Strongbow Remixes Nature In The City With Its Braamfontein Butterfly Effect.

Strongbow Remixes Nature In The City With Its Braamfontein Butterfly Effect.


The Past Sunny Saturday (17/09) Strongbow  invited us to the media launch of Apple Ciders at Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein themed Nature Remix.

They had over 8000 paper (origami) butterflies to shower dwellings..

Like a cloudburst on a sunny day, the butterflies were unexpectedly released from a skyscraper above the crowd in what can best be described as a signature Strongbow stunt. With the belief that nature is the ultimate refreshment, Strongbow has embarked on a journey to stage innovative ways to use the refreshing beauty of nature to rejuvenate cities around the globe and refresh the people who live in them.


about the strongbow: “Strongbow is a natural apple cider made from real orchard apples.” says Marcel Swain, Strongbow’s Marketing Manager “We’ve always believed nature is the ultimate refreshment, so to launch our brand in SA, we identified some of the most dramatic, inspiring, refreshing moments in nature and we remixed them to rejuvenate cities across the country. This is just the first”.


Lets take a look at whom we spotted!

20160917_165923 20160917_165919

The beau Thando Thabethe with Nontombi Kuzwayo.


Bhut’ #Nonke naye was also there. I don’t know if he were a guest or working but he looked awkward nje.

20160917_154820Friends; Mathew and Njabulo.


20160917_152102 20160917_151832Strongbow peepol ensuring we were all taken care of.

20160917_150943 20160917_150940

Ms Dineo Ranaka.

20160917_141937 Teddy Nkonde.

20160917_134235Sk Khoza.

20160917_161811And his kid brother Abdul.

20160917_144152Tried out Strongbow Apple and Berry flavours.

20160917_134406 20160917_134401 20160917_134358 20160917_134347The Colourful crowd.


The Neighbourgoods Market Jump!


Dumi Gwebu… I heart green 🙂

20160917_150638Some eats.

20160917_162532The Kings Of The weekend.

20160917_171142Mandla Mngomezulu.

20160917_171649 20160917_171656I spotted this heavily pregnant lady in the crowd…is it normal?


Katleho “Kat” Sinivasan…I wonder how it is like to be with your current in the present of your ex and his current umhhh.

20160917_154735Cool kids selfie!

20160917_152931Dr Sivuyile Madikana.


Beautiful people!

20160917_150750 Tumelo Thekiso.

20160917_150726James Mahlatse.

20160917_145918Omuhle Gela.

20160917_144334This boy is cute.

20160917_141347Thato with Nondumiso.


Deejay Speedsta.


Just a beautiful day with people people by a delicious cider.


With 3 delicious flavours, we enjoyed until dawn!

Thank you eclipse PR for inviting us to the fabulous event.

Zeeba (c)





  1. Zeeba, I’ll be trying amadombholo wakho this weekend. I hope azophuma kakuhle.? Ndicela usithi jize nge Mzansi News wethu Bhuti.

  2. Lmao Who is the current? The Ex? And his current?? Yhu Zeenat. Niyathetha boh!

    Euphonik looks untidy.

    Lol!!! @SpanishGuitar uphi uTeddy? Lol Can’t spot him from the pics

  3. Bahlali I’m looking for a legit place where I can but weave *hight quality please help me .I wanna sell them thank you

  4. I tried this new strongbow ko Makro the other day, The apple one is nice hle!!
    But am loyal to Hunters gold! LOL

    It’s normal for pregnant women to be out and about considering gore you will be stuck @ home for three months taking care of the little one after birth! We might be living maphelo a nou so but most people still believe that ngwana must stay ko ntlung 3month yonke.

    Good Tuesday morning everyone

  5. The event looks like twas fun and refreshing indeed. People looking laid back and chilled. I have no criticism. I’m drained by the “motivation” and “thankfulness” from a certain young lady on instagram. It just seems a bit needy for validation. Nothing annoys like one of those “see you at the top, it’s too crowded at the bottom” memes. Who said youre the only one grinding and not sleeping? I wish to ask.

    5 more weeks and I’m done with class for now and hello summer. Yhu.

  6. “He made a joke about my one hand” Dj Black Coffee clarifies why he clapped the “sweet Tshiamo”

  7. Morning bahlali.. I want to do CTA next year.. Anyone who has done it or is doing it and wouldnt mind emailing me study material or anything that can help me .. TIA

  8. I want to see a picture of these butterflies, are they biodegradable? Who cleaned them up afterwards?

  9. Sisekhona iStrongbow wow?!

    A blogger once called uEuphonik uBusobe phalishi hahaha unobuso be phalishi nyani!

  10. When does this Doctor kid work vele? We cant all be celebs hey, pick a struggle.
    That cute boy is German Tailor or something, another one, what does he actually do? He is everywhere!
    Cant believe strongbow is trying to make a comeback. One thing they should bring back is Water, that drink was nice

  11. Morning All ——

    On Saturday evening we were chilling at a friends place for a braai. We were a group of women and chatting about everything under the sun. The conversation steered towards s*ex. This 26 year old woman told us that she was raped while at varsity. Uthi she was on her way to res when a guy approached her, tied her hands, rubbed her clit and raped her. Uthi she came twice. Uthi although she was raped, in her 26 years of life she has never had any s*ex as enjoyable as that. Uthi she asked her rapist for another round……..she confessed that if she had seen his face, she would have had him for s*ex EVEN AFTER the rape.
    I was shocked and I still am. But she’s okay with that. Uthi it was something ugly and beautiful at the same time. She said she has had boyfriends afterwards but none of them had made her come like her “rapist”…….

