Happy Holidays JC Fam!

Happy Holidays JC Fam!


Phew, it’s finally here. The festive season is officially in the building. This is the time to spend and not think about the consequences, the time to eat and not worry about gaining weight, the time to travel just for the hell of it or to be with your loved ones.


Thank you for being here bahlali. We’ve had a few rough months but the struggle continues. Hopefully 2017 will be a year of good things only. I am done with work until January 2017 which then is a start of a whole new journey and chapter in my life. I am praying for those best days to come.


Today is the Day of Reconciliation. Who are you connecting with? Let’s toast to these upcoming holidays. Please be safe on the roads. Drink responsibly tu. We will post on the site every now and then whenever we can. 🙂


On behalf of the JC Team, we send LOVE to you and your families. Have a good one!

By @KikiMarli


  1. Wow! This year was on some kind of marathon. Blink and it’s Dezember already. Congratulations to the mbokodos with their nice wheels, o Tshiamo! Although it went pretty fast 2016 was one hell of a fantastic year.

  2. Happy Holidays errbady! Yaz JC is like a drug, this is my daily fix. Hehe. Eish I can’t sleep after going to the loo. Bleh
    Enjoy the break Kiki

  3. Guys what happened to the blogger eh shared his dilemma about his disabled daughter and baby mama? Did you sort things out @Anon.
    Also, usistaz who went to a sangoma and used to get a man to marry her coz all her friends were tying the knot. Ho tsamaya yang ausi?
    Guys so vele what happens when you make someone fall in love with you using herbs and things? Does it wear off?

  4. I don’t think I can accept any apologies that come in today. Something about it just seems disingenuous, so the whole year you saw nothing wrong with what you did but woke up this reconciliation day morning and felt the need to get right with me? Na fam.

  5. Forgive and forget. Otherwise the individual lives rent free in your spirit. Let it go!!!!! Easier said than done, I know. But it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Ok, I’m done preaching..

  6. Anyway, happy holidays JCers

    Other stories headlining 2016 that I would like an update of:

    The blocker who “borrowed” money from her company. Did they forgive you? Are you in a jail cell and if so is it the same as the everyday crime cell? If you moved on to another company are they aware of your borrowing?

    Might have missed a discussion on it but Vegaras title deeds, hows that transfer going girl?

    BBs 1 of only 5 in the country skill set. What was the skill? How can I sharpen mine?

    The blocker with morals dating the married American. Has he divorced his wife yet?

    Mamacrocs friend who was impregnated by Khune. In fact all blockers trying to get pregnant or are pregnant by soccer player. How guaranteed is the baby mama check for the next 21 years?

  7. Enjoy your holidays guys! Congrats to the new mummies,the new car owners and those getting married!

    2016 was a bitter sweet year for me! Almost lost my mind but was never going to go down like that. Learnt the lessons I have been avoiding all my life. It was a humbling year indeed.

    @VB apparently it does wear off and often the person you have RICA’d can even kill you. You should use it to enhance feelings that are already there NOT force someone to love you,that’s what I gathered when I listen to Power Life.

    Pinks has such a sexy voice…so sultry.

  8. Happy holidays everybady, its almost always guaranteed that I never enjoy my holidays, courtesy of the males in my family. Such entitled, bigoted, sexist and insensitive people. Everything is about them and I am supposed to “serve” them because I am “a woman”.

  9. Morning bloggers, hope you have a good day,zibig days are here.Its wedding season alililili * side eyes V & Z * speaking of weddings, what does Luyanda and Siya do for a living what a BEAUTIFUL wedding from the bachelorette to the nuptials bahle abantwana bagezile,missed the TopBilling episode izolo of their wedding…
    All the best to those getting married and those that want to get married.
    Yoh I’m still not over the beauty of that wedding uhlula owaSnazzyDol and the Mayor#Luyanda&SiyaGetMarried *heart emojis *

  10. Did any of the celebrities respond to Nandos ads? Why do brides always have to announce that they bought their wedding dress overseas?

  11. Helllllos helllllossss!!! Hope u all wellll.

    Guys im in a bit of a predicament. I lost my job around August & have been unemployed since. Im now 22 weeks pregnant & yesterday went for an interview and i didnt disclose my pregnancy, they emailed me last night confirming that i have made it to the next roumd of interviews & shud i mAke it will start at the beginning of Jan

    My question is, when should i disclose? And wont i be in shit if i disclose after signing?

    I need this job my goodness I aint looking forward to being an unemployed single mum 🙁

  12. Brokenfleur, my colleague (widow) says he gives her son who is about 7/8 food on tray but not the girl who is 13… that’s where most problems start. She was looking for a new tray for him yesterday.

  13. LMAO @Chantal your friend is a G.

    @Mmadikgang don’t disclose especially since you need a job.Mybe it’s the environment I have worked in but I always got the feeling pregnancy is viewed as an inconvenience. So imagine wena who is trying to get into the company. Already you going to be away for 4 months and you just started working there. Pretend you did not know you pregnant.

