Mkhaya Migrants Awards 2016!

Mkhaya Migrants Awards 2016!


On Sunday night we made our way to The Ballroom in Monte Casino for The Mkhaya Migrants Awards. These awards are to honour outstanding migrants residing in South Africa, as well as South Africans working abroad who are dedicated to the development of the African continent through their work.


Because of the important people that were attending, Security was tight, I felt like I was at the US Embassy or something. Even the invites were not transferable. Heheheh! Usually at events we are welcomed and directed by promo girls/guys, this one we were ushered by cops (SAPS). Lol


This event is the brain child of the Department of Home Affairs so the Minister Malusi Gigaba had to be there. Here kwi Red Carpet waiting to be interviewed.


He is such a pleasant person, umuntu wabantu for sure. He was there greeting people, laughing, socializing and even taking selfies. Thank you Minister for being you.


The dress code was Black Tie or Traditional and The Gigabas nailed it.

Norma was also very friendly shem. When I approached her I didn’t know what to expect because of my JC kids and what y’all have said about her in the past. But she didn’t make it an issue, she was happy to pose for us. 🙂


Another happy couple that was there – The Tshwetes, Mayihlome and Zizo.


The beautiful and never ageing Khanyi Dhlomo was there with her hubby. She presented an award.


Mam’ Yvonne Chaka Chaka was also there with her Doctor


Weza Solange


Booty on fleek


It was good to see Babalwa Mneno out and about. It’s been long


Full length


DJ Fresh


Kelly Khumalo


A mother of two but the body is still slaying most of us.


Sophie Ndaba with Carolyn Steyn


I am sure we’ve all heard about Steyn City. For those of you who don’t know her, this is Mrs Steyn. Outside of being married to a Billionaire, she is involved in a lot of charities and she is the Founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day. I accidentally saw her giving a tip to one the waitresses and I almost fell off my back. I came this close to befriending the Waitress. It was a lot. Lol


Sizwe Dhlomo was the host together with Ayanda Allie Payne.


Sadly this is the best I got of Ayanda. I didn’t see her around to get a proper pic


I bugged Melody and Norma for a pic.


And they made me not regret it. Look at them.


Dineo Meko, the winner of the biggest award that was presented by the Minister himself – The OR Tambo Award.


I had a TJO moment when I saw the spelling of ‘winner’ kwi autocue. Written in bold nogal. Lol


We had a moment to watch a video message from Pearl Thusi. Yeah, she is flying the SA flag in the USA.


Then it was time to have fun and dance with DJ Zinhle doing what she does best.


DJs at work – Zinhle and Fresh


uMama Kairo nobuhle bakhe.

*More about the awards*





ARTS AND CULTURE (2016 Winner = Delfina Ester Raimundo Munguambe)

This award honours an individual who has made a significant contribution to the area of Arts and Culture in South Africa, promoting unity, tolerance, integration, and inspires progressive dialogue that enhances social cohesion.


BUSINESS (2016 Winner = Bliss Chemicals – Shoaib Iqbal)

This category celebrates an individual whose business is aligned to the South African National Development Plan and encompasses the key focus areas of Economic development and Job creation.


CIVIL SOCIETY/ NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION ( 2016 Winner = Abdikadir Khalif Mohamed )

This category honours an individual who works in civil society to advance the development of the community, thus contributing to a united and developmental South Africa.


SPORT (2016 Winner – Khama Billiat)

This category celebrates an individual who has impactfully used their role in Sport to unify communities and significantly contribute to nation building.


OR TAMBO (2016 Winner – Dineo Meko )

The category honours the prominent role of a distinguished South African working beyond the borders of the country to provide aid, particularly in areas of need, strife and during times of crisis and disasters, embodying the spirit of Ubuntu.


MOST INTEGRATED COMMUNITY (2016 Winner – Thembelihle Crisis Committee )

This category honours communities or individuals who spearhead initiatives that demonstrate the Spirit of Ubuntu towards migrants and foreign nationals by actively promoting tolerance, integration, unity and social cohesion.

