Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala Granted Parole!

Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala Granted Parole!


It seems the gods are finally smiling at Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye and his friend Themba Tshabalala. The two have been granted parole and are now out of jail.

In 2012 Molemo and Themba were found guilty of murder,attempted murder, driving under the influence of drugs, and racing on a public road. Innocent children lost their lives as a result of these two’s irresponsible and reckless behaviour.


As much as I sympathize with the families that lost their children, I am also happy for Molemo because we all deserve second chances in life. I am just hoping and praying that he stays out of trouble, focus on bettering himself as an individual and give us some more good music. We have beeeeeen waiting.


Phew, for a change I am not writing about Oscar Pistorius. What a breath of fresh air. Welcome home Jubi!! Now let us all smile for Jubi baby and loosen up a lil’ bit. 🙂



By @KikiMarli


  1. I’m sure Mama Jackie is over the moon. Kelly’s son is a photocopy of jub jub. I remember she said she will get a restraining order against him when he comes out. The drama is not over yet, especially when Kelly is concerned.

  2. Ewu all the best for Jub jub bantwini. I am really sad for the families who lost their kids, I don’t even want to imagine what they must be going through. I hope they have, over the years, gotten all of the closure.

    I wish uJubjub nyhani would change his ways, sit down and communicate properly with Kelly about access to the child so that we don’t read unsavoury stuff about him in the newspapers again. I thought what Kelly said about the (premeditated) restraining order was a bit unfair. I hope it wont land him in trouble as a paroled prisoner if she really does it.

    Happy New Year everyone nawe Kiki 🙂

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  4. Jub jub paid his dues,the families of those kids have forgiven him even though they won’t forget; I hope he start over on a clean slate,stay away from drugs,troubled friends,focus on his son and music.

  5. I have never been with a guy that has a BIG D. How I wish I could meet a tall dark somebody nam. I have not “danced” in a year and a half 🙁

  6. Happy New Year Errrbody ! My New Year’s resolution no 1. Learn to send Nudes 🙂
    (Mme Wa Croc o kae with your schooling ?).

    @Kiki, re kopa Bedroom corner this year Somblief tog !

    @Una, ride it almost everyday. You will get used to it.
    Tall, Dark and Handsome = Panty droppers.
    Talking about panty droppers…where is BlackStallion ? Did you eventually stray and dropped the girl’s panties ?

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  9. Has anyone made use of a career coach and can say whether it was beneficial or not?

    @Nomi Happppppppppy! We tired of #AyalimaSyndrome anyways another gem. Khanyisa Thando lwam’,bring can not find anything on the net. Incase you missed it King Fela by Nduduzo Makhathini & Adam’s Eulogy All the ways.

  10. Yhu @una tell me about it. I tried a shangaan D ngefestive. Guy is originally from Moz. All u can say is tgat these bigDs are overrated

  11. So my little sister repeated her grade 11 today result are out she failed her matric. I don’t have patience with I’m the bread winner at I take care of everyone and even though I lost my job I had 50.000 saved for registration and stuff now I have to go around look for private school for her to to her matric again .I don’t think I this child realize the sacrifice I make for her . The thing is shes dedicated to church all 7 days of the week when I try to tell her to focus on her book she throughs tantrums and givesnme attitude . My uncle said u must not be angry that she failed I must support her .I chose to keep quite because if I can say anything it won’t come out wrong .this child is delaying herself bathu

  12. Sorry @titi i feel your disappointment. But i think allow her to take responsibility for her life as well so she understands the consequences of her actions. Maybe when both of you have calmed down ask her what her ultimate dream life looks like. Then ask her what does she think she needs to do to get that life. Although she is still young she can not be expecting people to sort out her life for her.

  13. @titi502 yazi when I passed my matric I was 17…others were 16…these days we have 15 and believe you me I knew exactly what I wanted and what my priorities were …. I had stayed alone for that entire year whilst my mom was furthering her studies in another province… I managed to pass very well because I didn’t want to be a disappointment, I wanted to prove that I am an adult, I can take care of myself even though I have no one to support me during my Matric…..What I’m trying to say is my mind-set was at the right place and as long as it was there I was victorious…. when someone’s mind-set is at Church trust me baby they will be victorious at Church until they shift it….No matter how many schools you force her to go to… let that be her decision

  14. In 3 months time Kelly will be taking Father and Son Instagram pics and covering Move magazine telling us how she has forgiven Jub Jub.

  15. Mabebeza247: where is BlackStallion ? Did you eventually stray and dropped the girl’s panties ?


    chilled with some few young things but I did not close.. I was scared that i might be addicted.

