Magazines: Look Who Is On The Cover!

Magazines: Look Who Is On The Cover!


Yhuuuuuuuu, guys the stress and struggle of login let alone uploading articles is draining us. The site has been acting up, we have reported the issue but ke asazi kwenzekani. Apologies, please bear with us, hopefully kuzolunga soon. 🙁

Let’s have a look at the magazines and see who is gracing the covers for October.



Jessica Nkosi is on Bona.


I am not feeling it this time. She looks older than she actually is. Angikho sho!


Cosmo brought us Muva.


Mme Thuli is on Destiny.


*reserves comment*


Sandra Bullock on Fair Lady


Tyga’s Kylie


From Ellen Degeneres to Naomi Watts


I really don’t have much to say about international people yaz? Don’t we have enough famous people to grace these local mags? Sigh! Picture Jeannie D here or even Zakeeya Patel ke.


Whuuuuu, finally we get a familiar face. Hello Mrs Coffee.


These images are gorgeous. Dankie True Love! Mhle shem uMbali, and her body is to die for.


*reserves comment*


The October/November issue of Your Pregnancy has the pretty lady. She’s flawless.


Essays rocking with Buhlebendalo.


Yeeeeeeesssss Mamas & Papas. We love Pabi Moloi. Nice one!

There are too many people from abroad on the covers this time it’s depressing. Can Destiny Man give us Trevor Noah please.

By @KikiMarli


  1. Jessica looks like Fezo kancane. Enhle is hot, her body is to die for. Did she not change her surname to Maphumulo?

  2. Beautiful mag covers. ..

    Bahlali angisabazi ubuthongo sizanibo!

    I’m usually up between 1-2am and struggle to get back to sleep.

    *googles* chronic insomnia.

  3. Love Jessica,love her fit and firm bod. Not feeling this cover though,specially the first one. I swear the left boob looks a tad bit smaller than the other,or maybe yindlela ilokhwe ihleli ngayo.

  4. @Nemo was listening to Power FM izolo, the guests who were there said if uphelelwa ubuthongo in those type of hours,something in your life is vying for your attention.Use this time to pray or to reflect on your life. You will get clarity.

    I think Jessica is just not photogenic. She is a beautiful woman but somehow did not meet the Bona standard.She looks like a cross dresser.

    I love Kylie’s simple cover. The rest are nothing out of the ordinary.

  5. I couldn’t even recognise Jessica on that cover. I think I agree with the blogger who says she isn’t photogenic, I was walking pass the Clinique stand at Edgars recently, she look really old even in those pics. How old is she?

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  12. There are too many people from abroad on the covers this time it’s depressing”” but that’s what you always update about hLe.

  13. Jessica is such a beautiful woman,maybe uthandwa yicamera kaZeeba cause the flame that she is shows kwi camera yakhe.

    Mrs Coffee is a beauty,akaphelelwa tuu. Her cover is my fave.

  14. Morning People

    Jc is inaccessible ngephone haibo!

    Hi @Nemo does your gym have a sauna or steamroom? Make use of it. Drink lots of water though. Or you can just steam endlini using a basin and a blanket. Also make use of essential oils,particularly lavender when bathing ebusuku,few drops will have you pass out. OR just soak your feet in a ½cup of Epsom salt,you’ll get a pedi while detoxing. Gosh I can go on and on and on…

  15. Sebzy, this one is for you, MsZie / Justvuyi and the girl who was sued by Justvuyi for being a bully:

    Ms.Zie says:

    Tjo Bonang is simply gorgeous tho. Wow. I also think Bokang o montle but I know most of y’all won’t agree. [She’s probably also the prettiest thing 2 come outta Limps Province, phela u know amantobazane akhona ama-grenades] . I think its good thats she’s out there promoting herself, in that way even after her reign we’ll still remember her. Claire also looks Gorge, eish she’s like the 8th world wonder, doesn’t age & never looks bad. Lerato’s also very sexy, the model behind her tho! Hhayi, lemme rather save my words. Pink lipstick’s cool hey, I just think it suits us light skinned girls better *hides behind a bar of Ambi soap*

    Posted on April 14th, 2011

    Ms.Zie says:

    I’m not trying to make myself feel anything, I’m actually very pretty myself. I just don’t think ladies from LP are good looking, its obviously a stereotype so there are exceptions. But let’s face facts toe… Next time, address me in a language I can understand @kgosh..warawara

    Posted on April 14th, 2011

    Ms.Zie says:

    Oh yawn! Unto each his own I suppose! No need to get ur knickers in a knot! Its an opinion, we’re all entitled 2 one. Later folks ? No one’s ruining the article, guess people get offended when someone else’s view goes against their own! Like I said, its a stereotype!