  14. Happy festive bloggers…bakithi is there any cure for a snoring person? Uyarhona maaan lo mntu

    Yazi kwenye inote #AyalimazaAmadoda I once came here asking for advice about taking my current post or taking bf’s businesses proposl…enkosi bloggers like ENKOSI.

    We were supposed to meet my parents this December for lobola negotiations, I found out ukuthi lo mlisa is a married man bakithi. I went to his place I didn’t find any wife things or kid things…uboy lives double life…got property wife doesn’t know about…hayini bakithi. Ndaphantse ndafa ngumothuko xa unontombi edithi “live my husband bitch” ndazibuza ngu the who wa where…yhuuuuu now I’m left with the dilemma to break the news to my mom because she is the one ebendimxelele about the in-laws. Kwaze kwa hectic….

  15. Happy holidays guys. Iv never felt so alone nge festive & so bored (mainly cos my decoder is acting up so i’m without a tv). Hopefully things will get better

  16. Lovelydoll was this confirmed? Missan my colleagues are exhausting shem.. they still have 1892 mentality of how to treat a man etc.

  17. Eeeeeeewww Lovelydoll xolo nono….you shouldn’t have broken up noBaeLobola yazi let him go pay then break up with him uzibathale ngale mali..tshiiiiiini zingaphela kukucula #ayalimaza

  18. Pls may I share my AG? Guys I’ve been in denial that I am still not over my ex. We broke up 5years ago due to distance but that bond between us never left. I moved on in 2013, I even have a baby now and he moved on around June this year. We still chat every once in a while and make out atleast twice a year but that bond is so hard to break/let go of. I die inside when I see his gf as his profile pic or he posts something about her on twitter. He’s really into her shem and I’m into my current bf but I can’t help but feel like just maybe, my ex and I are actually meant to be.. Long distance was the issue 🙁 Ive tried to let go numerous times, even delete him off my social networks and he always confronts me about it and doesn’t want me to let him go completely

  19. Sweetcakes yeka indoda yomnye umtwana andithi nawe wazivuvisela le ongekho “into”…Let go of the ex beeeyps ayixoxisi futhi..myeke nje ungamphi neSeks yakho the girlfriend is already doing that! Stop hurting yourself with the one that got away..he seems happy posting and all wena uhleli beating yourself up myeke

  20. @Chantal when I confronted him…wathi he was waiting for the “right time” to tell me…he wants a 2nd wife. @OSG hahahaha I should have a yazi…let him pay lobola then dump him.

  21. Sweetcakes.. yeka londoda idlala ngawe sisi. Love your man sweety. Uhlukane nendoda engakuthandiyo I’m sure to him it’s about seks only

  22. Strength to you lovelydoll. Men are trash. But our parents have know this. They’ve either seen it happen to someone else or experience it themselves. So your mom will understand and give you the support you need.
    But how stupid was this man?! Like did he genuinely never expect you to find?! What was the plan? He was going to spend the rest of his life playing you both? My Lord.#MENARETRASH

  23. My AG: I can either go to the factory and prepare Mondays orders OR stay indoors bond with the remote, pots and a glass of wine OR I can go to the mall and blow my pay OR stay in bed all day feeling sorry for myself. I’m caught in between the 4.

  24. @sweetcakes… Sounds like ur ex wants his cake and eat it too…he will somewhat keep u hooked whilst he posts pics of him and current gf. You dont need permission to cut him off all social media and out of ur life for good… Go cold turkey. Pray about it. Fast on it if u must. Love urself.

  25. Yes Chantal, men are groomed to be entitled pricks, I can cook for my dad yes but I cannot cook for my brother everyday, and he doesn’t even buy the groceries or help me out financially in any way, he always emphasises that he uses his money for “his own things”. And always rubs it in my face that his (our) dad has already given him his properties because he is the only male. Infact I should stop cooking for both of them and tell them the only child that matters (the one who carries the family name) should cook, I should be saving all my energy for my future in laws instead.

    Sorry for the rant!! I am so pissed right now.

  26. @LovelyDoll they are liars indeed. Askies about your situation. Married men are crap and trash!!! I’m single and have been going on dates. The lies they tell though… In your situation it’s hard coz u fell in love I suppose and was about to get married ; and he blind sided u *angry face* . Time heals nana. Be strong.

  27. Morning beautiful bloggers. Wishing each and everyone of you happiest festive season, please be safe and spend wisely. Nginithanda nonke!

    Am always confused about MyOne and TheOne: who was dating #baeneighbour and has twins?