  16. Jub jub uziphathe kakuhle, not everyone gets ama 2nd chance.

    That pinksomhle zimpundu zenja straight, yintoni eyenza ayothatha ipic in the same exact spot uZintle athathe kuyo? Uyathakatha pinky wenza sure ukuba umphathisa nge chest pains umfazi kaVictor. Unezothe maan & u childish

  17. I am also, somehow happy for Jub Jub.i just wish he can be warmly welcomed back into th music scene by dropping just one hit song,,,i have faith in South African,we are a forgiving bunch…

  18. Storm says:

    Yazi @Nomi inyani uyayithetha sana lam! Nakulo 2017 ndisakuthanda vha!
    @perfect, I love what you did. Masingabizo project managers kulonyaka guys..

    Posted on January 5th, 2017

    I think we need to agree we going to entrain #Ayalimaza AGs until March 31 until then no more…Black woman you on your own…kiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  19. @titi,why don’t you start with letting HER run around looking for a college where she can re-write her matric? She can collect all information and present it to you. Also,maybe be clear that this is the last year you’ll be willing to pay for matric. If she wastes this opportunity then,she’s f@*cked. You CAN’T be an unlimited,ever present cash cow for your sister if she’s unwilling to do her part.

  20. 1000 likes for @sisteract’s comment.
    She’s not gonna learn If you keep doing things for her @titi.

    Can I just get myself a bae??! I wanna floss about getting good D

  21. @titi, Did ur sister
    1)Completely fail matric with no option for supplementary
    2) Completely fail with supplementary for some subjects
    3) Got a certificate/diploma with marks you are not happy with

    If its 1) then why are you looking for a private college. She is allowto go back to class at the same school and repeat the year for ALL subjects/even change what she wants. But she will definitely still fail if she doesn’t cha he her ways and be dedicated to her studies. She’s lucky to have someone ready to pay her studies with R50k saved up.

    If its 2) then she must still do her Supps at the same school and just get her a tutor as she will write in March/April.

    If its 3) then she has to WANT to improve her marks or otherwise u’ll just waste money at the private college a d still get same marks.

    All in all ur sister has to want to improve her life/futute.

  22. #Ayalimazi awadlali and its all round…welcome to twenty sfebentini bazalwane guard your hearts coz ngathi kuzoba bird bird bird(read…bad)

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  23. @Loveness says:
    She failed with an option for supplementary. I’m going to try and help her prepare for exams in the two subjects .this thing got me so depressed the whole day ,ever since I found out she can write again for second chance I feel beter,because I was told that they are not allowed to repeat in the same school. I will have to go to her school to understand these rules of not being allowed for the second time maybe she’s lying to me.

  24. @titi but this is small waters. Your sister must just focus on her exams ame kancane isonto. Why do you need a private school for her,can she not write at her old school? What subjects did she fail?

  25. She told me they are not allowed at school anymore .i think I’m going to find out on my own from that school.the thing is m far from her.thankyou guys for all your input. She failed economics and busness she got like 22 and 24 . The maths and accounting she got 33 and 36.

  26. Yes!!!! Nudes shall be sent in 2017…

    @Una that guy is an ass. Guys with D’s know that not all women can handle them and if he was a gentleman he would’ve mastered the art of foreplay and ways to penetrate you without pain. It’s his D mos he must know how to use it. For him to use strong words like childish… it’s a mirror…he’s the childish one.

  27. They say the school doesn’t accept students who repeat around here. It was allowed bk un the 90s nit now

  28. Askies Titi for your ordeal. Good luck. I’m here for the nudes conversation, nudes fascinate me, ni enza ka njani? Do you show your face or not? Or is it just a picture of your private parts…

  29. Which school doesn’t allow students who failed, hers or the one around your area @titi?

  30. Welcome home Bae Jub Hub I hope usababa thina we want good music ungasizeli ne drama.

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  32. Happy 2017 bahlali..all we need to hear is “Congratulations” but sadly that isnt the case for me. I lost my job in May of 2016 and in December I decided to downgrade and I moved out of a residential complex into a standalone house that is converted into self-contained bachelor units. On wednesday around midday I was woken by my 6yr old screaming and I rushed to a neighbour’s house where she was only to be met by 3 armed robbers who seemed very professional. They blocked us from leaving the house and I sat there and watched in confusion while they cleaned the house. My daughter and I are too traumatized. I cannot sleep at night and the incident keeps re-playing in my head. I am an emotional wreck. My daughter keeps asking if the guys with guns will come back. I need direction of places to go to for counseling. Despite all this, I still say ” Enkosi Bawo”