    Posted on April 14th, 2011

  16. I see Mbali got a boob job. Seems B/Coffee likes them black, skinny with a bit of boob.

  17. So these two zange bathelelana amanzi @Northie? This thing started here on JC mos. I still think the ” suerer” is being petty considering the fact that she is a bully yena mselufu. #SueMeCauseICalledYouABully

  18. How pretty does Mbali look bantu yoh. Total class act that girl. As for Jessica I think it’s that dodge wig and photoshopped spray tanned look they gave her emenza aguge. She’s really a beauty. The rest of the covers are a bit yawn….

  19. Kylie looks 28 lol OMG… and as for capitec uyabheda nje ngale assessment yabo. anyway let me go to work.

  20. Mrs Black coffee is one hot Mama!! @Northie, don’t do this phela I’m sho girl has Limpopo customers. She has grown hle.

  21. @ChilleV she has Lompopo customers but she still thinks bangamazumba,hehehe uyadelela ughel.

  22. beyonceiscoming
    Jessicas face really does tell a different story,anyone went to school with her to confirm?

  23. Tjo, that cover does not do Jessica justice. Kaloku Jessica is a woman of extreme beauty.

    Mbali is gorgeous. Love the black mesh dress and shoe.

    Why do I have to be subjected to Amber Rose’s face on Cosmo, uphaya in her capacity as what? Let’s not glorify abantu abanjena. Nx

    Side note: the ego boost that is s having a man tell you you’re not the best they’ve ever had. Futhi I do remember that our sessions were explosive *fans self*

  24. She must bring it. All this stuff is on the internet. The irony of it all is ICONIC. She is a twitter bully herself. One of her victims was Gugu Banda (@abbeyguguband) or something. She would was not even subbing her , she would post mean comments on her twitter links. Gugu blocked her.

  25. Mrs Black Coffee o pila bathong! Hottt!
    I was never ready for her to run to JB like that and jumping on him on Rockville. LMAO!

    Most of these covers are ugly

  26. Imagine if Mbali left cos coffee was cheating I guess maintenance money wasn’t going to be enough…there is more to this team bekezela…

  27. @Beyonceiscoming Jessica is not 28 nor 34, she is actually 26 years old she was born in 1990 January 23 #Fact
    I’m here for Mrs Black Coffee cover she looks so elegant and classy, I managed to browse through her TL issue and I can tell it worth every cent….she’s giving us a glimpse of her Hollywood house and more

  28. Lol @Troybabes my theory is,us 80s babies usually look 3-5 years younger than our real age but 90s kids…3-5 years older than their real age. She doesn’t look 26 ngathi una 35.

  29. “we have reported the issue but ke asazi kwenzekani.”

    Who do you report to? If it’s to Lelo, then sisenjeni bahlali. Sisenjeni!

  30. I totally agree with you MissAN..JC I cant blv that I’m 2 years older than her….including the likes of Minnie, Boity, Thando Thabooty, Omuhle Gela They all #Team1990 but the look older than their actual age

  31. “How I Took a 200k Start Up to a R70m Turnover”

    While some people’s goals are getting celebrity bodies, my goals are this headline!

  32. Ahoy @troybabez you’re absolutely right…. Jessica was born in 1990. Bona needs to change their camera or else baboleke eyethu lapha kwaJC

  33. Clearly you guys have never seen these celebs with ‘naked eyes’. I used to feel the same when I was still at the village. When I saw Kelly Khumalo for the first time on a magazine she never looked her age. She looked way older. I saw her perform in Witbank in 2009, I refused to believe my eyes. Same goes with Zahara. Do not believe everything photographed. Especially in 2016!