Thank you to LM Relations and the Department of Home Affairs for hosting us. It was indeed a great night.

By @KikiMarli


  1. “He is such a pleasant person, umuntu wabantu for sure. He was there greeting people, laughing, socializing and even taking selfies. Thank you Minister for being you.”- uMthathile kanje uBuhle Wodumo ke sana.

    It’s good to see that Babalwa’s arthritis has taken a back seat since 2015 nangoku she’s steady on her two feet or does it only act up ka winter? Asazi.

    “I accidentally saw her giving a tip to one the waitresses and I almost fell off my back. I came this close to befriending the Waitress. It was a lot. Lol”- Hahaha yazi being broke is a sin wena Kiki you end up thinking of stupid things to do.

    Is Melody still at LISOF? Ok kanye she’s dropped out futhi?

    People were beautifully dressed.

  2. Kodwa guys the quality of the pics is not great. Maybe someone (a photog)with a nice camera can ‘come up’ via Just Curious. You dont post unless you’re invited but when you do, the pics are not so great 🙁 #stillLoveJC #positivechanges

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  4. To the bloggers on the vacancy/internship emailing list, I will no longer be emailing you, but the vacancies will now be available on Facebook, like this page Ingqalabutho Developmental Foundation.

    I trust God that next year we will have a more formal way to assist people through our job readiness programmes and a proper website.

    My apologies for not emailing anything for about 3 weeks now,I had hectic parental committments.

  5. @Mogul, maybe we shouldn’t post pics here. Will only post the text content, and just take pics to post on JC’s FB & Twitter pages until ‘someone (a photog)with a nice camera can ‘come up’ via Just Curious’

    Sorry for disappointing you.

  6. But reading the description of each category, Pearl did/does not deserve the award. I do not know who did/does.

    Mhlawumbe Mrs Gigs ukula tip ye “I do not even what JC is about.” And we know she is here.

    We feel the sarcasm coming from all directions, also. Lol.

  7. To the blogger who said Zizo is a beauty yesterday – giirrl u ain’t never lied! Did you guys see the pic she posted last night in a long black dress? WOW WOW WOW!!!

  8. Bahle abantu…love the matching outfits kaNoma noMalusi, love the fabric

    These Awards by govt depts (with the exception of Sports Awards) are wasteful. Treasury is always going on about cost cutting measures. Kzn Health department went as far as freezing posts because they said there is no money but there was money for Fidel Castro’s memorial service.
    Treasury should force the depts to stop these awards. The money would be better used elsewhere.

    Jhb and Pta residents what’s your opinion on the 100 days in office with the DA Mayors? Any improvements on service delivery??

    Looks like Hlaudi’s reign of terror will soon end.
    Big ups to Vuyo Mvoko and colleagues
    I laughed when Sentletse tweeted that after watching the enquiry, it looks like Faith Muthambi reports to Hlaudi LOL

  9. Lols i saw iTopic yenu yama “after 9” izolo. Those who know that clique ya bo Gift Mzangwa and abo Mosa April. Are they “after 9n’s” nabo ? That time Gift Mzangwa had such a lovely wedding.

  10. Minnies man is so handsome. Looks like someone who will treat her very well. What does he do? Is he in the entertainment industry?

  11. You know that money has immense power and attraction when you look at Malusi and the women he is linked to,mismatch on a higher level.
    Mathaz will be so hurt when she reads about Ayanda Allie-Payne Lol.

  12. I would never have lowa mkhaba kasisi Yvonne unless I am sick. That is too much but I am sure to some people it’s no big deal, Mina I’d fast for the whole year if I have to.

  13. MK he is behind the scenes!
    I never thought i would live to see the day where Noma slays make up more than Melody but hallelujah…… Noma is looking all sorts of beautiful with her awkward smile.. I love her outfit and girl you are beautiful dont let anybody tell you otherwise! You come a long waaaaaaaaay look now; you are almost slaying Melmo; well here you def did… Is it me or Melody doesnt have “that thing” anymore!