  28. My AG..Yabo lomfazi ondizalayo ne she knows how to hurt me shame….so l came home to visit been here for 3days and already am thinking of going back to my shack.. I asked her to baby sit for me wanted to go pamper myself she agreed jikijiki she has things to do..she must go buy things for her kids okay so ndithathe uNodoli wam ndihambe naye..she calls me asking why didn’t l leave her with my 15year old brother hehake..Monday l pack up and leave she will see us next of next year re:khumbulekhaya

  29. Wow! I am shocked Lovely Doll, men a eeh vil, selfish. So as long as he is okay with sharing everything is okay. Its all about him and screw everyone else. Just leave, revenge is a waste of time.

    Chantal, people like feeling special. That’s why brides will tell you that their dress was bought oversees, that they paid crazy amounts for decor, that the diamond on their rings was specially mined just for them. My friends do that a lot, Its exhausting at times.

  30. @OhSoGlam its not easy when you are used to your own space to stay with your mom. I can only survive 3 days maximum. 2 woman cannot stay in the same house.

    I will go home on the 24th for xmas. The 28th im back to my midrand townhouse.

  31. Me too girly girl but anyway go to the factory wena myone. Then you can rest tomorrow and Sunday knowing business is taken care of..
    I’m the only girl (we are 3) and I’m glad we never had the girls/ boy duties.. even my cousins who visited and stayed us knew this.. my dad was also a very hands on. So even in my relationship I don’t play the game. My mom was telling me other day that my aunt labelled me lazy.. because I simply refuse to slave alone just because I’m a woman

  32. Twanna, the one with #baeneighbour ke MyOne. MyOne go to the factory and make paper boo, no rest for the hustler. You’ll shop or feel sorry for yourself tomorrow or Sunday

  33. @Sweetcakes, your dilemma is my worst nightmare, and if I don’t deal with it, I’m headed there. I have a strange relationship with my ex. The guy I dated for 7 years. We’ve been broken up for almost 2 years and we never quite recovered although we’ve dated other people since. Our lives were so intertwined that it was such a task to cut off each other. I’m not on social media apart from insta, and even then I hardly post. Things have reached a point where we see each other very often. We go out for dinner, do weekend things together, drinks, and we talk every day. Yes all of this is under the guise of being friends. I can’t discuss this with my friends and family because the events that led to our break up were accompanied by untold pain, irreconcilable differences. I told myself I’d never go back. But the dates are so nice, he is starting to feel like home. Angazi guys, eish.

  34. Thanks TheOne for the clarity.

    Re: your ex dillema, phuma kuye.. Remind yourself why you broke up in the first time. Ignore him and swiftly move one, trust me you will have peace of mind.

  35. Lmao! @brokenfleur as for diamond mined for them hhahahhahaha. OSG you are literally hurting yourself by letting your mother do this to you! Tashafierce; thanks Mami our feeding was better because of your advice! I just couldn’t believe it! Thank you ever so much.. I am glad to be part of JC. The advise one gets is amazing!

    Lovely doll like this guy really never thought u would find out? Like seriously?

  36. Lmao guys I’m laughing at your stories not because I’m trash but the way enibalisa ngakhona is funny.
    I wish you all the best,just remember that you’re the only one who can change your situation. Take charge of your lives please.

    The blogger who is worried about not disclosing her pregnancy : must chill and keep quiete about it. You don’t owe them anything, ayilolizwe lankene-nkene Eli. They will have to be strong. By law, they cannot fire you and you are not obliged to tell them anything. In fact, women are allowed to apply bemithi banjalo izisu zithe qhutsu.

    In other news, I’m on my way to my mkhukhu, clienting was done.

  37. Happy holidays people

    2016 was more than good to me financially,My career +business did exceptionally well. I’m so grateful to God. Love department was such a mess kiii

  38. @TheOne you are definitely heading down the same lath as me. Stop yourself. It’s honestly the worst feeling. I also can’t talk to my friends about it. Thank you guys..you are right. Udlala ngam lomntu and i know I should walk away from it all. It’s just a hard step to take. I definitely don’t want this to carry on through to the next year so I’m leaving it in 2016

  39. Dumelang bloggers.

    My kids nanny has been pulling stunts on me of late and I need your advise.

    She’s off on weekends and should be back Sunday evening so I can go to work the next day. She would send me text messages hore she’s not coming on some “Please Call PULA”, yet her boyfriend drops her off all the time ka koloi.

    I was going to release her next Friday (24th) and see her in Jan 2017. Yesterday when I got home from work she TELLS me yena she’s leaving on Tuesday meaning Monday is her last day because she got a lift to Lesotho.

  40. I ask her whose going to look after my babies then when I’m at work, she kept quiet meaning I will need to figure that out myself.

    I gave this lady a bonus 2 weeks ago and was planning to get her more money with her salary on next Friday. Bo nanny baka ba rata ho nlematsa she, Ke etse jwang ha hole tje?