  34. -Jessica Nkosi looks like a cougar-nyana ya Nigeria on these covers. Ba mo telletse ha bohloko blind !
    -They didnt do justice on Mama Thulz on Destiny… aowa !
    -Mrs Coffee looks absolutely hot. Mara she is naturaly skinny that one

    Hello Pretty MissAn..JC 🙂

  35. Muhle uMbali maan, those pix are everything, I like the way she carries herself, she is in her special lane, just like her husband, oh man what a humble man, I listened to him couple of times on Metro, when he said his life is good and bad “I missed so many birthdays, the birthdays of people that are special to me, “I missed my childhood friend’s funeral and I was heartbroken, I miss all of this because of my travelling” oh wow! I like how he complained about the things that some people think are “small things” I love them more together….The Mrs is gorj!!!

  36. As for Jessica age, I can kind of believe it because both of us went to UKZN. She did drama, I did something else. I was a year ahead and graduated before her. I’m 27, so she probably isn’t “soccer-aging” us

  37. @Mafungwashe- I only saw your comment now. Where are you based? You find Kubi in these dodgy shops e.g Sunnyside there is this hair shop on that main street (Esselen). In central Pta you find it in that hair shop that is on Vermulean street. The place is next to Sport Scene opposite Sammy Marks. In Joburg you find it on these hair shops. Dischem had it as well

  38. Northie o stout stout stout!!!!! Why are you generalising the Limpopo girls???? Limpopo has about 3 tribes: Bapedi dominant tribe, Xitsonga and VaVenda each tribe has beautiful and average girls. Bokang is just average girl as far as beauty is concerned in Limpopo, there are far many beauties than her.

    Bonang, ke ngwanyana motswana from Mafikeng, a typical tswana girl. Liker of things!!!!!

    Kylie Jenner is looking old, in my eyes she aint attractive at all.

  39. Aah Jessica, nah! That wig on ThuliM, it’s a no from me. Guys is Sbahle the Mpisanes biological child?

  40. @Niyole I saw your post I thought someone in the automative industry would respond.

    please check your email. I have sent you the one I have. It should give you an idea of what to expect. I hope it helps

  41. I hear all meat is gone up by 15% because “we are in a braai” season, I hate it when some people commercialize all things heritage, like why must we braai meat on the 24th? They know they will not make money If we all go heritage/cultuaral day (food, clothes etc). Anyway I want to start my own tradition in my home. I will invite people over, cook madombolo, jeqe, dumbe, etc. Guests will have to wear trad outfits, singaphela!

  42. I meant he said I’m his best.

    Anyway, just saw Liezl kaProverb. She is an absolute stunner, with a banging body. Uthi jonga ndijonge.
    Pro did well.

  43. With AKA as the exception, these celebs have been on their best behaviour lately. It’s been long since we’ve had good gossip. Even our daily bread (read PVZ) is becoming stale.

  44. Mrs Black Coffee gave birth no long ago and she looks amazing…..pregnancy is no longer curse for the figure, you can have it all. Children, hubby, figure and beauty..great!

  45. Oh guys the way I’m so proud of pear thusi ngakhona its beyond measures….Gal is in Hollywood to stay, by the look of things, she has posted a snap of her on set at the Universal studios killing her role, early on when I heard that shes joining the cast of Quantico I thought it was just a small role nje, like Terry Pheto on The Bold, but nex uGal is one of the main characters and the cast members seems to like her…….Shine Pearl Thusi shine, all those Bonang stans who thought it was over for u, shem they have another thing coming

  46. Pearl Thusi was an underdog. Underdogs come victorious. The so called “Queen B” can’t even make a single simple move in NY, some groupie of hers said she had to pay her way to appear relevant, he called it “networking” I think. I hope these “investments” harvest something

  47. Y’all are grown ass Petty LaBelles for overcasting another’s success to dim another’s. Imdaka le corner and iyanyuka! These women are both hard workers- THAT alone should be reason to celebrate them both- don’t do that. And then you wonder why women are still underpaid and second rated to men.

  48. By the time ebhubha yena, she will have made other moves. She’ll get something else. This is a stepping stone for her.

    But we know the ‘khween’ would love to get her foot in eHollywood.

