Happy New Year JC Fam!!

Happy New Year JC Fam!!


Oh yeeeeessss bahlali we made it. We are here in 2017. I hope your holidays were all good. A lot of people are still on holiday till next week. Lucky them!!


I am back at work to finish off a lot of things and tying up loose ends before MY new year starts, so this week/month is gonna be hectic. For now I thought I just touch base with y’all to check on how you have been doing.


Let’s toast to 2017 and hope it brings all the good things that we deserve. Any resolutions?? My main one has always been to be better than I was the year before. So I pray for growth all the time. To be a better person in all that I do, work, money, love and everything in general. Nothing annoys me more than complaining/worrying about the same thing over and over again. That is why I always want to do better and be better. GROWTH!!


Happy New Year bo dali!



By @KikiMarli



  1. Compliments of the new season. All of the best for 2017. #LoveandLight Kids…Why Mkhaba vele Kiki?

  2. I’ve already set some goals for myself but there are only two that are about me fixing myself specifically and I’m nervous about it. One is that I have to face up to my anger and violence. I risk losing my family if I don’t fix that. Before the week is over I need to have signed up for anger management. Has anyone gone through that and have feedback on it?
    Two is my weight, I’m 17 kilos overweight and last year I managed to lose and gain back only 6. I’m so very enough of it. I have learned to not look down on my current weight, to not obsess over it negatively but to see it as an opportunity and a challenge to getting to where I know I will be healthier and at peace with my body. This is the year I snatch my waist. I meant my little girl is two already and there is no way I can still call this baby fat!

  3. Happy New year Bloggers. I’m sorry for what some of you are going through.
    I’m at my husband’s home and dog tired. Today I decided to strike. I’m still in bed now and not doing anything. I’ve been slaving for a while.
    Today I just cancelled and tore apart my credit card. I don’t need la Satan in 2017. Fortunately I chose an option to have the entire amount I used deducted. In September 2015 I had spent 27k and when it was deducted from my account bekuthi ndilile igazi. I’m done with that life.
    I think most relationships/marriages would work better if there was a 2-3 months leave each year. Just to take a small break from each other.

  4. Happy New Year maJC, Mina i pray that things work out for the best at Work, Our Company has been bought moving over to new premises in June, dont know what to expect but crossing my fingers that all goes smoothly.
    i also wanna go back to studying and just like Kiki said GROWTH ibekhona bakithi

  5. thanks bloggers for recommending Purple Hibiscus and half of a yellow sun. I finished purple hibiscus. the book was beautifully written. I felt robbed at the end though, like the author rushed the book. I still wanted to find out if Jaja’s mom was better mentally later on. When Jaja got out of prison, how did he relate to his mom, considering he lied about the fact that she killed their father (monster). And what happened to Kambili and that pastor eventually?…..or am I a demanding reader na?
    Will start Half of a Yellow sun when we drive back to Gauteng on Saturday

  6. Haaaaapppy!!! I have a good feeling ngo2017 ey. A lot of things in the pipeline, I pray that everyone has a prosperous year. We do not need drama, fake people, toxic people or people who use us. Know your worth mfazi!.

    Bahlali what are your thoughts about publicly showing affection to your partner?, via social media

  7. Ntosh phuma kuleyo kona. Abantu mabenze what they see fit nge data yabo ku social media zabo. I know what you mean though because ezinye izinto we are seeing these days zi inappropriate in our eyes but clearly to them its not.
    One thing social media has done, is that its shifted views on what was previously considered “the right thing to do”. We have become a society of exhibitiionists and there are cases and cases of studies now that are connecting this phenomenon to issues of ego and esteem. We have two distinct groups of social media users that are in extremes. The one feels the need to protect/hide their lives ultimately feeling that this makes them superior social media users and peopel and then we have the over sharers who post every single detail of their lives for what seems to be for approval of some sort. It’s a mess. That is why you must just let them be.

  8. Happy neww year bahlali.Im a new member, ive been silent blogging for a couple of months.

  9. happy new year bahlali
    im back at work and i HATE this place. Been here for 6months and i cant anymore. No1 said it would be easy so i just have to bekezela. God is watching.
    Please assist with fasting tips.