  12. This server problem is very selective yazi. It only affects Mzansi news. We see it.

    I cannot stand crowded spaces like these. Ngutata wabani lo in a green overall? How do you bring a child to such an event? I have so many questions.

  13. Oprah Winfrey also said she always reached an orgasm when she was getting raped. She said she found it pleasurable as sick as it sounds. Google it

  14. This event looks real chilled and all about the product and the ordinary consumers of it. Celebrity filled events that are sometimes featured don’t look like anyone is having fun but stick around for the sake of being at the right event, with the right crowd in the right outfit.

    Heeeeee Cutie. That enjoyable rape story neh! I think there is a definite line between liking to be dominated and rape. I for one, like the dominant type of men (not necessary in life but in the bedroom is a must) but I doubt that a rape would trigger the same pleasure.

  15. Yhe Zeeba why are you doing this to Yufonik? Waske wamvuthela ubuso basinda umzimba engathi yilandoda ene flu kwi television. Why Zeeba? u gqwirhy yaz!

  16. @JustNje – Yhaz I don’t know what to believe hey. She seems to be at peace though and she never reported the “rape”

    @Beyoncé – it means some of these rapists are good ke moss…..there are many people in loving relationships who never come.

  17. Cutie – that’s some erotica story right there, im sure she cooked that fantasy up in her head 🙂
    Strongbow, great brand, hope it sticks around this time.

  18. Wow. So it’s possible? But there is a reason why there is a whole porn genre for this. “Gang-bang” porn is quite exciting to watch.

    With that said, I am now aware that I should never slip up and have my identity exposed. Hehehehehe. It would tickets to my demure self.

  19. Yazi JustNje this might me true, some girl at Varsity once told us that she seduced one of the Gcaba boys because she was fascinated by the stories that they kidnap girls and rape them. She also wanted that and wamthola, the way she would be so excited when she narrated how the guy beat her up, she said he looked sexy when he was angry.

  20. What’s happening to Dumi Gwebu :-/ He just aged a good 17 years in a short space of time! Something other than the beard looks off.He used have such a yummy face.

    Looked like a very lovely event and has me wanting to retaste Strongbow as an adult not sipping it from left over glasses of my young aunts in the 90s.

  21. I can believe her @cutie as much as its a horrible act there is pleasure to it. And thats just one of the complexities of rape. If someone rubs your clit no matter who, your body will react to the sensation. And you can blame yourself and overloading your mind with thoughts like why did I get wet,why did I come, did I enjoy it? I think Oprah was molested not raped.

  22. Beyoncé that usually happens when a person is repeatedly molested by a relative or someone close. They groom the child and the child ends up enjoying whatever is done without knowing exactly what it is or without know that the person is actually hurting them. Le yona ye stranger sasehlathini I want to agree with Sofia that this woman cooked the fantasy in her head.

  23. The enjoyment of rape is not uncommon at all. Google it you will see. I’ve even heard of people who go on to pursue relationships with their rapists.

  24. I’ve been over-thinking ubuHERO bukaMpho Mandoza, that everybody is on about…Like, when did Bekezeling umbhedo uze ube nestoke became ubuHERO? I just wanna understand this ! I don’t want to talk anything bad, but I want to know…

  25. So how is this Tshiamo guy sweet if he’s making fun of disabled people? I’m not saying he deserved the clapping, i’m just questioning his “sweetness” if that make sense.
    Yhoo Cutie i can imagine lontombi talking about how good her rapist was, it doesn’t sound normal at all.

  26. “Like, when did Bekezeling umbhedo uze ube nestoke became ubuHERO?”

    @Muhlezi, are you married? I must be honest too, this strength angle also boggled my mind but I put it down to the fact that I am not married and won’t understand. I’m starting to think that marriage for women is about bekezeling. The more you bekezele the better at it you are believed to be as a wife and all praise shall come your way…Shine!

  27. There we go, playing the disability game just so violence is condoned, zilch suprises. Black coffee says he is not “that guy” Mna I find that puzzling to be honest, so he is denying the violent guy in him instead of admitting that he snapped and did what he should not have done irregardless of what was said to typical of public figures, never wanting to take responsibility bt I think black coffee should expose “that guy” who slapped Tshiamo. I’d rather the devil I know (AkA) than the angel I dont(black coffee)

  28. I don’t believe this BC story. I don’t see anyone in their right mind mocking BC about his hand to his face and let alone that person be in the same industry he is in. He must just tell the truth. I am not buying this version.

    Euphonic does look like he drinks malt everyday.

  29. @Sothogirl, yes I am married, for 10years now, and I am not that woman of what-what as they all praise and describe that “till death do us apart” meaning. I don’t want to be, and I am OK with myself!
    @SothoGirl, I guess you will choose the life you want to live within the marriage when/if you get married. I did, it works perfectly. I cannot deal with such, some of us are just different, that perfect wife/strongest woman thing can miss me, thanks!