  49. “I’m actually very pretty myself” !! now that people have seen her. she should apologise to limpopo people

  50. Bonang must be getting chest pains right now. Ngiydlala. The way bekuhlekiswa ngoPearl Ngakhona early this year kanti usista ubhizi. They love her at Quantico and yes she just got another one. Girl be slaying!

    Msizi be slaying with his book. I am so proud of this man.

    I was not on #AskAMan. I have to de with my nerves first before I can speak on radio. That guy likes D. I have never dated a colleague in my life, let alone be in a relationship with a guy. He mentioned he has only been with this one guy and I obviously have been with more than one.

    So no, it was not me on #AskAMan

  51. The love I have for Pearl Thusi bethuna. I so want her to flourish. I hope this Quantico role opens more opportunities for her that side.

  52. UBonang ungena here because she always said Pearl is trying to get to her level but will fail. Yes, Pearl really did fail to get to Bonang’s level, Pearl surpassed Bonang. She’s LEVELS beyond Bonang. $600 000 per call time isn’t exactly Bonang’s level. I’m just saying, Bonang is amazing, So is Pearl. Bonang is getting chest pains yes, she should not come back to SA until she secures a deal. Then again, she’s a nobody in the US

  53. BeyonceIsComing uthini ? when did bonang ever spare u pearl airtime ? UXOKELANI ? yaz i am so hurt and disappointed cause of the fact that you have the holly name BEYONCE on ur username so i am trying to block myself from thinking i am responding to her…..u pearl gets $600 000 per call tme! kweyipi i planet ? uyayaz i $600k ? uyayiqonda phofu ? do you know that there are ESTABLISHED known ppl emelika who get like $250 000 for like an entire season wena uzosixalela ba u pearl gets $600 000 per call time ? akukho kea Facebook apa bobabhanxa aha not here

    BONANG MATHEBA HAS MORE WAY MORE MONEY THAN PEARL THUSI DONT DOWNPLAY HER ,its okay not to like her BUT just don’t make up things pearl is doing well for herself , its a good thing she has slowed down on her ONE SIDED BEEF WITH BONANG .

  54. I love Pearl Thusi, she deserves to be celebrated like your Trevor Noah, Black Coffee etc #ZiLevels

  55. Is that how much Pearl is making???? O_O girl is definitely making bank mos. She has come a long way from that “R3000” or was it “R5000” she was said to had been earning ko Isidingo….She’s earned her stripes shame. #halalathings

  56. When something is in your blood is in your blood man I just can’t look at Pearl and admire her hustle I have tried its impossible it’s one those things I can’t shake it off I am glad cos it doesn’t make her less of what she is she doesn’t know my existence so nje kesharp kayena

  57. It’s so pathetic how Pearl’s fans can’t just congratulate her without trolling Bonang. It was Pearl that tried to destroy Bonang’s shine at every chance she got, yes Pearl has done well for herself for scoring that Quantico role leave it at that!!!! Pearl left a bitter taste in people’s mouth with her spicy attitude that she is not even being celebrated as much as Trevor or even as much as that one episode yakwa Bold.

  58. haai man @BeyonceIsComing, I just looked at that figure again…hahaha. you’re full of jokes

  59. You don’t have to celebrate her if you don’t want to, she doesn’t need anybody’s huge announcement anyway, I was just saying that she needs to be celebrated like her peers in SA, not that celebration her will bring anything to her pocket anyway, her cv will speak for itself….the way I laughed when some people suggested that her career was over last year hahahha,

  60. For all those who were curious to know Nancyee the Dictor’s husband, please check her latest IG post. #halalaness!!!!!

  61. BabyZee Sep 22, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    “UBonang ungena here”
    hahahaha JC bloggers

    yazi im dead

  62. LMao $600k uyifakele amachrisbhati lemali cc.
    Anyway don’t understand why are you guys mad instead of celebrating your fave.Bonang ugenapi coz ke it was your fave nyhani who was trying so hard to dim her light. Ebusy zi emails, emailing Bonangs employer’s. It didn’t end there asobona that didn’t work she continued on twitter with her rants efuna umenza umntu ombi. Now ppl are not even moved by her achievements because of what she has done.ngoku nani you inherited her bitterness you coming for Bonang for the why, hayi sanunya

  63. @qhamisto Mama Panther’s cubs have definitely inherited her bitterness bayincance ebeleni.

