SA Idols Top 6, Recap!

SA Idols Top 6, Recap!


I just had to watch the show izolo (Monday) so as to prove my ears right from Sunday’s live performances because they were just incredible, All the contestants were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Thanks to their vocals and the Idols band…Now moving on to the week’s Top 6 perfomamces, Theme: Viewers Choice. Meaning each contestant had to sing two sings to impress South African voters and all say goodbye to one least voted performer of the previous week and this week Keegan Martin was the weakest based on the voting public and my views. I have said Keegan’s rendition of Usher’s Hey Daddy lacked the hlaudi oomph especially, especially the bridge. Hey Daddy’s bridge is the songs seller and Keegan was unable to peak.


I had a moment with him and boy was in high spirits with an amazing mature outlook on his future. We wish him all the best tidings from here-on.

Round 1:

Nathis’s Intliziyo Tebza wabantwana chose to sing Nathi’s Intliziyo which he sang clear from his first note…he was sharp I could tell from his annunciantion that Xhosa is not his native language yet sounded crystal, I give him 200% support. He looked was nonchalant, relaxed at ease and effortleas as he stood there sang his heart out. I can say he is in his comfort zone and he wants to win this…I liked his rendition very much.


 Couple Of Forever’s by Chrisette Michelle was beautifully remade by Lucia, I love Lucia guys I always wish she could get songs that allow her to sing the way she did couple of forever’s . She was in her zone, she was perfection her husky voice reminds me of my two ultimate favourite artists , Brandy Norwood and Jasmine Sullivan. Damn! Lucia you did good kiddo!
 Thami sang Etta Jones All I Could . I enjoyed the harmonies and gawd his bridging
was insane. Perfection Thami boy, perfection!
Can I say this, the three that opened the show Tebza, Lucia and Thami are really in it to win! They were flawless.
Can we talk by Tevin Campbell was redone by Bevin, my homie. This one is really finding his feet in this, his accapela slow opening was incredible and he took the song up and up he went. Awesome rendition, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Terra must have been peeing on himself angabizwa, Lol. Terra did a Thami on us by forgetting his lines as he started Celine Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me but swiftly and quickly recovered from the blunder and soldiered on. He attempted soldiering but failed to take himself out of the pit of embarrassment, Terra’s voice could not recover from mess. He was unable to pitch the sing the way we know him, his performance was solid yet weak in comparison with the other 4 contestants that performed before him.
 Last year’s SA Idols winner song was chosen by Noma as she made the last final cut to be in the Top 6. I don’t know the song but Teacher Noma ensured she brought it, the emotions and her ensemble was appropriately fitting.
Round One, I give to Tebza  and Noma was my least favourite.
Round 2:
 As excepted Tebza opened the second round with All 4 One’s These Arms . I loved it, from low notes to high and the bridging. I feel he wants this so bad and it showed on both his performances. I feel Tebza is really in his element I loved it and I also feel he has a bit of Stevie Wonder in his tone.
 OMG Lucia f*ck!  I was speechless as I attempted to sing along. My utmost best performance ever by her. Etta Jones At Last was cut into pieces of mutton stew from kitchen bar.
 Sand Castles by your girl Bee… I must admit I don’t know the song I don’t recall the last album I bought of Beyonce uye wabanesdina kimi as she grew older by calling herself a singer over being an entertainer and a performer rather. Thami’s rendition lacked soul and much needed appropriate interpretation, as much as I would not know certain songs, I always look forward to being captured by each and every contestant’s delivery. Below bar job Thami, if you carry on in this streak you will be watching SA Idols finals in the comfort of your home I tell yah!
 Bevin is another one I did not enjoy. In as much as Riri is not the best singer she ensures she kills her bridges and high notes and that is how she capitalizes on being brilliant in peoples eyes. Bevin I like you, I like you because I didn’t like you before and you proved me wrong. I like you because you are my homie, you’ re representing our home town Port Elizabeth, I also like that you chose to sing my Mom’s favourite Riri song Diamind But I will stop liking you if you sabbotage yourself by failing to capitalise on your strong singing points.
 Terra came back to his senses with Sia’s Alive, one word, Phenomenal!
 Giving Myself Over To You by JHud was beautifully revamped by Noma. From the first note she was clear, I loved how she controlled her voice. However coming back from the hurricane Terra did I felt Noma needed to belt it out some more, she has the pipes but they needed to be pushed to the limit sadly she didn’t utilise them.
I can safely say the competition is so on, whomever makes it to the the Top 5 of season 12 will totally be deserving!
That’s it for me, see you again next week.
Zeeba (c)
Pictures supplied by: TladiPhotography


  1. Just watched Thami’s rendition of all I could do was cry and all I did was cry! Incredible

  2. Is there a sandcastles by Beyonce as well? I know an old version by Solange. But i don’t follow idols so i don’t whats going on.