  30. That’s a relief @Muhlezi. It’s always nice to hear about non-bekezeling marriages. Note, not perfection but at least there shouldn’t be that one person that must always lie down and play dead while the other is having the time of their life.

    I sometimes think that the saying “people treat you how you let them” is real life more than just a saying. Maybe if you give someone the idea that you are okay with bekezeling, they will wile out at your expense…akere wena o strong.

  31. Cutie says
    @Beyoncé – it means some of these rapists are good ke moss….

    Posted on September 27th, 2016

    Cutie I hope you never have a daughter who gets raped and confides in you only to be told that her rapist was “good”

    I am always amazed at the things bloggers say sometimes. Rape has nothing to do with sex.

    Here’s a copy and paste I got by googling orgasm during rape.

    Orgasm during rape isn’t an example of an expression of pleasure. It’s an example of a physical response whether the mind’s on board or not, like breathing, sweating, or an adrenaline rush. Therapists commonly use the analogy of tickling. While tickling can be pleasurable, when it is done against someone’s wishes it can be very unpleasant experience. And during that unpleasant experience, amid calls to stop, the one being tickled will continue laughing. They just can’t help it.

    And to the blogger who mentioned people who have relationships with their rapists, it’s got nothing to do with enjoying rape. There’s something called Stockholm syndrome. Read a little about it especially with regards to rape victims.

    “it means some of these rapists are good ke moss…” Tjo! Un freaking believable *smh & logs out*

  32. @Sotho don’t ever allow “society standards” define your life journey. Men will always walk all over their wives if we still hear the stories like these 2016. I believe in living my life in a truthful way, My friends think I’m hardcore but I am the honest person according to my standards, I don’t live to please or bekezeling because “abantu bazothini” or for any other reason. I came to the union, with an open mind, if it doesn’t work for “me” I am out! But ke people are HAPPY with themselves.
    @Mommy waCroc, this is so deep 🙁 it’s scary!

  33. @MamaCroc – you didn’t get my context at all……if you read I said because I said I’m shocked. The reason for my shock is that I consider rape as the most serious crime ever…..

    Again if you read, the 26 year old said “IF SHE KNEW THE GUY, SHE WOULD ASK FOR SEX AGAIN. SHE ASKED FOR ANOTHER ROUND”…..Beyoncé said “OPRAH ENJOYED AND HAD ORGASM”…..
    Please read the context….I never applauded rape but the two people mentioned here said THE SEX “RAPE” was good.

  34. To other bloggers – Yhazi I never knew that people could actually admit to “enjoying” rape at all. I’m puzzled. The woman I mentioned seems to be doing well and seems not bothered by that ordeal.

  35. Mamawacroc – that’s how men can be raped as well, you arouse a man`s D it will stand erect and ejaculate, doesn’t mean he has consented to sex. I totally get that.
    also the “pleasure” of being molested and the guilt victims feel, its a complete mind F&ck, I really detest people who take advantage of children like that.
    I read about Donnie mcclurkin and his molestation and rape ordeal growing up. I completely understand where he’s depth of spirit comes from, his music is so deeply moving but its sad to think that it comes from such a sad place.
    maybe cutie`s friend is still conflicted ke about her experience because her body responded as such, she`s trying to rationalize that she enjoyed it. in all likelihood her orgasm was so intense because all her senses and adrenalin were on the extreme. it wasn’t a normal sexual encounter.

  36. Ag shame Euphonik look sononyana on this pic, actually my first time seeing a full length pic of him. No wonder he wants Aurelia to wipe his mom’s ass !!!!!!

    MissAN, did Scoop asked Thembisa about Atandwa and the father of the twins???

  37. Lol @manyathi nami ngizibonele uflu guy ku euphonik. BC knows he is loved and people will believe him and buy the hand story so they can continue to hate on AKA.
    Indaba ka Mpho I don’t think she is being hailed heroic in the sense that we should follow in her footsteps but people are pointing out how much she has dealt with but pulled through. Uma kushoniwe generally we don’t speak ill of the dead so I suppose this was a nice way of saying ‘ubuthwalile ubunzima ngalendoda’

  38. I totally agree with @Mommy wa Croc….but we cannot and it would be ignorant of us to discount the fact that there are people who enjoy being raped. As sick and disturbing as it may be, they exist. Look it up.

  39. Cutie – people cope with trauma differently. I don’t think she`s doing well if her story is true. She doesn’t realize that this experience has left her affected, jonga ngoku she doesn’t feel as good sexually in other normal intimate situations, that right there says something is off. She`s post rationalizing her intense orgasm, the mind will do anything to cope with a traumatic experience. that guy used her and violated her, did he even use a condom??
    Shame man, that’s messed up.

  40. Cutie if there’s anything you can’t accuse me of is selective reading.

    I get your shock and stuff but I had to quote you TWICE when you said some of these rapists are good.
    Good at what?

    Your statement implies that you think rape is a sexual act. It’s not. Your husband can lick you and you call it foreplay. Is it still called foreplay when he does it to an adolescent girl? The girl has raging hormones so her body could respond to the licking. I ask again, just because it was a nice feeling to the 13 year old, is it still called fore play and do we still applaud the 35 man for his tongue game being on fleek?