  10. Molweni bethuna.

    Happy New Year Kiks – you are looking good sisi as seen on Insta 🙂

    I just finished Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime – what a beautiful page turner. I loved every bit of it – it’s dedicated to his mom and mostly about her but he speaks so affectionately ngaye – I shed a tear at the end.

    Now for Khaya Dlanga’s book. Dr prescribed relaxation and minimal stress so that’s what I’m up to.

    Ndinithanda nonke – nibuye niphephile emakhaya bethuna, the roads will be very busy.

  11. p-wo did you read the hard cover or ebook?
    sharing is caring as we always do la ekhaya. lol just reaching nje

  12. Happy New year, hope this year is kind to us.. So I missed my periods in November and December, did four pregnancy tests and they are all negative. I’m starting to worry, I hope it’s nothing serious

  13. Cutie I had the exact same questions. Chimamanda’s books leave me “hungry” at the end. Without spoiling it, you’ll have similar questions after reading Half of a yellow sun

  14. @P_Wo, I was tempted to buy the book but I knew that I wouldn’t have time to read it. So instead, I bought Spinach’s TL Magazine. They wrote so well about her shem: the headline on the cover was just dramatic nje, I hope Zahara will chill, forgive and forget.

    Read your #AyalimazaAmadoda on my way to E.C. towns, but I didn’t have time to comment. Yhu bafazi niyanyamezela shem bafazi. Ndlela le endigcwalisele ngayo eny’iClient yayicing’ba izibhanxela mna this holiday… ke anyway… I just came to a conclusion that Amadoda will always look out for themselves (yes, they are selfish like that): women are just there ukubachithisa isithukuthezi,oku kwebhola. The sooner women realise that, the better. Amadoda will have y’all admitted @ Sterkfontein or Endumangeni.

  15. Happy New year bahlali. Thank you for the wishes. 🙂

    LMAO @Mkhaba, who gave you that name kante? It wasn’t me. Hahahaha

  16. Happy New Year JC fam…hope you all had a lovely festive season.

    My goals for this year is for me practicing and experiencing the fruits of the spirit.Peace and love being my ultimate two.

  17. @Cutie Chimamanda loves that tactic, I think all her books are kinda like that. I loved Half of Yellow Sun but I was so frustrated with the ending yet it was also realistic. I am gonna buy Trevor Noah’s book thanks for the review @P-wo

  18. Happy new year bahlali, strength to the ladies who are going through relationship problems, it’s time yall take care of yourselves amadoda ayalimaza.Karma never misses an address.

    Yoh bahlali may this year come with a job I’ve been praying for,ndidikiwe ukuhlala ekhaya I’m gonna lose my mind been applying like crazy but dololo responses.I know your prayers always reach greater heights pls keep me in them too.#Amen

    May this be a good year to most of you lovely bloggers.Go and prosper!!!!!

  19. Eish I have no goals for this year not sure what i want. Last year i wanted a house and promotion. I got them. This year am graduating.

    I need to focus and figure out what i want this year, i cant be drifting like a piece of paper with no direction

  20. Haaappy new year fam I hope y’all enjoyed the holidays and van damme is no more,to those going through rough times you are in my prayers,Lolo once said “..if it’s not yet death you will survive”.im so excited to be joining JC study corner this year,one degree must fall?

  21. if my man buys me a birthday gift ne and it happens to be a nice Prada bag…I post it on Instagram. What’s the problem? Kunzima being a celebrity hey….every post is considered being extra.

  22. @Cutie I felt the exact same way with Purple Hibiscus. I wanted to know what happened to Jaja and Kambili and the aunt and her kids. I felt like she could write Purple Hibiscus 2.0 Hahahaha. She’s a great writer, I loved all 3 books

  23. Eeeeww ayalimaza amadoda nyani.. I don’t know how l feel yazi boo will promise to do 1..2..3 for me noNodoli then jikijiki he will do things for everybody except us..his paying vacation accommodation for his friends and their partners to Sun City this April..like what fuckery is this ngapha he can’t give me money

  24. @Bae900, Chiedza and V.Becks – I’m glad I’m not the only one. Indeed she needs part 2. The book was beautiful man. I cried and smiled throughout.

