SA Idols Top 10 Recap!

SA Idols Top 10 Recap!



Nineties RnB is my most favourite theme on Idols, I mostly enjoy the sing along, reminiscing of nothing but good times. As an eighties baby, in the nineties I was beginning to see and understand English songs better, they kind-a made sense at that stage of life and this is the same era when kids used to have what was called “THE MUSIC BOOK” whereby all the hit songs will be written word for word.


I bet each school had one or two girls that had the book with the most coolest and loved songs of that time. Ngamaxesha oo-Studio Mix (Presented by Melanie Bala and Bob Mabena), Technics Heart of The Beat (presented by Bonnie Mbuli with Glenn Lewis) these shows will premiere a song and the next day (or a Monday) school kids would be singing the song(s) during what is now called recess aka i-break. Kwakumnandi shem those days and sadly I was not cool enough to have a music book but I would have copies of album cover credits. Anyways asikho lapho, let’s talk Top Ten performances for the Nineties RnB theme.


Keegan has definitely made me change my opinion of him I was basically not intending to listen to him until I looked at Akhona’s arms. They were goosy! I looked at his arm from the wrist up to find him nodding at me because he knew how I feel about Keegan, but this time it was different. Keegan did more than just kill the song and it made me think that he was singing on top of his voice (like Beyonce does) that’s how good he was.  I honestly thought he was reaching maar hayi shem and wooooh shem he sang it good.  His high notes were on point he did not falter as I was waiting for such, jealous has to go down, one hell of a rendition. He owned the song and commanded respect vocally… Based on Sunday’s performance Keegan is to watch, Luther Vandross’s The Impossible Dream was served.  That’s all!


Then Lucia happened *sad face* Lucia keeps on sabotaging self like the girl has an incredible voice to say least I feel she should sing Gospel medleys. Faith Evans Never Let You Go did let her down.


Mariah, Brandy, Boys II Men, D’Angelo just to name a few are artists I respect dearly and I would not recommend anyone to attempt tackling them when they don’t know their singing story because you need to bring emotion and talent when delivering these artists songs. Sanele, (one of my faves) chose to sing Boys II Men I’ll Make Love To You… The opening was certainly a give-away,  Boys II Men are one of those boy groups that need consistent delivering from inception I have loved Sanele thus far maar that rendition was more like karaoke singing to say the least.


Whitney Houston’s My Love Is Your Love is one of those songs that never made it to my favourite songs list but I never disrespected the late great sis’ Whitney. However, Noma made the song new and quite frankly it was all over the show and I did not understand it. Having said that Noma did try to display her capabilities… No I’m lying she did not try to display she displayed her singing which is incredible.


I think Sunday evening was prove Zeeba wrong day, first it was Keegan now Bevin. If you have been following us on this season you will know I always thought my homie aka mkhaya, Bevin did not deserve to be in the Top 16 now Top 10 but today I say he does shem. Bev has good vocals and Robbie William’s Angels allowed him to display them kak’hle nje. I was thoroughly impressed.


When Terra came on stage and they announced that he would be singing Tevin Campbell’s Tell Me What You Want Me To Do I knew right there he would not even slay but give us nothing less of perfection and he did just that.


 Nosihe is really not deserving to be in the top ten,  just like people that put certain people in power, voting should not be based merely on we know the person or s/he is from our province it should be based on pure talent not mediocre. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think she is horrible but she is not deserving of being in the top 10. Her entire performance of R Kelly’s I’m Your Angel was painful to the ear. When she saw people weren’t feeling her attempts she tried to stretch her bridging which fell on deaf ears at the State Theatre. Her attempts sounded more like shouting instead of singing. I don’t know what kind of people would vote for her but jah.

Tebogo Louw

Lately is made famous to me by Michael Buble and Stevie Wonder bendingayazi lena ye-Jodeci i-version. Tebogo did justice to the song but I’m convinced he should not choose songs that require a bold voice as his is faint but satisfactory.

20160925_183738Shame man 🙁 20160925_183726 20160925_183610

Then Thami happened *sigh* making it easy for Nosihe to stay longer in this competition witchcraft is real shem. Thami was attempting Toni Braxton’s Unbreakable My Heart and stumbled the first verse as Proverb did but later recovered. I still say Thami needs to sing a Luther Vandross song. I feel Thami’s confidence needs work, he needs to work on that should he stay longer in the competition.

20160925_184820 20160925_184812The star of the night! Valentine

One of my faves took on the stage and owned State Theatre, Valentine sang Whitney Houston’s I’m Your Baby Tonight. This song and video was one of my late Dad’s favourite, I’m certain he would have loved Valentine’s beautiful rendition as I did. Valentine sang, entertained us and performed the hell out of the song, her performance firmly stayed in our minds Thuli and I sang all the way to the car! That’s how incredible Valentine was.


I don’t know if you guys paid attention to Proverb he was making mistakes thought the show and this is how he was behaving during ad breaks.

20160925_182124and this…smitten like hell.


And this is the reason…Liesl Laurie


Until next time! Vote wisely.


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  1. But Lucia sang beautifully…even though Thami forgot his lyrics; he pulled through.It is Terra that I don’t get.

  2. I love love love Lucia and Terra..
    Nosihe bazomvotela abase NCF so nje ukhona Ku top 5.

  3. Missed more than half the show on Sunday, only caught the last 4 performances.
    Thami did good, despite messing up his lines. He recovered well. Valentine stole the show. She was confident and you could see that she’s having a great time on stage.

  4. Valentine is a performer guys, the confidence, the way she works that stage she gives me Mmatema’s typa vibe…love her

  5. LOL Zeeba you so spicy, leave Proverb alone!

    Terra for me delivered the best performance all round! Followed by Valentine.

    Lucia has a beautiful voice but like Tebogo she needs to find “that thing”

    Noma wasn’t that good for me this week

    Keegan was okay

    I like Sanele but the performance ddnt work out, Thami as well. We can forgive them thou 🙂

    Wont waste my energy on Bevin and Nosihe

  6. I’m so living Valentine hle,bervin nd nosihle they must just go home plz no use to vote fo no talent.thami will be safe he pulled it through after that mistake. Lucia must make sure she chooses the right songs otherwise she’ll find herself in trouble. I still say noma has a great voice but she’s no idol

  7. Team Thami all the way,he is going to the top, the hate is too much everywhere I can’t shem #asijiki