    Now im inclined to say to the blogger that was said Malusi is bae! Girl high five! The minister looks all sorts of candy here… That kente material is goals! Where can one get it from?

  14. Some of these people look all sorts of wrong nje!

    Babalwa yena! Dj Fresh is another one. He’s never been stylish kakade yena and I wish he would stop wearing these dumb earrings! Kelly Khumalo is also a mess and that “razor cut”! Yhuu haai maahn!

  15. So apart from the billionaire, who are these other “important” people who required “tight security”? OoKelly Khumalo and Babalwa? Wehhh!!!

  16. The doctor that did Sophie Ndaba’s face damaged it. She doesn’t look the same anymore.
    Babalwa Mneno looks very strange….like she had a botox.
    Norma and Malusi look good..very good

  17. Oh! how I would have loved to attend an event of such nature. It is very closely related to my studies and would have been a perfect opportunity to network with the people there who are involved in the development of Africa.

  18. Worse her picture is not clear @MrLungile…JJ Tabane’s show is doing great all the deserted Breakfast show fans have resorted to listening to him.

    @Hamilton…I think Yvonne’s outfit does not show umkhaba….the pressure though!!

    I gathered that #SABC8 were disrespecting Hlaudi cause of his educational background or lack thereof…but Hlaudi was worse how can he demand journalists to stand up when he enters the room? How can Zuma tow the line with Faith when she engineered his payback the money loan? Brian Molefe is another…how did we let the SABC issues get so far?

  19. Mhle umntu kaBoo’Slay bethunana, look at him!Isn’t he that tall, dark and handsome that y’all ladies and gents often talk about?Ok ok, maybe minus the tall part.

    “Make sure my kid won’t even twitch at the sight of #feesmustfall because he/she will be a trus fund baby.” (BootyC)
    This killed me. Isifundo sayizolo “Don’t make babies with Loosers gherlz nivile?

    I was clienting last night and I am catching up on the #SABCInquiry … wow, God protect Vuyo Mvoko angatyiwa ngalamaGqwirha.

  20. Mhle umfazi ka Mayihlome yesaas, that pic last night….
    Yhaaz its fine when as besties you just drift apart , ibe mutual le way…But when usayifuna itshomi yakho ibe ingabambeki akumnandanga ,but ke awubinachoice but to let it go….Im so petty ke mna don’t expect ke uba ndakube ndiku entertaina xa utshelwe zizicheku …….Random thought , just seeing Fundi noMelody hope noFundi ukuleway ngathi kanti uyashiywa ….

  21. hahahahaha Qhamisto,askies mntase phuma kuye. Undikhumbuza this client that I won at a club on Friday and didn’t ask for numbers, hlanganiyane naye kwiSunday Chillaz akabambeki kiiiih.
    *his loss because ndimnandi and zii-big days*

  22. hahahaha, it happened few yrs back …ndapuma kuye ,wathi ezama ubuya andisekho lapho…..
    Qha ndicingiswa nguFundi and mel bendibathanda

  23. “how did we let the SABC issues get so far?”
    You are to blame too Mathaz,the blatant capture of SABC by the criminal network that was exposed yesterday also played itself out in other SOE’s and the Cabinet and you had fun defending it previously.What’s with the amnesia now?

  24. I also love Babalwas outfit……….
    Is there anything that can be done medically ngamakhwapa anukayo, awonyana wam ohlulwe yi mum sana…andisoyiki umthi mitchum ke, I tried that bircabonate akayifuni uthi iyamtsweba….andimazi ufuze bani coz I could go on the whole day without put it any deodorant

  25. Kudala waba mhle ke uMinister from the ANC youth league days wayeshisa bhe! He is also a neat freak and take good care of himself.
    Mathaz that skirt is not a high waist ntoz, it is sitting there because of mkhaba RE sis Yvonne.

