Review: Ford Fiesta EcoBoost!

Review: Ford Fiesta EcoBoost!


About Two weeks ago the good, generous people at Ford South Africa lent us their 1.0 Ford Fiesta Eco-Boost for a weekend and to ultimately drive it to State Theatre in Pretoria for Idols SA…as official sponsor it was fitting. The Ford Fiesta Eco-Boost is what SA Idols winner walks/drive home with after being announced a winner.


As GMSA car driver let’s talk about what an awesome car the Ford Fiesta Eco Boost is:

  • The Eco Boost design is amazing, just by looking at the car from the outside, I fell completely in-love with it.
  • From the inside, leather plated interior …The smell of new leathered seats *sigh*.
  • 20160912_070415
  • The car looks relatively small like a standards starter pack hatch vehicle but when inside you feel and see spacious-ness .
  • 20160912_070329
  • The car is power-ful, it runs like a horse on steroids… I was not speeding but as a test drive I had to feel the horse power the EcoBoost comes with.
  • 20160912_071714
  • Park Assist enabled, which I didn’t use because moss I’m the dawg at this parking thing. Lol
  • Voice control .
  • A complete luxurious comfort drive.
  • And it’s an automatic!
  • 20160912_070312
  • However this beast called Ford Fiesta Eco Boost is indeed a beast as it chows petrol if you are not driving it the EcoBoost way. The car was delivered to me 3 quarters of fuel and I can tell you now by Sunday evening I had to cough up petrol from my pocket. I drive around and half a tank of petrol lasts me about a week (over +5 days of driving).
  • 20160912_070358

Having said the above, The Ford Fiesta Eco Boost is an awesome car and I would not mind to win/drive one. For more Info on price ranges and models you can check out FORD.CO.ZA



All Fiesta models are sold with a four-year/120 000km comprehensive warranty, four-year/60 000km service plan, three-year/unlimited km roadside assistance and five-year/unlimited km corrosion warranty.


Service intervals are every 20 000km on the EcoBoost petrol engines and every 15 000km on the Duratorq TDCi diesel engines.

Thank you Ford SA, Ford Fiesta Eco-Boost for an awesome drive!!!


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  1. my 1st car as well Ford fiesta 1.4, love my baby too much, been 4years now together. left with 2 months before saying good bye *teary* . need something big and bold maybe i will have a man afterwards ha ha ha ha ha

  2. I got blessed by the good Lord with this baby in February. My first ride. And yes, its a very comfortable car, for a ‘starter pack’, lol

  3. This is a nice car and it is not a STARTER PACK..i refuse to believe such shame, it is a very expensive car…even a second hand iyabiza…

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  5. I had the Fiesta 1.4. I must say, I loved all the specs, voice controls and the lot. But it chowed petrol like a mother freaker !!!! I’m disappointed to hear that the Ecoboost is not economical at all.