Zola Abuses Me – Ganeth Maseko, 2007

Zola Abuses Me – Ganeth Maseko, 2007


Sunday, August 05, 2007
Brown Shuga

You know how I always rush to come and defend Zola when ish like this happens right? Well, this time I really don’t know what to say…
I think the sms he “allegedly” sent his ex girlfriend has a lot do with it.

The Sunday World headline said “Zola 7 Papgeld Mess” while the Sunday Sun screamed “Zola Abuses Me“. The latter even had a picture of the baby mama and the child concerned. Ooh that baby was rocking i-afro yomhlaba ek se!!

So basically Garnet/Gannet Maseko (each paper had their own version of her name), is saying that uZola is a hypocrite and is not a saint. Yho!!

Let’s start with the Sunday World article:
The only part that confused me about this article is that they admitted to not speaking to “Gannet” Maseko and spoke to her through her friend, known only as “Lilly”… (???)

Okay, according to them here are some of the comments, Gannet had to say, (through Lilly, of course):

Zola has not maintained his child.”

” Zola thinks he is God”.

I want to destroy him because people are afraid of him. To me he’s nothing”

“I want to expose some of the things he does on Special Assignment”

What I would like to know is how this whole “Gannet spoke to Sunday World through Lilly” works? You tell your friend to go speak to the paper and give them a list of answers to potential questions or did she send a statement? How do we know Gannet really did say those things or ziphuma ku lo Lilly?

Ok, I guess the Sunday Sun article confirms that she could have really sent Lilly to say all those things.
Gannet is suing Zola for maintenance and she wants R5 000 per month. I don’t have a problem with her suing him for whatever amount she sees fit, the only thing I’m concerned about is her saying she wants to “destroy him”.
How will he pay for the R5 000 maintanance if he’s down and out? Okay, maybe she meant that she wants to destroy his “Godly” image, because of the “abusive” text messages he’s been sending her.
I must say, that message published in the Sunday Sun sent mini shockwaves through me..

Ushiye all the keyz and get the f**k out of ma place by Sunday and stop calling me really you need to foetsek your drama life out of mine.”

We don’t get to see or hear what she did/said to him to get this response but still these are harsh words man…yho…

Eish, when I started writing this, I thought I was gonna be neutral about this whole thing but everything that I’ve said so far kinda gives the impression that I’m siding with Zola so I’m gonna admit,  I am with Zola on this one.
I know being a single mother and all I’m supposed to cry with Garnet/ Gannet/ Garneth whatever her name is and I know I will probably be called names for it but here are some of my reasons why I feel sorry for Zola:

– Please read THIS ARTICLE I wrote in April.

– So, how could he not be paying maintenance if he was renting a room for her when she got kicked out by her parents? Damn, he even bought furniture for the room. Did he only look after her and NOT the baby?? I really don’t believe this part.

– In Zola’s response, he said that the reason why he’s kicking her out of the “rented place” is because the baby stays with Garneth’s grandmother and not with her so he didn’t see why he should keep on paying her rent. Really, why should he? He should pay for the child, not the mother, so I hope he’s paying the grandma’s rent ke..he he he

The way Zola told her to voetsek out of his place was horrible though and I think he needs to apologize for that. It doesn’t matter how much a person provokes you, if you are a true gentleman (which I now question), you will not speak to a woman the way he did in that sms.

Given the things this lady said to the papers, like “He is abusive, not the angel people see on TV where he reads a script and plays God’s messenger”, I doubt she was polite when addressing him about the R5 000.

Could that be the reason why they are fighting? The fact that she’s now asking for R5 000 per month as maintenance?
Zola needs to go to RGB and talk to us about this….they can have Garneth there as well…
If not then maybe I must try get him to talk to me. Anyone got his number?? I’ll call him from a private number coz I don’t wanna get abusive sms’s mna…he he he.

So what are your thoughts on this story? My final thought is that Zola is wrong for verbally abusing this gal but I find it very difficult to believe that he does not pay maintenance for the child.
It’s going to be very difficult for her to justify why she needs R5 000 per month if she’s not even staying with the baby.

I don’t care about what happens between them, men and women exchange words all the time, all I care about is that he does look after the child and it seems he wants to do that because he even wants custody.
For some reason I also seem to think she is being “pushed”. Why would her friend speak to the Sunday World on her behalf??? Why is she meddling??

I don’t know, I’m assuming a lot of stuff and yes, I’m biased so have your say!!