  26. @Qhamisto its painful indeed #FundiandMelody. they used to be bff’s goals. I used to love that foursome Fundi, Melody, Fezo and Tumi

  27. I withdraw my statement @MrLungile. I can’t wait for Sophie Mokoena to tell her side of the story…someone on twitter reminded us that there was a time of Snuki Zikalala and most journalists experienced the same with him; remember? But SABC as a national broadcater is bound to be biased towards the ANC…If I’m not mistaken there are quotas as to the coverage of opposition parties as per number of seats in the NA *hides*

    Ohkay @Hamilton.

  28. SABC has always been contested by politicians Mathaz,that has always been the reality.Nna im referring to the criminality side of interference from outsiders with the help of SABC management that has always been defended and overlooked.

  29. @Qhamisto I’m not sure what age your child is but it might just be puberty. If however you do think its more than normal take him/ her for a dermatology consultation. They need to exclude any underlying medical condition and depending on their assessment they could recommend a prescription antiperspirant or Botox injections which will sort it out. Good luck!

  30. My curiosity built up like a mountainous urge to further research the last guy, Mabheleni Ntuli, and oh boy was I really taken aback by the results:
    Had no idea that Carol Bouwer was once implicated in dealings of corruption.

    Interesting list ka nnete. Are these lot still ranking in machangkura?

    P.s. Tried posting the entire paragraphs however it’s been waiting for moderation. So uxolo.

  31. Does Rosette Ncwana get along with Mrs Gigaba? Shes always liking & commenting on Buhle’s pics.

  32. Enigma he is 11, its not too too strong .but when its too hot and he plays a lot ,then you can smell it abit…Thank you dear, will try that jan when we come back from home

  33. Minister, I honestly do not see the necessity of this awards more especially that our people live in abject poverty and there is a lot of unemployment amongst the young graduates. You should have at least put the money aside and hire more graduates Interns in your Department or issue Bursaries to the needy. I feel as if you have a subtle competition with Minister of sports regarding di awards.

    Chantal, you are right. Lelo nobuhle bakhe have a cute cam that takes cute photos. She is a high flyer these days. I must say since she left this blog, she is flourishing more.

    Khanyi D is timeless beauty and too classy. Her outfit was just too beautiful. My best dressed for the night.

    Zizo ka Mayihlome, Vukile’s mother. Icouple ethandekayo#halalathings to you.

    First time I see Melody with a wedding ring. She is too fast with Mrs G.

    I must be the only person who does not see the external beauty in Mama Kairo. She is just nje apha kum.

  34. Nonhle Ndala’s NEW FRIEND (mapule) is married to the CEO of Accenture, Mr William Mzimba. I wonder kukhulunywa ngani kwiDinner Table, as couples. Andile and William, Nonhle and Mapule. What business does Nonhle do? I see she mentioned “business Partner” in one of her pics. What does Mapule do? They have a really nice house/view

  35. @Momager, is Nonhle a co-owner/ partner ya decor republic?,
    I always wonder when they have dinner with the gigabas, Andile and Malusi ba bua eng?

  36. nonhlendalaWhat’s in your goodie bag?? Sneak Peak?… Our Exquisite Crystal Bottle Collection @decor_republic_ ? I spent yesterday at the office deciding on the perfect gift for my VVIP Guests and Friends to walk away with at our Launch and I think this is it!! A big thank you to everyone who RSVP’d, your love, support and time mean the world to me. I can’t wait to celebrate with you? #LaunchParty #NewShowRoomAlert #DecorGlam #DecorRepublicXNonhleNdala

    This suggests she is a coOwner. But we all know Nonhle nokuzihlohla banje *insert Zuma meme*

  37. Décor Republic was launched in July 2013 in response to a very clear décor demand that was emerging in the sector. Décor Republic is by no means a newcomer to the décor milieu though as we have been serving the wholesale and retail markets throughout South Africa for decades.
    We are at: 1st Floor, 215 Kramer Road Kramerville Corner, Kramerville Sandton

  38. uyathandeka uMalusi ngampela yaz. Buhle has opened her IG angazi why you would block people then reopen your page?
    Zinhle muhle guys shes not wow but uqhelelene nje nobuni!