  41. All the nannies I’ve hired in the past used to give me headaches in December and January, such a nightmare.

  42. @returnsoldier Most of them are like that in December. They’re in a rush to leave. Don’t let her boss you around. Uyakuqhela. She must leave on the day you release her

  43. @ReturnSoldier, don’t you think 24th is too late to release her? Traffic is bad, the chaos at the border is at its worst.

  44. Brian Molefo former CEO got married yesterday to Mpumi Mops’s bestie . All along I though Brian was married. Anyway It was a beautiful wedding. #halalalaness.But according to me Luyanda’s wedding stole my heart. They did not go overboard, delivery was perfect What a Wow of a wedding.

  45. @Nomi have we discussed Nomfundo Xaluva’s Yakhal’ inkomo. Xhosa female vocalist are real gems!

  46. @Girliegal I meant the 23rd, on Friday. Last year I released her on the 18th when my mother took leave early for December. I work throughout the month, really won’t have anyone to look after my babies.

  47. @Chantal I won’t be needing her services as of February, my little girl is going to daycare. She is aware of this and maybe that’s why she’s acting this way. I’ll let her leave on Tuesday, can’t force her to stay till Friday and I will need to get someone to look after my daughter especially and them still. Do I still pay her full salary despite her inconveniencing me?

  48. Hahaha @chantal your colleagues are special. What’s that lady’s reason for giving the boy child food on a tray?? Ai
    @MyOne well there’s hardly anything nice to watch on tv, unless you got CatchUp or loads to series to watch. If that she the case I say go for number 2

  49. When is she supposed to do her christmas shopping? I’m with @girliegal 23rd is far too late…are you not able to take leave to care for your kids…I assume she also has children back home who are dying to spend time with her as well.

  50. Yaayyyyy It’s almost christmas….
    Hey Soph…thanks or the wishes on the other post, i hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great year ahead, don’t forget its your turn to strip naked around the house this week…
    Guys I need advice, we visiting the Boo parents for Christmas, this isn’t our first meeting tho, we’ve gone on outings together and when they visited had dinner and did other stuff, since we’ll be in their house this holiday, i actually told him i’ll prefer to stay at a B &B while he stays with them, he is insisting that they wouldn’t mind if we all stay but i’m actually skeptical because i know they’re kinda conservative even though i have a great relationship with them. i don’t want to be forward.

  51. Tjo @ReturnSoldier askies. That is such an inconvenience shame.
    @OSG I remember your posts about your mom and how strained your relationship is. I wonder what I’d do if I was in your shoes yaz, I can imagine it’s not easy. I have a sister who is so mean-spirited. Like o evil hey. Mina I decided ukuphuma kuye, she’s not speaking to me and I don’t really care. God knows I tried for so long to be nice to her but she’s just mean. Family or not, my peace of mind is more important. Even God understands. I will pray and love her from a distance shem. Ngeke.
    I pray you and your mom restore your relationship though. Strength to you!

    Someone asked about Luyanda’s wedding. It wasn’t shown on Top Billing last night. They showed another one instead. Well unless I missed it coz I didn’t watch the whole show but according to the previews, it was some comedian’s wedding that was gonna be shown

  52. tjo @returnsoldier that is such an inconviniece i would not pay her full salary shemm, and im sure you told her a while back you would need her services till the 23rd and she agreed, and all of a sudden shes got a lift? hauwaaa. she knew she was working till then mara nannies wilk give you heart problems.
    My helper is doing much better i think by Feb /march she wilk be back hopefully.
    My holidays are going to be spent at my holiday home wallowing in my misery as i cant afford to go on holiday this year (wanted to go to greece) i owe about 300k in.
    Long story short in in Shit!!!!

  53. @Sweetcakes I’m done with her, letting her go for good.

    @Mathaz I gave her bonus already so she can do her Christmas shopping since her last day would have been the 23rd as planned. Her December salary she will only get on the 23rd not on Tuesday, will send it ka Money Market. I have to book my leave 2 weeks in advance, it will be declined. Had she told me earlier, I would’ve applied for it so she can leave early without inconveniencing each other see.

  54. Hi MissAn…JC.
    I once mentioned how beautiful Nomfundo’s albums are #Kusile and #From.Now.On qha uyabazi abantu bala ekhaya bazifela ngoShwo noMunt’ekhala zange nginakwe krkrkrkr.I think yakhal’inkomo is the best song,akekho omunye who sings it better than her.Sibongile Khumal’s rendition is nice,but Mfuras takes the cake. Lol.

    Should I send you Msaki’s album?It’s so nice bakiths.

  55. Naomi, I know you have such good taste when it comes to music. Imma check Mfuras out on YouTube, who knows I might add her on my music collection.

    Here are the artist that stood out for me this year:

    Amanda Black
    Vusi Nova

    I also collected The Soil and Dr Tumi.

    I still want to get Musa Sukwene and Sjava.