    Incase the above example is a little off the mark because I mentioned a child please tell me, what were you referring to when you implied that some rapists good? Good at what?

    We have a long way to go stru.

  41. While we are on this sick topic. I watched a movie yesterday called “Trade of the Innocents” I’m sure dstv will repeat it again. Sick sick grey haired men paying top dollar for 6-7 year olds.
    This one wrinkly bastard says to the pimp. I want a fresh flower to used for a month. If you have to go down to 5 or 6 years to guarantee virginity that’s fine but my preference is 7 years.

  42. @Cutie,its a VERY common phenomenon for rape victims to have feelings of deep arousal during their attacks. Those feelings make them feel dirty and guilty,but apparently its the brain’s way of protected you from the horror that’s happening to you. That woman probably had councelling that brought her to this kind of peace. How brave of her. She was raped,it is still rape, she just owns her version of that day. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  43. @Nombie why people feel the pressure to lie to the mourners vele? These people didn’t just lie there, but on social networks as well, why? I am not saying they must speak ill, but if I lived an ill life, why must they lie? or why not skip that, and do something else?
    Kunzima ukuba umfazi, You must be able to pull through! for what?

  44. @Girliegal – very true. I never knew it was possible but ke I guess there is an explanation for that

    @Sofia – If I was close to her, I’d suggest that she sees a therapist. I don’t know if they used protection, but what horrifies me is the fact that she still “fantasises” about sex with that guy.

  45. @Sisteract – I agree with you. But she still says if she could do it again with that guy she would…..

  46. the thing is that we don’t really talk about such things unless a case involving a child`s rape and molestation is blown up in the media. people just aren’t educated on the matter, how pervasive it is.
    a molester in a family is the most dangerous predator.
    I don’t know how you got through that movie – I saw it and switch it off.

  47. Muhlezi, what exactly did Mpho bekezela?

    I’ve been meaning to ask, I have never read anything bad about them, please enlighten me. All I saw was a woman who stuck by her man when he was sick, she did make the vows to do that after all?

  48. @MissZ
    Nombie says “people are pointing out how much she has dealt with but pulled through. Uma kushoniwe generally we don’t speak ill of the dead so I suppose this was a nice way of saying ‘ubuthwalile ubunzima ngalendoda’!” Exactly this!

  49. this topic has put me right down.
    Mandoza, I loved him as an artist but I would never wish that kind of marriage on anybody. But ke Mpho must`ve seen something we didn’t in him, I think its important now that she is supported, people know a little bit about her experience so they want her to be at peace now. I kind of feel sorry for her in a way so I naturally want to lift her up. but then as TD Jakes says, everyone is in some type of battle, you don’t know my fight and I don’t know yours. We don’t know why Mpho bekezelad all these years. if that woman released a book it would be an instant best seller.

  50. @MommywasCroc – You made a very bad example when you compared this with children. Lets keep to the topic. She was 20 when she was raped. at 26 she says “IF SHE COULD AGAIN, SHE COULD HAVE SEX WITH HIM AGAIN TODAY…THATS HOW MUCH SHE ENJOYED IT”……Put the emotions aside and look at the crux of the topic.
    If after YEARS of “rape”, she would repeat it what does it mean? You seem more clued up on this than me. If it was bad (THAT IS MY VIEW OF THE RAPE), would she go back?

  51. It has been an open secret that Mandoza’s fame got into his head. He became obsessed with women, booze, dugs etc. Mpho was there to witness all of it. We all know that when men have new women in their lives, they start belittling the current. Mpho was not respected by Mandoza, hence the stroke. Stroke is related to stress and depression. It could be that the “society” were on some “bekezela ngane yam, uzobayini without him”……….

  52. @Cutie I asked you one question. Forget everything else, maybe I did get carried away yet I still ask “some of these rapists are good at WHAT? Phela these are your words.
    What happened to your friend I can’t say much coz there’s no 1 size fits all. It’s a complex issue and we as human beings ha re tshwane. But I’m here for your statement. I even quoted you twice

  53. Life is tough.
    So here at work we have a client who is such a B%tch, mean mean mean, she`s had a massive global promotion and is now as sick as a dog every other week. WE are literally writing her strategies for her, she merely presents. Everyone at work is laughing and I just think its incredibly sad. its possible she will not cope, or she will have a stroke, she`s been as humble as a church mouse lately which is a bit funny.
    it just begs the question, we push ourselves so hard to be in these high flying jobs, we literally break ourselves, why, to what end?. I personally push because I fear poverty but if I had a choice I would work half days and spend more time pursuing other passions.

  54. @sofia, I don’t know how I kept watching. Maybe coz there weren’t any explicit scenes, no nudity etc. I get clapping with every statement! The sad part is the so called culture that kids must look after their parents by any means necessary. Tjo!

  55. When Mpho was speaking at the funeral, she introduced all their kids, including the child Mandoza fathered with a sidechick. She said she regards him and loves him as her own child even though he was birthed by another woman. People cheered and I guess that’s why they hail her as a woman of substance. I don’t know if she did this to garner favour from the public but it left me feeling some typa way. I know it’s not something I would wear as a badge of honor or wanna discuss, let alone in front of the whole of Mzansi…..I kept thinking of Zintle Modiba during that speech.