  39. Qukezwa1 Dec 13, 2016 at 11:00 am

    Does Rosette Ncwana get along with Mrs Gigaba? Shes always liking & commenting on Buhle’s pics.
    Rosette is friends with the first Mrs Gigaba she once posted a super spicy picture with her! Saying The Real Mrs Gigaba! *sidenote: was Malusi at Rosette’s wedding?

  40. @Nelley i never saw the Gigabas kwi pics zomtshato,ingathi uRosis akavani no Nomachule

    Lol! uZizo is friends with the wives ze tshomi zika Mayi which is so cute,LOLing because abatyelwa abatyelwa xa bebonke. Bahle kodwa osisi

  41. @HBIC: that story is all over the place yazi, it left me hanging. But I could conclude that the guy had problems with feminine proudly queer folks. I wouldn’t know the reasons empeleni. He doesn’t even have pictures online andibazi ubuso baleNgqawa.

    “…I must say since she left this blog, she is flourishing more.” (Aroma)
    You meant to say “she left the blog after gaining popularity and success” ?

  42. @Nombie angithi she is serving nudes and wants to slay you, Malusi, Noma and the whole of Satafrika hhahahaha the attention seeking is super real.

  43. Qukezwa imost yabafazi namadoda atshatileyo bayatyelwa yazi akuso simanga lento eyenzeka kooZizo nabo Nonhle. It is not easy to accept but impilo cannot stop because uyatyelwa like ulolo always say there is more to umtshato to worry yourself ngabo BootyC. Some batyiwa nje just for igama, “ndityiwa ngumntu kaZizo tana”, I think it makes them feel important or pretty or… angazi.

  44. @Momager check her Bio. At least she will be able to maintain the lifestyle should Andile leave her. Bootcamps wont afford her the Serengeti lifestyle.

    Lmao Rosette and Lungs neh. Maybe they have chemistry indoors hahaha.

    Mayihlome loves his wife. Zizo you did well unfriending Norma. I saw Norma’s post with Mayihlome as her #MCM smh

  45. Makes sense @Hamilton. Ngaske ithi kanti xa besitya outside ababayeni they use condoms atleast. uNonhle yena makatyelwe cos ungcolile & akhonto ayifunayo emtaneni.

    Zintle Modiba sisi if you are a blogger here mamela nontombi: When V comes home tonight dont ask him about P or their baby or whatever,just go down on youe knees uvule uzip & blow him like hes never been blown before. Do this everyday ungabe umbuza uchuku so that he looks forward to coming home everyday. Please man Nontombi

  46. Nomi Super star, Nantso ke indaba ka Lelo, Well she always wanted fame and recognition. She got it. What works more in her favour is that she is outgoing plus she is beautiful. Uyathandeka but at times uhmmmm!!!!!

    She is flourishing more hoba she got a more senior Post at work and she travels more as compared when she was gossiping with us.

    hahahahahaha Qukelwa uthini naa, uthi umtana ka Somhle umbi tshini thiza!!!!

  47. I decided to look up VZP on IG guys its sad Zintle bio is mark 10:9 and I have time on my hands so I googled “9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” #ayalimaza amadoda

  48. yhuuu go down on your knees and what he eh! bakithi imagine he dips it in Pinks and then Zinhtle must what! I just gagged hey. id rather not know what my man is doing.. i will not knowingly suck on Pinky’s vaginal fluids *just felt a chill down my spine LOL

  49. But Andile’s money bought that Serengeti house, the design furniture money will only pay the rates. Im sure one mirror costs R25k. 🙁

  50. Is Nonhle married to Andile? I love the love and respect Mayihlome has for his wife. He flaunts his beautiful Mrs on IG, unlike abafihlwayo.
    @DDI come back with that JR and Entertainment Kid tea. Are they dating? Isn’t JR married?
    Mhle umama kaKairo. Pick n Pay pretty nooMinnie. Congrats on her engagement. I hope iseks kaSquinzo ayibandi. Konje @Priska said Minnie is Nandos! Ziyatshatwa iinkukhu. tltltltltltltl