  56. RS tell her that she can’t get her full salary anymore because you need to pay the person who will look after your baby next week

  57. Hahaha @Girlgirlie, where my client list though….? Where my boys at? @TheOne & @V.Becks I opted for option 2. I have collected few movies at work. Just woke up from a power nap and got invited to 2 different outings. Done bathing, on my first glass of wine *dancing*. Not sure if I should throw myself in the busy roads of GP or stay in.

  58. Happy Festive bahlali. It been a challenging year, but in God`s grace we made. 2017 is a year of completion, a year of luck. so, to all those looking for a job, children, marriage etc….Get ready for 2017. everything is about to fall into places. I think you should pay her full salary and give her a card wishing her Merry Christmas. Don`t worry about one bad thing she has done, think about all the good things she has done. I am sure she has been a good nanny. NAMI NGINITHANDA NONKE……KISSES.

  59. @shilowa Amen. Im ready to meet my Mr right come 2017. I dont remember the last time i had sex.

  60. Happy holidays guys!

    Mini AG: im in the process of cheating ngoba sex has become a myth lakhaya. i have to beg and grovel for sex ingathi he’s doing me a favor. Ngifelani? Ngenhlanhla i’ve been attracting a lot of men lately, angaz why. So nje inhathi i will feba this december .

    My nanny/helper asked to stay here for the holidays, i don’t know why angafuni ukuya kibo but it works in my favour .

  61. Shilowa – Amen mzalwana.
    @Philasande – maybe he is getting it elsewhere? Or maybe udiniwe nje, _2016 usibhaxazile bahlali.

    Mini AG: Akushushu emonti damn it – andifuni nobona kwamntu, I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet but the thought of ukuya kuaHemingways indenza ndifune ukuzixhoma worse ndikwesisimo sam (swollen feet, big nyeke, big nose – big everything) Ingathi ayisafiki iboy yam bethuna so I can flourish again, I can’t wait to meet him.

  62. MOST SUCCESSFUL CELEBRITY 4 2016 nominess
    Bonang (Epinema endorsement, Aka, Mama Awards host…)
    DJBC (Bet win, international gigs…)
    Cassper Ntovest (Cellphone endorsement, FUOS…)
    pearl thusi (Quantico)
    Trevor Noah ( Daily show)
    Somizi (dstv endorsement, idols sa…)
    Kiki (& team) Zaphelelaphi JC awards? lack of spornsoship? or was it just an idea ebeniyijonga njee?
    …. and can we have that post that the blog (lelo) did in 2013/2015 about the most read stories on the blog 4 the year.

  63. @Annalise, yaz I had the same sentiments….the nanny that wants to stay in ka Dizemba had me all suspicious.

  64. The way I’m easily irritated guys, ke tshaba ho bona when I’m pregnant lol.
    I’m at home now and earlier this guy who was asking me out calls and asks where I’m at. I tell him I’m at home and he says can he please come see me. I said no and he kept on pushing and on that “I really wanna see you” tip. I agreed. An hour later I whatsapp him and say he mustn’t come coz kea tswa (which was a lie). He replies with the rolling eye emoji. Ngamtshela straight that I lied and I’m home but not in the mood for people. He annoys me. And yena he’s ALWAYS pushing to come see me. Even in GP, Ene I turn him down all the time. To think I kinda had a crush on him in January. The next month it fizzled out and everything he said to me started annoying me.
    I could have let him come and used him to bring me and my nephew takeaway kiii. But I detest small talk and he will be saying he misses me yada yada. Manje mina ngenzeni? Urgh!
    In other news I have a headache

  65. LOL @Annalise… my nanny is from Zim and uthi uzoya ekhaya ngoMarch lol. She’s 43 . Lol remember brother man lost his kid a few months ago, i think maybe he’s still grieving , he hasn’t been the same since the accident. However, i love sex, so i’ve decided to allow him to grieve but ke i will have sex, one way or the other.

  66. That’s a rather odd request @Phila. Most helpers cant wait to go home.
    @Bronwyn mina I only see adverts, I dunno how these things work. Ke itse lotto fela lol. Ebile I must play kaosane, God knows I need bo ma 1million in my life

  67. Isex ingenaphi kwi-grieving? Phof ke we all grieve differently ndibuza ndiziphendula.
    Hayi shame wethu Phila how far back was it? Khawube umasturbatha wethu oh yhini ubhuti ezoshiywa ejongile *emsizela*

  68. @Teddie: I listened to Echos of Kofifi on Deezer. Its so nice. I will have to practice so that I can prosper in Kisternbosch next year. They will be performing in Feb. Zonke and Lira will be here in Jan as well.

    I get so exited when our artists release albums. Konje you wanted my number mntakwethu. Will send it via meyile.