  56. @mommywacroc,that reminds me of an article I read about the FBI’s crackdown on one of the biggest pedophile rings. Those sickos posted videos of themselves abusing kids. The screen grabs of some of their messages traumatized me so bad! They talked about kids like they were grocery items. Gosh,how do we live in a world with people who actually LOVE hurting children? These guys didn’t want to stop,they didn’t want help,they felt misunderstood by society for being “Child lovers”. I’m sorry,I wish death on every single one of them.

  57. Guys this rape topic is very very unfair,insensitive, ignorant to all the rape victims who are dealing with this devastating experience:( 🙁

  58. @MommywaCroc – They are good at stimulating these women to make them come.
    The above is based on the fact that IN MY EXPERIENCE, I only have an orgasm when sex was good. Yes here it was not consensual but orgasm is linked to enjoyment (AND BY ADMISSION BOTH RAPE VICTIMS ENJOYED IT). The fact that a “Victim” asks for another round tells me that no matter how messep up she is/was, she enjoyed it. AND I DON’T CONDONE RAPE….
    Here is a research about orgasm……

    The following models are patterns that have been found to occur in all forms of sexual response, and are not limited solely to penile-vaginal intercourse.

    Master and Johnson’s Four-Phase Model:??

    Kaplan’s Three-Stage Model:

    Kaplan’s model differs from most other sexual response models as it includes desire – most models tend to avoid including non-genital changes. It is also important to note than not all sexual activity is preceded by desire.
    As opposed to attacking each other and wishing each other bad, it would benefit us to TALK about it and get all the facts right. There seems to be a lot of complexities when it comes to responses to rape.

  59. So this past weekend I went to a Soweto Pride after party…. even though the actual Pride got cancelled. It was so awesome seeing queer women party in a safe space at Chaf Pozi….Oh while there I met my ex’s (Bae PE) current girlfriend. She is so pretty. We took pictures and sent them to my ex, it was all so cordial. I am so mature, all three of us are. My ex knows how to deal with break-ups, the chick is supper pretty, young and thin. I would like to watch them… you know…. like watch them love each other. The new Bae is going to Cape Town to see my ex this month end. She is so excited. They are so adorable. The both of them.

  60. I’ve tried so many angles, but I cannot deal with this line “some of these rapists are good”
    🙁 🙁 🙁
    My sister was raped, by a new boyfriend who was trying out drugs and went all crazy on her…they were in high school and she was still a virgin, she said she never experienced such pain in her life. She tried to get the guy arrested, the society was blaming us/family girls because sithanda abafana 🙁 we went through hell, up and down the court, and its processes, cops were involved trying to bribe his way out on his behalf, his dad was a taxi owner and his hit men wanted to kill her/us ( as we all 4 girls looked alike) his mother was trying to talk to my mother because “ukuhlawula/geza umuzi was gonna solve this problem” those were her words, we had a family meeting, we all advised her to drop the charges, this was not her decision but she was relieved, we carried-on with our lives, we never spoke about it, it is sore subject at home, we all don’t know how to deal/address/talk nje about it, this happened 10 years ago, she went through tests and counselling but that didn’t help, she said.
    We need to be responsible, as much as we are shocked!

  61. Geez, askies – but its important to discuss this topic, we cant brush it under the carpet. that is why rape will continue, we have to confront it.

  62. Talking about rape in a blog full of women will not help. some of you sickos are titillated by this mess.

  63. To @Cutie, as a multiple victim of rape myself I want to let you know that it never goes away. It could have happened 60 years ago but rape will haunt one for the rest of their lives.

    I am merely just beginning to heal but there will always be something that is missing. My mood is forever changing, like I experience different stages of being bipolar but try with all my strength to appear normal because I have to come here and function because I have kids.

    There are times when I fantasise about death as it seems to me the only time I will ever have peace from the inner turmoil. There are times when I convince myself that I’m bigger and better than my past but trust me it all comes back at some point.

    Other times i feel like self destructing and taking drugs etc so that the pain can somehow be visible. As normal as I look , my soul is shattered. I don’t ever think I will ever feel better no matter how much money, houses, cars, kids etc I have because someone sick and twisted stole my innocence.

    I am married. Think I love my husband but there is always doubt. I try and speak to my father but don’t have any respect for him. He chose to be an absent dad when he could’ve been next to me and perhaps those strangers would not have taken advantage of me. I have a very low threshold of tolerance for males in general and my respect for them is just as low.

    Rape @Cutie is unfortunately a huge gaping wound on the soul oozing with puss but no one can ever see. it HURTS forever.

    Yes, time makes it better for one to be able to talk about it because we unfortunately cannot roll over and die.

    I hope you have somehow understood why this associate of yours could have uttered such. She is in hurting somehow.

    I, unlike her, never enjoyed because I was under age and a virgin.

    You have no idea how hard it is when people recount their first sexual experiences and you can share nothing because that was savagely taken away from you by some animal.

  64. @Dintlenyathi
    oh dear, I cant imagine this pain 🙁 please talk more about as that once-off concelling doesn’t work for some victims. I was reading MsiziNkosi’s #RapeDiaries on FB and I have no words, I’m in tears 🙁

  65. Cutie says:

    @MommywaCroc – They are good at stimulating these women to make them come.