  25. Gave birth to my baby boy izolo.. When GOD shows off he gos all out. I can’t stop looking at him.. Happy new year and GOD bless..

  26. Happy New year family.
    Strength to the ladies abalinyazwe ngamadoda. Ku tough kwa Love.
    My boyfriend and I are so good yazi these days. Tomorrow we are both taking a day off just to spend the day together. We were both away for the holidays. I am soo excited.

  27. @Lulu – I bought the book baby luv. It’s been a while since I turned pages of an actual book and it was on special at Bargain Books for R249.

    @SassyGP – congrats babes. Ingaske ibendim lo ubelekileyo sana andisindwa man hayi suka.
    Today we went around town timing how long it would take me to get to hospital should ndilunywe – akunzima ukuma wedwa emqamlezweni kodwa umntana simenze sobabini to a point where it looks like i’ll have to drive myself to the hospital mhla ndalunywa but such is life.

    It is darkest before dawn bahlali, ndinyamezele – kuzolunga.

  28. Compliments for the new year to everyone.. I just had to share the good news with you guys! I received a R5000 cheque this morning and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean I was so broke from overspending during festive season. You guys should try this, it’s not a scam. Just click on the link and take your chances. You’ve got nothingto lose but more to gain

  29. Happy new year to you all. My daughter visited her biological father these holidays, I did not spend anytime with her. Now its school time and he is calling her ex about bringing her back, now my role of taking care of her starts, worry about school fees, uniform, food and extra activities. sometimes being a step dad is painful.

  30. Happy New Year to you all… I wish you all prosperity, health, consistency and no weakness in challenges. and learn to complain…

  31. BlackStallion says:

    Happy new year to you all. My daughter visited her biological father these holidays, I did not spend anytime with her. Now its school time and he is calling her ex about bringing her back, now my role of taking care of her starts, worry about school fees, uniform, food and extra activities. sometimes being a step dad is painful.

    Posted on January 3rd, 2017

    7 virgins are waiting for you in heaven…

  32. Molweni guys.

    I’m a recent graduand. I’ve applied for a few graduate programmes and all I got were rejections and some companies didn’t even bother replying. I don’t blame them though… my academic transcript is pretty messy, although it all ends so beautifully.

    I’d like to know how employment agencies work. I would have loved to get into a grad programme but I think it’s time to apply for normal jobs. Please help with any information bahlali

    I’ve written here before when I was down and out and I just wanna thank you guys for always lending an ear. I’m a graduate! might not seem like much to some, but it feels like a beautiful dream to me. So glad I made it even though the odds weren’t in my favour.

    Happy new year

  33. @MissAN I saw that earlier. Poor guy. These people le bona Mara?! Where they that horny???

    Congrats @soFleeking! I hope you find something,being unemployed is tough. All the best dear

    @BlackStallion that sucks Shem askies. Hopefully one day your stepdaughter will realize all the good you have done for her and appreciate it. Don’t lose heart, go tla loka

  34. Someone said that pinks will come back by force and oh she’s back . I can’t bahlali this girl irritates me so much . I’m not married but I sympathise with Z so much I can’t deal.


  35. MissAN…JC Jan 3, 2017 at 10:13 pm
    7 virgins are waiting for you in heaven…

    Can I have 3 now, I will take the remainder then. This is not a biggie in 2017 I am only allowing positive vibes only nothing else.

  36. V.Becks Jan 4, 2017 at 12:22 am
    @BlackStallion that sucks Shem askies. Hopefully one day your stepdaughter will realize all the good you have done for her and appreciate it. Don’t lose heart, go tla loka


    I am just being a father.

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  38. Morning good ppl. I’m here to warn you about the online dollar job scam which paid 5000 I my account just do I can advertise them. My husband tried it and found out its a scam. Please don’t click the link anymore. warn others

  39. @BlackStallion you are a good man, dads are a pain guys yho… I literally just prayed now before texting the BD because he hasn’t said anything about this months money. I don’t even know if he paid his part of the school fees yet coz he hasn’t communicated that & the schools are closed so I cant ask the school 🙁

  40. Morning bahlali, I have a bit of a situation apha. I have found new accommodation, so obviously I need man power to be able to move to the new place. so now my new bf wants to assist me. I just am not comfortable with him helping me, he hasn’t been to my place yet as uhlala ekhaya (same place where I am from). He is a bit judgemental at times and now ufuna uza tomorrow, sleepover and assist me with moving on Friday. I am just not free yet to share my personal space naye or anyone for that matter. I really like him and appreciate the effort but I would rather be assisted by a person I am free around. How do I tell him without hurting him?