  69. @Nelley, I saw your breastfeeding post on the other post. That Laura woman is useless. I regret using her. I wasted my R600!
    I was desperate to breastfeed for long, so I decided to use the services of a Lactation consultant. I didn’t have enough milk with my first child and I’m hoping to breastfeed for at least a year with my second child. I took Fenugreek tablets and they seem to me helping so far. I’ve gone enough milk and I was even able to express so my baby can be bottle fed while I was in hospital.

  70. Im going out with my man & his lil sis. So off because i thought izoba ndim naye,sister & i dont get along & he knows this. Shes already making me sit eback seat. Mxim

  71. Yuh haysana i greeted her twice & no response. Shes opening windows & stuff emotweni. Andidikwe guys! Going to have one drink & bounce

  72. Qukezwa: don’t let her spoil your day. Be all over your man nibambane ngezandla umane umncamisa and keep telling him how much you love and appreciate him. Umqhumisele anye uSwine. I just don’t get your man yazi,who goes out with their sister and girlfriend?Uphi umntu kaGirl???

  73. Honestly i dont trust any relationship statted ka december. Ladies be careful, man want your pussy. They are too horney because they are drinking most of the time, not having office stress. Unless if you are horney dont put all your heart onto Festive relationship. Its all about fun.

    Most of them left their woman in johanessburg because their relationship is not known ekhaya. Some are married but their wife doesnt get along with their family, therefore they left them behind. Its all about pussssyyyy. January he will be avoiding you lolest.

  74. Hahaha Qukezwa maybe he is trying to get you two to get along since he is aware that anizwani, put her in your blind spot and have fun with your man, shaya sengathi awumboni nokuthi ukhona.

  75. @V.becks. I need millions in my life and we are sleeping on money, someone explained it to me once and I wasn’t interested. A guy I know wins R5000’s all the time from there but o stingy with info. Eish

  76. Yhuu Qukezwa elihlobo ingathi undwebe ngalo chomi inganguwe loo woyiswa nguDade womfana? Lol ndinombono wakho ngoku ndingakwazi usineke uzenzisa kulo-dinner. Yiba over nice wethu athi noba uyakuhleba unomD ibe indoda ikuthethelela yona.

  77. Decided to stay guys. The sister & i are talking shame. & i dont know why we dont get along,mna i never did anything to her. She broke up with her man the last time i checked…still not comfortable but let me not let her steal my joy. Infact mandinxile ninani

  78. P- wo ndicenge nomtshato apha LOL! So i have to be nice to the lil sis ndithanda ndingathandi. Oh yah,she also befriended a girl my man was cheating on me with,one of the reasons why i dont like her

  79. @Qukezwa how old is she? She sounds like one of those girls that ask their brothers for money, and when they refuse, they think the girlfriend is the reason

  80. Shes 22. & yes uyayicela imali but he always gives it to her & i dont have a problem with that. Yikritsi yomtana,senxile ngoku

  81. @Qukezwa1 she’s still a baby and doing childish things. I mean going as far as befriending your boyfriend’s side? Smh
    @Bronwyn okare ke tla botsa ka Topbet eo. Try my luck nyana

  82. @Brownwyn some of my colleagues do it online. It might not be the same but it’s in that fashion of Topbet. It can go either way. Win or lose. But in most cases it’s winnings.

  83. Nzalama eix. These men though….hahaha. Na hina we love things. Most well groomed men are taken that is public knowledge. But we never learn hle.

  84. Happy holidays bloggers! We thank the Most High for the love, mercy, compassion and the blessings graciously received in 2016. Let YAH’s guidance be your shining light as you enter 2017.

  85. Mmatebogo every time I see zungu and manyi, I always think of you… I miss the old you so much, and I need bedroom advice. I hope croc is doing fine.

    Hi missan

  86. I need advice, I know some of you guys will say this is not my battle to fight and I know that.
    Any who… last night someone very close to me found her husband in bed with some woman, stupid woman runs out naked and leaves her belongings behind. Let’s call this close person to me Honey. Honey then throws her stuff (girl she found hubby in bed wirh) out the window so she can at least have her clothes (I wouldn’t have done that, mxm). Anyway, some of her belongings had fallen out and her ID was one of those things.
    So, Honey and I Google the girl and find that she’s married. I say to Honey that she should let the womans husband know that she found this woman with her husband but Honey doesn’t want to. Hai what’s even worse is that this girl is friends with the last woman Honey’s husband was having an affair with.
    Before we go far and say why did Honey stay after finding out about last woman and she is stupid for being team bekezela, she will be filing for divorce after last night’s incident and it’s not that easy to just walk away…
    So my question is should I force my Honey to alert the husband of the woman she found in bed with her man or should I leave her to not do anything about it.
    I guess I’m just so angry seeing what shes been through and how this has screwed her over, esp since this girl is friends with the ex lover (just something fishy about that).
    What do I do? Honey is too nice for her own good (sad face). #AmadodaAyalimaza

  87. Honey ubengenandoda ubezihlalele such a dog!! Your friend must do whatever that feels right to her,whatever that will bring her peace&closure,if its just walking away without alerting the side’s hubby, let her do that. Even though kumceba would have been nice 🙂

  88. Tums sit this one out. It’s honey’s baby to deal with. Wena be the source of support instead of another issue to worry about. You can’t force your solution on her and perhaps it’s good that she’s taking the high road. If you decide to take action, she will ultimately be affected as well. DON’T DO IT!!!