  64. @MrsB I want to know. Are the Mpisanes her biological parents?

    I also want to know, where was she when her parents were busy throwing those huge parties, with only a 8year son on their table, I’m just curious.

  65. I know you love Pearl but $600k is pushing it waaaay over the edge. Firstly, series regulars earn per episode or per week, not per call. Secondly, $600k would mean that Pearl earns more than the lead actress Priyanka Chopra who gets less than $100k per episode. Yes, Pearl will be earning a lot of money, but she is a newcomer in a series that is only returning for it’s second installment. She’s more likely to take home between $10k – $20k depending on how good her agent’s negotiation skills are.

    Weren’t you the one who said that Rebecca Malope has a net worth of R95 Million?

  66. I’m not a fan of either girl (Pearl/Bonang), whether they make it to number 1 on the Forbes list, get multiple husbands, break guinesse world records, I could care less. My life won’t change if I was to sit here hailing them or stanning. I gain zilch from that. I’ve never learnt anything life changing from both, actually I see two ghetto girls doing best and breaking boundaries.

  67. Am still waiting for you to tell us where you got the $600 000 per call time estimate AND phendula le uyibuzwayo about rebecca being worth R95 mil …

  68. What happened to that relationship of The Mpisane’s and Khanyi Mbau, Sophie Ndaba, Khethiwe, Somizi’s baby mama etc??? I wonder! Why rich people like to be friends with celebs or why celebs like to friends with rich people? #PeopleAreSoFake!

  69. Rebecca Malope isn’t in my vocab, so don’t ask me about her @sdumo

    Imagine me, going to find receipts for Bonang’s brigade! Laughable ?????

  70. @BeyonceIsComing Why unamanga babes, why are you so creative?
    Who lied to you about Pearl and $600K? Sibadala please singajwayelwa
    Celebrate your fav in peace and leave Bonang out of it. Give Bonang a break tog.

  71. i bet the tease MY KHWEEN did on her insta page about “…from South Africa… to Brazil… and now, the WORLD!! ????? 7 days to go.. #Loading #BlackGirlMagic #Brazil” i bet its an insert on TOP BILLING ..making it look/sound like she’s about to drop something new like a show or something ..mara khween yathanda usendza so like “australia” 🙁

  72. Niyole Sep 22, 2016 at 9:10 am

    Hi guys
    Anyone ever went for a psychometric assessment in the automotive industry? How was it? Is it the same all the time?

    @Niyole, I’m in the automotive industry and I wrote mine from SHL please google it and do the practice test.

  73. When are you guys going to stop this Pearl vs Bonang comparison? *yawn
    Maybe its because Im #jc32. I really dont care.

    Anywho… Nelley come and tell us about your wedding.
    Hope you and lil method are doing great.

  74. BeyonceIsComing Sep 22, 2016 at 1:59 pm
    I’m not a fan of either girl (Pearl/Bonang), whether they make it to number 1 on the Forbes list, get multiple husbands, break guinesse world records, I could care less. My life won’t change if I was to sit here hailing them or stanning. I gain zilch from that. I’ve never learnt anything life changing from both, actually I see two ghetto girls doing best and breaking boundaries.
    This exactly how I feel about all celebs. Stans confuse the sh1t outa me. Ngathi sengiyabona sengiklwebhana nomuntu for someone who doesn’t know me or care about me. Never! Ngamane ngikope amafinyila ngidlale ngawo if Im THAT bored. Thixo!

  75. So @justnje, it would have been the perfect platform to launch her over the seas. She unlike Nandi would have leveraged on that and used it to introduce herself.

  76. And they love fighting for “their” people even if there’s nothing to fight about,
    They love their Celebs, Politicians, Pastors…I just cant! People (esp no names) are so naïve.
    Barbs said “I don’t fight anybody’s battles because when I have mine, no one fights for me”

  77. Even if we just commenting on something that is not even that important, bazokuhlafuna sengathi bayakhokhelwa 🙁

  78. Bonang is not an actress she must go to Hollywood and do what??, and am sure she has been approached by isidingo before pearl# no am not a bonang stan.

    Mbali is very tiny and short.not body goals for me, she looks good though on the cover and I wish she could just be complimented without adding team bekezela to her name.