    Guys, I’ll come back tomorrow. I’ve never been raped but hey, my studio is getting touched. @Geez and all rape survivors: askies if I opened wounds. Sorry. I’m out

  66. “sofia says:
    Geez, askies – but its important to discuss this topic, we cant brush it under the carpet. that is why rape will continue, we have to confront it.”

    Correct. Especially in the country we live in where the prevalence rate is very high.

    Now, I get that one can get an orgasm during a rape, but do we still call it rape when the victim asks for another round? Do we say she was raped in the first round and then had consensual sex in the second round? Or did she consent to both rounds (round one being physical consent seeing that she did not say no and the other round a verbal consent)? This incident is tricky. The man’s intentions are clear. He is a rapist… but this girl is confusing the hell out of me. It’s one thing to get stimulated during a rape because one can’t control such things, but to ask for more and wish you’d seen the rapist’s face so that you can have more sex with him is something else. Sounds more like some twisted BDSM fantasy to me.

  67. “lolo says:
    @Mateboho you are making so much sense. You are one of the brightest women on this blog.”


  68. lolo how is BaeKZN? it seems like baePE has upgraded but ngisakhala ngomshado owamthembisa wona nendlu ene granny’s cottage ebizo rentwa nguNomiSupaStar. All that gone kanjalo nje?

  69. Hamilton Bae KZN and I are perfect. She is awesome. When I posted I was going to the Gay Event she said my Visa is denied, which made me want to go all the more. I do not want to set precedents like that. I have been in a controlling marriage for a long time, I am not tryna go there with her. She is awesome though, we are seeing each other in October, and In January I am taking her and the kids on holiday. The pics will be lit fam…. I already have the first caption “my wife and kids”

  70. AKA’s road manager laid charges of assault against BC, bamcebisile why he waited this long.

  71. hahahaha @Hamilton: my plans of moving to Makhura’s land are put on hold. I don’t see myself living in some foreign Mkhukhu except lamkhukhu kaLolo wamaXhew’kazi yazi.Ndiyaloyika iJwanasbhege let alone iRhawuti. But ndiyayithanda iSandton neMidrand kaZibha. And I got a Kiss from a Midrander last week 😉 *naughty laugh*

    @Lolo: you;re talking about these new lovebirds oku ngathi uthetha ngeeNgan’zakho yazi.Uyandihlekisa,its so nauseating though.

  72. Thanks Cutie… shuu some of the things we put up with as women?

    I think Tshiamo is being petty, as much as what Coffee did is wrong, he acknowledged publicly and apologised, what more is a man to do? Jail time for a slap?

  73. @Nomi I will always love uBae PE mna. We connected in a deep way, I want her happy. She is going to be very happy with the new chick shem. She was dancing e Chap Pozi, wearing this skirt with a front slit. Amathanga alamntu mancinci kodwa ashushu. Uzotya kamnandi shem u-ex wam. The new person dances as if uyawuqonda umcimbi wasebhedini.

  74. I think the girl insisting that she enjoyed it is a psychological tactic to take back control of the moment. Like ‘you thought you were destroying me well guess what I enjoyed it! do it again if you want”, i.e. throwing it back in the rapists face to show he didn’t have power over her. It could also be a mental block, the trauma was too much for her so she rewrites history and makes it seem like its the best sex she ever had just to allow her to handle what happened to her. I do agree that the body does react during rape regardless of the mind screaming no, so I have heard of people have an orgasm during rape. That being said there are people with mental issues who do fantasise about being raped. But this girl need counselling either way

  75. @Dintlenyanthi – I’m sorry Sisi for your rdeal. I fully understand how you feel. I hope you get all the healing that you need.

  76. @Chiedza, is it also a psychological tactic to ask for a second round and then still have desires to be with the guy long after the rape? Sounds nonsensical to me.

    I think people should stop using the word ‘rape’ in vain. It is a very serious crime. Women get beaten up, they are maimed and killed and many times they commit suicide because of rape. We cannot just use the word all willy-nilly. If you want to satisfy your BDSM urge, then do so without calling it rape. This lady has no business saying she was raped. There are real victims out there.

    “Enjoy” is the wrong word to use. Nobody enjoys rape. An orgasm doesn’t necessarily equate to enjoyment. Your body is simply betraying you in that moment and it is reacting in the opposite way to how you’re feeling and that is NOT called enjoyment. Genitalia and emotions are not one. Rape is not just about penetration. It’s the entire ordeal. You can get multiple orgasms, but you will still resent the ordeal.

  77. @JustNje – The problem is that there was no consent here. I’m as confused as hell. Uthi the guy approached her, tied her hands, rubbed her clit and “raped” her. The process sounds like rape to me but its her reaction to it that worries me.

  78. Kodwa ulolo wabanjwa yi cold feet kudala ngalomtshato noBaePE, you used to complain negnto ezincinci like she makes you talk to her mom, and ukufake umsesane and wena ufuna kube nguwe omfakayo kuba umdala wara wara fish paste… Izikhalazo zakho zazicacile uba akho mkhukhu kaNomi apha.