  41. @Blackstallion, you are trully a good father, step or not. Keep doing that.
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….But men are still trash, if these stories are anything to go by. Maybe monogamy is a myth

  42. Sorry BlackStallion lol, she should pay you with more sex.

    Can people start saving money this year, Yes/No/Maybe ? People have to borow money from others for R1K emergencies. I always ask myself if are they being for real or their money needs a notice.

  43. Happy New Year Everyone, welcome to 2016
    Read all the sob stories, that’s no way to start the year, strength to you girls…
    @Ntosh i tried making sense of your post and i feel maybe you shouldn’t be “dating” If you aren’t free to be around this person, he has no business being your boyfriend, maybe you should keep him as a friend till you get to know each other. What i get from his here you might be embarrassed with comments, remarks he may make about your space, personal items which may not be up to “his standards” or maybe you’re the one selling yourself short and overreacting..

  44. Happy new year everyone
    @ntosh you also confusing me.. His judgemental how? Why are you with someone you not free with?
    Bafazi nani niyazilimaza..

  45. Happy New Year Bahlali.

    Things to be buried with Van Damme:

    1. #Amadodaalimazanayo enough is enough
    2. Margeory Letswalo commenting on every “IT” persons IG, Uyadabukisa she must stop it
    3. PVZ Saga..sekwanele bo

    Thank you for all that you have shared, your wisdom and life experiences have helped in more ways than you can imagine.

    Wishing you success, wealth and good health.

  46. My comment didnt load, can you guys please share other pdf bppks you have? I enjoyed the Toke book that was shared 🙂 Thank you

  47. NomaChina Im here for number two. Who’s mother is that? Tjeer it’s pathetic. How old is she anyway? Not that it’s even about age but shooo it’s a lot. On every IG celeb she’s there posting “wifeY” nyols.

    As for Ntosh, im with Blackdiem. What are you doing with someone you’re not comfortable with?

  48. I came accross this song on youtube that pretty sums up the PVZ saga by Luther Ingram…If loving you is wrong I don’t wanna be right.

  49. My friends boyfriend keeps texting me, the texts are okay. I keep it simple and moving (basically just answer to whatever). Dukuduku he is asking can I call you?. What is this? I said no, but he thinks i am playing hard to get, should i tell my friend or wait for her to share her #ayalimaza story. BOredt

  50. @Akunzima I cringe everytime I see her name like why are her friends and family letting her do this? Now she belongs in the “Things that make me go TJO”

  51. NomaChina even the things she posts bubhanxa half the time. The day she posted a pic of her Loubs perched on the centre of her dinner table like it was decor, that’s the day I blocked her. But unfortunately blocking someone does not mean you will not see their comments on other peoples posts. I’ve never seen such a liker.

  52. Bloggers, does anyone here know and u deratand what this “#YouShouldBeHere is all about? Someone said something about being paid to travel. Make money while you travel you favourite places in the world. How?? Anisitsheleni bo guys. I am dying for a vacation nyana nje

  53. Amethyst. Same vibes as ForeverLiving (from my understanding). Its a network set up. You must sign people on and the more people you sign up on your name the more you receive these benefits of free travel. I was once approached to do it and as soon as I heard adding people to my network, I lost interest and stopped listening.

  54. Akunzima this sounds exactly like I thought. Mina ke ngika ngadliwa u MMM so kusasebhlungu ngempela. And you should know it’s a pyramid scheme as soon as people start defending it. Weeeehh once bitten hunderd times shy!

  55. @NomaChina I logged in especially to agree with you about that letswalo woman!!! like where are her friends and family

  56. Happy new year zithandwa…

    Kindly please recommend a professional wardrobe stylist in JHB.