  51. Oh Pearl Moody has just confirmed on air that her engagement is off. Shame you can feel the hurt in her voice amadoda kodwa. Phofu nanitshilo apha ekhaya

  52. queendiva Dec 13, 2016 at 1:05 pm
    Oh Pearl Moody has just confirmed on air that her engagement is off. Shame you can feel the hurt in her voice amadoda kodwa. Phofu nanitshilo apha ekhaya

    I remember people were called lemony here when they commented about Nkululeko’s abusive behaviour. Poor Pearl 🙁

  53. Yazi Momager after i wrote that ndiye ndacinga lento uyithethayo. Hayi makayiyeke mtwabantu idick evela ekukwini ka Pinksomhle emdaka. Zinhle needs to stop praying for that marriage & walk away. Shes beautiful & succesful,she doesnt need elahlwempu who probably has sleepless nights xa kuzawutsala i installment yala Porche. Ayinamali lanto,Z makaphume man & let the Herbal life distributor “win”

  54. Nonhle must open her IG page we want to visit her Décor ntoz, we will surprise and buy yazi angasinyatsi la eJC.

  55. Are we also not contributing towards the abuse Z is enduring by discussing her day in and out? Imagine if it were your own sister discussed like this on this blog.This VZP drama has turned into an obsession now.Let’s accept her decision to stay she will leave when she is ready *deep sigh*

  56. @Hamilton judging by her own home furniture, she has a good taste. This is the website:

    You can thank me later Sgantsontso, this is free publicity. How will people know of your store if you only captioned #DecorRepublicxNonhleNdala???

  57. LoPinksOmbi akashayiwe uyangizwa nx usithathaphi isibindi to wish Zinhles baby girl a happy birthday on Vic insta 1st comment uyena lombomvana

  58. Hahahahhah I just saw the comment.. dlala maPinkana. Shame Victor will not even acknowledge her comment.

  59. Ya yena waphapha too much but new love will make you do crazy stuff, I am just happy she was brave enough to walk away when things were not working out rather than staying because of abantu bazothini. I wonder if she has deleted all those baecation pics

  60. Lol Dollface, calling on the JC vigilante forces! Mathaz I think Z is a strong woman. We might feel that maybe her strength is misdirected in this case, but its her decision to stay like you say. But as far as abusing her goes I don’t agree as she can choose not to read this blog, or have her IG open to the public.

  61. @Momager nam ndibone ku Snapchat – he was kissing on her neck at her birthday shinding…

  62. @BlackBeauty you don’t like Nonhle nhe! lol
    Is this store 100 % BLACK OWNED? It has nice affordable furniture.
    Is Nonhle just the face of BEE doe that decor store? Lol
    Speaking of black owned furniture stores, I posted this link long time ago. Nice furniture, I haven’t checked Concept65 yet that time I have a crush on @Sentletse

  63. Is it not cyber bullying when we ask why she is still with him? Providing her with tips to keep him sexually interested as if he would still not stray? Discussing her kids and at some point how she does not greet her colleagues? I think this VZP drama has reached its sell by date…she has had enough of strangers reminding her of her reality @Enigma. It’s all fun and games until you are in the situation and actually see how hard it is to leave.

  64. Most of the comments here are in support of her. So we could actually be a support system for her because most comments are against P. Infact the one who could say they are being cyber bullied is P.

  65. Very nice affordable furniture @Momager. It is 100% BLACK OWNED. This uber talented (and very sweet) black couple custom makes each item. Two other BLACK FEMALES are involved in the shareholding. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – you get great quality, top of the line furniture and you will be supporting BLACK BUSINESS. It’s a win all around.

  66. I am with Mathaz on this VZP situation it has really reached it sell by date kwakunini ngoko. Many people and relationships have been discussed on this blog but never to this extent iyadina. Even if the comments are for the wife or whatever, this topic has lost it’s elasticity “ayisenayo lanto”

  67. I’m sooo hurt…my mother in-law is soo petty; it is tradition that the kids visit her after christmas.I have since learned that she wants nothing to do with them and that time I have made plans…my heart is broken.