  79. Your narrative made me very sad Dintlenyathi,it reminded me of a beautiful and bubbly soul that i once loved who was also gang-raped at the age of 17,her innocent life was turned upside down,for years i watched her self-destruct,acting out of character and it hurt that there was nothing i could do then.Rapists destroy lives and i absolutely hate them,strength to you my sister.

  80. I still cannot believe Bonang did not congratulate #PearlThusiDay. The way I was looking forward to such a tweet or insta post…

    ‘ALL’Industry kids did but not her.

    I’m waiting to knock so I can catch up on this post and the comments thereof.

    Where is Annalize, Momager, Anatomy and them guys? They are missed.

  81. Guys what series are you currently watching! Just nje you mentioned something the other day… Cutie you also were going to download something as well

    please guys dont ignore me

  82. Molweni ninani….ncedani bahlali a friend of mine has a 11 days old newborn engekawisi inkaba! She’s starting to panick and has been using surgical spirit since day 1…

  83. @Nelley – I’m watching Greenleaf at the moment. I got it from a colleague of mine. I also finished Quantico 1st season. I don’t have sites to download.

  84. To the blogger who bought a braided weave from G-thobela and complained of it being too tight, how did you apply it? Did you glue it? Does it have adjustable straps? I thank you.

  85. @OhSoGlam mna ndancedwa yi-Disprin le ibomvu. Uyayiguba ibe-fine. Uyayi-cleana kakuhle inkaba ngesaspirit then ugalele iDisprin leyo. Ikhawleza irhwaqele yome msinya izoqhawka. Qho ke xa utshintsha inapkeni uyayi-cleana la-powder uphinde ugalele. Funeka ke acokise xa ecleana inkaba angawalazi.

  86. Inkaba yomntwana ayingxanyelwa guys: let it fall away naturally. The most important thing is to keep it clean to avoid infections and let it dry. Don’t cover inkaba with the nappy so that ihlale yomile.
    Sometimes it falls away in 2 days or 3 or 4 or 10. Take a chill pill. Khobaxelele Lolo 😛

  87. Lol @Nomi I am also wondering why fanele ibe ne time frame.

    @OhSoGlam it will fall off naturally. Just apply surgical spirits and let it dry.

    @Teddy but Tuesday guys really demand way too much from B! Why must she congratulate Pearl? They not even the best of buddies. If she wants a congrats from B* she must play AKA’s ‘Congratulate me’ not sure the name of the song.

  88. Teddie you being spicy shem, congratulate for the who? Akusiye umngani wakhe plus naye uSthe was sour when Trevor got his gig. She didn’t pretend so leave the kween on her lane. Quantico won’t be less of a success just because Bonang did not tweet halalaness.
    Speaking of halalaness Ave ngiwathanda ama# kaKhayi D thanx to the blogger who told us she was on insta

  89. But Nombie also, Pearl congratulated Trevor and even mentioned that despite her dislike of him she was happy for him. She (B*) does not have to be friends with P for her to send her congratulations. Now I believe Euphonik.

  90. Er, Hlaudi Group Executive Corporate Affairs for SABC, the GE of cooperate affairs, who was appointed about 2 months ago, will now be a project management officer.

    this is totally sick guys! I don’t even have a more eloquent way of describing what complete and utter Bullshit this is.

  91. Yazi I typed a long-nyana comment ngalendaba yamacongratulations and Jesus found me. I’m grateful.

  92. Has Pearl ever congratulated Bonang? She has been spicy forever! Until she actually took a leaf our of Bobang’s Bible,things happened. Some people are not good with pretending @Teddy.

  93. this is what happened to my cousin, appointed as acting director in one of the governments new state of the art forensic labs. after a year of establishing the lab, the post of director was opened, she lost out to a qualified nurse while she has a Masters and has been practicing forensic science for 20years. She resigned of course. what BS

  94. Lol Teddie you have always believed Euphonik and nothing will change your mind!
    @Senzangakhona humour us comments are slow anyway

  95. Bonang and Pearl dont like each other, why should they pretend? Has Pearl every congratulated Bonang on anything? No!

  96. Designated Survior, HTGAWM, This Is Us, Narcos, Survivor’s Remorse. I’m good at watching series, not at discovering them. Where’s Bongani?

  97. Teddy as a woman it boggles my mind how that woman you’re engaged to doesn’t know you’re gay. The way you go on and ooooooooon about Pearl no Bonang (abafazi, industry girls), I wonder if you talk about such with her and if yes: aka ring-elwa amabells ukuthi nje lana khona okungekho right because personally that would turn me off of a man very quick. I simply do not get it! I imagine my man being obsessed with how Bonang didn’t congratulate Pearl and yeah, BARF!!!

  98. hahaha Senzangakhona bendicinga lonto nam. Ziyam stressor kakhulu indaba zomama uTeddie

  99. Pearl is on her way to being the next biggest SA export since Charlize Theron and wena you are busy stressing about Bonang who only has lipsticks and bras to her name. Your priorities are screwed up. I’m tempted to say uyisdomu esingasile, but I will hold myself.

  100. Senzangakhona. First of all I like your name.

    To answer your question, there is no fiance ANYMORE!

    I like it when I post one very stupid comment and you get all worked up! Lol. That is the intention entlik. ?