  57. I’ve been friends no guy for ixesha elide, so I know what an ass he may b at time. He thinks he is all that. I will allow him to my personal space as time goes by not now, its soon. I dont wanna do the same mistake I did previously, ndiziqhelisa ngomntu kanti yena akazimiselanga

  58. @ntosh he thinks he is all that… and you still dating him? I’m confused balance us sisi

  59. hmmmm He makes me wanna be a better person. I believe he is a good influence kum, as he makes me strive to be a better person. But he is sometimes nasty towards other people, I asked him wathi its a defence mechanism. I know I sound nuts myself

  60. Never ignore the signs. The signs are always there. Ngaphandle ke umuntu uma eloyiwe. Baleka kusasemanje Ntosh before he does to you what your imagination has already told you.

  61. Ntosh is applying for #AyalimazaAmadoda2017. Lol
    You’ve been warned by the bloggers, don’t go there.

  62. This was you yesterday
    Ntosh110 Jan 3, 2017 at 11:39 am
    @peekaChew…u know dear in the past I have made that mistake of dating for the sake of dating and bcoz I was so ambitious thinking the guy uzaziphucula as time goes by. But m so over that, Ive grown, I know my worth ? and thanks to women such as u who made me realise that. I have never thought I would be happy and single, but ey I’ve made it and couldn’t have loved myself more!

    Namhlanje I can look back and say Enkosi Yesu I distanced myself from such toxic relations, its never easy there are a lot of things and people who are involved BUT really at the end of the day YOU matter,zithande know your self worth.Sometimes its easy said than done ukuthi wohlukane nomntu after u have invested so much in the relationship, but mntanasekhaya zihhoye, and ungamncengi umntana womnye umama tuuu!.

    Please don’t be an ENABLER to this #AmadodaAyalimaza, because this person is being nasty to other people and you think he will make you better…WTF

  63. New Year…New Post…Same Whining…Same Sob-Stories…Same Outcry…Same repetetive advices(often ignored)…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  64. hahaha Happy new year to you too Mr Right.. I missed you 🙂
    Mi nghene njhani ka lembe lerinthswa?

  65. Minghene kahle hilembe ra 2017 @Annelise,wena utikhome kahle kwala ti- festive season?

  66. Ndenzan kodwa?!. It helps to share such, some things make sense until someone objective looks into the situation thanx Ladies. This year I cant afford to be limazad by men, too much is at stake.

  67. @Ntosh110…. Im my experience i realised that people who are nice to me but asses towards other peopw are pretty much…Wait for it…. ASSES and 2 Faced.

    Itz 2017 ladies. Lets not entertain people with inconsistent behavioural manifestations and then come back and cry #Ayalimaza…

    Can we know when to walk away from toxic people and have peace!!!!…

  68. Bloggers pls help me out with reputable recruitment agencies I’m willing to relocate even…Cutie or Nelley or any dear blogger pls send me any interesting ebooks to keep me busy think I’ll go mad.TIA Hlomuismyname@gmail.com