  79. So did anybody watch Vuzu Amp Monday Scoop interviewing Euphonik I like him he is straight forward if Bonang stans had Dstv think they wouldn’t worship her so much and not be Ray Charles to the bs. lol

  80. But Bonang is not the Revlon international ambassador but what am I saying? I stan for no one. Hi Lukho, have you smoked the peace pipe no Chase?

  81. Modimo wa kgotso…No peace in my Queen’s kingdom. Did I just saw Euphonik and D’banj’s pic together on IG???? Mehlolo!!!! Gird your loins Bonang, Gloves are off!!!!

  82. @kloof…I’ve googled and did online practice tests. Thank you for putting me at ease. @forever diamond…got the email, thanks a lot

  83. @Pinksomhle

    weeehh the look some Instagramers give me when I quote the bible. Kante shouldn’t I praise the Lord now that you “know”my sins? Ke rapela mang nna??Satan?? Aowa man cut me some slack. People outchea acting like their sins are better when sins weigh the same. Lol Mxm anyway here are some verses for the judges Luke 6:37-42. I’m fully aware of my sins, got plenty of verses and trust me God still Loves & He still Blesses me and I’ll continue praising Him

  84. @Pinksomhle
    People are just too quick to judge… Life happens and things happen.. Dealt with endometriosis and I prayed hard that one day I have a child, today I’m carrying a baby boy and I can’t thank God for this blessing when there are women out there still struggling. YES I prayed hard and this baby is the Greatest blessing God has ever blessed me with no matter what people think. And so it happened that I have the baby with whoever he brought into my life. What must I do now? Chase him away???Shem!!!!! As long as ngi happy with my life and it’s drama who are they to come here judge.. Amazing how people are bothered so much about other people’s lives, when the people in those situations are content and communicate with God still for whatever… Abanyi perhaps?

  85. Lol now I don’t entertain shit hey. You say nonsense I block and move on. Don’t have time for people that can’t even come with their direct accounts, but have to go through creating new ones before they come for me.. Why can they man up and comment with their accounts?? Why hide?? They know me, I don’t know them so I just block and forget about the person @lyndi_l

    pinksomhle_Amen!!!!!!!! I mean why would a sane person with enough on their plate worry so much about another persons’ business??? They must check themselves @lrp.gwangwa
    pinksomhle_Lmao Thank God hey. Hahaha where would be by now @relebogile_lee … Doing exactly that @thandekamaguds
    pinksomhle_ Okay!!!! Okay!!! Let me go back to uploading my baby shower pics @america_zasa

  86. Yazi the last time (read only time) I did this stanning biz was during those East Coast versus West Coast, 2 pac versus Biggie days. But then I was a preteen then.

  87. Thapelo Mokoena is on Anele’s show. Seeing him reminds me of the ‘blocker’ who said the reason he cheats is because women throw themselves at him. Hahaha!

  88. I was a bit shocked to see some typos in two of the articles that I read on the October issue of true love mag I’m not judging just surprised cause in my mind I thought magazines always check and then double check their articles before they go to print

  89. @Lukho, 100000000″ Likes to your comment.

    @Kimmo, it slipped my mind that Presenting is a South African. Possibly Bonang can’t go to the US for a presenting gig because acting is the only attainable job there

  90. “Miss Z says:
    But Bonang is not the Revlon international ambassador but what am I saying? I stan for no one.”

    Nobody said she was. What ARE you saying really? You always seem to miss the bus wena.

  91. No she’s not the Internatiobsl face of Revkon. Who else would recognize her besides SA’ns and the odd Nigerian? Let’s not reach now

  92. Euphonik and D’banj dabbled in the same vajayjay, allow them to compare notes. Did they also put the queen to sleep after a carpet session, is her deep throating game on point? Lmao

  93. Ewu guys. You can swear at me like yesterday but it is possible to praise Pearl without making it about Bonang. Please please. I don’t watch Quantico but halala things to the Black Pearl

  94. 600k, even Pearl will flip over when she sees that, the hate for Bonang is real in this streets, like you cant Stan for one without bringing down the other…
    As you were…..