  89. You guys are right… So hard being a woman yazini! My heart is so sore as if it were me that walked in on them…

  90. Tummytums: I always say that as long as ‘the other women ” doesn’t stalk you (calls,sms or follow you around), leave her and deal with your philandering man. Honey must leave her alone, for all we know, the women did not even know about the wife. She must choose whether she wants to stay (and have another side lover as well) or leave. Please tell her to think straigh and not exhaust her energies unnecessarily.

  91. Honey must do whatever makes her happy. If staying in that marriage will make her happy. So be it. But one thing she should not do is to contact the other chick. She has to deal with the root cause of the problem and that is her cheating lying bastard!

  92. If you’re camping on JC these holiday then you just a broke a*** n*** or b***. Moenie worry cause you’re in good company.
    @Annelise since you are the resident archivist and are clued up with residents here, I was thinking maybe we can handout some holiday gifts??? Who deserves what for 2016? You been scarce on these streets. Perhaps an assistant for you in 2017?

  93. MyOne should get a year supply of condoms. Lemme call deputy prezz to send you those condom nton nton he’s been raving about. You gonna need them boo! Kisses to you! And good luck finding Prince charming

  94. @Nomi eish, yiu have a point. I guess I got so carried away at how this girl hurt honey and I wanted her to feel this hurt as well of having people meddle with your marriage and forgot that the person who should really be dealt with is the hubby…

  95. @Myone that’s exactly what I told her, that she should do what makes her happy coz if she does things just for the sake of doing them or because people say she should leave, either way she’ll be dealing with the repercussions of her decisions. Lose lose situation this one.
    I’m so heart broken

  96. But I’m just so curious, did these friends plan to sleep with one man, I know the man is sneaky and all, but like the last affair was a known thing and now ugal is pulling such stunts. Or she just wanted a piece of uguy naye? #AbafaziBasile

  97. @Arab I will be looking forward to those Condom nton nton. *blowing hearts back to u*
    @Tums but yena what is she saying nje? Is she planning to leave him? Phela the single world is brutal hle. Its so cold out here.

  98. @Arab I am camping here,I have nothing to do.Been admitted because of that pain and it appears I caught a bad bacterial infection after the operation.I am gonna be here until Tuesday at most

  99. I am such a vindictive person but I feel for Honey,walking in on the husband must have been traumatizing the best way is to just walk away….and find healing

  100. Came across this Tweet. LMAO!

    Mazet ?@umuntuZa_
    Ngamthengela i-suit coz he had an “interview” lined up only to find that he was going to sign e-court no babymama wakhe #issuetheinvoice

    Hey @Thandaza

    Can not believe I slept the bloody whole day!

    @Nomi definitely will get her album. She killed that remake.

    @Tummy hubby must have yummy pipe moes. I would also not go the nice approach, would tell the husband & mybe send pics too! Chase her down the street naked and take videos.

  101. Strength to you Eleanor. Hope you’re not in a lot of pain… so load up on the custard and jelly (heck ask for seconds just nje).

  102. MyOne o nwa eng skattie? Ke tshwere tsurra straight vandag! Adelpracht is net nonsense ya alcohol. The way digogwana love it you would swear it’s good for arthritis! But ke it’s all I have now…

  103. Arab what are u drinking again? Hahahaha. You know me moes. You’d swear I have a contract with those wine farmers. I’m on some budget wine. Again!!!!

  104. @MissAnn hahaha. Imagine hey. Running after her taking pics. Despite all these nasty stories I stills believe I’m marriage. But before I do I must get a stone heart.

  105. Chulu yazi I remember that story when it came out. That was vicious though. Nyatsi was right to sue them. Should have included the douche bag for not protecting her. Eish this drama ne…

  106. Lenyalo le tla ho fetosa Hlanyo wena MyOne, especially if you married to a less refined man. Our men think their wives don’t deserve their commitment, love and respect. Being a wife is like a mayor of a town…only good for cutting ribbons. It’s a ceremonial position! Most women are happy with that arrangement.

  107. In other news…the Google doodle for today is Bantu Biko. I wonder what he would make of RSA if he was alive today? Happy birthday Sir!

  108. Hahahaha Arab. Mayor of what? Not all men are bed though. The thing is we seem to paint all with the same brush. Me I’m waiting for the one that God tailored for me * smiley face*. But these ppl are heart breakers. But sometimes we women though… how many times should a woman let one man breaks her heart in a life time. Should there not be a limit?