  69. Na hina hi nghene kahle,ho karhatiwa hi munyu lol,ni lavisi nuna.Switori leswi se swa borha wativa..

  70. I had a conversation…..with someone I don’t even know. She relatesFor seven years he was my only boyfriend.I moved in with him after 1and half years of our relationship. On the third year I hinted marriage subject. He ignored it. I abandoned the subject and continued tobe good to him. Yes I was good to him, in everywayOne Sunday evening, (is it evening or afternoon?) whatever you call that time of the day, we were watching Our Perfect Wedding and it was a chance for me to start the subject again. He then started to caugh, I gave him amanzi and the coughing stopped. I told myself that today he will speak to me about this. And indeed he responded. Babe, I just gota new job which pays more money for me to can be able to afford lobola and other stuff.I smiled. There was hope…7 years into the relationship, and 13 months in his new job…..i am still hoping.You should see his 6 roomed house. I cleaned it, did washing and ironing, I cook, baked for him, I even bought the most beautiful curtains and bedding in all 3 bedrooms. You should see the potsI use….i bought them at Queens with my bonus last year. And every time he hosts his friends at home for their usual social codesa gatherings, I use the best dishes and glasses. He loves it when they tell him he has done well for himself.I think I have collected about a hundred and seventy eight CDs that I have been buying for him as presents over the past seven years. There is also a Lee Oscar CD there. He uses 3 ply toilet paper.Okay…i went to his office after he asked me to pass by one day because I left my job early and when I got there at reception, the receptionist (Michelle) called his office and told him “there is a lady at reception by the name of Phindi for you.”Let me cut a long story short and say to you that today as I’m seated here (Sat 24Dec 2016) Thabiso is getting married to the receptionist (Michelle) in Witbank.I am back home.And you know what? My mother’s home was neglected all these years by me. The curtains in this house are torn and worn out. Bedding is embarrassing I can’t evenopen the bedroom door. Old and burnt Hart pots and no decent glass to have my Schweppes Granadilla. I use lebekere.Thabiso told me it is over and he fell in love le Michelle on the 6th week at his new job and he wants to bring her to his home, I should therefore make way for her. He paid lobola while I was still cleaning his house and cooking his favorite meal braaipap and cooked shortribs.All my things are still at his house and I did not fetch them because I kept hoping that he will one day call me and tell me that he did a mistake and he wants me tocome back. It is now 9 months since I left and he hasn’t called. I passed by his house one day in my friend’s car and shewas washing my curtains.Michelle the receptionist was washing my curtains.She has 2 kids. I have none.She has him, I don’t.**********I’m shattered. But tomorrow I’m going tobuy curtains for my mother at Marabastad. They are nice and affordable.Will add 6 glasses, 4 cups and a kettle. There is no kettle at home.Thabiso has my 3 piece Russell Hobbs set and my Woolworth towels…..and Michelle has the ringBut I cooked for him#Reposted#ThisIsNotMyStory

  71. @Zamokuhle Twitter people were saying that girl didn’t deserve to be ‘chosen’ because she’s judgemental. How she thinks she’s better than Michelle who’s just a “mere receptionist” that has two kids while she has none. Also how she couldn’t take care of her parents home and expects to “get chose”. LOL. Kunzima

  72. Happy new year bahlali!! I’ve been silent blogging for the longest time and I must JC is my source of inspiration, each time I log in ndiyavuseleleka nje ngobomi. Kiki thank you so much for all you do hoping this year brings you greatness and lots of joy!

  73. bahlali is it okay for your partner to go shopping with his babymama without even telling u??

  74. Is it possible for us to choose ourselves this year…. can we put ourselves first? And men last?…. Can we do what is fulfilling to us without considering them just like they do what is fulfilling to them without considering us …. MaYbe! Just maybe! we will find ourselves more happier, less concerned and less attached. Happy new year fam!!!

  75. Jayonce Jan 5, 2017 at 10:17 am
    I’m so happy for those who passed matric,engabe kwakhala nyonini kodwa e Limpompo,Kzn&EC

    Was thinking about this,this morning. I wonder what do these 3 provinces have in common. What’s the % of rural schools in these provinces. I think that’s the issue with these provinces.

    Lol @Ramzey let us prosper! This BD/BM/GF is nie pap & vleis. I blew a gasket when BD confirmed my suspicions about our child spending some days with him at the gf’s place. A friend told me I can not control such things and I woke up at peace with this.

  76. Happy new year bahlali.
    Men are trash neh, but we also have to love ourselves as women. The signs are always there but we choose to ignore them most times. The fact that there’s a ‘ you can’t leave a man for cheating brigade’ and that’s acceptable to most in the society is trash. We must raise our girls better.
    Most guys will leave if their wife/gf cheats. Why do we sell ourselves short? Haaai man we must do better. We don’t want to hear these stories in 2017.
    A friend once said to me that her grandma and her mom were both cheated on so she doesn’t think she is any special. So she went on to marry that guy, and guess what, he is still cheating. ?

  77. Can we just return back the favour and also cheat on these men’s yuhhhhh safa and show them #ItCanBeDone

  78. “engabe kwakhala nyonini kodwa e Limpompo,Kzn&EC”
    SADTU,Poor leadership,Corruption.

