience!

Castle Lager’s Broville festival Experience!



This past Saturday I had one of those unplanned “best times” of my life with the DNA Brand Architects crew together with Castle Lager at the Castle Lager Broville Festival in Casalinga Farm…

Why unplanned, I didn’t want to attend the event. I believe Saturday mornings to late afternoons are my (ME) time, those are the times I get to cut my hair go for dancing, swim and later shop… should the need arise (if funds are available LOL). And the broville event was scheduled to start at 11 a.m. I just knew it was just too early for me to be out at an event.

Anyways, I did all I needed to do and I was done with everything by 14:00, then my other dilemma sunk in. I did not have a date because Akhona  (my go to date) was AWOL, I text my other friend Berlinda to see if she would be keen to such but she was on some loafering mode, then I remember my best buddy Njabulo was in town for the weekend. Njabulo was game, the event was a great outing for us to catch-up and I was in some getting intoxicated mood.

Objective behind the festival:  Castle Lager Broville festival is a platform created to celebrate friendship(s) and forming new ones along the way… as you may know Castle Lager has always been about togetherness, like their pay off line “…it all comes together with a Castle”

It was such a beautiful event, I will let the pictures do the yapping on my behalf:

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_2walking in the farm you pass through some bushes…

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_3To be greeted by the friendly  (to over friendly) patriots at the entrance. They acted as care guards, they check your “passpprt” just to see if you’re eligible to be at broville.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_7Various kinds of games for one to take part in.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_8Boys watching the game in their comfort.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_14Some went to get plated tattoos.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_34Broville and brotherhood equals togetherness .

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_37Our friend Cga Bopha and pals.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_40you can never mention Castle Lager without sports, see the legendary Marks Maponyane (in the middle).

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_482_broville-ultimate-weekend-_54Bro shop was there for bro cuts, trimmings or anything one wished for.


2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_72Things that happen inside the booth,  the diverse I love in this photo. We may be/look different but we are one! Thank You Castle Lager.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_89SA Sport legends were there Abantu abafana nooMakhaya Ntini, Themba Bavuma, Damian De Allende, Lance Klusner, Bakkies Botha, Aaron Mokoena, Mark Williams, Herschelle Gibbs and Itumeleng Khune to name but a few.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_109Abafana abaHaut.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_124Mel Ramjee doing her PR thing.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_1382_broville-ultimate-weekend-_142Pampering, Sorbet man was there for that.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_164Dr Sivu Madikana naye ebepha.2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_173

Mark Williams.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_207We also saw Loot Love.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_231Tsalaship: Kat with Omuhle.


2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_240Marcus with Nhle.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_237When Alcohol Takes Over Everything Looks AMAZING!


Entertainment on fleek with abo Nasty C, Riky Rick, Shekhinah Donnell, Aewon Wolf & Kyle Deutsch, Reason, Major League, Speedsta and PH.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_247Mara these shoes look heavy…

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_263Kay Sibiya.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_11tons of tents were provided as an option to those that wished to sleep over.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_301Look At Reason checking out his groceries.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_296abantu aba-Nice.

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_278Braai Time Came!

2_broville-ultimate-weekend-_3212_broville-ultimate-weekend-_323And it all came together Broville.

We thank you Castle Lager Broville Festival and our friends at DNA Brand Architect for this amazing experience.

Zeeba (c)

@ Zolanimasombuka

Pictures supplied by DNA BRAND.


  1. Looked like a lovely event.

    Loot doesn’t look that tall in flat shoes. Does she still have that Rotary watch deal?

    Nkuli is eye candy…

    Dr Sivu & Mark Williams’ legs ziyafana.

  2. This looks like so much fun. Well written article, you took me to that event with words.

    Marks Maponyano ha a tsofale, a cool ntate.
    Many happy beautiful people (read men/boys) in the pics.

    Looking at pic captioned “guys ba haut” I can’t help but think of the dololo photo which went viral a few months ago. Lol

  3. Looks like a fun sausage fest. Im sure it was fun. Joburg guys are a bit confusing.
    Iphi IAG Zeeba (not that I have any but I like reading other people’s)

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  5. haibo nqandani uMark Williams unxibeni nah?. ishort yakhe imbi siii. Lol ai abafana ba haut nyan nyan. It looked like it was a very nice event, abantu bebehlambile shem

  6. I went there with my colleagues, I was never ready to have as much fun as I did. Everything was on point, the food, the photo booth, tattoo parlor, there were no queues at the bar , the tents, the music, the braai, the vibes nje. It was too much fun and there was no VIP, “Im a celebrity” thing, everyone was just chilled. Big ups to Castle Lager, the event was the stuff legends are made of

  7. Dude this event looks so nca! The tent and braai vibes sold it for me. When is the next one?