  95. Iifans zika Bobang ziihypocrites bandla. Ezokuqina to that. Ivili liyajika kaloku bafondini. Pearl Thusi is Hollywood rubbing shoulders with real deals and making moola at the same time. Zii right iichest pains? Lol

  96. I absolutely love Nanyzee, like there’s something calm and lovable about her, i don’t think she tries too hard, or shows off..She’s just herself…wish her a wonderful delivery, hoping she’s carrying a boy…

  97. Just Nje, you said why would she hate since she has Revlon, it is an international brand and she’s only the face in Mzansi yabo? It’s ok it’s not deep, she has a portion of Revlon ke…

  98. Teddie, ave nawe uhlekisa bandla. The Queen is celebrating her 13 yrs in the industry, bought herself a G-Wagon to celebrate her achievements. She just did an interview with Huffingtonpost on the 5th avenue in a Penthouse in New York City and doing an interview with Huffingtonpost does not just happen to an average girl in Africa, but someone who is fearless and passionate. In her words not mine”.

    Now she is gushing about her new project to be announced in 7 days. She got no time to check what Pearl Thusi is doing. She has run her race and in her own words, she won almost every award here at home and she has reached her ceiling.

    As most bloggers have said” lets stop the high school mentality of pitying these girls against each other. Lets root for whoever we like if we as women want to win the war againts men. Its tiring really!!!!

  99. Bonang who doesn’t know how to act and (i don’t think she can interprete a role either) has reiterated time and time again that she can’t and is not interested in acting, is now being criticized that she isn’t rubbing shoulders with Hollywood “A listers” …nobodies outchea questioning when her hardwork is gonna pay off because she’s not in HOLLYWOOD..

    Dorothy keep doing you mami, myopic minds they can never understand success comes in perfecting what you’re good at and making bank from it, dont ever fall for the trap of becoming a jack of all trades…..For 12 years they wanted to see you fall but NAH…..There are LEVELS to this ISH…..
    “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”
    ? Herman Melville

    “To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. (Learnt this from my fave)
    ? Anatole France, Works of Anatole France

  100. Momager where are you?

    PinkyPinky says: 3 years later people are all of sudden interested in my life.. Where were they before I fell pregnant, why was there no noise? Was it okay because there was no baby involved??
    He banna! 3 years? Kante when did Z and V get married?

  101. This Pinky is really a child trapped in a woman’s body…Damn
    This is to tell us that @19 she was sleeping with someones husband…Meaning victor probably spent his night before his wedding with her…This is who Zinhle is fighting for…..
    Oh my word……

  102. I have criticised you @ Pearl Thusi regarding your Khwanta soapie. Apologies, I know you do not read this blog. Your recent change of behaviour is commendable thats why the Lord is shining your path.

  103. I still think B* has more paper than Pearl she has more awards in her name than pearl she is a host with the most pearl doesn’t even have 1 nyana not even as for supporting actress but ke great actress in south Africa are not marketed well

  104. Lol @Aroma ke eng? Khwanta.

    @Mabhebeza my level of pretty yile yabo @MsZie LOL. Hope you well.

    Nathi this thing of discussing this PVZ fiasco,baby girl is conVincent that we got nothing else to do but talk about her. This PVZ story came on a boring JC day and we did not know who the hell they were . It’s just to push time Pinks,don’t be fooled into thinking we give a damn. We just want to see how this will all end. The fact that 3 years ago we say anything proves that we did not know you. Give us a shout out for correcting couch to coach.

    Lol @Yoza bafa nini abo 2Pac.

  105. @Teddie I always forward them as soon as I get them. It is the first thing I do ekuseni uma ngivuka ngisalalele uSya Mhlongo.

  106. Ncese @Teddie I misread ngiyabona ubucela ngifake. Amehlo akhathele beluludana usuku


    1.The Big Bang Theory cast (Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parsons): $1 million plus profit participation

    2. Mark Harmon on NCIS: $525,000 plus profit participation

    3. Kevin Spacey on House Of Cards: $500,000 per episode including producer fees

    4. Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order: SVU: $400,000

    5. Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo on Grey’s Anatomy: $350,000

    #I’m not the source

    I’m happy for Pearl Thusi. She’s the reason I watched Quantico season 1 and anxiously waiting for season 2. But 600k per call? Say what?