  79. Lembe lerintswha @Annelise…a niku tsundzuke njhani…niku navelela swo swaseka lembe leri wena na n’wana wa wena o saseka *blows kisses*

  80. Yesterday the EC brigade were blaming the lack of infastructure for the poor relults @MrLungile…and I was waiting for them to point the elephant in the room…SADTU…not many were that brave.

  81. Harriet Tubman said: “I
    freed a thousand slaves. I could
    have freed a thousand more if
    only they knew they were slaves.

    are you even aware that you’re a slave? complete with your very own slave master?

  82. They wouldn’t dare point SADTU out @Mathaz,it has captured the entire EC-Education department and decides people’s careers and if they live or die.For now we will have to put up with excuse after excuse for poor perfomance whilst children of politicians are happily educated by whites in private schools.

  83. @ramzay, no it is not ok. The decent thing would be for him to let you know, not because he needs your permission, but because he is being thoughtful. I have this thing yokuthi , what we know can not hurt us as much as what we do not know.

  84. @Zamokuhle, when i see such stories i get reminded of what lolo always preaches, “for us women to not assume wives’ duties before we are married”, because in most cases, these men never really force us to go all the way for them to do such..
    I watched Tshepi Vundla’s interview on Trending SA the other day and was just wowed by her natural beauty but could help but be underwhelmed by her blonde/airhead nature. She’s the type that can never hold down a conversation or engage in a serious logical conversation like the like of Masechaba Ndlovu (sorry to compare bananas with spinach but seriously). Even Bonang (with her enhanced beauty is miles smarter/intelligent than her)

  85. Molweni. m outchea reading your comments about man problems and I just realised how some problems are bigger than others. if you read my AG and compare it to yours you will realise you have nice life problems.

    I just received a photo of my young brother s matric result he was doing Maths, Physical Science and Engineering graphics and design in all 7 subjects he got 60% + read (Bachelor) while celebrating the good news i receive a call from big sister who lost her job a year ago that there is absolutely nothing to eat at home they ate bread since morning. M crushed, m numb i have no idea how m gonna get through this especially since they are all looking at me to somehow fill the fridge and ensure my brother registers at varsity.

    M sitting behind my desk with zero cash in my account all i wanna do is go to bed and cry myself to sleep. m a Christian and a true believer but at this stage i feel defeated. 2017 might be a long year ahead for me and fam.

  86. 1.How does one assume wifey duties? sometimes I think common things are blown-up just to further limaza these hurt women. But itsoookey.
    2. Woe be the day I have to stoop as low as #ItCanBeDone; when they go low, we go higher.

  87. Guys what are wifey duties? washing your guy’s work shirts? cooking? cleaning? giving him sex? does it mean he does husband duties naye when he cooks, takes your laundry to the laundrymet coz u are lazy to drive home? boosts you when you are low on cash & give you sex naye? #StupidQuestion I know but I really want to know *hides*

  88. Hello ladies and gents, coming from the silly season I have a somewhat sensitive issue I’d like us to engage in.
    What are your thoughts around sex when one or both parties are drunk? I ask this because many people have found themselves in situations where they go partying with a sisheli or meet someone at a party, its all fun and games, one thing leads to another and sex has been had. Both the parties did not consent to the sex but both the parties did not say no either. Does it matter that 1 party was more drunk than the other? Can the drunker one be expected to be in the right mind to say NO? I don’t want to throw the “Rape” word around but in such cases when one is drunk and either can’t remember the sex being had or “comes to” during the sex, can it be said that he/she was raped?

  89. @leon your brother must apply for NSFAS or a bursary. I was sent a log list of bursaries some time ago, email me on beckhamsmain at gmail dot com and I will forward them to you.
    Sorry about your sister not having food but if you say you don’t have money now then explain to her. Maybe invite her to your place and she can eat whatever you have in the house. I pray things work out for you, don’t give up. It’s easier said than done, I mean I have been depressed and suicidal for the longest time and I’m a believer but everyday I believe gore go tla loka

  90. bloggers tomorrow at jet short sleeved school shirts will be R10. plz buy few and take them to a school, bona they’ll identify those in need! let’s make a difference, the universe is taking note #jcCares #JCfoundation

  91. @My_YR: I think that we always know when we are putting more effort than the other person in any kind of relationship (bae,friends, family, relatives).Women go on and on about how “I even helped you build your house.When we met, you didn’t even have an underwear, wara-wara” but the truth is, you knew the consequences of your actions and because you’re in love, you ignore them.