  68. i just called Decor Republic , they are NOT opening a new store anywhere and the owner aint nonhle the girl i spoke too is not aware of who nonhle is …so ke whatever it is its NOT a launch of her own store u madam , i am sure its a collaboration of lamp shades, cushions or something that ppl aba thanda izinto can be familiar with the brand , that kind of lets associate ourselves with this for us ton crack the black market type of thing .

  69. @Mathaz let her petty than they go there and she takes out whatever emotions she is having on them and worsens an already difficult time for the kids. Sorry about your plans

  70. Victor is a cruel man. He knows very well that their families and friends will see this but akanandaba nje yena.. your husband is supposed to protect you but loVictor wenza the complete opposite.

  71. But you guys know that we will discuss whoever we want to discuss, noma kunini right? Until you give us new juicy gossip. This love triangle was introduced to us NDABAZABANTU and if they post something new WORTH mentioning, trust me, we will discuss it HERE kwaKIKI. You can go to Chica and discuss weather and JSE.

    Uyathandeka konje follows and is followed by Sgantram. Her child is 5.5 months old and already learning how to swim. She learnt from the best. Floater got a medal…..

    Mathaz your MIL is cruel. It shows she never liked you.

  72. Mathaz umama heard that you are dating already and she does not want to be your nanny while you are having a nice time.

  73. deathby @kikis comment about the camera. Bafwethu its not the camera that is the issue sometimes its the make up. You can slay your make and the moment a camera with a flash takes pictures you get a back flash.

  74. This is a GOSSIP blog bethuna. The VPZ saga was brought on here for us to discuss. Z has not been cyber bullied in any way on this blog & she has a choice not to read this blog if its triggering for her.

    Uyathandeka & Sithelo look alike. Those bj lips

  75. ReturnSoldier Dec 13, 2016 at 5:56 am
    I love Babalwa’s outfit. The pants would sit nicely on my curves, love her.
    I love the outfit too, but I dont have’curves. i’ll ask my tailor to make slim fit,ankle length pants with pocket to accentuate and boost my hips area. I also love DJ Zintle’s waist coat

  76. Homwrecker bathong 🙁 all this just to confirm if Nonhle is really a partner… ooiii scary things hey.

  77. Andazi kesana wendzani pha u sisi kodwa ke andiyaz why abasebendzi bengeka xalelwa nge new executive member eqalileyo pha

  78. Haybo home wrecker do you care that much about what Nonhle does with her life? Calling the company is taking it a bit too far O_O ,kanti what is Nonhle to you?

  79. HAI HAI calm down …i wanted to query about a cute deco piece i saw online and if wether they do deliveries or not cause i want the item ..thanks to Nonhle being associated with them (marketing/brand association partnership success ) so ke after i was done i decided to ask wethu if they launching a new store nah …so suphapha wena queen diva ,fundekela nge danger apa ,danger bitheni

  80. I left my ex husband because I felt that he couldn’t protect me, he couldn’t tell his sides to not call after certain times nor could he not call them to order when they were busy trolling on social media. He didn’t get it. Like he thought I was crazy for expecting him to protect me! His excuse ” I cannot control what they write on their social media accounts” that statement made me realize that anybody can do anything to me and my husband will just watch..scary thought! So I walked. So maybe just maybe V is just as spineless as my ex

  81. ewe guys method is here amabele yhuu somebody should have warned me… seems i have too much milk and it chocks her. i cant believe i have to care for a human being, who is solely dependent on me. I sit and watch her sleeping; the most beautiful thing ever.. my heart is healed shame… My mother was not talking to me for a few days but when my dad told her i was having Method a few days early she really came through for me!

  82. Congratulations @nelley…wish we could exchange breats… breastfeeding breasts look soo good

  83. @Nelley Yaaaay congratulations our ring leader tltltltl. Motherhood is beautiful. Kiss that trust fund baby *SideEyesBootyC* for me. Enjoy hle

  84. Yeeeeeeey Nelly…….Kiss Method for me bethuna!! Congratulations doll..hope iMamaroo iready neReading books

  85. Tshiamo Lol uthini uBootyC ngo Khama B….That time he DMs every girl on IG..typical!!
    Lol eeeeeww uFloater neJohnsons ne we go through lengths kushota ayosebenza kwa Mfundi Mvundla qha..