  3. I can’t fault Thami’s “sandcastles” mna, being a Beyonce fan and this song being my most fave in lemonade. He did good if that was not soulful, I don’t know what is!

  4. Thami you are in to win this boy I’m abusing the repeat button of ‘All I could do’ I literally cried *ndiyatefa I know* and I casted 300 votes. Noma girl I love you, I would like you to reach top 3 at least but now Lucia is outshining you, pull up your socks girl you got great vocals.

  5. Nam I feel like Lucia is better than Noma,whoever wins this will be so deserving because they are all talented

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  7. All tge T’s are my favourites. Thami, Terror and Tebogo (he was overtaken by Terror along the way). It’s gonna be tough in top 3. I’m rooting for Thami all the way. #TeamThami. Been repeating his All I could performance.

    Noma and Lucia are good. Started noticing them in the top 8. I would have loved Valentine to stay intend of Bevin.

  8. I haven’t watched Idols since Khaya’s season. Are all the other winners since then making a name for themselves?

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  10. Now that they’ve made Idols a competition for only black people, they should re-visit their format. This thing of making it a pop genre competition when house, gospel and traditional music are huge in the country makes no sense. Contestants should be able to pick a genre that they want to sing in throughout the competition. Idols’ first singles and albums are always nonsense. You only get to appreciate an Idol’s talent when they branch out of the pop genre to a genre that they love.

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  12. Musa Sukwene is doing quite well. Satisfactory. Vincent Bone bese ngimkhohlwe nokumkhohlwa. UKarabo sisamjongile after that mess that was his video for his first single.

  13. Also,changing the format will limit the amount of international content. I find it disturbing when contestants sing JHUD and Etta James and Sia and, and, when there are artists like Zonke Lira, Wanda Baloyi, Nandi, etc . I’m aware that they do dabble in local music, but they should make it a point to have more local. The fact that I see only Nathi’s song in the article is very sad.

  14. Hahaha Fluffy, you want the money moss? Send him lo message before ayifake kwi account ewrongo. Uyakwazi moss lomntu uba uyam user, just do it Lol

  15. How cool would it be to see a house vocalist contestant à la Nothende/Monique Bingham competing with another artist who sings African secular like Thandiswa/Siphokazi? We can only dream.

    In the States we saw strictly indie/alternative rock, country,R&B contestants who were free to do their own thing throughout the competition. No winner was ever limited to one genre on their debut album. Abo Proverb should think out of the box.

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  17. @Geez & @Sebzy just saw your comments from yesterday. If Phindile is dating Khune that means she us dating her friend’s ex. Remember that girl that had a cat fight with Minnie over Khune? She is friends with Phindile. Or the friend(dont know her name),is back with Khune and Phindile just accompanied her. Where does this leave Mateboho’s friend?

  18. @tshiamo the cat fight was between Minnie and Ncumisa. I don’t think she was dating him maybe a family friend. Who’s Matebogos friend? Khune ke womaniser hle

  19. Yep! I agree with the change of format except that since it’s a ‘franchise’ it cannot be changed too much to fit each country. I also feel its wrong that it has become a blacks only show. My view is that we have different taste and preference in music, these white musicians that blacks consider talentless do well in the Afrikaans music scene which includes coloureds and sell records.

    Have you noticed that most musician on topping Billboard chart in the US are white and we do not even know them and we would probably consider them people who can’t sing as blacks? point is, our tastes are different and we have to accommodate each other

  20. Let’s save the date Guys, Queen B Matheba will be hosting the SATY Awards on the 25th of November #HostWithTheMost

  21. @Geez I don’t remember the gal’s name. I saw the article in the newspaper. I was just puzzled hore she is dating a player and a coach

  22. “Sho Seysteri says:
    Let’s save the date Guys, Queen B Matheba will be hosting the SATY Awards on the 25th of November #HostWithTheMost”


  23. Format changes are limited, however I’d still love to see them take the same initiative that American Idols took. A.I. was a lot different from the original Pop Idols from the UK. They took the concept and made it to suit the US market. Come to think of it, the older seasons of SA Idols saw a lot of really good format changes during the Colin Moss era. At some point they were ahead of American Idol in terms of creativity. If MNET is serious about the show, they will implement the changes. Either make these important changes or scrap the show entirely and introduce an MNET original talent contest that accommodates our music landscape. There are no black pop stars in SA. They need to accept that. Have you seen how uncomfortable those poor kids look in their first music videos? Abazi nokuthi bazenzeni.

  24. Colin Moss was one talented guy; wonder what he has been doing all along? Even American Idols has reached its sell by date.We need a new show…send that proposal already @JusntNje