    Should you improve a house (that is not in your name) with someone by buying furniture, please do keep the receipts and make sure that everything that belongs to you is bought in your name. Keep them (receipts) in a file,so that when you need to leave, you can leave in peace with whatever you bought: Its not even difficult, it makes much more legal and/or business sense.

    I am talking about big things such as a car, furniture, electric appliances (fridges) oh.. hell even a spoon. You can call the police, they can help you get in the house and move out with your belongings. In peace!No stories discussed, no courts because you have the receipts, khaniyeke ubamuncu bafazi xa nisemathandweni. Don’t be madly in love and be mad at the same time #Ayalimaza.

  92. @MrLungile @Mathaz vele nobody ever mentions SADTU. Someone tweeted the day IEB results came out about the huge difference between private and public schooling and asked what can be done to lessen the gap. People were saying if teachers at public schools and SADTU officials etc sent their kids to the same public schools they taught at instead of private ones then maybe the standard of education would be better.
    This education issue pains me, out gov needs to do better. Right now they are failing the poor

  93. @Nomi please tell them.. I did that mna. We decided to move in together he paid the rent.. groceries.. uanty who used to come in 2 twice a week.. I bought almost all the furniture.. wandinyela ubhutiza..yho I looked for my own place to stay ndathatha yonke into endayithenga ngemali yam..I left him with his dstv decoder klkkk.
    He was never ready.. #ayalimaza amadoda

  94. hahahahaha Perfect, you did great. Yazi amadoda forget that they are actually doing you favours. Imagine living all your life and only owning a building and let someone else dress it up (furnish) and wena o dutsie feela, you’re not even getting palpitations? The guy helped you invest Perfectsmile. You can always get a vacant flat or house and then you can take your things with, you don;t need to won it, siyarenta wethu until kube-right for ufumana indlu ezisifanelelyo.

  95. Happy 2017 guys. Please tell your brother that as from tomorrow he can apply for NSFAS loan. He can go to their website and apply directly from there. These fees definitely need to fall, ayikho le!

  96. Yazi @Nomi inyani uyayithetha sana lam! Nakulo 2017 ndisakuthanda vha!
    @perfect, I love what you did. Masingabizo project managers kulonyaka guys..

  97. There is a difference (huge one) between being a girlfriend and being a wife.(and I say this not with any intentions of hurting or throwing shades,I too,ones fell into that trap of confusing the two terms).For instance,when you decide to co-habit with a boyfriend,you need to take it as though you are living with a roommate,whatever you buy during the course of the hlalisaning,you are buying for yourself.however,I’m actually tempted to say,why do you even feel the need to be upgrading someone else’s place.As a girlfriend,your duty is to advise this person on how to use his own money to.upgrade his own place.Whenever you go to his place as a girlfriend,you go there as a visitor (regardless of how much time you pend there)that is not your place.Same applies to your place,he is only a visitor there.However,whoever (either man or woman) decide to buy furniture or appliance for the other’s home during the co-habiting period,should do so not with the hope of making the other party to marry them. Just make sure you peacefully reclaim your staff after a breakup and move on (like the other blogger said,keep all the slips coz it will be very difficult to prove that indeed those staff belong to you).

  98. I honestly don’t know how else to explain this without sounding harsh but I have seen this happen many time with my close friends,and also with me (luckily with me I was a final year student so I couldn’t afford big staff like furniture).A friend’s boyfriend requested that she move in with him and she was told that her responsibility would be to buy groceries,pay water and electricity and levies.The guy said he will be responsible for paying his 2 cars, the bond and settle his big loan debt.MY friend,’s understanding was that,as soon as the bf finishes to pay up his cars and debts,they will also start focusing on settling his car and some of her debts.But guess what,as soon as the guy paid up his cars,my dear friend was asked to give some space/break.The guy clearly did not need any more assistance from her and he was not about to start returning the favour.