  109. I’m so waiting impatiently for my man. Waking up to an empty bed and empty house sickens me. I’ve literally spent the long weekend all my myself. I was getting invites from douche bags who are only willing treat me as an option. So I declined all meaningless outings. GOOD MORNING VA MAKWAVO.

  110. @Myone well, since this is the second time it’s happening I think she’ll walk away. After the first incident (which was huge) it really messed her up, she was even clinically depressed, suffering from anxiety and stuff, then they planned to work things out. Now this! She’s not dealing hey, but from what she’s saying she seems like she’ll be walking.
    Yesterday she was busy googling divorce processes… I’m just there for support, I don’t say yes do that or this, I just want her to be ok and whichever route she takes I’ll be there to support her.

  111. @MisAn tltltlltlt I do not wanna think of the hubby in that way, eeeeuuuwww!
    But my thing is if he wants to hoe around, why not leave Honey than subject her to such shitery! Yho he makes me angry!

  112. @Chulu That article though, you get cheated on then you must still be paying ama fine! Hai ngeke sbali! Oksalayo that woman will never go into another woman’s bed, that’s just witchery on another level. Fine so your ish, Mara in my bed, I will definitely moer you!

    @Elenor strength to you my dear. How are you feeling today?

  113. @Tums I get u. If it got to that level of stress and all. She has to walk away. I doubt she will ever get pass that unless she leaves him. But ppl are different, maybe she can move pass that. But eix. But guy messed up big time

  114. Tummytums,Honey’s story is heartbreaking shame. My worry is she probably won’t leave after this,even after googling divorce proceedings. I bet that rubbish of a man has a silver tongue. After a few weeks she’ll be talking about “he promised to change and go to councelling”,I have enough girlfriends to know that story off by heart. I wish her strength and clarity.

    Mara banna! Even the “good” ones feel like they deserve applause for being decent human beings,”oh but I stayed home for 2 weekends in a row,I deserve to come home at 4am”,like you OWE them for 2 weeks of proper fathering and husbanding,that time you haven’t had a cup of tea with your friends for 18 months,because he won’t “babysit”LOL,or get off the couch to cook. Me,I really love and enjoy my husband,but Dear God,I don’t like marriage. Marriage is for men,HOW we were duped into believing its for us and being chosen to be a wife is an honor,I don’t know. Marriage is for men.

  115. @Tummy well done on being there for ur friend. She needs a really good friend at this time. I was in a similar situation where my ex was cheating with a woman 10 years my Junior… needless to say i suffured the worst anxiety… But I stayed strong and requested a divorce. That was also hard… but i have moved on and when i look back, i am so glad i refused to be team bhekezela. Its been over 2 years and things are better. I have been blessed with twin daughters. I wish all women can have an Epiphany and realise thier worth. We allow men to treat us like shit.

  116. @Sisteract… i fully agree with u. Even after all that shitery, men have a way of convincing us that we should stay and fight for them and the marriage. Why do we fight for people who embarrased us and put our health at risk??

  117. @Tums I am feeling much better today but I really wanna go home.Hospitals are not a place to be more than 2days and the doctor is not promising that I will leave anytime soon.

  118. @Sisteract I swear we share the same sentiments. Nami as much as I love the hubsta, marriage is not my favorite thing.
    What’s worse is no one, or rather let me say very few speak well about it, especially females. Hai shame, I use to be so judgemental before I got married, but marriage humbled me. Today I know how to shut my mouth and not look down on anybody for the choices they make.
    And it’s so funny that society is so ok with that arrangement (of marriage favoring men). I was thinking back to my youth days how at church there’s always women conventions where you are taught how to be a proverbs 31 woman but are there any conventions for men where they are taught how to treat those same women?! Dololo
    This touches my heart deeply, I could go on and on about it…

  119. @Eleanor I’m sure they just tryna suck your medical aid dry, #truestory, lol. Sorry hun. Get someone to bring you a good book, or your laptop and watch series.

  120. @125ddd I’m so sorry you had to go through that and kudos to you for finding the strength to walk away. You are one brave sista.
    Reading your story I realize a lot of people stay because they fear the unknown and unfortunately until a person feels that it’s enough, no one can force them to walk.
    I’m glad you had your happy ending, no one deserves to be hurt like that!

  121. Minnie Dlamini vs Pumza Nohashe (her former manager);

    F I R E W O R K
    4h4 hours ago
    F I R E W O R K ?@AinaRaizaKweyo
    yoooh @PumzaNohashe everyone that you had or manage is “IT”. @MinnieDlamini @bonang_m @NomzamoMbatha. your work is amazing. carry on ma ???
    Minenhle Dlamini
    Minenhle Dlamini – Verified account ?@MinnieDlamini

    @AinaRaizaKweyo No my dear I am much better off without her. My life couldn’t be better ?
    7:43 AM – 18 Dec 2016