  101. @sofia were you not confirming TD Jakes’ statement that favour is not fair the other day? *winks*

  102. She found out I KISSED one of her friends (a guy) long before we even started dating. We tried to talk about but it never worked. She agreed we will be civil about everything and remain friends but we have not spoken in about a month or so. I am cool. She never mentioned to our parents the real reason. They they still believe we can work things out because… because we were the ‘coolest’.

    I pray that JC put this fiance subject to rest from today. Allow me to comment peacefully without bringing my sexuality into everything. Or even ask Kiki to block me if you have to.

    A friend of mine works at JC by the way, so chances are slim I will be blocked.

  103. Pearl is on a first-name-basis with important studio executives, but here you are worrying about a Top Billing presenter. I guess we should be grateful that ubudomu abuthelelani. Ngabe sinjani nje? Did you even support Pearl’s debut or were you busy hogging Bonang’s timeline waiting for a congratulatory tweet? Kodwa ke umfuzile uXola. She was also busy talking about people who were trying to sabotage her career… on such an important day?! Like, you have been elevated to new heights but you still make time to shade people who are beneath you. How?

  104. So Bonang is expected to congratulate pearl bcoz everybody else is? Bahlali can we be for real just once in our lives and stop wanting to dictate fake lives. It first starts with ironing out their differences then they can halala each other. Tshiamo is deemed as being petty for pressing charges against the big mighty oh so humble black coffee. On what basis, I ask myself. I was raped at the age of 19 as an innocent child who knew nothing about sex and I thank God that I lost consciousness and can never give a chronological account of the ordeal bt that the pain has cut deep. I did not tell anyone after it happened as I did not know where to start. I can now talk abt it without shedding tears and I guess thats a sign of healing..I could have contracted some disease..Enkosi Bawo

  105. Ewe Mathaz, you got me right there. But I don’t think this is favour from God, rather self engineered and forced favour. He audio is like a cat with 9 lives

  106. lolo Sep 27, 2016 at 1:42 pm
    @Nomi I will always love uBae PE mna. We connected in a deep way, I want her happy. She is going to be very happy with the new chick shem. She was dancing e Chap Pozi, wearing this skirt with a front slit. Amathanga alamntu mancinci kodwa ashushu. Uzotya kamnandi shem u-ex wam. The new person dances as if uyawuqonda umcimbi wasebhedini.
    @lolo please come back and indulge me here. Eintlik wena obaeSugarMama, the exact opposite ya SugarDaddy and not the Blesser-type. Shem Mama Action has nothing on you ntanga! You like them young and fresh. I could be mistaken though with your age preference…pardon me if so.

    So back to indulging…are you aware that in a year or two you will be lusting over your son’s girlfriends/lovers? He’s moes middle/late teens? Ngixoxele ukuthi uyobatya njani behind his back…

    I am bored…it’s varsity shutdown and and…

  107. I have a life changing interview tomorrow and I’m so anxious. I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep tonight. I want this job so badly….it is my heart’s desire.

  108. Sorry just saw your response, kwalento of intentionally trying to get women worked up is just off. I find it rather exhausting and redundant when us ladies discuss the same people oooooover and oooooover, imagine it coming from a guy (who is supposed to be logical)?!

    Me, mind, boggled.

  109. @cosmicbrown you are 50% in! Remember to check your nerves at the door, and you should be fine. Go kick some a**

  110. Teddie said “I pray that JC put this fiance subject to rest from today”
    hahahhahahhahahahha ndaze ndahleka kusa!

  111. “lolo says:
    @Mateboho you are making so much sense. You are one of the brightest women on this blog.”

    “JustNje says:
    Pearl is on her way to being the next biggest SA export since Charlize Theron and wena you are busy stressing about Bonang who only has lipsticks and bras to her name. Your priorities are screwed up. I’m tempted to say uyisdomu esingasile, but I will hold myself.”

    Wonders shall never end.

  112. @MissAN…JC regarding Dumi comment – he lost weight. Some people look older (just their face – since you can’t tone the face) when they lose weight.

  113. @mommywacroc I need your help URGENTLY. please may I have your email address or if someone has it please give it to me. alternatively please mail me on Thanks so much.

  114. They have two children together. Speaking to DESTINY, Sephuma confirmed the sad news.

    “I do not want to comment on this, but what I can tell [you] is that I am divorced. And I am the one who decided on the divorce,” she said. She, however, did not want to divulge when they decided to end their marriage or what led to the divorce.

    Judith Sephuma on the seven life lessons that keep her grounded
    The songstress also told DESTINY that she was doing well.

    Although Mhlambi refused to confirm the news to DESTINY, he changed his relationship status on Facebook to divorced.

    Simphiwe mhlambi

    “I don’t want to talk about it. I am not a celebrity. I am home, living with all my kids and I am fine and they are also fine,” he said, before referring us to Sephuma.

    In a recent tragedy, Sephuma was involved in a car crash, in 2013, which left a 79-year-old woman dead.

    She recently opened up about the deadly crash in interview with Pearl Modiadie on her SABC 1 show Zaziwa.

    “When it happened, it was like ‘Oh my God, what happened? What is this?’ And I just started praying. I remember praying for her as she was lying there and I realised that people were standing around me, looking and saying ‘nguJudith Sephuma’ and that’s what broke me…