  86. NomaChina, I can relate. I left mine for the same reasons. Always accused me of being crazy and paranoid, even defended the sides

  87. Lmao! That mamaroo caused problems in my home hahahha. People saw it fit to gift it to me because the pram is from the same manufacturers. I am waiting for Annalise to send the Bible x 2 for baby Method! Then we can be good to go hahahha! Mathaz I never looked at it that way hey! I liked my boobies before milk.. now I’m not so sure! impish uphi ubaeOvasis? Momager soze ndincamise uMethod uduru kalok ‘ zisa igift

  88. #Halalalalalathings to you Nelly aka Hlanyo champion. O sebeditse ngwanana. Let me brace myself on these streets hoba e tlaba baby Method this baby Method that!!! Pram zodumo this….hehehehehe. congrats, motherhood is the greatest gift to mankind.

  89. Yazi guys in reality we dont know the full details of the VZP saga. We dont know why Vic is behaving ngolahlobo,what if maybe Z cheated first? Those things happen but im not saying she did nor am i saying she is to blame but ifull story asinayo. Umfazi walamfo une Mansion somewhere in EL cheated first ukuze bahlukane

  90. Nelley ungabinebhongo le mamaroo ezobekwa in your bedroom because nursery dololo,congratulations sthandwa,sending the warmest hugs to our little Method.

    So I heard the Amagama song by Nathi for the first time ngeAnnivesary,my husband played it for me and I’m literally hooked,it’s the only song I listen to nje ngoku because”ndiphelelwa ngamagama nqumakho ndiyamthanda mna,nqumakho uyandichaza mna,ndiyamthanda mna ndiyamthanda manyan’nyan”..yhuu uNathi guyz!!

  91. My take on the ZVP Saga
    I feel for ZIntle but she must not leave, I don’t want that
    Hpreface to think she has won, she will win when they are divorced. for now Zinhle needs to Jola on the side ayeke ukuba miserable oluhlobo.

    Pinksombi went there thinking uzogudluza umadam. sies maan, she even planned the baby, makahlale kulo bachelor flat nyana yakhe uzobhadla apha entloko. Thyin

  92. Pinksombi really thought Victor was gonna divorce nje just like that, even planned the baby weeeeh sidenge.

    The wife just need a little something on the side naye
    and stop being miserable oluhlobo, I like her Shem
    wena horse face hlala kulo 1bedroom flat yakho

  93. She bought that Mamaroo ngala 2,5 bayinikwa kwa Herbal life. Poor Pinks. Is even educated?

  94. Ewe Momager Vic Jnr ufana nqwa ne Daughter, lonto babazana abantwana baka Vic bonke wethu!
    My heart is so sad for Pearl Modiadie:(

  95. Lol Aroma I always look forward to your uninformed comments yaz’ It’s been 11 days of loving and living in this house! Conversations about Method will happen with those who want to know otherwise am leaving it for me and bae1969 .. to dote on our little miracle!

  96. Congratulations Nelly. Wow! Wishing you all the best and as many brothers and sisters to Methy (short for Method)

  97. Good people,I hope all is well with Jc family…i am currently launching a Book written by my mentor Khoza Mduduzi, “The West Stole Africa’s Wealth” you all invited to the book launch Helt at Manhattan Hotel ,Friday 16th time 10:00 free entrance,if you are a book warm you are more than welcome to be part and parcel of such informative book launch on how we lost our riches as Africans to western during our years of struggles. All those who are interested in attending please email me on or contact me on 061 449 8232 for directions,Manhattan hotel is situated in PTA by Gauteain station corner Thabo Sehume and Skidden street front opposite Usave and Bp garage.

  98. I meant held spelling error! Book launch will be held at Manhattan Hotel in PTA, I thank you once are cordially invited jc family.