Competition: Win R100K With Lucozade ZERO!

Competition: Win R100K With Lucozade ZERO!


Summer is the one season I wish I had enough money to live my best life. I’ve been evaluating my budget and looking at my finances and things are looking bleak. I hope my bonus comes through so that I can live my best life like other kids. I also came across a competition that Lucozade SA is currently running. The brand is giving away a whopping R100 000 in cash to a lucky consumer this December. Imagine! R100 000. This had me thinking and inspired to challenge the JC team to share their #SummerWishList.


Zeeba: OMG Lucozade Summer Wish list *enemincili* where do I begin with my list? *sigh* Let me start by wishing for 5 different shoes in different colours  from Kurt Geiger. A yatch to cruise in when I’m with my siblings in Port Elizabeth. A new car, oh that would be like awesome. Pay off my African bank loan, lawd knows I could do with getting rid of unwanted debt. Get a pair of figure skating shoes, that Cannon camera I have been eyeing for a while now. Uhm revamp my crib by getting new couches, TV stand, curve shaped TV, New bed and a new fridge. Give some cash to my Mom… have I not reached R100k yet? Okay okay and maybe host those not so big but expensive parties.  And of course a lifetime supply of Lucozade zero orange flavour to keep my body in shape. Oooops, I need a iPhone too. 🙂



Audi: I never ask Santa for much but this year I wish the stocking has a holiday trip to the Life From Stone wine estate in the Western Cape, every wine appreciator needs to experience a weekend of nothing but vineyards, great wine and even better cheeses with a view to die for. I would also like a hefty shopping voucher, this season’s fashion is hot and no one can have enough clothes, right? Still on the shopping vouchers, I am a homebody and I love beautiful home spaces and my house could do with a few, well maybe more than a few decor accents, from scatter cushions to indoor pot plants and orchids, to gorgeous floor lamps and of course what is a house without a few LeCrueset pieces? That is my wish list for this summer.


Kiki: 100K neh? OMG!! A very bright/colorful Travel bag set to make it easy for me to spot at baggage collection. A whole lot of bikinis. A lot of sun block. Hats, Caps, Sandals, summer dresses, shorts the works….Do you know where I am heading? I am definitely going to an Island, Puerto Rico to be specific. I can just imagine my self landing in San Juan, taking Spanish lessons just for the hell of it. Hehehehe! I am hydrophobic by choice so I prefer looking at water, even more fun if it’s blue. Chilling by the beach in my bikini, chowing authentic Caribbean food and sipping on those virgin cocktails. I will not miss out on exploring the rain forests and waterfalls. I did say I love looking at water right? I picture myself doing my morning workouts by the beach. I am sure I will need some Lucozade ZERO to give me that energy to keep up with my activities while I am there because I will not be sleeping on anything. And I will most definitely need a good camera to capture all those memories. Now that’s my #SummerWishList.


What would you buy with R100 000 this summer?
This is how Lucozade Zero could make your #SummerWishList a reality!
Buy your favourite Lucozade Zero flavour, dial *120*830# for a chance to win R100 000 and make YOUR summer wish list a reality. For more information about #LucozadeZeroSummerTaste, catch up with @LucozadeZA.
Good Luck!!
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  1. Summer Wish List
    Mommy is retiring this year, so a Famcation to CPT, mhhhhhmmmm.
    and OfCoz Shooppiiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggg #Ndiyathandaza